Chapter 5

Karla and the Ashen one

Karla just stayed silent as the jailer slammed his soldering iron on her stomach, ignoring the shearing pain she felt as her skin burned. She was long since used to the pain she was subjected to in this prison. The fact that she was immune to their usual torturous methods, left the jailers angry and frustrated. They numerous times to get a reaction of pain from her, trying new methods of torture every time, but all they got was a snarky remark from the witch. They thought of raping her but Sulyvahn had forbidden it under the penalty of death for some reason. At first, the jailers enjoyed it, finding that it gave them a way to test how far they can go to torture someone before they'll die. But now they wished they could kill her. Her infuriating comments and constant smirks left them utterly enraged and it took all their willpower from killing the woman. Snarling to itself, the jailer brought its soldering iron and slammed it onto Karla's head. Ignoring the pain, she looked at the jailer, coughing out blood.

"Tis that all you have? Because that was a poor attempt to torture me." Said Karla with a bored tone.

The Jailer, eyes glowing red, then left, lest he do something he'll regret. With him now gone, Karla began to relax. Its been months since she was dragged to this infernal prison. Oh, how she hated that day. She was just minding her own business when one of Sulyvahn's dogs captured her and brought her before Sulyvahn. Upon learning that she was a witch, Sulyvahn brought her to the dungeon, no doubt hoping to break her and make her become one of his servants. Well tough luck for him, Karla wouldn't have lasted as long as she did if he didn't have a strong will. One that helped her survive her mother's death and that of her father's descent to madness. Though she hoped to escape, she knew that was unlikely. If Sulyvahn didn't get tired of trying to break her, then the jailers will eventually snap and kill her, consequences be damned. Resigning herself to this cruel fate, Karla looked down on the ground and waited for her next torture session.

It was only a few minutes until she heard the sounds of battle. Raising her head slightly, she saw, to her shock, a single knight snipping the jailers from afar. He managed to take down three before engaging the rest with his sword.

At first, Karla thought that the knight was done for, despite their lanky frames the jailers were not to be underestimated. They had powerful magic that enabled them to defeat an opponent in one hit should they remain active for too long. The knight, however, proved her wrong when he managed to kill three with two swings of his massive sword before retreating as the jailers used their magic on him, getting out of range of their spell. Once they were done casting, the knight went in again and stabbed one in the gut before going for a slice at the same jailer's throat. He then fought the remaining three at once. After hearing the yells and grunts of battle for a minute, the battle ended with the knight victorious, if the silence was any indication. If not that, then the sounds of the jail cells opening and further sounds of battle would be a dead giveaway that the knight one. As she heard the jail cells being opened, Karla wondered what the knight was doing. Was he here to purge the dungeon's occupants? No, he couldn't be. From the glances she got of the knight's armor, he wore armor that wasn't worn by Sulyvahn's knights and Sulyvahn didn't like hiring mercenaries to do his bidding. Perhaps it was a treasure hunter, seeking to plunder the dungeon of all its valuables. It was certainly possible, she had heard of some powerful scavengers that were able to plunder old ruins that were considered to be too dangerous for any one person to explore. If the knight was indeed a scavenger, what would he do when he spotted her?

Would he try to ravage her? He'll be regretting if he even attempted. She wasn't a witch for nothing. Would he try to kill her? Again, he'll regret it as well. Would he try to save her? If that was the case, no matter how small the chance it would be, she'll be honestly surprised. Of course, given her background, she doubted anyone will try to rescue her. Long has she'd been ridiculed and shunned by her fellow humans for practicing the dark arts. Even her own parents disowned her when it was revealed that she had a gift with dark sorcery. Her own parents. Scoffing as she remembered those detestable beings, she almost didn't hear the door to her cell opening. Looking at the door, she raised an eyebrow at seeing the knight just standing there, looking at her in shock. After a few minutes, Karla made an annoyed remark.

"Yes, I'm a woman." Said Karla, annoyed that the knight was starring at her. "Are you done starring or do I have to slap you?" Upon hearing that, the knight coughed a bit.

"Forgive me." Said the knight as he walked over to Karla. "I was just shocked to find a woman of such beauty in this accursed dungeon." Karla raised an eyebrow on the compliment.

"Beautiful? Me?" Thought Karla as she held her heart. No one had given her such a compliment before in her adult life. Though she was sure she was delectable for most men, they were always repulsed by her dark arts, which always was indicated by her hat and dark clothing. Often to the point of pointing a dagger or sword at her throat. To hear that this man calling her beautiful was a shock to her and fluttered her heart a bit.

"You wouldn't be saying that if you know what I was." Said Karla, hiding how miserable she was that, soon, the only one that gave her a compliment would soon kill her. Once the knight figured out who she really was, he'll try to kill her as many knights have done in the past. To her surprise, the knight simply shook his head.

"I know what you are." Said the knight as he went to her kneeling before her. "You're a witch. One that is skilled in the dark arts." Looking at the knight in shock, Karla nodded.

"That doesn't detest you?" Asked Karla, disbelief in her tone. The knight simply shook his head again.

"Why would it?" Asked the knight. "I have seen most evil sprout from those that use the dark, yes, but I've also seen evil sprout from those that have faith in the gods or use miracles. To me, it depends on the user of such powers, not the magic itself." Looking at the knight in disbelief, Karla shook her head, believing this was a dream. After a minute, she saw that it wasn't a dream. Staring at the knight at wonderment, she put a hand on her lap.

"You speak the truth?" Asked Karla, unsure if the knight was trying to trick her. Nodding his head, the knight dropped his sword and held out his hand.

"Yes I am." Said the knight. "If you believe me take my hand. Once you do, I'll escort you out of this dreadful place to somewhere more…hospitable, so to speak." Looking at the offered hand in shock, Karla reached out to grab it before stopping just inches from it.

"But I'm guilty." Said Karla, unsure. "I'm a wretched child of the Abyss. Will you still take me after learning that fact?" Looking at the knight, Karla was certain that he would know grab his sword and run her through with it. Instead, the man nodded his head, much to her shock.

"Like I said, I don't care where you acquire your sorceries from. So long as you are a good person on the inside. The fact that you warned me of such a fact makes me believe that you are a good person that has been wronged for too long. So please, take my hand." Tearing up, Karla took the knights hand before putting her head on his neck.

"Thank you." Whispered Karla, letting tears fall down his armor. Coughing a bit, the knight lifted her up and looked her in the eye.

"Let's get you out of here." Said the knight before escorting her out of the dungeon, grabbing his sword along the way. As they walked, Karla looked at the knight with a small smile.

"A knight saving the witch?" Thought Karla with a humorous smile. "Not quite as romantic as saving the princess, but still something for the young ones." Feeling seductive, Karla slyly wrapped her arms around the knight's own arm, surprising him. "Hmm, I hope he doesn't have a lover or a crush. Because I'll have some fun with my knight." Karla thought with a giggle, causing the knight to raise an eyebrow at her, feeling that his life got more complicated now.