Opening Files: Harold Cooplowski

Harold Cooplowski, better known as "Coop" grew up in Jersey City, lived with his mother and spent his time in the basement playing video games with his best friend Jamie. When in his teen years, his mother decided Coop should think of his future and sent him to the Motorcity, a city beneath the luxurious Detroit Delux where he met his mentor Jacob Davidson along with his niece Charley and Turk.

Coop took the time and effort to train to become a huntsman and racer just like his old man, quickly bonded with his teammates over their love of rock n roll music, video games, motor vehicles and wrestling. Learned much from his time in Motorcity and took on the tournaments to become a Huntsman. After returning home, he recieved a red 1970 Plymouth Car that once belonged to his late father as a gift.

While searching for parts to improve his car from Goat's Junkyard, under the pile to buy something, he found a headless mecha and boat it for $2. He decided to fix it up and improve it, but without a head he tried to think of a suitable choice, until he thought of using his new car for the head. It's name was the M.E.G.A.S. X.L.R. (Mechanized Earth Guard Attack System, eXtra Large Robot), which later revealed to be from the future after crashing in Earth's past in the 20th century undisturbed until now.

Thus began his crazy adventures with his best friend Jamie and an Earth Coalition soldier named Kiva Andru from the year 3037 A.D. against the alien race known as the Glorft who are after MEGAS, alongside other extraterrestrial threats... without him causing damage to a certain place first.

Close File:

"Sometimes you always picture a savoir to be strong, brave and heroic to save the day. Sometimes you picture them in fancy suits to look like a hero." TOM pushes a button and shows several characters on screen. "Like major Glory for example who wears spandex and a cape. or El Tigre."Then turns to Ben changing into aliens and Juniper Lee fighting monsters. "But sometimes they could be anyone who doesn't need a fancy costume, they could be someone unexpected and never believed to have the qualities of a hero. There's an old saying 'never judge a book by its cover', just have to keep your mind open for possibilities."

"Ok, think this be the security room. So maybe we should find out what happened." Sanders and her partner walked in after clearing the building of the civilians, she figured they could find out what happened for possible clues.

"Hey, not a bad idea. And if we find the culprit, we nail the sucker!" MacArthur proclaimed, slamming her fist onto her hand.

Her partner rolled her eyes and took a chair. "Let's just find some clues first." She noticed some screens broke and few still work, going through the security footages. Knowing this could take awhile until they suddenly spotted something out of the ordinary.

"Yoh, what's that?" MacArthur pointed at a screen with two suspicious looking characters. One of them was leaving a trail of grease. "Man, talk about a grease monkey." Then saw them handing over what looked like a pizza to Muttley.

"Hmm, maybe some delivery. Maybe something in this room could have happened." Sanders thought of it.

"Already on it." MacArthur was ahead of her and typed in the room, up to the last moment before it went blank. Showing them the staff working and then suddenly being zapped. "Well look what we found." The next thing showed a pudgy orange haired male who came in and later showing him tampering with the fences.

Sanders smiles at her and feeling confident now they found evidence that this was indeed sabotaged and found the prime suspect. "As my little cousin would say, Disco!"

As Limburger's goons were loading up the captured Grimm in cages, some were on watch for any trouble. Armed with advance weapons to deal with any law enforcers and Huntsmen.

"Get some of them in the truck ready for transport. And you know the orders, you see the blonde in a pink outfit she is to be captured alive, she has information about a jewel or something." One of the henchmen told them of the orders given to them.

"Least we don't have to deal with those Biker Mice."

"You said it, but heard Greaspit finally mastered his Semblance. Hate to be them."

The group chuckled and wish they could see the looks on their faces. While chatting, none of them took notice of a faint pink mist appeared up to their knees until it started expanding, by the time they realised something was up they felt lightheaded and drowsy. "Wait… what's… going on…" Most of them fell to the floor, succumb to the aroma and drifted in a peaceful state. However some still remain conscious and covered their faces from being affected like the others, but they were caught off guard by Penelope Pitstop with a pink and white parasol twirling in her hands, casually emerging from her hiding spot and unaffected by the pink mist.

"Hi, yall. Looking for me?" She asked in an innocent tone.

"It's her!"

"Grab her!"

The remaining goons circled around her and thinking she was an easy target, but they were unaware of how outmatched they are. Closed her parasol and taking into a crouching position before she sprinted straight for the first opponent. Ducking the coming fist and swinging it to divert the coming attacks from her, twirled in a dance routine and threw a high kick in the chin and then the stomach. Blocking the second goon coming from behind and duelled his sword with her parasol, it suddenly extended a blade from the tip and clashed with his weapon. They tried to take her out using stun blasts while she had her back turned, thinking they can still capture her alive, firing their blasters at the target, but to their surprise when she simply pulled the parasol over her shoulder and opened it up to be used a s shield to take the multiple hits.

This was her weapon: the Charmante feline (charming feline). Fighting in a fencing style and clashing the bladed tip against their weapons, she detested the use of guns and went for them first, slicing them into pieces which surprised some of them.

She giggled by the stunned reactions on their faces. "Sorry, fellas but I find the use of guns most uncivilized. Now, are we going to sought this out like good folks or do I have to teach you a lesson."

Smacking the surprised thug in the face with the side of her umbrella before delivering a palm strike. Using her parasol to block a coming strike, barely made a dent on the strong fabric, smiles at the nervous punk who took a step back but he was too slow when she clobbered him with her closed parasol. With no choice, the rest quickly made a retreat.

Retracting the black and watched them run with tails between their legs, but more concern of situation at hand. Having heard everything they said before she knocked them out. "So that's what this is about. Someone wanting to know about the Jewel of Neptune, well not if I have a say in it." Penelope pulled out her scroll from her pocket and tapped on to the contact of the people she could trust other then Peter.

The screen popped up Clyde's icon and was connected. "Penelope? Is that you on the line?"

"Who'd ya think?" She smiles and glad to he and the others were ok but could hear the sound of a battle.

"A big relief to know your ok, where 'bout's are you at the moment. We're just taking care of the pest control here."

"Just found out this was being sabotaged, whoever it is wants the Jewel of Neptune." The mention of the name made the leader of the mob froze for a moment until he replied.

"For sure? Had a feeling something ain't right, and almost thought to be the work of Dastardly." While true to the thought of it but uncertain.

"Did seem fishy after his little stunt on the starting line incident." She said, thinking back about earlier and now this made sense for someone wanting to capture her for knowledge of the Jewel of Neptune and if they knew of its secret, she dared not think about what will happen and more to stopping whoevers after her. But she wont be some damsel in distress, this wasn't the first time someone tried to come after her for the inheritance of the wealth. But with the help of her allies she wont worry about it.

"Are the other racers with you?"

"Yeah, we seem to have round up everyone. All except Dastardly, he seem way ahead now. Little weasel will be sorry when we get our hands on him." Muttering under his breath through.

"First we need to get out of this mess. I'll send you the coordinates, and I think some huntsmen are in trouble." She spotted several unknown characters seem to have trouble with a nasty looking group.

"Got it, we'll catch up after dealing with this mess. Watch your back, kiddo."

She smiles and appreciates their concern and worry. Ran up to the Compact Pussycat, pulling out her weapon to defend herself against more foes coming for her. "I better sought this out fast and finish while there's still a race to win." Starting up the engines and drove off.

"Come get some."

Rufus Roughcut grinned as a Beringel Grimm crept towards him, raising its fists to crush him. Pulling out his Razor Edge, a pair of custom crafted axes Rufus let out a battle cry and leapt at the Grimm. He ducked under the first fist and cut into the arm, easily cutting through with the help of his Semblence.

The Grimm screamed out in agony as it swat at him, knocking him into the wall of the cave. Rufus grunted as his Aura shimmered, having protected him. "That all you got?"

The Beringel roared and charged at him but just as he was ready to cut it apart the Beringel was gunned down by a number of bullets until it fell, dissolving into smoke.

Rufus glared at what killed his prey. "That was mine!" He proclaimed

"You're welcome, sweetie." Clyde grinned as the weapons retracted into the car he and the Anti-Hill Mob drove off. They continued cleaning up a few more Grimm when spotted two Nevermores coming. "Alright boys, two overgrown turkeys at 10 o'clock." Giving the order to pull out their guns but before they were ready to fire the two Nevermores were suddenly cut in half, one lost its left wing and the second had its head hacked off. The corpses fell to the ground before the baffled mobsters and faded.

"No need to thank me." Rufus grinned and caught the spinning axe with his hand. He grins at them as both were even. "That makes 34. Much as I wanna chit chat, but gotta get my pal and finish this hunt and game. Chow!" Hopped in his ride and drove off.

Clyde watched the pair drove off. "Wise guy, come on we gotta catch up." Orders his gang while he didn't want to be beaten by those lumberjacks.


The one shouting in the bar was an extremely large, muscular male with thick black eyebrows, a bright red beard, and his chest hair and arm hair is barely concealed. He wears a stereotypical lumberjack outfit and brown work gloves. He also has a gap between his two front teeth. Manly Dan as he was called, was watching the race and been rooting his best friends Rufus and Sawtooth as they were both being trained as lumberjacks and huntsmen, even made competitions over whose the best but still best friends. Even with the Grimm crisis he still roots for them. "Show those little pipsqueaks who's the best!"

While being excited he grabbed both officers Blubs and Deputy by the necks, unaware that he was choking them as they struggled to breath.

"You're chokin' me!" Blubs said while his partner was turning purple due to lack of oxygen for his lungs.

"G-Grandma? Is that you?"

A pack of Ursa and Boarbatusks led by a large Goliath were marching through the land, destroying everything in their path and head straight towards the source of the negativity; the stadium. However their path was cut short when the ground beneath them suddenly gave in, creating a giant sinkhole and causing many of the Grimm to fall in. The Goliath leading the stampede had realised what happened and tried to get to the edge to escape, however it suddenly hit some sort of invisible barrier, preventing its attempt to escape.

The Grimm fell to the bottom of the pit and an energy barrier was created over it to prevent any from escaping. Bursting out of the ground was the Beaver Mobian Sawtooth with his powerful teeth, using his semblance: Overbite to dig through his way around and hollow out the ground beneath them, creating a trap for the Grimm. The flying types such as the Lancers and Nevermores had been shot down by the Crimson Haybaler, the rest of racers gathered up and taken care of the ones that didn't fall for the trap.

The force field created by Professor Pat Pending using his gadgets to trap the Grimm. "That should be the lot of them now, but still more in the area."

"Think that's not going to be a problem for us now." Sgt. Blast mentioned after finally getting some connections with the authorities and the current situation. "Good news is they are able to clear up the fence but more of those Grimm are here. So we must handle this ourselves to clean the mess."

"So long as there's enough for us to deal with ourselves, who am I to argue with." Red Max didn't think it was that bad and had shot down several of the beasts. Now taken care of most using traps and Pending's gadgets to save their ammo, but they also wondered where that cheating double dealing Dastardly went during the breach.

This wouldn't be his taste of doing, but they know his way of breaking rules to win.

The battle was getting intense as Vinnie and Throttle were having a tough time to deal with an oil monster that is Greasepit with his new semblance, at times they always kicked his oily stained butt, only now it seems he's doing it to them. Both gave punches and kicks, even us their weapons but he seems to take much hits then he was without that semblance. He has been able to withstand hits they throw at him.

He threw a large fist at the two, forcing the Martian Mice to jump out of the way, but his fist impact into the ground splattered some on to Vinnie.

"Man, talk about getting messy. And he's ruining my good fur!" Vinnie complained, dodging another sludge throw from Greasepit.

Greasepit chuckled and threw a grease-covered chains flung at them. "Oh believe me, mousy, that ain't the only thing to worry. My Oil Spill is like a suit of armor, only made of grease and oily stuff, and other wet muds." Stumping towards them, the muddy monster and threw a whip at them.

Throttle had to think of something and knew his friends were having trouble with that punk who was using a semblance that made them go anyway. Limburger was probably watching and enjoying the 'show' and see their downfall. But, like the War of Liberation, Martian Mice are not easy to take down and everything has a limit or weakness.

An idea popped in his head like a light bulb. "Well then, how about a little change of strategy." Tapped on the side of his helmet. "Guys, time for a little heavy metal." Brought his fingers to his lips and made a whistling noise, calling for his motorcycle to respond and drove on autopilot.

"You trying to run away?" Greasepit mocked them.

Both of them gave him a grin, knowing what he be in for. "Not us, big guy." Throttle commented.

"You are." Vinnie laughed.

Greasepit would have given a puzzled look through his mud/oil 'armor'. "Say whaddya-WOAH!" He was suddenly hoisted up from the ground and landed on the seat of Vinnie's cycle. "Oh no."

"Oh yes. Hope you enjoy the rodeo!" Vinnie whistled to his bike, giving Greasepit the ride he would not forget.

He yelped and instantly grabbed on to the handlebars, but unfortunately for him these bikes could only be controlled by the Biker Mice, spinning around, acting like a bull to try throwing him off, and also throwing off his concentration of his semblance… along with his stomach as it was spinning.

Meanwhile Control Freak was deflecting the ammo from his opponents with his quadsaber in its blaster mode. They were getting intense now and hard to keep focus on all three at once. He was running out of stuff to take the hits and reaching the limit of his concentration now they know about his new semblance. "I would've taken Psycrow's offer to tag along on his job, bet X is having a wild time here then me." Dodged a Dust bullet above him, blew a raspberry to mock them. "Is that all you got?"

"Nah, we're just getting started. Charley, time to use the old Iron Fist!" Tork called out and approached his friend who knew what he was on about, but Modo was confused until he saw him pick up Charley.

Modo was uncertain. "Wha?"

"Trust me, you'll find out." Charely gave him a wink before she was hoisted from the ground. "Ok, throw as hard as you can." Tork nodded and held her in his arms.

Control Freak took a peak over the boulder and was baffled by what was going on. "What the…"

"Ready… aim… NOW!" Tork tossed her as hard as he can, she made a leap to make a boost and dived across the air like she was flying with her fists front without her hammer in her hands.

Control Freak couldn't help but laugh and thought she was out of her mind. "Are you stupid or…" He was cut off when she suddenly glowed bright and her body was now silver grey. The young villain panicked and realised she was coming full force. Looking around to find something to escape or throw her someplace else. But found a loose rock above the cliff and was further away from the huntsmen, making a choice to flee while he was in one piece. "So long suckers!" Glowed an orange aura and crossed his arms, in his place was the rock that was smashed to pieces by Charley by the last moment. He found himself on the high ground and was relieved. "Phew, any moment and I would've been a pancake."

Modo was utterly amazed and awed how she used her semblance and smashed a large crater. "Whoa… momma. So that's why you call her Irons."

Tork laughed softly and couldn't agree more. "No kiddin, she can enhance her strength and density as hard as iron or steel." They see her come out, dusting herself from the fading cloud and climbed out of the crator she made.

"Damn, I missed." The mechanic thought she almost had him but possibly replaced a rock. She easily spotted him who grined at them with a wave.

"Nice move, but while it was fun. I better head off." Control Freak waved them goodbye.

"Aww… but we didn't leave you a present. Maybe a ride on a bike." Modo said and before Control Freak could respond of what he meant, a blue motorcycle drove by. Hoisted him up and landed on the chair, he didn't know what was happening as the bike was having a mind of its own.

"Hey what the…" He had no choice but to cling on for his life, never had the experience with a motor vehicle with intelligence. "How do you control this thing?!"

Modo's motorcycle took him around in circles before joining the crimson counterpart with a screaming Greasepit who was now half covered in oil. Both villains had no control over them and were too fast to let go.

"Whoooooaaaa! SOMEBODY! HEEELLLP!" Greasepit cried out, he was certain that he was about to loose his lunch.

"STOP! THIS! THING!" Control Freak couldn't hold on any longer, he didn't had problems with this sort of thing with the Teen Titans back in his home universe, nor TOM or SARA.

The group managed to find each other and seeing the two spinning around in circles so fast. "Well…" Throttle pondered but finding it so funny.

"Ok." Modo said and both he and Vinnie gave the command to their bikes to stop.

At the moment, both Control Freak and Greasepit were flung into the same direction across the battlefield, wailing and panicking until they returned to the ground, only to land on some of the unsuspecting goons on their vehicles and crashed into each other by the collision. They groaned and were nauseous as they felt like the whole world was still spinning and seeing stars around them.

Greasepit groggily stood with a wheel on his head, his eyes not focused and "Oooh, don't ya hatez it when good guyz always do stuff like that?" He asked.

Beside him was Control Freak who was also a mess and held his head with one hand. He certainly didn't enjoy the ride as much as his partner. "Ugh, ask me again when the little monkeys stop dancing in my head."

"HI EVERYONE! Its me, X the Eliminator and his trusty partner in crime! Psycrow from Earthworm jim! We're finally on the Fanfic!"

"Keep it down will ya! Don't say anything to throw our cover with your deranged brain!"

"Oops, sorry. Control Freak should be finished with his work and we be appearing full time! You see we're about to appear in-


"Oh CRAP! We've been spotted! Hi, Maxi! we'll be in the next part of the final chapter! After we steal some copter when-"

Limburger was furious after finding two of his top henchmen were taken out but still had a back up for his plans. "Blast! Quickly, get the Grimm we caught into the cargo! We haven't got much time before those meddlesome rodents and maniacs come for us next!" He certainly didn't want to be around much longer, no doubt Dastardly will be having better luck then he is. Take out his scroll and contacts Dastardly. "Hello? This is Limburger speaking to Dastardly, are you there."

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah." A gruffled voice on the other end, possibly his Mobian mutt companion until Dastardly took the scroll.

"This is Dastardly, heard you seem to be having a… infestation?"

"Nothing to be concerned about, my fellow villainous schemer as they're about to be dealt with very shortly. How far are you to the finish line?" Limburger asked the cheating racer who so far has had some luck.

"Apart from the tunnel incident, we had no trouble at all. Took a little short cut and the racers seem to have been cornered from the ruins sector. Leaving the race wide open for Dick Dastardly to win. Hehehe."

"Excellent. I do hope you win, Mr. Dastardly, it has to show that even cheaters deserve a win." Gave a moment to chuckle and never was one to play fair when against heroes. "But we must depart from our position, where is Pitstop's current whereabouts?"

"We should have planted a tracker on her before the race began. But the strange thing was some of your henchmen were knocked out when we passed by."

"What? By whom?!"

As if the universe gave him an answer, a pink and white car almost drove through the group, throwing themselves out of the way, including Limburger who cried out in surprise. Landed on the ground and grunted, turned to see none other then one person they were after, Penelope Pitstop. Brings the scroll back to his ear. "I believe I found your answer. Best of luck to you." Hangs up and pulled himself up. "Ahh, so you must be Ms. Penelope Pitstop. Most delighted to meet you, my dear."

"Drop it, I know you are trying to get your hands on the Jewel of Neptune, the very thing my mother risked her life to find." She glared at him with her fists pressed against her waist. "And I'm betting you had Dastardly do the dirty work on the race."

Limburger cleared his throat and responded to her. Stands before her with his hands folded behind him. "Well, that is partly true, but one thing you are right is the jewel. Now then, I have a client who is very eager to know about it."

"Hmph, like I'll tell you where it is. Besides, it be pointless if I told you." She crossed her arms as she refuses to cooperate. "Now you let those people go or you'll regret it."

Unaffected by her threats, the Plutarkian frowned. "I don't think you are in position to make demands, madam." Raised his gloved hand and flicked his fingers, signalling his goons to surround her with their weapons pointed at her. "The moment you try anything, and you be swiss cheese!

"We have a horde coming this way, your odiferous excellence!" Karbunkle alerted him from one of the spy drones. He can possibly use the ones the Vulture Squadron had built but perhaps save them for the racers and one for an escape route.

"Ahh, its as if luck is on my side after all. All hired staff, please proceed for departure immediately for a… Grimm ending." All of his goons didn't need to be told twice and fled on his orders. Both Greasepit and Control Freak regained their senses and joined them. Leaving behind the Biker Mice and Metal Maniacs who suddenly realised there were Grimm coming, but he wasn't about to let them leave. "I'm afraid, my dear rebellious vermin from Mars, that we must go our separate ways."

Giving a sinister laugh as the Grimm horde now within reach to attack them while he and his goons were about to depart with Penelope. "Now then, its time we-"


"What… where is that racket coming from?" Limburgger couldn't find out where, nor did anyone who were baffled to know where the music coming from.

Both the Maniacs and Mice couldn't find the source of the music, however Charley and Tork looked at each other as they had a clear idea.

"You don't think…" Charley couldn't believe it.

"Could it?" Tork pondered and knew ONE person who uses that for a horn.

"Care to share with the rest of us?" Taro asked them.

"Uh… is it just me or is that a giant robot?" They heard Vinnie when he pointed at a giant flying blue robot.

"That mech is coming towards us!" Karbunkle spotted the coming robot but noticed something unusual about it. "With a car for a head?" Not something to be expected from a mech.

"Dah, is that one of ours, boss?"

"Uh oh." Control Freak had a very, VERY bad feeling about this. "I think we're in trouble."

The blue robot landed in a dramatic entrance and swatting down a few large Grimm in close reach, it was all blue and silver with flames painted on its chest-plate, arms and legs, a number 12 on the left side of, on its right arm was a flaming eyeball while the left had an 8 ball. And finally to everyone's notice, a red 1970 Plymouth Car in place of where the head should be.

"COOL! A giant robot in the race and squashed those Grimm like bugs!" Wally moved closer and was amazed by a giant mecha that came out of nowhere, even Hoagie was amazed of how it easily took out the first wave of the Grimm.

"Uh, why does it have a car for a head?" Abby pondered as she thought it looked weird.

Ben and Gwen had the same idea of what the thing was and who piloted the thing. "Check out the paintwork on that." Ben thought it looked cool.

Max took notice of it and was curious of what sort of mecha was that thing as he had seen many from space and Earth, he recognised it from certain news and reports from Jersey City and other green mechs it fought.

"What in Liberty's name is that?" Major Glory was about to call the heroes to take action when the giant robot suddenly came out of nowhere and came to the huntsmen and racers' aide before they were overwhelmed by the horde.

"Hey, you that be the mech from..." Speeding Bullet pondered until Val cut in.

"Probably, but dig the paint work. But this doesn't mean the bet is off if the race is still on." The God of rock said as he held his bet. The heroes would watch and see what happens, perhaps another huntsman or hero that could be a potential ally.

Uncertain who or what that thing is but Limburger was not going to let this pilot or machine get in his way. "What on Plutark is that? And who dares to ruin my moment of triumph?"

"That be me, pal! And this baby here is MEGAS!"The voice of the pilot, or driver spoke out.

"Coop!" Both Charley and Tork proclaimed and couldn't believe he had a giant robot. The Biker Mice and Metal Maniacs couldn't help but feel impressed and awed by a giant mech, but seems their friends know the guy piloting it well.

"Wait… Coop as in the guy you trained with?" Throttle asked her when he suddenly remembered the photo she showed them.

"You know it." Charley smiled and awed.

The MEGAS looks down to their direction and suddenly gave a 'rock on' gesture. Inside the car Coop laughed and knew his two old teammates below with their own teams. His car was customized with video game controllers, various buttons and gear to pilot the robot, in his own way since he tried to fix it. "Hey Charley girl! Tork! Sorry for crashing the party but thought you could use a hand!"

"Coop, we have to be careful those weapons are not earth-based and a lot of Grimm coming towards us." beside him was a red haired young woman who was known as Kiva with tanned skin, white lipstick and wearing a white and blue light armoured bodysuit. She was typing away on a holographic projection of a keyboard and helping him out while Jamie was absent at the time.

Limburger grabbed a pair of binoculars and spotted a large human in the car head. "You dare challenge Lawrence Limburger, you pompous hairless primate?" He bellowed, stomping his foot on the ground and glaring at the blue mech.

Coop glared at the overweight guy in the purple suit who was probably responsible for this mess. And he was not going to get away for the trouble he and his goons caused. "Alright listen up creeps, you attack my friends, you set a bunch of Grimm loose, and finally you have the NERVE to ruin one of my favorite shows! Well all that ends right now because I'm going to show you guy's how we Hunters do things down in Jersey!"

So must apologies for the delay its been very busy doing work and had other stuff at home as I was taking the spare time to do a comic with my friends and also do a schedule. ^^! So do to making this a long chapter, I decided to cut it into parts.

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