Opening Files: Detroit Deluxe.

The City of Detroit, the largest city of Michigan was the centre of the United States' automotive industry since the 1970s and in the crossing borders between the U.S. and Canada. But in the time of the Cold War-era, a great catastrophe struck when it was under attack, many believe to have been the Grimm who unexpectedly dug underground or by another threat.

The city was cut off from the world for sometime, its citizens who fought to survive were brought under the union of a young and patriotic Abraham Kane who led a band of fighters to retake the city and bring it under stability after many months. The citizens saw him as a hero and encouraged him to be a leader to them after how he handled the situation and united those willing to cooperate into an alliance, even his good friend Jacob Davidson accepted the idea. Thus Kane Corporation took control, somehow discovered incredible advance technologies from the greatest minds in the city to help make Detroit better, safer and a vision of hope for everyone be they Human, Faunus or Mobian.

Over the many years after what became known as the "Fall of Detroite", the city was revived and now a utopian advanced city, naming it Detroit Deluxe. Kane and his council decided to create a platform of the city over the old to preserve what's left of the old Detroit as a historical landmark. Kane gave many jobs to help operate the city and to one day use the resources to help others when they can, but for the time being, Detroit Deluxe has become an independent state but willing to trade some of its resources with the government to help fight against the Grimm Horde and other threats for military purposes to maintain a good friendship.

Those who decided to stay in Old Detroit, now commonly referred to as "Motorcity" wanting to rebuild the place as they still see it as their home and use the spare resources they are offered to rebuild it, a difficult task but worth the effort.

However, there are some secrets that Detroit Deluxe doesn't share with the public of how exactly it fell all those years ago but unable to prove such theories and has one of the best firewall system in the country.

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Opening Files: Motorcity

Motorcity is the name for the old Detroit that Detroit Deluxe is built over. Where Detroit Deluxe is clean, smooth, and technologically advanced, Motorcity is a colorful gritty place, filled with graffiti, cars, and life for those who chose to continue living there. After Detroit was in near ruin and Kane Corp took over to protect its citizens both above and below. Despite it old Detroit considered now protected from Grimm attacks, there are factions and gangs from both the state and across the country, even the Wildlands tempted to move in to make their own territories such as the infamous Duke of Detroit as he calls himself. Kane's partner, Jacob Davidson offered to give those with potential to protect it and allow Hunters and hired help to keep the peace for the inhabitants and also protect resources both cities depend on for each other to thrive. It eventually became the city for racers and hunters alike across the world to seek new challenges to test their skills to be one of the best, thus giving it its common nickname "MotorCity". Despite its current state, Motorcity is regarded as their home and willing to fight for it to make a better future.

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"When a city rise and falls, cultures change, some come back up but many fall and fade away into ruin." TOM explains when giving a lecture and brings up images of cities. "Like the Great City of Rome, Paris and Andromeda City that still stands after many eons. But places like GrimmFall or Denver, Townsville, Chicago or Tokyo they stood and fought whatever they fought to protect the people. However, for every city there's a secret not many be even aware of, could be hidden in plain sight."

A young cat Mobian with short brown hair and a blue formal top and skirt stood before the camera crew and gave her report in the middle of the crowd. "This is Ann Gora speaking to you live on Kats Eye News, the Wacky Races as one of the main attractions of racing sports entertainment was unexpectedly attacked by a Grimm Horde when the fences were suddenly shut down. With the help of the brave Huntsmen and officers who risked their lives to protect the civilians, order has been restored and the mastermind behind it was a criminal who calls himself Control Freak, while the notorious Dick Dastardly who was caught cheating, evidence revealed the young criminal behind it all."

Cops dragging a tied up Control Freak in a cart with a straightjacket and a muzzle over his mouth but failed to cease his rambling nonsense after spitting it out.

"You think a prison can hold me! I escaped many times and one you could hardly believe! Hear this well, for they call me… Control Freak!" Having had enough of his rant the police tossed him inside and put restrains and a muzzle over his mouth to make him shut up.

Before closing the doors, an elderly man reached for them to close. "Give it a rest will ya? You punks get crazier every generation, think this be a comic book?"

Before Control Freak could retort on that comment, he took a good look of the old man and suddenly became flabbergasted. "W-W-Wait a sec! Stan L-" But he was unable to finish his sentence when the doors were slammed shut.

Slapping his hands after completing his job. "Its amazing how the Titans never lost their marbles after the channel surf episode."

Two pilots who were by the ship with their caps over their upper faces. "Don't worry, we'll take him back to HQ for questioning. You can rely on us." Pulled up his black-feathered hand for a salute.

The second one nodded. "Yep, not like anything will happen like we stole-" The first one stomped on his foot hard, causing him to make a silent yelp.

"Stole… the credit! Hehehe, yeah… gotta go!" The two immediately dashed to the airship and took off for prisoner transfer.

Dick sniggered as the accomplice was taken away, although he didn't have a choice and was in his genes to make someone take the fall. "Well, better him then us, eh? We certainly got away with it."

"Not so fast, Dastardly." The members of the Vulture Squadron turned around to see the small Mobian, the superintendent Wolverine.

"Oh, hehe, S-Superintendent Wolverine, what can we do for you?" Dick asked, a little nervous being in this close to him and the way his eyes narrowed at him. "You may not be a suspect on this involvement but when I'm on watch on the races, cheaters do not leave without a punishment."

"Oh, and what that's then?" He asked him, not aware that his men took a few steps back until now. "Where are you idiots going?"

"The punishment… is to BITE YOU ON THE BUTTOCKS!" With Dastardly's back turned, Wolverine took the chance and brought out his razor sharp teeth, leapt towards him and took a bite on Dastardly's rear.

"YYYEEEAAOOOOWW!" Dastardly screamed from the top of his lungs and made a run about to get away from the Mobian, only to tear his pants off with some of it in his jaws.

"Hehehehehehe!" Muttley snickered and seeing his boss run so fast after being bit on the butt.

Spits it out and turned to the others. "As for you three, drop and give me 20. NOW, or do you want me to bite you on the buttocks too?" They dare not argue and immediately complied, doing some push-ups.

The racers laughed at the sight and thought they deserved for what they got.

"Well guess it shows cheaters can't win." Peter commented with Penelope beside him.

She nodded. "You said it, especially that fella who started it all. He was after information on a family secret of mine."

"What would that be to go all the trouble for that?" Peter asked her.

"Oh, nothing to be concerned about, just something that my family once used to help the poor and decided since after many years we gave it back to its rightful owners. And for being brave in that fight against the Grimm and villains." Penelope leaned to him and gave a peck on the cheek, causing the male race to flush and stutter in a goofy expression on his face, the others around him snickered of how amusing it was.

Rufus laughed and looked at his buddy sitting on his broad shoulder. "Well, I guess not everyone is bad as they seem, not won this race but next time we will. Right?" Asked Sawtooth who nodded when they hear a ring tone coming from his pocket when he pulled it out to answer the call. "Hello? Danny! Hey, what's going on in Wierds Falls?" Chuckled and listens on. "Yeah, it's a bummer we lost this event but least I cut down many. Well haven't got plans this summer why? Little Wendy? Well if you need someone to help her out, I wouldn't say no to that. But keep it a surprise for her, we'll make a huntress out of her by the end of the summer."

A few minutes after the ship flew up, a van came towards them with the letters "GFPD" on the side. Fizz and his squad arrived stepped out of the van and approached Chief Bogo and Superintendent Wolverine, giving a saluted to them. "Chief Bogo, I am Chief Fizz of the GFPD. I apologies for the delay the roads were blocked and few Grimm to be dealt with. But are here and ready to transport the criminal."

Bogo raised a question and so was Wolverine who had a very bad vibe. "Uhh... pardon me for pointing this out, but... he was already taken away and by your men."

Fizz was suddenly confused by this information with one eyebrow arched up. "My men? But we never send anyone other then the unit under my command."

"They had the uniforms and the airship with them." Both Mobians looked at each other and had the same idea in their heads. "So if those two weren't from GrimmFall… then who did we just hand over to?" Wolverine knew something wasn't right and feels like they just lost their only source.

Bogo smacked his hand against his face. "Ohhh, Mayor Folsom and Lionheart are not going to like this one bit." He grumbled and could feel his ears ringing for a coming raised voice.

Fizz pulled out his tablet to contact the mayor of the bad news. "Mr. Mayor? Um, we seem to have a little problem."

By the time they were in the clear, the two 'pilots' that escorted the prisoner changed out of their uniforms, revealing to be X The Eliminator, and another who lifted a dome helmet in place of the hat, revealing to be a black raven with a pot belly and wearing a yellow spacesuit. This was Psy-Crow, known as the "Scourge of the Space Lane", partner in crime and another escaped convict from the inter-dimensional prison.

"Well, I say mission accomplish!"

"Yeah, bunch of suckers." Psy-Crow agreed and laughed as he walked into the bridge. "They didn't see it coming!"

"HEY! Ain't any of you guys going to let me out of this?" They hear Control Freak shouting out to them.

"Oh I forgot about that. Be right back." X left the controls and suddenly the airship lost its control and spiralled out of control. The villains screamed in terror until X suddenly came back and switching to auto-pilot in time before they were a few miles from the ground. "Oops, forgot to put on Auto-pilot. My bad."

"On second thought, I'm much comfortable here. I can wait a little longer." Control called out, not wanting to leave the comfort of his spot after the near crash landing experience.

The Biker Mice and the Metal Maniacs took a ride with Coop all the way back to New Jersey with the help of his Megas to carry their vehicles easily for the trip to save them the time and journey. Once they got to his place, Coop, Kiva and Jamie took them to Coop's house and enjoy the party.

"Say, Coop, what kind of engine you got in there?" Throttle asked him as he was interested to know about Megas.

"Which one? I got one subortital, one for transwarp, one for cruising the streets..." Tapping three fingers to answer until he was unable to know about the others. "Um, I haven't, figured out what the other six do though."

"So is it hard to steer?" Monkey asked him.

Coop took a thought of it in his head.


Megas was throwing itself about, crashing into building before walking clumsy to the bridge.

End Flashback

"Nah, not if you mastered Z patented joystick." Coop replied with his arms crossed over his chest.

"Yeah, but doubt it was made for giant robots." Charley said as they went down to his basement which were he mainly hangs out with lots of video games and movies, mainly sci fi and giant monster theme. She spotted a poster of Action Hank that was signed. "You got a signed picture of THE Action Hank?"

"Well yeah, I met the dude at a club awhile back before I had Megas and a big fan of his show. Plus, the dude was real tough in a spar match." Coop answered with a grin on his face.

"No kiddin, the dude even took him down while in his semblance state." Jaimie added when he came down, he was a young man with natural pale skin, a little athletic with a scar on his cheek and wore a black leather jacket. "Wish I was there but you guys left, almost thought you wanted some alone time with-" He was cut off from Coop elbowing him, almost throwing his best friend off his feet and whistled innocently, something that didn't escape Charley's eyes.

"Oh, now that I would've love to see and take the guy on." Tork said.

Throttle sees him come down the stairs. "Where'd your crew go?"

"Took them down to Goat's Junk Shop, they wanted to find some parts that could be useful for tuning up their rides."

"Goat's here? Well be great to see my cousin."

"I heard about this, but never seen your semblance Coop." Kiva said to him, earning some confusion and a nervous look on Coop's face.

"Oops, my bad. Its just with so much work on Megas I forgot to explain about it. You guys notice the images on the wall?" Points his finger to some images where they noticed him but another with Coop much skinnier and muscular instead of being fat, which was an amazement to the Martian Mice.

"Whoa! What happened, let yourself go?" Vinnie asked which caused Charley to elbow him in the chest. "Ow!"

"That's his Semblance. The Weight Lift."

"Yep, I call it that because I can change my weight from big boned to skinny, but to gain a lot of energy I usually eat to build it up and store for later, but usually have to switch between."

To Kiva this was the first time she ever heard about it and explains a lot. "That must explain why you eat so much, it does seem like an interesting semblance and could come in handy."

"Oh I'm sure you would." Charley said, giving a teasing grin to her but noticed a blink on the a tablet. "Expecting someone Coop?"

"Not really." He reached for it and pushed the button as a holographic screen shot up.

"zzfftt.. One..ZFFFT Come.. on you-ffff"

They hear some cranky old man through the static and wondered who it was.

"Hey... you think..." Coop turned to his friends as they seem to know that voice.

"Could it?" Tork thinks so too.

The screen clearned up to reveal an old man behind the screen trying to fix it. "Come on, you stupid... Ggrrr! THere! Hey, Coop, you hear me? Well I'll be the gangs all here!"

It was none other then Jacob Davidson

"Uncle David!" Charley called out in excitement to see her uncle.

Jacob smiled brightly to see the auburn huntress and niece. "Charley girl! Good to see ya, kiddo! Heard things going on in Chicago, so hope you are looking after yourself."

"Oh its in good hands, especially for the Biker Mice from Mars." She introduced her friends to him. "Guys, this here is my uncle from Motorcity.

"So these are the bikers I heard so much about. Hope you guys are taking good care of her."

Modo chuckled. "More like she takes care of us in our needs."

"Yeah, and also be stubborn." Throttle added.


Jacob laughed after hearing this from them which was good. "Ah, that's my girl alright, she takes it from her dad and acts as the leader of the trio. Heard about what you guys did and recognise those moves in the Wacky Race, you guys did a great job out there."

"Thanks, old man, though I would've had the chance to join them like old times but had Megas to deal with the pest control." Coop said and glad to hear his praise as did Tork and Charley.

"But next time we make it up, we're taking part of it or in the next event in Motorcity." Tork declared with his fist held up.

Vinnie dropped to his knees before screen. "Oh please let us visit it and learn your wisdom, oh great sensei."

"Picked up interesting friends you made. But feel free to come around anytime, you'll find lots of interesting folks around here. But watch out, they can be very dangerous in Motorcity as I had to train some potential huntsmen and racers here."

"You just relax, citizen. We fought a lot of tough guys in this part of the galaxy and be a piece of cake." Throttle assured him, determined to try out his skills in the top racing city.

"Like your attitude, but be careful when you meet certain people over here. And Coop, if you're going to use that mech for bigger battles, try not to wreck the city."

"Come one, Jacob, when have I ever made a mess."

They gave the 'are you kidding me?' look to him when he asked a question.

"Ok, hate to leave so sudden but I gotta get to work. I'll call you guys later and be careful, heard a lot of things going on for sometime. Reason I called is somethings going on and I have a feeling we'll be needing to prepare for whatever comes at us." Jacob's warning drew their attention as they listened.

"You mean like the Grimm?" Tork asked.

"That... or something else, something as bad as them and powerful... and I'm not just talking about the Satyra or the major villains. So make certain to keep your skills and abilities up, you can even invite others you think could make it to survive Motorcity."

"No prob." Coop said in a serious tone.

"Whatever it is, the Metal Maniacs will face it."

"Especially the Biker Mice from Mars."

Jacob smiled at them as they were more stronger and taken his words serious. "Good to hear, and tell Goat to keep himself out of trouble will ya, I'll see ya around." The screen shuts off as the group took a moment to absorb what he said.

"Hey, Kiva, you're from the future, anything like this happened?" Jamie asked her which caught everyone's attention.

Kiva shook her head and sighed. "Unfortunately, most of the history is not known to us who have been raised on other worlds or colonies, we've been so busy fighting the Glorft to protect Earth for survival."

"Maybe its for the best." They heard Tork spoke and continued. "If you knew about it, obviously the enemy we be fighting would come after you and use the knowledge of the future in their favour. But since you're from Earth and that it's still around, that's enough to convince me that we done it." Earning smiles from the others who understood where he was going on and feel that they might have a chance to defeat the Fallen and the Grimm for good someday.

"Ahh, its good to be the villain. Now that I've built a reputation, there be loads of criminals wanting us for hire! Hey, waiter another fill!" Control Freak called a member of staff to refill his drink, enjoying the time in a local bar full of outlaws and scum in the Wildlands. Thinking of spending most of it on vacation, maybe the island of Florida. "But still can't believe that no good Dastardly fella gave me the fall like that!"

"Well, that's rule of being a villain to blame the partner to save their own skin, it's also in a rulebook." Psy-Crow pointed out.

"What rulebook?" Both asked him and he pulled out a large book with the words 'Supervillain Handbook.

"Here: Chapter six, 'if all goes wrong and want to save your skin, throw the blame to the partner'."

"Ooh, that's interesting, but least we're getting lots of fun here, all thanks a bunch of nerds writing these fanfics, especially to our robot friend." X proclaimed.

"Yeah… whatever that means. Least it's not after some little bird who was royalty. That Royal Tweetums is nothing but a walking disaster." Psy-Crow groaned and almost got his feathers fried.

"I told you it was not a good idea, I heard many tried to capture the royal prince and all ended up in hospitals for ages." X told him. The three of them took form of a partnership since they all escaped an inter-dimensional prison, went to a few dimensions but having need to lay low in a remote verse. And when they heard of Toonami broadcast, they plotted to use the ship to send them somewhere to start a new living. Turned to Control Freak. "Might wanna keep a low profile for the time being, not sure if you-know-who will get our attention. I dunno who to be scared off; him or Vilgax."

Now that was something both would agree with on Psy-Crow's statement as both were at the same level of evil. "Sure he can be scary as what I heard from the others, but the dude sure makes a awesome villain to make some from my world run for their money like the brain in the Jar."

Control Freak nodded. "Or that inter-dimension pirate, she left us to take the fall while she takes the loot! If I ever see her again I'll-"

"Wait, I gotta say something very, VERY important for you, something you should know!" X said to Control Freak after finishing his drink as if it was important to say.

Control Freak blinked and if it was serious. "What?"

Giving a dramatic pause until he gave his answer. "Who would you think would win in a contest in an all-comedy match? Genie? Deadpool? The Mask? Or… Freakazoid?" Both Control Freak and Psy-Crow looked at each other then turned to X for that question.

"Wait, Freakazoid? As in the blue guy in a red suit and created by Steven Spielberg?" Psy-Crow asked him.

"That's him."

"Ooh, that's a tough one, they're all made around the same decade and considered really… screw loose." Control Freak stated as he had a thought of who would win. "Hate to run into one of them, but Deadpool would be awesome. I say-"

"Wait a minute, you never told him the other thing." Psy-Cow interrupted them before he could get an answer.

X blinked his eyes for a moment until he realised what the alien crow meant. "OH! THAT question! Oh, found out what that transmission was… with some argument with Maximus cause we didn't get a good look at it from EARLIER chapters. (Looks at the screen) See I told him! Happy?"

"Wait, that thing? So what is it?" Control Freak was eager to find out what that transmission was. X pulled out a laptop out of nowhere and pulled up the video. "Here, got it recorded and should…. Here we go!"

The trio looked at the screen as it became much clearer until Control Freak suddenly turned pale and realised who sent it. It couldn't be them.


It couldn't be THEM!

Not after what he did to his universe from that remote he stole. "I'm doomed, I'm doomed, I'M DOOM!" He was frantic and held his hands to his head and jumped off his chair.

"Oh calm down, it can't be that bad." Psy-Crow tried to calm him down.

"Calm down? CALM DOWN!? How can I calm down after seeing THIS!?" Control Freak hastily paced back and forth. "What if they know what I did? What if they find a way to come after me? Would they even know how I defrosted myself?" Suddenly he received a few slaps from Psy-Crow to get his bearings back.

"Cool it will ya? Now relax, what are the chances of these Titan geeks finding out that you're hear? There's probably an infinite number of universes out there! Some made up, others look alike."

Recovering from his panic as he listened to the mutated crow, he made a valid point and calm himself as he realised what he was on to. "Wait, you're right! And I just gained new powers, so, so there's no way they can travel between dimensions." stopped and looked at the recording of the broadcast. "I got to cut this broadcast off. Maybe they'll be stuck wherever they are if their transmission fails. But if I try to stop it they'll be onto to me...Unless I get someone else to do it!"

The nerd villain brought up his tablet and went through the surprisingly large number of contacts he had until he finds the one for the job.

X looked amazed of the number of contacts. "Wow, you've been busy."

"Now where is it? Wait a minute, I didn't know we had Dr Robotnik." Control said.

"Oh I did some job to deliver him some alien tech he was interested in to get in the even grounds with other villains. Things are getting competitive with the League of Super Criminals, Satyra and the Invisible Hand these days." Psy-Crow told him, as he wasn't wrong about it.

Scrolling through them with each a face of those he took on assignments and jobs. "Bingo! I know he wants to get back at TOM, but he does owe me a favour for upgrading him." He pressed the call button and waited for recipient to answer.

His call was answered as a figure glowing fiery orange appeared on the screen. "What do you want?"

"Hey, Swayzak. Remember how I upgraded you? I'm calling in that favour you owe me."

"And what is it, you pile of flesh."

"I need you to stop a certain broadcast. And happens to be from an old... friend of yours." Control Freak said, flashing an evil smile.

"Haha, this time I shall win to defend my title!" A young girl proclaimed, she was a young girl with an attire of a pilot but styled to her own personal fashion and long blue hair down passed her shoulders. Her green eyes narrowed and stared at the large muscular Ape Mobian with orange fur, a brown jacket with torn sleeves and wore a pair of white pants with an earthly piece of clothing wrapped around his waist.

The Mobian made a soft growl and glared down at the girl. "You think you can beat the Great North? Take this!"

"Ha! Missed! Now for my twin lasers!" She pushed a button of her controllers, controlling a robot from a video game to attack its foe hiding from the ruins. But it returned fire by using missiles.

"Oh damn it! Evade, evade!" She shouted to

The Mobian grins and pressing a few buttons to control his character. "I have you now!"

The two were playing a video game to pass the time in the bridge while flying across the Atlantic Ocean to reach their destination, so they had to do something to pass the times and enjoy some fun when not busy training. Entering the bridge was a young man with dirty blonde hair and a pair of glasses, wearing a light dark coat and a pair of gloves. He would've been mistaken for a human if not for a lion tail sticking out from his back. Spotted the two playing a game when he walked, assuming it was the latter's idea and smiles softly.

"North, Yara, there you are. I figured you be up here." Greeting his teammates just to see North's game avatar be utterly destroyed, much to his shock when he almost had her.

Yara cheered and threw her hands up. "VICTORY! Yara Quill wins! And next shall be the champion of the Bot Fighting League!" ~then tuned around to see the person behind her just came in. "Oh, Ross didn't see ya there."

"You do know they made it illegal back at San Fansokyo due to rise of underground events?" Ross pointed out to Yara who was much of a fan of the game.

She simply shrugged her shoulders as if it were hardly a big deal. "Only because of scumbags wanting to use it for their own personal gain. And how's it different to the tournaments for huntsmen? That's hardly fair."

Despite losing to Yara, North hardly see it as a downfall and moved away. "That may be true but there are limits for us to use." Turned to his team leader and gave a statement. "We should be reaching the American shores by 2 hours, shouldn't be too long now.

Ross nodded in approval of the news. "Good to hear, Erika be full dressed and I want us to be present to receive a contact on a new assignment."

Yara looked at him in surprise. "Wha… but I thought we be making a stop in Manhattan after taking care of the problems for the Kumari."

"What's this about a new assignment?" They turned to see a young woman walk through the doors. Long soft red hair that goes down to her back, emerald eyes and fair skin, wearing a maroon jacket, wearing a silver-scaled bikini top, a green sash wrapped around her head with a pair of goggles, a pair of green stripped pants with belts to hold her equipment.

"Good to know your up about, Erika. We can now get us updated with everyone hear." The two made their way to the computer and Ross started typing away as the other two joined them. "Apparently you obviously heard about the recent attacks in remote places like Washington DC, Denver, Beach City and also GrimmFall."

"So its not a normal thing then a usual villain or small time Grimm attack then." North asked after hearing about it, with that many attacks in a short amount of time it can't be a coincidence.

Ross nodded to her Mobian friend. "It does make a little sense with all these growing attacks and not just Satyra too, especially after the news about the attack during the Wacky Races."

Yara gasped. "Not the Wacky Races?! Did they make it out in one piece? Who won? Oh, I hope it was those hairy guys they are so funny, much like that other caveman with the cape. Oh, especially that dog…um Muttley. Oh! And especially the Undertak-"


She turned to the three who called out her name, looking at her to stay focus on the subject. Smiling sheepishly and chuckled nervously. "Um, sorry. Continue, boss."

Ross continued and brought up images, showing a large bipedal blue humanoid that rampaged the beach, a giant large 'mummy' that attacked a city and also a group of large giant robots, the team never seen anything like this before and curious to know what they were. "These were the latest events, no idea where these mechs could be but don't match the ones from Andromeda City. But we'll get some answers when we reach GrimmFall."

North turned to him in surprise. "GrimmFall? Then it must be serious if the Fallen are involved."

"Yes, it must be. But we'll find out what Mayor Sebben wants so get ready guys." Ross said.

"Oh yeah, Team REYN will break some legs!" Yara proclaimed, causing Erika to chuckle by her child-like antics.

"Wohohoho! Seems Dastardly didn't win, but was hoping that fool Pending was torn by the Grimm." If its one thing he hated more then Sonic, or the Justice Friends, is those who could rival 's technological genius, especially Coyote and criminal genius Mastermind. Even that old man Dexter denied him chance of obtaining the greats secrets in DexLabs for his own personal gain.

"Now then, on to other business." Showing data files of recent alien activities, he became aware of Gems on the planet and also the Gundam technology since he failed to get his hands on the blueprints, the only one to exist was the Dragon of Denver itself. "Such advance technology I could get my hands on. Adromeda city, Detroit Deluxe, the Giants of iron and inter dimensional travels just waiting to be used by the great Dr. Robotnik."

One of the probes picked up a recent update, caught his attention, the screen revealed robots in an ancient alien ship. Robotnik recognised them from the only person to use them. "Well, well, well. It appears Galorum is really alive after all. Now I wonder what she's up too." He was aware of who and what she is, the scientist formed an alliance to know about the mysterious ancient civilization, dating back eons before any known cultures formed on Earth, though he was familiar with Tezla's work but there were some disagreements between the two who wanted the same goal, but different reasons. With her presumed dead he would have the chance to find the ancient relic for his own but that may be harder then he realised.

Thinking of how all the villains are now forming factions and alliances to compete against the growing number of heroes and huntsmen that pose a threat to their plans for domination, it was perhaps time for him to pick a winning team, especially to rid himself of an annoying blue hedgehog that keeps ruining his plans.

Entering the room was his loyal assistant and nephew, Snively, a short human with few strands of brown hair, a pointy nose and wears a green uniform. Walked up to his uncle with his hands held behind him to give his report. "Sorry to interrpt, sir, but we're receiving a transmission on a private channel."

Robotnik was interested to find out but was uncertain who could be trying to contact him or how they tracked down his coordinates. "Hmm, better to play it safe. Accept it."

Snively nodded and typed in on the computer to open up the transmissions, making sure they are not tracked to be sure. On the screen revealed a large purple furred bear with a green glowing jar on its head, and in inside was a brain with a pair of 'eyes'.

"Greetings to the famous Dr. Robotnik, I speak to you life from my island."

"Well, this is certainly a surprise eh, Snively? We've received the honours of one of the worlds' great genius minds... Oh wait, its just Hector Con Carne. How's the daily life in that jar?" Robotnik laughed after the joke he made.

"Maybe his cellular phone was flat." Snively commented, causing the two to laugh. Both of them laughed while seeing the brain's jar boil in fury of the insult.


"Least I have a pair of my own, now, what is it you want to contact me on a private channel." Continues to mock him until he had his fun to know what

The brain soon began to calm his nerves and made a cough to clear his 'voice'. "Dr. Robotnik, as you know that the heroes and Huntsmen are becoming more stronger and resourceful against villains like, the Fallen and the Satyra. Which is why I, Hector Con Carne, am forming a League of my own and seek allies such as the Injustice Friends, to bring world domination to reality. And… to… invite you the honour of…"The brain struggled to bring the words out as he dared not say it. "Join… the League of Super Criminals as a member."

This caught Robotnik by surprise of the invitation and took a moment to absorb this information. "Really? Hmm, well this is a surprise. While it is true its becoming more competitive for every villain and dictator wanting the world for themselves, it would eventually lead to fight among ourselves."

Hector nodded and agreed with him on the subject. "But if we work together, we can split the world into territories of those we control, only to the strongest and alliance and syndicate could work to overthrow the heroes."

"He makes a valid point, sir. You could use this as an opportunity to rid of the foes such as our little 'hedgehog' problem. And the new resources we can obtain for your dreamed empire you wanted to build." Snively explained to him, believing this could prove useful to them.

Robotnik thought it over, stroking his chin as he was in deep thought of it. Stood up from his chair and walked about with his hands behind him. "Hmm, you maybe right. Very well then, I shall take your offer under these conditions: 1. I will need certain resources you would not mind trading or sell for a certain job you require. 2. Any alien or Connected Era's Technologies I wish to be part for research. 3. I would require to take Andromeda City as my future base of operations until, but to invade it I will need experts of trying to capture it and in return, I will help you on your little problems. Do we have a deal?"

Looking back to the screen and seeing Hector not spoke a word and assumed he would argue with him.

"Hmmm… you make a strong bargain for this, Robotnik. And thought this through, very well. I accept the terms as long as you honour your deal, break them and its off." Hector told him.

"Of course, no funny business then, I will look forward to discussing further business with you later on. So anything else to discuss?" Dr. Robotnik asked the brain.

"Actually, since you mentioned the second part, we would require some of your spare time for a simple project we are working on. I am certain you be quite interested in this." The image changed to reveal a Gem Warp Pad in a lab, both the doctor and his nephew/assistant were surprise to see one in good condition.

"A Gem Warp Pad? How did you get your hands on that?" Robotnik couldn't believe the idiot millionaire criminal got one before him.

"Lucky I guess, hehe. But considering it a present for your compliance and first assignment for our alliance, you will assist with Major Doctor Ghastly and one of my clients into reverse engineer it." Hector instructed him and had been holding, knowing the good doctor would love to get his hands on new technologies.

"Guess it seems we both have what the other wants then." Robotnik had to admit, even as a brain he was still clever to hold a bargain he couldn't refuse. "Alright, you got yourself a deal and I will be there as soon as possible. Good day, Mr. Carne." Pushes the button to disconnect the channel and sat back down.

"Well, look on the bright side, sir, least we would have better assistance to improve our chances. And resources we can ask for future projects." Snively tried to make him feel better after the talk with the megalomaniac.

"Hmph! You right about that, I'll deal with Sonic another time. Now, how goes Project XYZ, Snively?" Turned to his assistant for an update.

"Going perfectly well sir, along with the other new robots underway for combat against our future enemies." Showing him the images of the blueprints, one with three different robots; a tank, a dragon and a robot with only a pair of arms and two cannons.

"Excellent, I can't wait to try out my new toys. Things may be going well for us after all." Chuckles darkly and imagines his army of robots destroying cities and taken over lands for his new empire.


Limburger sighed in relief to be back in the comforts of Limburger Tower, although the bad news was that he was without a jewel and is afraid to inform Sammael of the news. He barely escaped with his life had it not been for the huntsmen to wipe out most of them, but didn't leave with a few scratches and bite marks from the Grimm, considering being in bandages.

"Yes? I see, yes, I understand since we can't afford to risk the authorities from finding out." Speaking to his phone when receiving a call from Control Freak, unable to risk revealing his whereabouts until the heat dies down. "Do inform me of further updates, and if our other contact calls, inform me immediately."

Hangs up and turned to his two enforcers while Greasepit was in bandages after his fight with the Mice. He walked around his desk and approached them with a calm and professional face. "Well, gentlemen. YET again our plans have been thwarted by those interfering intergalactic gerbils, and also without a jewel or the information of its whereabouts."

Both of them thought he be mad whenever a good plan goes up in smoke.

"Gee, boss you seem to be not angry after what happened." Greasepit pointed out.

Limburger let out a chuckle and placed one arm around his oily employer. "Me? Angry? Oh my no, dear boy. I am however intensively INFURIATED AT YOUR IDIOTIC INCOMPETENCE!" Shouting in rage, his employers can barely stand the strong stench of his foul breath.

Graesepit's nostrils were unable to withstand it, causing his body to give away and fell to the floor while Karbunkle managed to hold his breath using a napkin and waved the reeking odor from his face with a spare hand. The Plutarkian slowly calmed down but was still mad and in worry of the results. "How will I ever face him and explain that we have nothing to give thanks to those Biker Mice and the scrap metal hairless primates who helped them?" He walks back and forth, coming up with a reasonable excuse to his client.

Greasepit managed to recover, but strangely started to quiver and called out to him. "Da, Mr. Limburger, sir?"

"Not now, Greasepit." Limburger waved his hand dismissively while too busy thinking. "Those Biker Mice have been making my life a misery ever since they landed on Earth. Last thing on my mind is for the Alliance to find out about our little operations on Earth."

Karbunkle suddenly turned pale when he looked at the same direction Greasepit was looking and tries to get Limburger's attention as well. "Um, your luscious lactatedness?"

"WHAT?!" He was utterly annoyed by his enforcers who continuously interrupt him in his moment of thoughts.

However both Greasepit and Karbunkle were hiding behind the desk until the oily muscled male pointed his finger out. "I think he already knows."

Uncertain what he meant, but turned to the large screen that showed the very person he was talking about. It was none other then Sammael, the leader of the Fallen sitting on his throne with a calm expression no his face and having his hands together, staring right at him through the screen. The Plutarkian could feel himself sweating under his mask and suit, pulled the part of his collar as he silently gulped. "Ah, ehh, Mr. S-Sammael, my good fellow! What an unexpected surprise."

"Apologies if I was interrupted anything." Sammael said.

"Oh, no, not at all. I… was just in a moment of thought to deal with some minor setback." Limburger replied, trying to calm his nerves as if reminded him of the times of delivering bad news to Lord Camembert.

"Such as not able to capture Ms. Penelope Pitstop for the whereabouts of the Jewel of Neptune?" Sammael stated, able to read the utter nervousness on Limbuger's 'face' and gulped.

"Uhhh, well…."

"Well, that is to be expected, had you achieved such a task I offered I would've been very impressed. However, this did turn out exactly as I had hoped." Holds out a flash drive, the same one Control Freak used for the race. "So I must congratulate you on a job well done."

The trio were expecting the Fallen to be mad at them, instead he was pleased about a success. Even Limburger who was used to being shouted for his failures, but this was a great relief to him.

"R-Really? Oh, pleasure to be of service!" Limburger quickly recovered from his shock and thanked Sammael.

Greasepit poked his head out. "Gee, we did good right? Does that mean we get a bonus?" However Limburger bashed his fist on top of his head. "Sorry." He apologised and held his head with one hand steadily.

Limburger cleared his throat after being interrupted, feeling much calmer now. "Due pardon the interruption of one my employees, but in hopes to continue our business together in the near future."

"I am certain to it as well Mr. Limburger. And-

"Uh… pardon me of intruding your conversation, your unctuous putredness?"

"Karbunkle. I'm in the middle of something important to discuss." Muttering through his teeth while giving a soft tone.

"You remember those constructor bots we bought to repair the tower and save a lot of funding?" Karbunkle asked, whispering close to his ear.

"Yeeesss?" Curious to know why his scientist brought it up at a time.

"I believe its best to use them right away." The mad scientist pointed his gloved finger to the window to show him and had a protective helmet over his head.

"Would you excuse me for a moment?" Limburger was confused by what he meant until he saw something coming towards them, a missile flying in a random spiral and hurtling towards them. One of the many missiles launched by Coop and only made a glitch in the guidance system for one of them... until now.

"GAH!" He gasped and rushed back to the large screen with Sammael's face on it. "I'm afraid I'll have to call you back due to unscheduled… reconstruction if you put it. And also apologies for the sudden loud noises in the background." Chuckled nervously and made a run for his life.

The trio were in a panic state and frantically tried to make a run for cover, they tried to run for the door but due to all three running at the same time they were stuck together, and not so good when the missile was within seconds away. "YYYAAAHHH!" The missile hits the centre of the building, causing massive damage to the structure and half of it collapses and crumbled.

"Oh... I really, REALLY must take a vacation." Limburger mumbled under all the rubble.

Somewhere deep in the forest with the moon in the night sky was a campsite, a fire build up by two people in the dark. "So comrade, glad to see you made it out here. No trouble on the way?" A man spoke in a Russian accent to someone on the opposite of the fire.

"Oh no, it was easy I had to take care of something back home, family business if you will." The second male sounded young and had an Asian accent.

"Ah, family is the most important thing indeed, comrade."

"So, what's the update on Satyra?" He asked the other.

"Hmm… comrades Froggy came back about young Fred attacking one go by the name Grimm Slayer." The Russian sighed. "Another youth corrupted by the monster' power."

"None of them know of his true motives, must be very careful of His Eminence, Moosk. My family have been preparing for this moment for centuries, glad to see we are not alone to share the burden." A snake slivered around the young man who pettered its head.

The man named Moosk nodded in the shadows. "Agreed, Moosk is happy to have comrades who will give Satyra Butt-kicking. They must be stopped before it is too late." Stepping forward was a muscular male, balled with a thick black mustache, wearing combat boots, a torn brown jacket with a white shirt, a tie around his head like a headband and green pants. "Moosk welcomes you to the resistance, comrade Ping."

Earth's Orbit, Absolution

"We're ready to begin transmitting now, TOM." Sara informed her partner.

"Ok, establishing link to broadcast an emergency channel to Dimension C-003." TOM said, walking through the corridor and entering the bridge. Seeing the race and had a good time of the battles and racing. "That was a great race and surprise by the things that happened, especially that those villains tried to ruin the race for something to obtain." Takes his chair and faces the screen.

"Ok, here goes. My name is TOM of the Toonami broadcasting show of the Absolution. I'm broadcasting this message to the heroes called the Teen Titans of universe we call Dimension C-003, calling from GF-007. We wanna let you know about a villain from your world named… Control Freak? Cut the long story short, he hacked into our ship's computer system and caused us to arrive to this universe to hide from the law. Probably others like him too, sending you the coordinates to find us. Hope to hear from you." Ending the broadcast and typed on the few buttons. "Ok, Sara, begin the countdown."

"Transmitting in 5… 4… 3… 2… 1-" Suddenly the broadcast was hit by some sort of system crash and the screen was getting static. "Whoa! Getting back up data now."

"Sara, you ok? What happened?" TOM asked her in worry.

"Not sure, but somehow we got hit by something that tried to attack us."

"Did the transmission get through?" TOM asked her, uncertain if it did but hoping they got his message.

"Possibly, but uncertain if it's all through but will have to wait and find out."

The End

Name: Charlene "Charley" Davidson

Aura: Darkgray

Semblance: Iron Maiden

Weapon: Valkyrie's Wrath

Name: Big

Aura: Shadow Grey

Semblance: Monster Boost

Description: With his body able to absorb electricity, Big can channel that power through his body and control it, shocking his opponents to stun them. He is able to use a full blast to connect his body into the natural landscape to electrocute his targets within a perimeter.

Name: Lil

Aura: Shadow

Semblance: Nightscream

Description: A semblance with the power of a bat, Lil can create a bat-like avatar with himself inside to manipulate the form. Used as signature attack to fly and unleash a sonic scream at his targets but requires an open area without causing too much tremors and damage, such as if used in a cave that it must be used as a precaution.

Name: Rufus Roughcut

Aura: Rust

Semblance: Chopper

Description: Uses his hands to cut through any object without a scratch, can also be effective using a bladed weapon in his grip

Weapons: Razor Edge

Descriptions: Specially designed and crafted axe used for combat against foes and Grimm.

Name: Clyde

Aura: Grey White

Semblance: Longshot

Description: When able to use speed with a vehicle he can also share it at a limited time and few people, which only uses it with his gang to make the signature gettaway power in the races.

Weapons: Bulletproof Bomb

While the Bulletproof Bomb may be a vehicle, it is in fact armed with weapons added by his friend/gang members to costumize it. Be used during a race or against fast moving targets and large numbers. Lives up to the name and built from old military vehicles to withstand almost anything.

Name: Penelope Pitstop

Aura: Mediumvioletred

Semblance: Sommeil (slumber)

Description: Penelope can use this semblance to put her opponents to sleep by exuding a sleep-inducing mist, anyone caught whiff of the aroma is out like a log.

Weapon: The Charmante Félin (Charmine Feline) is a parasol itself is either very strong or very well-protected aura, as it has repeatedly been able to block bullets as a shield. The shaft of the umbrella serves at the sheath for a long cylindrical blade, which can be drawn out by the umbrella's curved handle. This has been seen twice, both times utilized to finish off downed opponents. .

Name: Slag Brothers

Aura: Pale Grey

Semblance: Sculpture

Description: The Slag Brothers share a semblance to form anything out of earth-based elements through the use of their clubs or fists. This was done when they were able to turn a rock into a vehicle to act like one.

Weapons: Due to being from the ancient times of the Forgotten Age, the Slag Brothers have no understanding of modern technology and only use of weapons are their clubs since.

Name: Control Freak

Aura: Coral

Semblance: Switcheroo

Description: So far Control Freak has the ability of displacing anyone and anything, even switching places with that person in sight and can be used to cause confusion among his opponents. Such as when switching places with himself and another person to avoid being hit by one of their own comrades, or

But due to recently gaining this ability, Control Freak only has a limited range and requires to have that target in sight. He must also gesture his hands to centralise the effect upon his chosen target, the limits of his powers have yet to be noted.

Weapon: The Quadsaber is a modified lightsaber with two on each end and also transforms into a blaster for long range attacks.

Name: Greasepit

Aura: Dark Brown

Semblance: Oil Spill

Description: Greasepit has the ability to create oil-like substance from his body and able to manipulate it as an extension of his body, and control other things such as the chains around his arms for long range attacks, even use to cover his body to become a oil-monster to protect himself and take many hits but has a limit due to keeping his body from being exposed in this form.

Name: Peter Perfect

Aura: Ocean Blue

Semblance: Perfect Adaptation

Description: Peter's Semblance allows him to adapt almost to anything. Within mere minutes he can understand a fighting style and adapt it to his own, learn how to counter an enemy Semblance or even immediately come up with a counter strategy in battle. It can even allow him to learn almost anything within a matter of minutes that would take others perhaps years to study.

Well hope you all enjoyed it, took a year to get this done due to other stuff to work on. But hope you all enjoyed it very much and keep a lookout for the Acceleracers Arc later but for now focusing on my the stories, anyone who like to take part in it just PM, just things with finding jobs and doing my comic will take most of the time and maybe extra help be great. This is the longest chapter I ever did and man took some time for an Epilogue!

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