Opening File: Martian Mice

Mars was once a thriving world, almost like Earth but without a moon or a stable atmosphere, centuries ago it was colonized by a race of Mice-like beings. Their origins remain unknown or where they came from to make it a new homeworld for them. Possible theories about their origins maybe their ancestors were Mobians and were put there for experiments or descended from settlers looking for a new home to make their own. It wasn't easy for them to survive on the surface long, but they thrived and lived in peace for many generations.

The Martian Mice started receiving being broadcasted from their satellites and learned much of their cultures, including bike riding and heavy metal were the most popular among the community and especially of the native races' long history of fighting a terrifying threat known as the Grimm and wanting to learn from them should the day they come across the Grimm, or even their Earth Counterparts.

However, sometime around the late 20th, they were invaded by the tyrannical aquatic aliens known as the Plutarkians, wanting the resources in the system for the Plutark Confederation to compete against the Gem Empire or other alien races like the High Breed, the Incursions, or universally feared Vilgax for competition or maybe rivals with them.

The Martian Mice put up a valiant effort but much of the environment on the planet they worked hard to make habitable was laid to waste by the War of Liberation on Mars, hid themselves to make their enemies believe they were wiped out but slowly recovering so they sent three of their three best soldiers to Earth when they believe the Plutarkians will likely take interest of Earth when they learn of the value of Dust, hoping it be the solution after discovering ancient Gem ruins and was almost turned into a colony eons ago until the natives fought back, using it as an opportunity to learn of their secrets and defeat the Gems and their rivals for galactic domination. IF it were somehow able to work outside of Earth's atmosphere which can be a problem for them

Close file:

PZZZZ…PPP.. Tap, tap, tap…

"Hello! HELLO! Is this thing working?"


The static on the screen slowly began to form a picture, revealing an overweight male wearing a brown trench coat, unshaven and long orange hair, silver shoulder pads, and equipment but really a fanatical geek.

"There we go." Coughed a few times to clear his throat. "GREETINGS VIEWERS! I have hacked into Toonami's broadcasting to speak to you online! You know who I am. I am the master of media monsters! Traveller of the Multiverse! I am... Control Freak!" Giving his evil and signature laugh. Jumps back in the middle of the screen to make a dramatic pose. "Some of you know me from the universe of the Teen Titans, I was one of their arch-nemesis-nemesese... nema-You get the idea! First I manage to test my experiment to warp travel between the channels, and then took it to a whole new level!" Switching the channel to show his past actions with the Titans and how he was defeated. "I 'found' a device that could warp reality itself! So I thought it would make the universe more exciting! More adventures! And Action!"

Smiling so bright until it dropped to what became his downfall. Crossed his arms over his chest. "It was supposed to be my greatest achievement, bring me awards and respect from the entertainment industries. But it didn't work out how I wanted it, instead…. I got made it into… THIS!" Showing what was now Teen Titans! GO!, a reboot of the original universe and how it became a disaster with the way the characters now behave. "The lame jokes, the animation quality, and it became… Ugh! If only I had known the limit of using the gadget I stole!" Smacked his head with his hand in frustration.

"I was about to work on it and undo the damage, but then I got arrested by the inter-dimensional authorities who caught wind of my actions. Serving my time in prison for damaging the reality or I would've been in a place called the Crystal Citadel which only holds the worse kinds of criminals in the Multiverse. Wonder if that fanfic nerd is writing that into the story, did so in the… uh, never mind! Point is I have a role in this story after some... talk with the writers! But not telling you for spoilers and I'm gonna be staying here for a while as this one looks interesting. Oh, if TOM is watching this I might bring back an old buddy of yours… MUHAHAHAH!"

"Well, he wanted to make something big for his goal and now has to pay the price. Sometimes making shows they think would make a reboot sounds like a great idea to bring back the classics that were popular in those days. But not always stay truthful or last long depends on the entertainment industry wanting to make money out of the show."

"True. Lots of shows do get cancelled when they were starting to get interesting or use for commercial business. But how did that little creep hack into our broadcasts? I think we need to update security." SARA said, annoyed that it happened to them.

"Good idea, not sure what he's doing in the Grimfall universe, but best keep eye on him. Makes you wonder how such a terrible reboot could still go on. But, let's switch to the Wacky Races, they're probably starting now."

Pop's Moon Palace

"Hey pops, switched the channel will ya?" Johnny took his seat in Pop's Restaurant when having pizza.

"Why's that Johnny? If it's a reality show of bikini girls again, the answer is no!" Pops said to him, waving his spoon about.

"No, not that. But love to know where that island is. Chicks dig the Bravo" Flexing his muscles in various poses. "I'm talking about the Wacky Races that's-"

"GREAT UNCLE PETE'S SAUCE! Why didn't ya say so?!" Snatched up a remote and turned on the TV. "I didn't know you were into the sports like the Wacky Races? Finally taking up the advice from your mother to be a Huntsman?" Thinking the young man was finally maturing despite the idiotic stunts he's pulled.

"That, and also 'cause of the ladies. But found out Miss Penelope Pitstop is participating." And on that cue was Penelope herself being interviewed by Brick Crashman. "Ooh, mama! Check out the wheels on that on." Hearts floated from his head as he was daydreaming about her, before being smacked on the head by a rolling pin, now seeing stars circling around his head.

"Just watch the race, Johnny." Pops told the half-dazed blonde, resuming his work while turning up the volume. "And maybe that training session your mom talked about would do you right." He ponders while cleaning the glass cup with a cloth. In all honesty, this is gonna be a long trip he's planned for the boys to be prepared for the big world and learn to work together. But what got him concerned was one of the special guests to make an appearance after hearing the news about some big companies and corporations sponsoring the race as usual to have hired drivers to participate.

Uno Residence

"Hey, Abby, pass the popcorn, will ya? The Wacky Races is starting!" Wally called out to his friend after they were invited to the Uno house to see the race, it was something like the Olympics but more like the tournaments for Hunters and their parents think it would be good to know more then just one type of huntsmen and what to expect. Hoagie heard about the race and some of the best drivers were participating.

"Can't you just get up and get it? It's right in front of ya." Abby pointed the bowl of popcorn on the small table, right in front of the TV.

"Yeesh, all I ask was pass the bowl." Grabs it and munches on the popcorn. "Hey, you see those two, man they're look like they're from that family show Sitcom… uhh, what was it just now..." Trying to think of the name when he also saw the creepy looking car that reminded him of a show they watch.

"They're the Slag Brothers, Wally. They're believed to be from the Age of the Forgotten, I think my dad talked about it as some were." Nigel responded as he took his spot on the couch to watch the race. It was amazing and a surprise that there were huntsmen at such times and once fought against the Grimm were only around for many centuries, but faced more then just them.

"Yeah, they even turned that boulder into a car by their semblance which is cool. But not as awesome as the Red Max." Hoagie was excited to see one of his heroes take part in the event. Hearing about his adventures and the time he fought pirates and Grimm. "He's one of my favourite idols and reason to take the skies."

"I like to see him take on Mean Machine, that looks cool." Wally said when seeing the purple vehicle just then.

Nigel didn't seem to agree with his statement. "Not if it were Dick Dastardly, I heard a lot about him and his family of villainous cheaters." Despite his statement of wanting to make the race better, he took his father's lessons to always never judge a book by its cover.

Pop's House

"I'm telling ya, Mordecai, that Dick guy is gonna win! He knows how to make the race better!" The Raccoon Mobian named Rigby was arguing of which racers were gonna win to his best friend, Mordecai.

"No way, the Gruesome Twosome got a dragon, even that farmer and that bear could beat him with their eyes closed." Mordecai said.

"Yeah right! Bet he's just making it up, I could do it better by driving a truck with my eyes closed!"

"Would not."

"Would so."

"Would not!"

"Would so!"



"HEY BROS! Move it or loose it! I wanna watch the race!" Muscle Man buts in and brought snacks, they were glad to have a break from Bensin. "But you know who else could take on the Wacky Races? My mom!" Muscle Man laughs at his own joke alongside his best friend, Hi Five Ghost. "The guys I'm rooting for are Roofus Ruthcut and Sawtooth. With those cool wheels, they could slice through anything!"

Mordecai scoffed. "Yeah right, look at that thing, it's made out of wood! How's he gonna race with that thing."

"I knew the guy when I was on a fieldtrip to know about hunstmen and he lifted a large log of wood with his bare hands and his little buddy cut through a huge log with his own teeth. Not everyone use fancy gadgets to be hunters you know." Showing his support by taking his shirt off and waving it about like a flag. "WWHOOOOO! Yeah Roofus Roughcut! Show 'em whose boss!"

"Hm, he does have a point, everyone has a special ability then advance weapons to rely on." Skips agreed with Muscle Man.

"Ooh, I'm so excited." Pops came in with a sandwich, taking his seat and eager to watch the race. "Be a smashing event. And I think that Peter Perfect will win, quite the gentleman type."

"Uh, he did sort of… smash his own car into pieces." Rigby said after seeing the driver broke his car with one fist.

"Ssshh, pass the hotdog." Mordecai shushed him and wanting to watch the race without any interruption.

"Hey pops, switched the channel will ya?" Johnny took his seat in Pop's Restaurant when having pizza.

"Why's that Johnny? If it's a reality show of bikini girls again, the answer is no!" Pops said to him, waving his spoon about.

"No, not that. But love to know where that island is. Chicks dig the Bravo" Flexing his muscles in various poses. "I'm talking about the Wacky Races that's-"

"Wow! Professor Pending is taking part of the race?" Dexter sat on the couch with his grandfather. Not into the main sports but hearing that one of the league scientists of DexLabs was taking part in the race with his latest invention that was been talked about for months. Unable to invite Deedee since she was out with friends and his son was out doing some work, but least they have some company.

Smiles at his grandson's curiosity, he knew the man as one of his idols. "Oh yes, heard what he was working on and been doing some experiments with the Convert-a-Car. Besides, you should take an interest in this, my boy. It helps learn from racers who build the best cars and vehicles to take on the dangerous and craziest tracks in the world."

"Well, I might give it a chance." Taking a sip of his coffee to quench his thirst.

"By the way, I've been meaning to ask you something." Dexter says with something on his mind.

Takes the cup away and waved his hand at the young boy, knowing he was always a young gifted boy like his sister. "Oh not at all, fire away." Takes another sip and listens to his grandson's question.

"I was looking at some files of some corporations that were sponsoring the race and stumbled upon one that was strange and nothing much about it. Then found out it was about racing cars. Do you know anything about the Scrim Corporation?"

When he heard the two words, the elder coughed on his drink and spat it out from his winkled lips. Once he cleared his throat and Face Dexter with a stern look on his face upon the mention of the name. "Scrim Corp? As in by a man named Peter Tezla?"

Dexter lifted one eyebrow, wondering what came over his grandfather so sudden. "Um, yeah, do you know about him?"

"Yes. But there have been some disagreements of his… personal research." Not wanting his grandson to know about him, or anything to do with anything he may be tampering then they could handle. "But that's nothing for you to worry about. Now Let's enjoy the show and wish Pending a good race."

"Well, I suppose you are right." Letting the subject slide and resume watching the TV. Unknown to him, Grandpa Dexter was suddenly thinking of the scientist his grandson brought up. No one had heard from Tezlar in years, or what he was researching into that he couldn't trust anyone. It was only he found some notes from the abandoned office that were almost burned. 'Tezla, what have you been doing these past few years?' He had thought of what became of Tezla, but right now, he wanted to spend time with his grandson. "Hmm, make sure the race is recorded, I'm sure your sister would want to watch it later."

Back at the race, the crowd was taking some time to gather food and drinks from the cafeterias. Those who were not sitting outside were taking tables to watch the TV screens. Coming from all over the country to see the Wacky Races.

Human, Faunus, and Mobian alike gathered to see the event as one of the few that they can willing take part in with no prejudice and cheer for their own.

"Mmm-Mmm, I could smell those hot dogs, burgers, and pizza a mile away. May not be Chicago or Detroit, but we get to see one of baddest, most craziest races in the known cosmos." A deep-voiced male said, getting the whiff of the food being cooked. He was a strong-built male who was a mouse with grey fur, wearing an eye patch over his left eye, purple light armour made of metal plates strapped around the shoulders and chest. He has a nick in his right ear and two hoop earrings on his left ear. His right arm was entirely mechanical in place of his real one.

"Oh man, I can't believe we're actually here! Although, the name does sound odd. But, who cares, this is gonna rock! Why couldn't we have entered it? We would show them our mad moves!" The second person said, sounding younger and more excited than the first person, complaining about not participating in the race. He was a humanoid mouse with albino fur/skin wearing a pair of blue jeans, boots, a green X-cross bandoleer on his chest, and a pink bandanna wrapped around his neck. The right side of his face was covered in a metallic mask. Watching the races being interviewed and talk about their vehicles. "Man, get a load of that hunk of junk, I bet some of them won't reach a mile with them." He proclaimed after seeing the Arkansas Chuggabug.

"Vin, you might wanna not underestimate these guys. They are some of the top drivers and hunters across the world, so least show some respect while we're here and out of Chicago. Could learn a thing about them." A woman with auburn hair down to her shoulders, wearing a blue denim shirt, black pants with a utility belt around her waist and wearing a pair of brown boots. Charlene Davidson, also known by her friends as "Charley" or "Charley Girl", and mechanic of a repair shop called Last Chance.

"She's right Vinnie, these guys could make anything into a weapon to take on the Grimm. Try not to cause too much trouble while we're here." A third male named Throttle spoke a calm tone to the second mice. He had a tanned colored-fur, a quiff, and a ponytail, wearing a pair of shades, a tattoo on the right shoulder, wearing a black vest jacket with a red bandanna around his neck, jeans, black boots, and knee caps. The three of them were the mice-like aliens from Mars, the fourth planet of the solar system, each of them having a pair of red antennas on their heads. They crashed landed on Earth after escaping the Plutarkians and made the City of Chicago their temporary HQ, taking down a few villains, bandits, and Grimm alike from wreaking havoc, and preventing Earth from suffering the same face as theirs. With the help of their human companion and personal mechanic with skills in building vehicles and weapons that helped the Biker Mice out many times in many situations. The Biker Mice were lucky to have easily blend in and be mistaken for Mobians except for the antennas on their heads, but would just point out they were personal gadgets they build for their auras.

They were told about the Wacky Races and when hearing news it was coming near their place, the Mice practically 'invited' their friend to see the race than watching it on TV, not that she minded but better than being in the garage all day.

"Just try to stay out of trouble and we can get the seats before the race starts." Charlie said to them as she did not want to miss it.

"Relax, babe. When have we ever got you into trouble?" Vinnie said in a smooth manner of a 'lady killer'.

Charlie snorted and crossed her arms over her chest. "Need time to make a list?" They went out to get seats to watch the racers move to the starting line.

"As you can see they are starting to their positions, we will be broadcasting the events and made special race tracks for them to take on with their abilities."

"Hold it, if that's out in the open fields, won't they have a problem with the Grimm?" Vinnie had thought, knowing that Earth had problems with those creatures throughout history and the native races had been fighting them since.

"Relax, they hired scouts and hunters to keep an eye out for any Grimm, want to make sure they don't try anything" Charlie assured him so that he didn't have anything to worry about. "But if any of them did slip by, that's when the racers would have their chance to show how good they are." Making them feel relieved and interested to see these guys in action.

Unaware of what is going on, far from the racing tracks, trouble was coming to them as a group of motorcyclists punks stood by the cliff, one the members approached their boss who stood by the edge. "Boss, we just got word they're starting the race."

"Excellent, now make certain you all know your positions to isolate the target from the rest of the racers for capture. Our associates should be ready, right about... now." Spoke in a cultural mannerism while looking through the binoculars. He was a large obese but bulky male with tanned skin, dressed in a tailored purple suit with white, red tie, a pair of white gloves and his dark hair with a shade of blue is styled in a dorsal fin. Laurence Limburger, a successful businessman in Chicago and owner of Limburger Industries to the world, is in fact a Plutarkian sent by the Plutark Confederacy to strip mine the planet's valuable resources and take the planet for their needs against interstellar rivals in the galactic cosmos with the Gem Empire, the Incursions and others who pose a threat to the Plutarkians' dominion. Discovering the potential the Dust has, they assigned Limbuger to do the job to get it.

The annoying side, apart from the wretched Biker Mars that were always ruining his plan, there were hunters all over the planet that were troublesome as they were. "Carbuncle!"

"Yes, your supreme foul cheesiness." Standing before him was a skinny human-possibly, with a large cranium and a small patch of brown hair with a tube inserted into his brain, wearing a lab coat with pair of black leather gloves and boots. Dr. Benjamin Boris Zachary Karbunkle is Limburger's top scientist whose main tasks are to think of machines, weapons and ideas to tackle the problems that could affect their plans of mining the Earth's resources for Plutark. Loyal, sycophant and sadistic when it comes to his experiments.

"How goes your little part of the operation?"

"Running smoothly as you have hoped, my drones are already in the sky finding the nearest horde of Grimm to the location of your choice, once the security systems are offline for them to pass." Pulled out a pad to show his probes receiving multiple signals of Grimm within long-range perimeters. "All I have to do is give them the command to fire and drive the horde to the tracks. Making it appear of a, shall we say… tragic accident?" Giving a gleeful, yet sinisterly grin to his boss.

This pleased Limburger very well and tapped his gloved fingers together. "Excellent, my dear doctor! What better way then to make the world believe that some unfortunate racers fell to a tragedy; an ambush of a horde of Grimm when a slight technological default in their security." Chuckles in a sinister tone and patted the scientist on the back. It was no secret that Karbunkle has the deep fascination of the Grimm since they arrived on the planet Earth, while Limburger considers them a nuisance when trying to mine a city of its resources, Carbuncle learned that they have the ability of sensing negative emotions and the could be of use for Plutark against their enemies. If only they knew how to transport the Dust with without loosing its special power, something he has yet to find in his research of the substance.

"Now all we need are those buffoons to stick to their part of the plan." Limburger mentions as he hopes the others he had hired would do their part of the plan well.

Muttley gathered the things they needed for the race, cleaning up the mess he caused while they have time before the race begins. Grabbed a chain with a hook at the end he was given. Opens the door and stood before him were two men, a large muscular wearing a red hat, a mechanic overall with shades over his eyes and covering his hands were oozing with grease. "'Ere's the delivery package you ordered for a Mr.… Dastardly?" placed the oozing finger to his large chin when trying to think.

"Yep. Chinese, sodas and pizzas you ordered." A second person beside him, wearing the same clothes but has long orange hair, wearing an unconvincing fake mustache and sunglasses. Giving them a box to the Mobian who took it off their hand before he noticed who they were behind the disguise, opens the container and saw a written note.

Everything is ready.

"Signed Limburger"

Crunches it up and gave them an 'a ok' gesture and leave for their own business. The two left when receiving a call, the smaller companion pulled it out of his coat and accepted it. "Grease Pit, did you deliver the message?"

"Da yeah, they seem just as ready as we are, boss, me, and the new guy have da security at your control, boss." The large man with dripping oil informed his boss.

"Good, now get to your positions fast. I'm not paying you two feeble-minded nincompoops to slack off while sabotaging the race! So make sure you don't mess this up or I'll half your salary for a month. IS THAT CLEAR?!" The two almost jumped in fright by his sudden outburst, they could've sworn they could smell his foul breath through the phone.

"Crystal, boss!"

"Sure, Mr. Limburger."

Hangs up the scroll to get a move on, the pudgy young male suddenly stops when a thought occurred to him. "Hey, just had a thought here since I started working for the old fish face. Do we get paid?"

Grease Pit stopped and suddenly thought of that since he's been working for Limburger for a long time. Placing a finger to his stubby chin to ponder the question that was brought up. "Hey, yeah. That's a good point, but least we ain't got no mice out 'ere."

All the racers move to the starting line and all set to go any moment until Crashman says the word. The crowd was getting restless and excited. However, no one was paying attention to a sneaky Dog Mobian passing by, secretly attaching the hooks to the back of the vehicles from one side, while Zilly burrowing under the tracks and doing the same thing as well, hooking the chains together with his hand popped up for a moment and disappeared. When Muttley saw they were all connected to the chain, he made a quick dash to join his human companion in the Mean Machine before the race could begin.

"So that's all of them?" Dick asked him and received a nod. "Good, so long as we win and get paid. Everything will work fine."

"Racers, start your engines!"

"They're starting!" Rigby shouted and munched on the snacks.

"GO Sawtooth! Go Roughcut!"

"Oh, jolly good!" Pops cheered and clapped his hands.

No one noticed how Skips was thinking of something else, having an odd feeling something wasn't right.

"Let the games begin!" Dexter shouted and excited.

"Oh yeah! This is going to be best race ever!" Wally cheered with excitment.

Something made Nigel thought of something and scratched his chin. "Odd, I could've sworn I saw something behind the racers."

"You're probably imagining it." Abby thought he was seeing things or just overthinking with his imagination playing tricks on his mind.

"Mom, the race is going to start! I'm going to cheer for Penelope Pitsop." Kuki sat down and knew her dad and sister were out but thought her mom would join her to watch the race since their family's company was sponsoring it for their part. They helped with the drones to keep Grimm out of sight to make it safer for racers and guests within a few places. She watches the racers take their positions and saw the Compact Pussycat come into view, admiring the pink racing car. She found the two Cavemen to be funny for their sibling relationship, almost reminded herself and her sister. Only differences that they don't have so much hair on them.

"Move aside, duffus, we wanna see it!" Gwen told her cousin to sit down and was interested to see who wins and was cheering for some of the races such as Penelope, Peter Perfect, and the professor to win.

"Hey wanted to get a good picture, and hoping the Mean Machine will win." Ben said.

"Oh yeah, a good for nothing cheater who goes by the rules?"

Max nodded and had the same idea as his granddaughter. "I happen to agree with her, Ben, he's not known as a fair racer."

Ben merely shrugged and resumed to watch the race. "Eh, we gotta root for someone, but I kinda like to see how those cavemen could win with that rock."


Brick stood by the starting line and turned to the camera. "I'm standing before you now as the Wacky Racers are all set to go as soon as the lights turn green."

Peter noticed some familiar faces and someone he was eager to meet. "I wish you the best of luck, my dear Penelope. And to everyone a good race."

"Aw, why thank you sugah. I wish you the same thing." Flattered by his kindness and returned the gesture.

Red Max grins and very eager to win the Wacky Race. "If anyone is going to win, it is the Red Max!"

"WAGGA! WE WIN! BUNKA UNKA!" One of the Slag Brothers proclaimed.

"HA! The trophy has mine and Sawtooth's names on it!"

"Racers! On your mark!"

They gave another throttle to the engines.

"Get set."

Everyone stayed focus with their feets on the pedals, roaring the engines to wait for the signal and a quick start. Dick Dastardly and Muttley however, were very confident for what they had in store for the racers. "Hehehe, little do they know that WE will have a running start, right Muttley?"


The two henchmen grin at each other and knew what was going to happen as all was according to plan.


The moment the last word was spoken, all drivers made a full acceleration towards the starting line.

"And off they go! The racers dashed forward to reach the finish line! Look at them go… and… ladies and gentlemen I have no idea what's going on, but it appears the racers are… stuck?" True what he meant, the sound of tires screeching against the ground with all racers unable to go further beyond the line. "Appears to be a problem and unsure what it is."

Indeed true with the racers all confused of what was going on but didn't stop them from trying to break free to win the race.

"Such dastardly and wicked scheme to start a race." Limburger watched through the binoculars and was impressed by Dastardly's devious trick to prevent the drivers from going anywhere. Gave himself a chuckle and smiles. "He really does live up to the family name."

"Oh dear, it appears they seem to be stuck." Dastardly snickers after connecting them to the wooden pole using chains with the help of the Vultures and his allies. Giving them the thumbs up of a job well done and takes the advangtage while they can.

"Now then Muttley, to the finish line!" Taken the opportunity to get a good start while they have the chance, moving the stick to get a full thrust.

Unfortunately, what happened that came unexpectly was the rocket-shaped car made a full reverse, crashing into the pole that held the chains. The Mean Machine was hardly damaged by the strong armour hull but the pole wasn't and bended it due to the impact, causing the chains to snap to allow the drivers to be freed to make their way through the tracks.

The crowed cheers them on and relieved they were free, uncertain what just happened for a moment and assumed to have been some accident.

Dastardly's first attempt to make a head start failed and was not happy about it. "Drat! Hurry, Muttley! We can't let them get ahead of us!" Determined to beat them, he managed to get the vehicle out of the debris and followed after them.

"And there they go! The Wacky Racers have just gotten free from some odd circumstances and now on track. I'm Brick Crashman and you are watching the Wacky Races so stay tuned!"

so there you go a second chapter and hope you like it! I added some other shows like Biker Mice from Mars from an earlier review as an idea, it was one of my favourite childhood shows. Hope you enjoyed it and my introduction to Control Freak, I originally intended for him to become an escaped fugitive from the Crystal Citadel that gave me an idea, but thought it wouldn't be up to his standard reputation after 'rebooting' Teen Titans into the abomination we know today.

also introduced the Hot Wheels world race/Acceleracers as it was the best show before it was unfortunately cancelled after the 4th movie when it was suppose to have finished by the 6th. So best keep an eye out for familiar characters and more will make a cameo, but thought it be set back a few months or weeks before the many event in GrimmFall.

but to answer questions I thought would help especially guests. I spoken to Lord Maximus and Nightmaster000 their questions about the story

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