Five Thousand years ago, in Ancient Egypt, there lived a young teenage Prince who was heir to the powerful Egyptian throne. One day, the Prince, bored with his studies, decided that he would slip out of the Palace and explore the capital city.

He easily evaded the Palace guards and successfully snuck out to the Market where he started to have fun exploring the different stalls, wearing a cloak to hide his very distinctive appearance. As he wandered the Market, the sudden sound of Children's laughter caused the Prince to pause in his wanderings, then curiosity getting the better of him, he followed the sound, and found a small canopied tent erected behind a Merchant's fabric stall.

Sitting under the tent, about ten children sat surrounding… the Prince had to blink his eyes a couple of times to make sure they were not playing tricks on him, for the person he saw sitting with the children had to probably be the most beautiful girl he had ever seen in his eighteen years of life! She wore a simple cream colored dress that signified her to be a Merchant's daughter, but her countenance and smile made her seem like so much more, at least to the Prince.

The Prince, after that day, kept coming back so that he could see the girl and listen to the stories that she told the young children and hear her beautiful voice as she sang. One fateful day, one of the young girl's in the group, who had seen the Prince come several times, finally pointed him out innocently to the young woman.

The Prince was completely embarrassed to be caught spying. But the moment his dark violet eyes connected with her bright emerald, it was immediately love at first sight. After that day, when the Prince would sneak out of the Palace, he would sit with the children and listen to the young woman sing, his heart and soul falling for her more and more as time passed. Soon the two would just spend time alone together without the group of children, who turned out to be the girl's younger cousins. The woman started calling the Prince, Yami, because he kept refusing to give his true name away and always wore a cloak to hide his countenance. The Prince promised her that, one day, she would know his true identity… he just had to find the right way to break it to her and get his Father's approval.

Finally, a day came when the girl's Father, who was a renowned fabric merchant, was invited to the Palace to meet the Pharaoh and potentially make a new outfit for the Pharaoh. He was allowed to bring with him anyone from his family that he wished, for there was going to be a feast. The Merchant was ecstatic and knowing that the Pharaoh had a son about the same age as his eldest daughter, decided to bring her along with his wife. Of course the girl was not very pleased. She had fallen in love with the strange young man that she had gifted the name 'Yami'. She didn't want to be given away to a high and mighty Prince just because her Father thought it might be good business!

They arrived at the Palace that evening and were escorted into the Throne room where the Pharaoh, his son, and the Sacred Court waited for them. Once they bowed respectfully, and were allowed by the Pharaoh to look up, the girl looked up, and had to hold in a gasp of shock. For sitting next to the Pharaoh, sat a boy with the exact same violet eyes that had first fascinated her so when she had first seen them. He saw her looking at him and gave her a small, soft, smile that confirmed without a doubt in the girl's mind that her Yami was in fact the Prince!

It turns out that the true meaning of the Merchant family's visit to the Palace, was so that the Pharaoh himself could see the girl that his son had been sneaking out to see for the past six months. At first he had only thought his son's escapades were just something to stave off boredom, but when they started becoming almost a routine… He had his son's faithful friend, Mahad, follow him on one of these trips, and Mahad came back reporting that the Prince was going out to sit and listen to a beautiful girl sing and tell stories to a group of children, then the two would take a walk together out to the Oasis to just sit and talk. This, of course, intrigued the Pharaoh greatly. His son had never shown much interest in courting a girl, even if he knew that he would one day have to marry for the good of Egypt.

One Flood Season later, with the Pharaoh's approval, found the Prince asking the young woman to court him, she gladly accepted, and three months later they were married with the girl being crowned, Princess of Egypt.

Five months later, the Prince's Father was found dead in his chambers, no one could figure out whether it was from sickness or murder. The newlywed Royals were shocked and grieved for a week before taking the throne and becoming the next Pharaoh and Queen of Egypt.

The rest of their story is shrouded in mystery. For a great darkness descended on the land and the Pharaoh had to seal the darkness away within seven of the eight Millennium Items. The eighth item, known as the Queen's Jewel, the Pharaoh could not bear to put any darkness within, so without the eighth item, he had to sacrifice himself and have everything about him erased from the minds of history, including his name. The Queen, grief-stricken, had to try and rule Egypt alone with the support of her brother-figure, the High Priest. She ruled for about four years before her health succumbed to the illness of a broken heart. On her death bed, the Royal Seer announced to the dying Queen a Prophecy that, one day, the Nameless Pharaoh and his Musical Queen would be reunited once more.

5,000 years later, in a country called Japan, a young girl was born a twin to a surprised young couple, who thought that they were only having a boy, while at the same time, a special golden puzzle box was found by an Archeologist named, Solomon Mutou.