Force of Nature

I could spin her small galaxies between my hands, and blow them away like grains of sand into the ocean water. I could conjure snow from midsummer skies, and leave her shivering beneath the heat of the blazing sun. I could cost a tree it's leaves, and set fire to the exposed bark with a flick of my wrist.

But for all my skill and all my power, I could not see into her heart. I could not see her future. All I could see in the crystal ball was fog and storm clouds, I could hear her thunderous heartbeat, and could feel the lightning in her touch. Before I ever experienced those things for myself.

She was a force of nature I could never learn to control. She had bent the will of the land through patience, not practice with tomes. She had stoked the fires through determination, not ancient runes carved in her flesh. She had restored the ocean's tides without ever learning an incantation, just ingenuity, albeit partially someone else's. She convinced the wind to wail and whisper, never having spent years in solitude attempting to earn the favor, or wrath, as the case may be, of gods long past their time.

And here she was, in love with me. As I was in love with her.

I held her hands at the lighthouse, and told her that I had a true name. She looked at me with eyes like a forest fire, beautiful and dangerous, burning themselves into my memory, before leaning in close to my face,

"I'd like to say your name," she paused, "I want to say your name."

I was kissing her before I even knew I was reacting. She did not taste like an inferno, though I could feel one in the pit of my stomach. She did not taste of shooting stars, though I was seeing them. She tasted like salt water and blue skies, she tasted like the calm before the storm, but she felt like a hurricane.

"You'll be the only living mortal to know my name," I mumbled as our lips parted. In the back of my mind I thought of how long it had been.

I momentarily close my eyes and think back to my desert home, of cities and caravans lost long ago to the sands of time; of a woman lost along with them. When I closed my eyes I could feel the blinding sun scorch my skin through rough linens, I could feel the scratches on my back. Everything lingered in the suffocating air.

I opened my eyes to see her standing before me, those same eyes as lifetimes before, just this time it was pale fingers tracing the curve of my crystal ball, the other holding a blue feather out to me.

"Marry me," Her voice was a cautious warning. She was the ocean drawing back before the tsunami. She had so much going on beneath the surface, and I was ready to drown.

She traced where old scars rested, like gentle waves lapping at my skin. She pushed aside my hair, as if her fingers were a gentle breeze. She kissed me until I couldn't breathe, a blanket of fresh snow covering my face. I tried to tell her my name then, but no words came out. All that I could hear was heartbeats pounding against each other, of guttural sounds caught in throats; deep breaths cut short.

She was something I'd never learn to control, even if I had wanted to. She was a force of nature, and I was willing to stand in her path.

A/N: Alright, I hope this fits my prompt word "nature"! It's shorted than I intended, but I'm pretty proud of it, considering my lack of writing the last year or so. Thank you to SaoirseParisa, for the challenge and the prompt word!

A/N (2/14/17): Updated to fix some spelling and grammatical errors, thanks Lucy Kay - for noticing, because I sure didn't, haha. :)