Lore As Told To and By Mortals

by MonochromeJoker29

Finished on June 20, 2018

The Multiverse is a vast place, riddled with things you or I couldn't even fathom. One such example is the place all souls go when they reach their one thousandth life. The Land of the Divine, The Kingdom of the Gods, what I'm talking about is the world all of us go to die and finally ascend back to our rightful places. Oh, the name of the place? Well, heh, that's the thing, nobody knows. Wait! No, don't leave! At least listen out of curiosity if nothing else!

Where was I? Ah yes, no mortal knows, but what we do know is that our souls are the key. Mortal souls, after all, for all that they are kept in such fleshy bodies, are immortal.

What little else we do know comes in a story. Alright, that's it! That's all I wanted to say. Thanks for listening to me, stranger. Eh? What do you mean you won't let me go if I don't tell you the story? Alright, alright, no violence necessary, geez!

Mukashi, mukashi (long, long ago)-What? This is the way I heard it back then and I thought you'd appreciate the authenticity. Of course, I don't remember exactly how the rest was worded out, so the rest will be in English.

The Multiverse was dying, giving energy it didn't have to growing and watching over each part of itself. Time passed, and it was getting more than abundantly clear the Multiverse was expanding too much to even watch over its individual parts anymore without dying, but it needed to or the balance it used to keep itself alive would crumble.

The Multiverse survived for a time in that manner, slowly dying but unable to help itself. In one last desperate attempt to live the Multiverse split itself into pieces, each piece the embodiment of one part of itself. These pieces called themselves divus and as intended, kept what they embodied in balance and the Multiverse lived, prospering, giving birth to more divus as it expanded.

The divus, as time passed, began to be called sawol, ziel, seele and finally, soul. So you see, stranger, all of us are the universe and the universe is all of us.

Nonsense?! Hey, don't diss our origin story! What do you mean this sounds like something some lazy writer wrote because there wasn't any time to world build?! Come back here, you!-