AN: Whoa! Author's note at the beginning of the chapter! Didn't see that coming! Okay, I promise, this won't be long, I just wanted to say a few things. This chapter is a Truth or Dare, and it is the longest chapter I have written so far, so it's probably going to be split into two different parts. Anyway (I promise this is almost over) please enjoy the Truth or Dare!

"So, do you want to play truth or dare to get to know each other better?" Tyrell suggests.

"Sure!" Replies Lily, "I haven't played that in forever!"

"I'm down." Says Sammi.

"You, Alex?" Asks Lily.

"I guess so." Sighes Alex.

"Who wants to go first?" Asks Lily.

"How about you, Lily." Replied Sammi with a taunting voice.

"All right. I'm going to start off easy, truth." Replies Lily with a challenging voice.

"Aww, you never go for a dare first. Umm, oh I got one. I'll start off easy for you, what's your favorite color?"

"Really? This is easy! Blue." Replied Lily with a small laugh.

"Now it's your turn, Alex!" Said Lily, with a smile.

"I'll go truth." Said Alex nervously. He still didn't trust Sammi and Tyrell yet.

"I'll go easy on you, what was your favorite thing about being a child?"

Alex hesitated for a moment. "Easy, every precious moment with my sister." Alex said very sincerely.

Lily didn't realise she would get such a serious response from Alex.

"Wow." Lily then snapped out of her serious tone. "Tyrell, it's your turn!"

"Can I ask Alex first?" Tyrell responded casually.

"What." Alex said in a meer whisper.

"Since we already know each other so well, I wanted to learn more about Alex." Tyrell said.

Lily was about to protest but Alex cut her off. "I'm cool with it." He said.

"I have a good one, so make sure you respond truthfully." Tyrell said with that same smirk.

"Bring it on!" Alex said cheerfully.

"Alright."Tyrell paused to give suspense. "When did you get your ear pierced?"

There was an almost imperceptible sigh of relief from Alex."Umm well I think I got it pierced the second semester of sixth grade, and it hurt a LOT, but I think it looks cool." Alex replied fingering the black stud in his right ear.

"I think it looks cool too!" Sammi said rubbing her hands together.

"Okay, Sammi's turn." Lily says smugly.

"Fine bring it on!" Said Sammi just as smugly.

"Truth or dare?" Said Lily tauntingly.

"Hmm, let's go dangerous, dare." Responded Sammi confidently.

"Okay, hmm." Lily thought for a while.

"I bet it won't be a good one." Sammi teased.

"You tell me. I dare you to kiss Tyrell." Lily said, smiling evilly.

"WHAT?!" Sammi and Tyrell say in unison.

Alex and Lily high five and fall down in laughter.

"Umm, how about no." Tyrell argues.

"No way, I hate him!" Sammi shouts.

"She probably didn't brush this morning!" Tyrell supplies.

"Ugh! NO NO NO!" Sammi shouts.

Lily was still laughing, she could barely talk. "Kiss, kiss." She managed to get out, before becoming incoherent with laughter again.

"C'mon guys, it's just a dare." Alex said, wiping tears from his eyes.

"Just a dare!" Sammi protests.

Alex and Lily start chanting.

"Kiss, kiss, kiss, kiss, Kiss, Kiss, KiSs, KiSs, KISS, KISS, KISS, KISS!"

"AUGH! Fine!" Tyrell shouts.

Sammi leans in. "I still hate you, this changes nothing Ty."

Tyrell smirks. "Same here Gingersnap."

They kiss.

They hear a camera flash.

They break the kiss and turn around.

"LILY!" Sammi yelps.

Lily giggles, and snaps another picture on her phone.

"Oh, I'm keeping these forever." she says smugly. Alex tries to contain his laughter next to her.

"Hey Lily your turn. Truth or dare." Sammi asked.

"I'm going to risk it. Dare."

"Okay. I dare you to kiss Alex."

Alex started sputtering. "W-wait, What?"

Sammi smiled innocently, "Wait, there's more, you have to kiss him for at least seven seconds!"

Tyrell burst out laughing.

"WHAT! I didn't do that long for you!" Protested Lily.

"Ha! I know! But this is war!" Laughed Sammi.

Alex shoots a glare at Tyrell that promises death.

"Ugh fine!" Lily shouts.

Lily turns to Alex and smiles. "I'm sorry."

Alex smiles shyly, "It's okay." Then he moves forward.

Lily jumps in surprise, but accepts and kisses him.

Beside her, she heard Sammi and Tyrell counting down from seven.








After seven seconds, they pull apart.

Alex looks down at his hands, a blush creeping up.

Lily blushes too, but quickly covers it by glaring at Sammi.

"Sammi truth or dare." Lily says quicky.

Sammy smiles. "Moving right along then huh? Fine. Dare." She says, challenging Lily.

"I dare you to let both boys kiss your cheeks." She says, then leans over and whispers something in Sammi's ear. Sammi smiles and turns to the boys.

"Okay guys." She says, then points to her cheeks.

Both boys sigh and walk over. Sammi sits in between them and they lean in, closing their eyes.

The moment their eyes are closed, Sammi ducks down. The boys end up nearly kissing each other. Just before impact the boys open their eyes. They scream like little girls and jump away, gagging.

Lily and Sammi burst out laughing, having both taken pictures on their phones. They high five.

"LILY!" Alex yells at her.

"Are we just daring each other to get kissed? This is boring." Tyrell says.

"Fine." Lily says cockily. "I can take another turn."

"Okay Lily I dare you to kiss your suitor, on the lips." Alex says smirking. "Finally something gross for you."

"What! Oh no Alex Rampion! That just crossed a line!"

Alex laughed, "I'm soooo getting you back."

"How come. You get to make the good dares" Lily pouts.

"You almost made me kiss him!" Alex yells pointing to Tyrell.

"Ugh fine! I will just kill you later!" Lily says, stalking out of the room.

Everyone else piles out of the way.

"I've got to see this!" Sammi says, snickering and taking out her phone.

Everyone follows Lily out into the hall.

Lily walks over to her sister's room and pounds on the door.

Lilah opens it, looking annoyed. "What the heck Lily, I was just about to do my hair!"

"Forget your hair at this moment please! Since you know ten times more about my suitor than I do, can you tell me where he might be?"

"Ooh! You're finally branching out! Lilianna this is so exciting!"

"Don't call me by my full name Lilah! I am not in the mood! Where is he?"

"He's usually in the garden at this time. Do you want me to make you more presentable?"

"NO! In fact, do you have any onions I can eat quick?"

"Nuh, uh! No sabotage, Lilianna." Sammi warns.

"FINE!" Lily shouts stomping down the hall.

"You are going to want to see this" Alex whispers to Lilah when Lily stalks toward where Lilah told her Pretty Boy would be.

"I HEARD THAT!" Lily yells, glaring at Alex.

"So, the garden." said Sammi, running to catch up with Lily. "How romantic."

Lily glares at her. "I will kill you all."

"Hey I'm not the one making you do this" Tyrell says.

Lily walks to the garden, and shoves the door open, nearly tearing it off its hinges.

"Careful Lilianna, you don't want to make too much of an entrance." Sammi says.

Lily marches over to Ethan. Ethan smiles at her.

"Well hello, Ms. Lily! Finally come to your senses to enjoy my wonderful company?"

"Don't you think so highly of yourself, Pretty Boy."

Ethan growls. "What are you really here for? Cause if it's nothing important you might as well leave."

Lily quickly turns and starts walking away. "Well it's not really important so I guess…"

"Nope! Not this time Lily Dilly!" said Lilah, turning her back around. "I didn't leave my room for nothing."

"Fine!" Lily shouts.

Lily grabs Ethan's collar and kisses him on the lips. Ethan makes a sound of surprise but quickly returns the kiss. Lily tries to pull away, but Ethan quickly grabs her arm, digging his fingers into her burns. Lily lets out a muffled shriek of pain against his lips.

Her friends, sensing something was wrong start to walk towards her.

Lily finally manages to push Ethan off of her, and starts to walk away.

Ethan growls behind her. "I don't think so Ms. Lily."

Ethan scoops her up bridal style.

Lily shrieks, and tries to scramble out of his grasp.

Her friends shout in surprise and run to her.

"Let her go!" yells Alex pulling Lily out of Ethan's grasp, and supporting her bridal style. Alex notices how he's holding her and quickly sets her on her feet.

Lily huffs and marches over to Ethan.

Ethan smirks at Alex, in a way that said he won Lily over.

Ethan opens his arms to Lily. "I see she has come to her senses!" he says smirking.

"Yeah I have." Lily agrees, before punching him in the stomach. When Ethan doubles over she punches him in the face, then swipes his legs out from under him. When he falls on the ground, she begins kicking him, hard.

"If you ever try that again, by the time I'm done with you my feet will have millions of your bone splinters in them! DON'T-TOUCH-ME!" She yells, kicking him every word.

She kicks him once more for good measure and walks over to her friends, Ethan's groans coming from behind her.

Her friends look at her with awe and fear.

"Remind me to never get on your bad side." Alex says.

Lily laughs without humor. "Too late, you already have."

"Lily, I'm sorry, I didn't think he was that bad." Alex says, glaring at Ethan.

"Right, well. Sammi, truth or dare."

"We're still doing that?" Sammi asks, surprised.

"Um, YES, I'm getting you all back for what you made me do.

Sammi sighs, "Fine, I suppose we deserve it. Dare."

"Cool. I dare you to flirt with Mr. Quick Lips over there," Lily says, gesturing to Ethan, who was still groaning on the ground. "Later today."

"Fine. But, just to warn you, I may slap him." Sammi replies.

Lily snorts. "Fine with me. It'll probably set off a chain reaction and I'll start smacking him too."

Lilah walks up to Lily. "Well, it's been fun. But I've got to go. Oh and Lily? I think it will still work." she said, gesturing to her and Ethan. "Ta ta my lovelies!"

Lily glares after her sister. "Not a chance." she replies.

"You sure you guys are sisters?" Tyrell asks, staring after Lilah.

Lily laughs. "Yeah, well, I ask myself that every day. Anyway, Alex I dare you to….. Nevermind. I'll tell you later. But Tyrell truth or dare?"

"Dare, and please can it not be kissing? We have all had too much of that."

"Hmmm I dare you to…. Eat a spoonful of the spiciest thing we have at the castle."

"Fine, that will be easy!" Tyrell says with a laugh of confidence.

"Yeah, right!" Lily says. They all head to the kitchen. Tyrell then looks worried.

"Not looking so confident now are you?" Says Lily tauntingly.

She looks over at a maid and says "Can I get a spoonful of the spiciest thing we have?" In her most pleasant voice.

"Yes, princess." the maid goes over to a cupboard and pulls out a small box she takes a spoon of the red powder inside and hands it to Lily. "Thank you, can you please tell me what this powder is called?"

"It's called Carolina Reaper dust, princess." the maid responded

Sammi gasps covering her mouth.

"Tyrell that is the spiciest pepper in my world." She whispers

Tyrell looks at her and says "Do I have to do this? Can't I just do something else like eat a bug?"

"Hah! No! I begged you guys to do something else, not kiss Pretty Boy, but what did you say? Nooo, of course not! So, here is your punishment."

"Fine, but if this is my punishment, when I didn't really do anything, I wonder what Alex's punishment is?" Tyrell says, smirking at Alex.

Alex started to become very pale. Lily looked evilly at Alex, which didn't help his skin color.

Lily gave the spoon to Tyrell, who looked at it with furrowed brows.

"Alex, I dare you to take off your socks with your teeth, then go barefoot into the dungeon and come back out and lick your foot."

"Ewwwwwww gross why?" Alex stuck out his tongue "Bleargh, I'm already grossed out and I haven't even done it yet."

"Oh so your socks are really dirty?"

Lily snickered, "I'm not done with you yet. This is only part one."

"Part one?! How many parts are there?"

"Hmm, I was thinking like twenty two." Lily said with an evil smile.

"Twenty two?"

"Yep! Second, I dare you to eat a tea bag!"

"The whole thing?"

"Yep! Even the paper, and I get to pick the tea flavor. Hmm, how about ginger tea."



"Third! You have to eat a teaspoon of citric acid!"

"What! Acid!?"

"Yep! Sammi, you keeping track of how many dares we are at?"

"Yup!" Sammi replied. "I think so far we're at one."

"One? That was three!" Alex argued.

"Nope! Sammi's keeping track, she says it's one!" Tyrell replies gleefully.

""Next fill your mouth with ice cubes."

"For how long?"

"Till they melt!"

"Why me?"

"Fifth! Eat two teaspoons of cinnamon!"

"Two? Why two?"

"Because I said so! Sammi are you writing these down?"

"Yep! I think we're at about… three!" Sammi replied.

"No!" Alex protested.

"Six! Let Lilah do your hair and put makeup on you. Which you have to wear for the rest of the day."

"Now, back to Sammi and Tyrell."

"I thought you were done with us?" Tyrell protested.

"Nope! I was just thinking, and besides, you were smirking at Alex for a little to long. So, Sammi, for your second dare. I dare you to finish each sentence with "Because I love Tyrell" until I say you can stop. And if you refuse you have to kiss Tyrell every day."

"No! I refuse!"

"Fine." Lily said. "Kiss, kiss."

Sammi looked like she was having an inward battle with herself.

"Fine." she spat. "I'll say it."

Lily smirking and made a continue motion with her hand.

Sammi blushed. "Because I love Tyrell." she muttered.

"Now Tyrell! I dare you to dress up like a unicorn and run around the most populated places singing every word you say, randomly bursting into song about how you love Sammi, and I'll be recording the whole thing!"

Sammi laughs. "Can you send that to me? If he ever does something wrong I will post it!"

"Sure!" Lily agrees. "Didn't you forget something?" she adds.

Sammi, whispers, "Because I love Tyrell."

"Alex! I dare you to flirt with Luna!"

"Whose Luna?" Alex asks.

"My owl." she replies, smirking.

Sammi and Tyrell burst out laughing.

"Next, I dare you to have an awkward conversation with my dad about how he can't rule a kingdom!"

"What? Doesn't your dad not like me, or something."

"No, but he won't after this."

"Ugh why me!"

"Sammi! Your dare is to flirt with one of my twin brothers!"

"What? How old are they, because I love Tyrell."


"No!" then she added quietly, "Because I love Tyrell."

"Tyrell! You get to flirt with my sister. Alex! You get to hug Lilah awkwardly." Lily inhaled to say more dares.

"Okay, okay, stop." Alex protested, holding up his hands. "You have done way too many dares to us, and we have gotten to do none to you. I know we deserved some of those dares for what we made you do, but this has gone too long. So, I have an idea. We each get to do one truth or dare for you, and you get to do one more truth or dare for each of us." Alex said.

"Fine, sounds good to me." Lily agreed.

"I dare everyone to stop doing truth or dare right now but you still have to do the ones you haven't yet." Alex said "And I dare you Lily, to take away the dares you dared me to do, with your dad, and your sister. I like my hair the way it is." Alex grumbled the last part, rubbing his head

"Fine." Lily grumbled, crossing her arms.

"Lily, I dare you to delete all the videos and pictures you will take of me in the unicorn costume." Tyrell said.

"Okay, but you're ruining a great publicity stunt." Lily joked.

"That's fine with me." Tyrell replied.

"Lily, I'm going to wait for my dare." Sammi said.

"Oh, biding your time are you?" Lily challenged.

"Yes, you'll never know when it's coming." teased Sammi.

Alex started walking away, talking over his shoulder.

"Okay, so, now that this is over…"

"Nuh uh, not yet Alex Rampion!" Lily interrupted, grabbing him by the arm. "I haven't said my dares yet!"

Alex groaned. "I was hoping you had forgotten about that."

"Nope! Hmmm, I wonder what I'm gonna do!"

"Would you please stop scaring us, because you are kind of scary." Commented Tyrell.

"I will never stop scaring you." Lily replied. "Okay, since I'm bored, I dare everyone to stop standing around and do their dares. Like, Tyrell, you've been standing there with that spoon this whole time. Eat the stupid dust already!"

"Well if it's so stupid, why are you making me eat it?"

"It's not stupid! You're just making it sound stupid! You are ruining dust for me!"

"It's not dust, its Death Dust."

"It is not Death Dust. It's Ruined By Tyrell Dust. Now EAT!"

To be continued..In the next chapter..Okay..I'm done..Byeee!