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Hiccup and Astrid had just finished their first Dragon Ride together, and Hiccup was walking back to the cove with Toothless when they were suddenly enveloped by a purple and black light.

Chief Stoick was worried, as he watched all the Vikings in the great hall, he could not see Hiccup or Astrid. Although, he didn't have enough time to think it through, as the great hall was suddenly enveloped in a black and purple light.

Many miles away, in a volcanic cavern, the same was happening to all of the dragons, the Queen rose up to the surface and looked around, she saw none of her pets, and she had a very good feeling that something was wrong, as she lowered herself back into the small (for her) nest she had made to plot.

All the Vikings and Dragons were teleported to large room, larger, as they all noticed, than the great hall. It had chairs, and a small loft up top, though they noticed the loft was little more than planks of wood thrown across some beams.

It was then that Stoick noticed the Dragons on the other side of the room, he reached for his weapon, but felt nothing. The other Vikings noticed this and they took a few steps back, leaving Hiccup, in the middle. Stoick went to grab for him, but missed as the boy took a step forward.

Hiccup walked forward and put his hand up and pushed it against something. From where his hand set, a ripple extended, it was the same purple/black light that brought them to the strange room.

"Very good Hiccup." A young girl appeared and the Vikings all tensed, as did the Dragons. She was young, with dark skin and red hair, wearing white robes, and several weapons that were visible. "Hello! I'm EnderSorceress, though you can just call me Shade." She grinned at them and Stoick stepped forward.

"Why did you bring us here witch!" He yelled, and Shade rolled her eyes.

"I'm a member of what is called the "Fate Changers," though we really can't change fate, only bring a greater understanding." The girl shrugged. "I've brought you here to do just that. These are my pets! Aditi, the Night Fury." The Vikings gasped and a few screamed when the dark purple, nearly black, dragon stepped forward. "This is Salem." A black, sleek cat stepped forward. "He's is a Black Leopard cub. And this is Cain." She pulled a white snake with scales that seemed to be jutting out, out from around her neck and held him up. "He's an African Bush Viper." Hiccup raised his hand slowly, and Shade nodded at him.

"Umm…" He shifted nervously. "How are you going to bring a greater understanding?" He asked. Shade grinned.

"Well, you're going to watch a movie. Think of it like a bunch of moving pictures with sound." She waved her hand. "Please take a seat, and we will begin." She disappeared and all the Vikings all chose seats, Hiccup and Astrid in the front with the rest of the teens, Stoick, Gobber, and the rest of the teens parents in the next two rows, and the rest of the village filling in rest of the seats while the dragons all chose a soft mattress to lay on. One could notice that Hiccup and Toothless chose the seats closest to each other.

"Without further due, I present "How to Train your Dragon!" the lights dimmed at the wall in front of them lit up with light.