Astrid: It's a mess. You must feel horrible. You've lost everything. Your father, your tribe, your best friend…

"Helpful, Astrid." Hiccup drawled.

Hiccup: Thank you for summing that up. Why couldn't I have killed that dragon when I found him in the woods? It would have been better for everyone.

Astrid: Yep. The rest of us would have done it. So why didn't you?... Why didn't you?

Hiccup: I don't know. I couldn't.

Astrid: That's not an answer.

Hiccup: Why is this so important to you all of a sudden?

Astrid: Because I want to remember what you say, right now.

Hiccup: Oh, for the love of- I was a coward! I was weak! I wouldn't kill a dragon!

Queen Mala smiled at the boy. Yes, when they got back they were letting them out. If the rest of the Dragon Riders followed this boys lead, they had proven themselves friends of Dragons.

Astrid: You said "wouldn't" that time.

Hiccup: Whatever! I wouldn't! Three hundred years, and I'm the first Viking who wouldn't kill a dragon!

Not so, son. Not so. Stoick thought, thinking back to his wife.

Astrid: First to ride one, though. So...?

Hiccup: ...I wouldn't kill him because he looked as frightened as I was. I looked at him, and I saw myself.

Toothless cooed and nudged Hiccup who smiled sadly, and scratched the dragon.

Astrid: I bet he's really frightened now. What are you going to do about it?

Hiccup: Eh, probably something stupid.

Astrid: Good. But you've already done that.

Hiccup's head shot up and he grinned. Something crazy indeed.

Hiccup: Then something crazy!

Astrid: That's more like it!

Stoick: Sound your positions. Stay within earshot.

Viking #1: Here.

Viking #2: One length to your stern.

Viking #3: On your starboard flank.

Viking #4: Three widths to port.

Viking #5: Ahead, at your bow.

Viking #6: Haven't a clue.

Gobber: Listen... Stoick... I was overhearing some of the men just now and, well, some of them are wondering what it is we're up to here- not me of course, I know you're always the man with the plan- but some, not me, are wondering if there is in fact a plan at all, what it might be?

"Couldn't have just asked him Gobber?" Astrid asked, and Gobber shrugged.

Stoick: Find the nest and take it.

Gobber: Ah. Of course. Send them running. The old Viking fallback. Nice and simple.

Stoick: Shhh.

[Stoick notices Toothless' silent directions as he reacted to the Queens call.]

Stoick (cont.): Step aside.

[Stoick takes the helm and steers the ship.]

Viking: Bear to port.

[To the Killing Arena on Berk, all the teans stand in a line.]

Fishlegs (o.s.): If you're planning on getting eaten, I'd definitely go with the Gronckle.

Tuffnut: You were wise to seek help from the world's most deadly weapon. That's me.

Hiccup: Uh...

Snotlout: I love this plan!

Hiccup: I didn't...

Ruffnut: You're crazy! I like that...

Astrid: So? What is the plan?

[Hiccup glows under the support of his friends.]

Hiccups grin widened, and Astrid looked at him in confusion. He gestured to the dragons from the ring, then to the other teens. Astrid looked at him and grinned.

[Back to the Ships.]

Gobber: Ah. I was wondering where that went.

Stoick: Stay low and ready your weapons. We're here.

[At the arena, Hiccup has released the Monstrous Nightmare. He gently guides it toward Snotlout, who is scared and grabs a knife.]

Astrid: Uh-uh.

Snotlout: Wait! What are you-?!

Hiccup: Relax. It's okay... it's okay. [Snotlouts hand rests on the Nightmares nose, the dragon seemingly content. Hiccup leaves him and goes to the edge of the ring.]

Snotlout: Where are you going?!

[He holds up a handful of rope.]

Hiccup: You're going to need something to help you hold on.

[Transition to - The teens glance at the three other dragons, all out of their cages]

[On Dragon Island]

Stoick: When we crack this mountain open, all hell is going to break loose.

Gobber: In my undies. Good thing I brought extras.

Stoick: No matter how this ends, it ends today.

[Catapults break a hole into the side of the mountain, and a flaming ball of straw reveals thousands of dragons inside. Stoick charges in screaming loudly, and all the dragons flee in terror, not a single one attacking.]

Gobber: Is that it?

Spitelout: We've done it!

[Stoick remains, well, stoic. Something isn't right. Movement catches his eye. Toothless is yanking on his chains, clearly distressed and afraid.

Stoick: This isn't over. Form your ranks! Hold together!

[A monstrous roar pierces the air, the ground beneath their feet cracking. The Vikings expressions quickly fall as they back away from the edge.]

The Dragons shriek in terror, and the Arena Dragons hissed and circled the two humans on their side protectively.

Stoick (cont.): Get clear!

Gobber: Beard of Thor... what is that? [The Red Death, a dragon more that five times the size of the Vikings' ships, breaks out of the mountain, roaring furiously]

Stoick: Odin, help us. Catapults!

"Because that's going to help." Hiccup muttered.

[They fire in vain at the Red Death, the rocks only pebbles compared to it's monstrous size. They do noting against it, only causing its anger to grow. It stomps on a catapult crushing it.]

Viking #3: Get to the ships!

Stoick: No! NO!

[The red Death breaths fire on to the fleet, reducing it to a pile of rubble. Vikings jump overboard to avoid being torched. Gobber hobbles over to Stoick.]

Gobber: Heh. Smart, that one.

Stoick: I was a fool. [To Spitelout] Lead the men to the far side of the island.

Spitelout: Right. Everybody to the far side of the island!

Stoick: Gobber, go with the men.

"Not going to happen." Gobber shook his head.

Gobber: I think I'll stay, just in case you're thinking of doing something crazy.

Stoick: I can buy them a few minutes if I give that thing someone to hunt.

Gobber: Then I can double that time.

Hiccup smiled. He knew that they'd do anything for each other, even if it meant dying.

[The two clasp arms and smile grimly. Friends to the bitter end. They split ways, shouting and waving their arms.]

Stoick: HERE!

Gobber: Oh, no, HERE!

Gobber (cont.): Come on! Bite me!

Stoick: No, fight me!

[The Red Death chooses Stoick as her target, ignoring Gobber. It inhales, ready to blast him into oblivion.

Everyone winces as the Red Death chooses her target. There's no way out now.


The crowd collectively gasped, and Hiccup and Astrid smiled at each other.

[Out of the smoke, the five teens emerge from the blast. Astrid and Hiccup on a Nadder, Fishlegs on a Gronckle, Snotlout on a Monstrous Nightmare, and the twins on a Zippleback. They each beat grins, nervous but excited.

Hiccup: Ruff, Tuff, watch your backs! Move, Fishlegs!

The Vikings stared at Hiccup in wonder. He was a completely different person, for the first time he looked like a chief.

[Tuffnut bounces on his dragon, his voice filled with glee.]


Hiccup: Up, let's move it!

[Gobber hobbles over to Stoick, the chief still staring at the sky.]

Gobber: Every bit the boar-headed, stubborn Viking you ever were!

Everyone has to crack a smile at that.

[Stoick can only nod in agreement. Meanwhile, the teens circle the Red Death, awaiting orders.

Hiccup: Fishlegs, break it down!

Fishlegs: Okay! Heavily armored skull and tail made for bashing and crushing! Steer clear of both! Small eyes, large nostrils! Relies on hearing and smell!

Fishlegs smiled, glad that his obsession with books was finally paying off.

Hiccup: Okay! Lout, Legs, hang in its blind spot! Make some noise, keep it confused! Ruff, Tuff, find out if it has a shot limit! Make it mad!

[They grin, eager to accept his challenge.]

Ruffnut: That's my specialty!

Tuffnut: Since when?! Everyone knows I'm more irritating! See?!

Hiccup: Just do what I told you! I'll be back as soon as I can!

Snotlout: Don't worry, we got it covered!

Fishlegs: Yeah!

Tuffnut: Troll!

Ruffnut: Butt-Elf!

Tuffnut: Bride of Grendel!

Queen Mala looked at them in confusion. "What does that even mean?" Hiccup shrugged.

"It's best not to listen to them, you majesty. They never make sense." The Queen smiled slightly and nodded. Indeed.

A torrent of fire is unleashed. They barely dodge the flames, yelling. Behind them, Fishlegs and Snotlout bang their weapons against their shields. The Red Death opens all six of its eyes, glaring at them. Fishlegs face falls nervously.]

Fishlegs: Uh, this thing doesn't have a blind spot!

[Hiccup glances around from the Nadder's back, scanning the ships for his friend.

Hiccup: There!

[He slows, jumps off, handing the rope to Astrid.]

Hiccup (cont.): Go help the others!

[He pulls off the leather muzzle, the flames licking the edges of the boat. Toothless shakes his head, his eyes filled with terror.

Hiccup (cont.): Okay, hold on. Hold on.

Toothless crooned at his rider.

[He tries to pry off the chains, racing the flames.]

[Snotlout and Fishlegs are banging their weapons and shields together, effectively distracting the Red Death. It roars at them and shakes it's head.]

Hiccup shakes his head. "You guys are on dragons too, the noise is going to affect yours as well."

Snotlout: It's working!

Fishlegs: Yeah! It's working!

[As the teens shout, their dragons become confused. Hookfang lurches forward and collides with the Red Death. Snotlout barely manages to stop himself from falling off.

Snotlout: Agghh!

Hookfang stands and trots over to the Viking side of the room and sits in front of his future rider. Snotlout holds his hand out warily and the Monstrous Nightmare pushed his snout into it, purring contently. The Gronckle and Zippleback followed his lead and walked over to their future riders. The Nadder just bumped Astrid's shoulder with her snout. The dragons settled down next to their riders and the movie resumed.

[Meatlug starts to spiral out of control, with Fishlegs yelling in fear atop her back.]

Fishlegs: I've lost power on the Gronckle! SNOTLOUT! DO SOMETHING!

[He tosses his hammer to Snotlout as they go down.]

"What am I supposed to do?" Snotlout asked.

Fishlegs (cont.): I'm okay! [Meatlug tips over, crushing her rided.] Less okay...!

[Still on top of the Red Death, Snotlout smirks, raising his hammer. He hits the monsters eyes, causing it to roar in pain.

Snotlout: What's wrong buddy? Got something in your eye?

[Astrid flies by, smiling and encouraging him.]

Astrid: Yeah! You're the Viking!

[Snotlout looks up at her gleefully. Distracted, he doesn't hold on as the Red Death jostles and flings him off. He hangs on to one of the bony frills at the edge of it's head.]

Snotlout: Whoa!

"I shouldn't have said that." Astrid shook her head.

[While the Red Death struggles to rid Snotlout like a fly to a fog, it turns in a circle and it's massive tail sweeps over the water, smashing the longships like twigs. A mast falls onto the deck of the ship Hiccup and Toothless are in. Fire rages around them, coming precariously close as he struggles to free his friend.]

Toothless crooned and nudged Hiccup, who tried comforting his best friend.

[Continuing to turn, the Red Death unknowingly steps on the ship, sending them both into the water. Hiccup swims after the sinking dragon, trying to pull off the chains. He struggles for a few moments before floating along with Toothless.]

"No…" Stoick gives a horrified whisper.

[A meaty hand grabs him as Toothless roars underwater. Thrown on the shore, he coughs and gasps, his hair slick against his head. Blinking, he vaguely sees the shape of Stoick diving back into the spray.]

Hiccup: Dad?

[Stoick easily glides through the water, coming to a stop before the Night Fury. They share a glance for a few moments before Stoick grabs the wooden frame of the cage. Ripping it apart like it's nothing, they stare at each other, a hidden message being exchanged. With little effort, Toothless breaks the surface of the water, dropping Stoick and bounding to the top of a rock. He jerks his head toward the behemoth, snorting impatiently. Hiccup smiles.]

Hiccup grinned, scratching his dragons smooth scales.

Hiccup (cont.): You got it, bud.

[He scrambles onto Toothless' back, pausing for a moment to attach his harness and glance over the pedals t make sure they were in working order. Stoick grabs his hand, looking him in the eye.]

Stoick: Hiccup. I'm sorry... for- for everything.

Hiccup: Yeah, me too.

Stoick: You don't have to go up there.

[Hiccup gives a small smile.]

Hiccup: We're Vikings. It's an occupational hazard.

Stoick: I'm proud to call you my son.

Hiccup shot across the room and hugged his father. After a moment of hesitation he hugged back. Slowly, Hiccup let go and sat down next to Astrid, Stormfly, and Toothless again.

Hiccup: Thanks, Dad.

[Letting go, Stoick watches as they shoot up into the sky. Astrid sees them shooting straight up, grinning.]

Astrid: He's up! Get Snotlout out of there!

[She glances at the twins who are arguing and exchanging insults. They look for him, steering the Zippleback toward the Red Death's head.]

Twins: I'm on it!

Tuffnut: I'm on it first! I'm ahead of you!

Ruffnut: Hey! Let me drive!

[They continue to argue as Snotlout runs up the monsters face. Leaping off the broken nose horn, he lands where the two heads connect in the middle.]

Tuffnut: I can't believe that worked!

[As Astrid swoops by, the Red Death spots the Nadder and inhales. Caught in the gust, Stormfly tries to escape, but it slowly being sucked in. A ballistic moan builds and the Vikings take cover.]

Astrid clutched Hiccups hand and one of Stormfly's spikes worriedly.

[Suddenly a whistle of air.]

Gobber: Night Fury! Get down!

[A blast hits the Red Death, and Stormfly is able to escape, but Astrid is thrown off. Yelling, she falls as Hiccup and Toothless perform a complex maneuver and turn around. Toothless catches her by the arms.]

Hiccup: Did you get her?

[Looking down, Toothless meets her eyes and croons. They set her down running and fly back up into the fray.]

Astrid: Go.

Hiccup: That thing has wings! Okay, let's see if it can use them!

[Turning hundreds of feet in the air they quickly gain speed and shoot a blast into its side.


[A fireball explodes against the Red Death's head. Its massive body falls to the ground as the Vikings watch in awe. There is silence for a few seconds, until the monster unfolds its wings, each easily twice the size of a longship sail. Hiccup and Toothless climb higher, and he looks back at the ground.]

Hiccup (cont.): Do you think that did it?

[The thundering shape of the dragon rises into view, gaining altitude with every beat of its wings.]

The teens eyes widened.

"That's not terrifying at all." Fishlegs whispered, the other Vikings agreeing. The Dragons resumed their fearful noises, and Queen Mala turned to her people.

"Just this once, I think we can forgive the murder of a Dragon." The rest of the Defenders nodded in agreement, watching how the Dragons reacted.

[The thundering shape of the dragon rises into view, gaining altitude with each beat of its wings.]

Hiccup (cont.): Well, he can fly.

[Driving into the sea stacks surrounding the island, they weave in and out of the rick formations at ease. As they make their way through to the other side, the Red Death simply uses its massive size to bulldoze through, smashing the pillars as if they were twigs. Hiccup eyes the gray clouds above him and an idea hits him.]

Hiccup: Okay, Toothless, time to disappear! Come on, bud!

[They fly higher, dodging the dragon's teeth. It opens its jaws, and green gas builds in the back of its mouth.]

Hiccup (cont.): Here it comes!

[Swerving to the left, they avoid the flames and speed into the clouds as the Red Death chases after them. Once in the misty expanse, Toothless' dark scales easily blend into the background. The monstrous dragon hovers, roaring angrily when it can't find its targets. The people left on the ground watch, the crowd becoming more nervous as every second [asses with no sign of Hiccup or Toothless. Suddenly, a familiar high pitched whine screams through the air, followed by a tremendous blast in the sky, hitting the monster on the wing. Over and over they bomb the Red Death with plasma blasts, each lighting up the sky. The Vikings gasp as the shape of the giant dragon is highlighted, following an explosion. Roaring, the Red Death spits out a hot stream of fire, turning in every direction as Toothless and Hiccup dodge the flames. As they race against the fire, the edge of Toothless' prosthetic fin catches fire. Hiccup looks back at it worriedly, his voice shaking a bit.]

Hiccup (cont.): Watch out! Okay, time's up! Let's see if this works.

[They fall back to the Red Death, filled with determination, even as the leather fin leaves a smoking trail behind the pair.]


[Toothless screeches at the monster as they weave their wat, avoiding its teeth. They race downward through the clouds, the Red Death roaring at them all the way. Hiccup tries to shift the prosthetic tail, but it only makes a slight clicking sound. Toothless' eyes are wide as they continue to fall.

"What are you going to do." Astrid asked Hiccup as he grinned.

Hiccup (cont.): Stay with me, buddy. We're good. Just a little bit longer.

"Well," Hiccup starts. "Dragons aren't fireproof on the inside, are they." He grins at Astrid as understanding dawns on her face.

[The Red Death glares, narrowing its eyes.]

Hiccup (cont.): Hold, Toothless

[He shuts his eyes as he hears the gas building, taking in a breath.]

Hiccup (cont.):... NOW!

[He opens his eyes and they spin around to face the gigantic dragon. Toothless fires a shot into its mouth, igniting the flammable gas. They continue to fall as the ground comes into view. The Red Deaths eyes widen and it spreads its wings to try and stop before it hits the ground, but there is too much momentum. Toothless opens his wings and gets sucked into the slipstream as the Red Death barrels into the earth. A massive fireball balloons into the air, and the Vikings duck as the blast reaches them. Hiccup and Toothless narrowly scape the flames, but are only yards away from the explosion. As they weave in and out of the Red Death's spines, Hiccup tries to shift the tail, but it breaks off. His horrified gaze falls to the huge clubbed tail that is rapidly approaching.]

Collectively, everyone in the crowd gasps in horror, and Hiccup is pulled into an embrace by Toothless, who is crooning sadly.

[Toothless' eyes are wade and fearful as he flaps his wings, trying to avoid impact.

Hiccup (cont.): No! NO!

[Toothless crashes into the tail, and Hiccup is clipped off of his back. Spinning in the air, Toothless manages to right himself and he dives down, toward the flames. He roars as Hiccup falls, unconscious. Time slows down as he races forward. Every beat of his wings brings him closer to Hiccup as they are consumed by fire.]

The room is silent except for Toothless' sad croons and the occasional sniffle, that is until Stoick stands up.

"So this is it?" He asked, turning in circles. "You brought us here to watch the death of my son?" Shade appears in the middle of the Defenders, Aditi at her side.

"Queen Mala, can you please say who the visitors on your island are at the moment?" She smiled at the queen as she nodded.

"Yes, Hiccup Haddock, and a group of other teens. The two twins, the blond girl, the large blond boy, and the arrogant black haired boy along with their dragons." She nodded to each in turn and Stoick breathed a sigh of relief. Shade spoke up once more.

"Please be seated so that we can finish this movie, them maybe I'll show you some things from the future around the Defenders time, yes?" She smiled comfortingly, and Stoick nodded and sat down.

[The sound fades and the screen washes out to white. Flecks of ash float lazily to the ground, and the shape of Stoick appears through the mist.

Stoick: Hiccup! Hiccup!

[He searches through the ash, the ground scorched from the battle.]

Stoick (cont.): Hiccup? Son?

[He sucks in a breath to call for him again, but freezes when he sees Toothless. The dragon lays awkwardly on his side, motionless. Stoick runs over, coming to a stop and kneeling.]

Stoick (cont.): Son!

[Toothless shifts, giving a little whine as he does. He audibly sighs, but his eyes remain closed. The scorched saddle catches Stoick's attention. It's empty.]

Stoick (cont.): Oh, son... I did this…

[A group of Vikings for a crowd, respectfully keeping their distance from the grieving chieftain. Pushing past the others, Astrid comes to the front. She carefully comes up behind Stoick, with Gobber close behind. As the ash clears up, the heads of a few dragons rise up from behind the crowd, with seemingly solemn expressions. Toothless moans, and raises his heat to meet Stoick's eyes.]

Stoick (cont.): I'm so...I'm so sorry…

[Toothless watches him for a moment, then slowly unfolds his wings, revealing Hiccup, safe and sound. Sotick's eyes widen.]

Immediately the atmosphere in the room goes from somber and depressed to loud and celebratory. The Vikings hooting and hollaring, the Defenders grinning and clapping and the Dragons setting off fire )and Plasma) balls into the air and roaring.

Stoick (cont.): Hiccup!

[He reaches forward and grabs him, he throws his helmet away, eagerly putting his ear against his chest and searching for a heartbeat. He waits a moment and then smiles.

Stoick (cont.): Oh, he's alive! You brought him back alive!

Hiccup grinned. "Me? Die? Of course not." Toothless cut him off by knocking him over and giving him a thorough tongue bath, ignoring all of Hiccups protests.

The Vikings cheer, soon joined by the dragons. A few people glance at them out of the corners of their eyes, surprised, but then they go back to cheering. Stoick places a hand on Toothless' snout, and the Dragon closes his eyes, exhausted.

Stoick (cont.): Thank you... for saving my son.

Gobber hobbles up behind him, waving a hook as he speaks.

Gobber: Well, you know... most of him.

[Stoick glances back at him. Gobber shrugs, redirecting his eyes toward…]

The excited chatter that had emerged since Hiccup was found alive died instantly as the scene transitioned.