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Well, this was some utter aptonoth dung. That was my last thought before I had to duck under a swing from our raging nargacuga girl here. I could feel the blades course through my harder than rock skin. There wasn't a bounce, so it just sliced through them. It wasn't deep in though.

Still, I wasn't going to stand still enough to test how deep those blades could go in my hide, hell no.

I could hear Smarty Claws squawk through the sound of the approaching storm and flee to the left of me before Crushes Trunks rushed in with her jaws bared and her whole weight on the fast move. That was a mistake on her part.

The nargacuga merely sidestepped once Crushes Trunks was merely inches away and swatted at her right ass cheek with a nonchalant flourish, like some bladed ballerina. As for the smack itself, it was a flawless open palm strike that got those cheeks rippling. It was stunning and almost made me pause to admire her handiwork.

Up until her tail spiked up at least, a smack from that would do far worse than humiliate Crushes Trunks. I rushed into the fray myself, grabbing the parrot mouthed cat from the underworld by the tail, the mostly non spiky part, yes it hurt, and pulled her back. As strong as her kind could be, any brute wyvernoid, even lower tier, was strong enough to at least wobble such a monster. Her kind were deadly because of their speed and lethality, the brutes, as one gushed, had pure strength and I had the bonus of muddy armor.

She staggered for a brief moment, almost off her feet since she wasn't expecting that, until she caught herself and turned to me with a heated glare. She was about to counter until Crushes Trunks came in, pouncing on the nargacuga and forcing me to let go. I saw them roll and gave chase, following the cloud of dust, flying shrubbery, and crashing trees. Behind me, I heard Cheeky shout something.

Probably one of those halfhearted, "You got this," or "Go get 'em,". Besides the action, it was starting to downpour. Visibility was gonna get a little bad too, fantastic.

Once they stopped rolling, the nargacuga was atop of a whining and hissing Crushes Trunks, holding her legs open with her legs and keeping her arms pinned. At first, I rushed because I saw her go in for Crushes Trunks's throat… until my pink associate began moaning and grunting. The nargacuga noticed me and gave me a wink before wiggling her tush a bit, inviting me in.

Beeeen a long while without some hot sex and her figure. And I haven't fucked a five star monster in how long? Nothing wrong with a close inspection… No, no, no, this was a trap! I realized a tad late considering my damn legs carried me over and my cock was just moments away from being nestled between those cheeks. Those admittedly wonderful looking cheeks.

In a split second, my Hunter's Instincts kicked in and I tackled the other monster off before that tail came into a non sexual play, taking her off Crushes Trunks and doing my best to get the nargacuga in a hold. As we rolled, I felt the spikes of her tail enter my lower back. Hurt like hell, but not so much compared to that other black monster.

She rolled on all fours. Ass up and tail swinging, before doing the classic tail slam attack, spikes unfurl and stiffened up. I rolled out of the way, but still caught a nasty scratch to my shoulder. I saw Crushes Trunks breathe out a small gust of flames, but it did little since the feline wyvernoid took herself aloft and drop kicked her opponents away before coming towards me with those bladed wings reared back, tits all jiggly in the air.

With the little mud on me, I quickly shook it off and heard a growl along with a splash. I hit her, and right in the face too, forcing her to flap her wings to get back and quickly scramble to get it off. I seized the opportunity and slammed head first into her gut. I was planning on throwing her down, but unfortunately, I underestimated her a bit.

I could feel her dig her paws into my back plates and only the feeling of my head on air a moment after. That chic probably just did a somersault over me. But when I turned, I saw Crushes Trunks jump and sink her fangs into her legs midair. She hissed and tried to claw at Crushes Trunks before she was forced to land after being thrown off course with Crushes Trunks trying to throw her.

She made a wobbly landing and I seized the opportunity to grab her from behind, sending her on the ground as we rolled over.

Couldn't exactly get a proper hold given the fact since they don't exactly teach hunters to wrestle monsters far beyond their weight class. Most I could do was a basic wrap around, putting my arms around her neck and my legs holding open those legs, spread eagle. She hissed, roared, and thrashed as Crushes Trunks came in with her fangs bared.

I felt the thud reverberate as my fellow fighter started to lay down a few smack downs on our assassin wannabe wyvernoid. I could see her kicking and did my best to maintain my hold.

"Sorry," I decided to say, "it's nothing personal, just a favor," I quickly told her after another blow, doing my best to ignore the pleasure of this close contact on her ass with the displeasure of the more spikey and sharp parts constantly drawing some blood, "We just need you to stop being in the area, that's it!"

I could feel her struggle die down just a tad before we actually began moving down. The ground was shifting and that's when I heard the roar of rushing water. I looked up and, to my horror, there was a small mudslide coming our way. Mud, rocks, and small trees rushing down to pummel and bury us.

I wasn't the only one to notice and Crushes Trunks immediately hauled her fat ass out of the way before it came down. Me and the nargacuga, on the other hand, were not so fast to get the fuck out of dodge. On the plus side, mud was literally the bread to my butter… wait, other way around. The rocks and other debris won't feel as good though.

Darkness consumed my vision, the rushing filled my ear holes, and the mud hit like a powerful water wave. I could barely hear the nargacuga's roars and curses by the time we came to a highly welcomed stop.

I immediately rose up and saw the pissed nargacuga ass up and face done in the mud, stuck, trying her damndest to wiggle out so she could probably get her claws into whatever was the closest.

Instead, considering how the game is played, she'll get this dick!

I immediately Moved over, cock throbbing, and went straight for the ass, telling her, "Grit those fangs, it's gonna be rocky!"

Was what I said possibly cringey? Possibly. Did I enjoy saying it? Hell yes. It was appropriate and no one could tell me otherwise.

With a solid pelvic thrust into that big black rump, I hit the home run and I heard her let out a surprise, bestial grunt mixed in with an aroused purr near the end, though I think she tried to hide it as a snarl. I knew the difference. And once again, I got the taste of another great ass, a five star this time too. A five star lady monster!

"Pound her!" I heard Cheeky shout desperately. I turned to see him doing air humps, "Pound her, Xavier!"

Didn't need the encouragement, but it wasn't unwelcomed.

So I began pounding as she laid face down in the mud, holding that tail in place so I wouldn't get a face full of steel piercing quills. Shame I needed to use both hands, but hey, the cheeks moved with the slightest movement, so I have no reason to complain.

The nargacuga roared as she finally got her face up from the mud by the fifth thrust, letting out a squeal I usually only hear when I make them reel from a solid combo. Technically, I am doing that, I suppose.

Next to come out was her wing and another. For a moment, I saw her grip the mud as I kept thrusting, close to busting a heavy explosive nut in her, before I was forced to let go and drop back, a nice *plop* sounding off as I left a widened orifice, narrowly avoiding that serious slash to the chest.

By the time I turned over in my element, she was in hers, in the air glaring down at me before flying higher to avoid a pounce from Crushes Trunks. She hissed at us before saying in clearly a fake deep voice, "I'll be back, justice never sleeps," and she was gone after that very confusing and cryptic last message.

"The lack I have with black monsters, I swear," I couldn't help but mutter, sort of a joke, but to be fair, there's her and that mystery monster.

"Yeah, that's right, scram! We don't need any of that vigilante justice here, ya - eeep!" Cheeky's tirade ended as he jumped behind me once her head slightly turned back.

"Back away from my - Oh yay, friends won!" Shouted Smarty Claws as she returned and held… were those diamonds! Was she holding a small clump of diamonds!?

"Where and how!?" I immediately shouted. Then I noticed everyone looked startled and coughed into my hand, attempting to undo that awkwardness, "Ahem… where and how did you get that?"

"This? Found it. This is super rock, great for hitting hard!" Smarty Claws simply explained like it was completely normal to find that in the jungle.

"Crushes Trunks' doubt. Test," She said as she grabbed the squirming and flailing Cheeky. I was… slightly impressed again by that display of higher display of malicious intelligence.

"No, put him down, life is kicking his groin enough," I told her and right on cue, a coconut of some sort fell right on his balls and I had to slightly close my legs.

"I-it is," He croaked as he held his poor balls.

"So, no test?" Crushes Trunks asked and I shook my head no, which made her toss down the smaller monster, "Grrr."

"Thank you…" Croaked Cheeky. I seriously had to go into further detail with her about this poor omega male.

"Come on, let's go talk with that rathalos and get our rewards," I told them. I had to take a brief moment and let out a sigh of absolute satisfaction. As if a chime went off that I had completed something officially.


"Oh well now, I could smell the sense of completion coming miles away," That rathalos bastard told us. Xavier, group's leading Alpha, acted strange. He seemed far more proud of task completion rather than ass beating.

"When you get a job done, you get a job done," Xavier say. Strange saying. Kind of no brainer. Such a strange Brute he is, "So, with that out of the way, how about those rewards?"

"What about them?" That bastard! Me knew no his word good! And no Xavier- "Ha, the look on your faces! Of course, what rath wouldn't keep their word… except those goddamn blue bastards and stupid pedigree pussy footing," Oh… he keep promise. And blue? There were more? That disappointing, "Anyway, I shall deliver, besides, how much could possibly weigh for me?" Said the bastard.

"Considering you guys carry this and other large beasts great distances, it shouldn't be too difficult for a short trip," Grrr… He slapped my cheek as he say this… I approve, good punctuation, "I just need you to get me into the Reef and-"

"Nonsense, of course I can carry you the whole way!" Bastard interrupted, spreading his wings like he hot shit. Stupid sun illuminating him didn't help, probably inflate ego.

"Uh, with all due respect, I'm really heavy and slippery, so that may be a problem," Xavier rub back of his head. Clearly nervous. Me inch closer, comfort him.

"While your concern is appreciated, I think you underestimate my power," Bastard wiggled his eyebrows and smirked. Dumb bastard mate swoon. Gross.

"I'm not but-"

"Too late, this king has spoken!" Before me even have chance, bastard come over and grab Xavier by shoulders and began taking off. Heard Omega Male and lovable Beta Female gasp.

"Wait, hold on!" Xavier shout, then look at us, shout more, You three, watch over the forest for me! I'll be back again, I promise!" Suddenly, Bastard let go then go for ass grab. Prick. Xavier clearly embarrassed, "Ah, not there! The fuck!?"

"But those were clearly made for grabbing!" We heard Bastard shout as they fly off in distance.

Last thing we hear is, "Why do so many keep saying that!?"

We just watch as they fly. Fly off into sunset.

"Now what?" Omega ask like we have answer. Which we don't. Me do though.

"Me wait and do home stuff. Move." Ignore Omega male scream. Probably step on tail or something,* "Beta Female?"

"Uh, friend Crushes Trunks will have to wait a moment. I have things to talk about with new friend," Beta Female nod at bastard's royal hoe. Me shrug and leave her to talk with her.

"We're not friends, I hate you. Our meat poles are friends," Hear hoe explain, but then lovable beta starts talking.

Eh, me toon out at this point. Hungry.


I knew rathalos were strong. Strong and excellent fliers. What I didn't know is that they were this good. I was thinking I would meet him at the spot and then he would carry me up. This? Being carried halfway like this? New World rathalos were something else. This was essentially like riding a Hawk Wyvernoid. Only I understood the innuendos and hated that.

"Hey," He sounded winded. Oh fuck, "It's not too far right? Not that I'm tired or anything."

"Yeah," I had to carefully pull the map out last it leave my claws and held it as steady as I could. "Yeah, not much farther! Just straight ahead!"

"Good… hey man, you ever feel tired? Like really tired?" Him asking that was serious warning bells, "Not that I would ever get tired upon my throne of clouds!"

"Uh, yeah, yeah, actually, take us down here!" I pointed from a distance a little far off when he looked at me. Just a little further and we would be there, the map said so. In fact, the ground was starting to look more… vibrant further off.

Good thing too, because Cleaves Clouds immediately said, "You sure, it's getting dark… and rather stormy."

"What? Again?" I complained. This was actually worse than last time. And moving way too fast.

"Yeah… I'm actually gonna land. Like now. Right there should be good," I looked up and saw him nod. Then my vision was greeted by a horrible burst of bright light and I heard him scream, "Aaaargh!"

I saw the damage on his right wing and screamed, "Oh fuck!" upon seeing it badly damaged. We're going down, almost in a spiral, and way too fast. The fact he was holding me was phenomenal.

"Shit! Hold, were gonna, agh, go in rough!" He shouted out, choking up with barely hidden agony.

"I'm not ready!" I couldn't help but shout as I tried to cling on as best I could. Barely had it, but still.

"Brace and clench up, this isn't a choice!" He told me and fuck if it wasn't true. I could barely see at this point, it had gotten dark and rain was pouring down. But I heard it, I heard flapping, but we were still going down fast.

Then another bolt hit, I could tell as my vision went white, and for that moment, I knew no more… again...


My head absolutely fucking ached. This was good, I was alive, something any hunter or monster could relish. This pain was worse than any hangover and hammer party combined. Slowly, I rose, wincing as I clutched my aching temple. It took a moment, but I remembered that I had a travel companion with me and shouted, "Cleaves Clouds! Cleaves Clouds!"

Nothing. So I called out again, "Cleaves Clouds! Hey!"

Nothing. Shit, time for sleuthing. Okay. Terrain was rocky. There was some smell in the air… smelled like charred scales. East. Looked like some marks and bashes against the rock walls. He had to be that way.

Doing my best to ignore this horrible pain, I moved on. Ugh, not a few steps in and already the scent is getting putrid, a natural, earthy putrid. Then a rotting kind of putrid. Couldn't help but wince from that too.

"Cleaves Clouds!" I shouted again.

Then I heard a weak,"Graaargh," from the direction I was heading in. Yeah, that was him. And the other thing is, the more I went in, the more I knew we went way off course.

I was in an unknown land and my only ally was down. Third worst trip of all time.

"Uurgh," I found him and the wyvernoid was seriously wounded, burnt mostly on his right side, with bruising and scale breaks all over, "I… hurt."

"Take it easy," I gently told him. I felt bad. Really bad. Poor guy was broken all over and it's because I asked him to bring us here. I moved beside him and said, "Here. I'll take you to a spot that isn't too out in the open."

"Might be… a problem," As I picked him up, he pointed in the direction going up a small hill. Slowly, I walked over and had to resist the urge to curse to the heavens.

We were way off course.

And I summed it up perfectly, "Fuck."