Dragon Ball GT and Dragon Ball Super crossover challenge

This is a story I thought of recently so the main focus will be on Pan obviously. The story picks up right after Goku leaves with Uub, feeling Goku's decision is foolish Vegeta steps in and helps Pan and from there she sees Vegeta as an uncle figure. When not training physically Pan is training herself mentally with Bulma's and Gohan's influence Pan focuses her mind to be near or above genius levels. By the actual start of GT Pan should be a super saiyan 2, a highly analytically mind.

For the part of the story that is GT it's only the hunt for the Dark-star Dragon balls. So no Baby or Super Saiyan 4 unfortunately or not depending on how you feel. During the journey to collect the Dark-star Dragonballs, Goku tries to connect with Pan but she in no way wants anything to do with him to almost borderline hating him. All the while Trunks is playing peacemaker or at least attempting to.

After the quest to gather the Dark-star Dragonballs Goku is restored to his proper form. Now is where we get into Dragon ball Super starting with the awakening of the God of Destruction Lord Beerus. Beerus and Whis show up on earth looking for the Super Saiyan God. Pan decides she will be the Super Saiyan God instead of Goku, Pan feeling Goku is unworthy of being a Super Saiyan God due to his recklessness and not taking the responsibility of it seriously.

Amused Beerus let's Pan become the Super Saiyan God and faces her. From there most events proceed as normal up to Resurrection of F by then both Goku and Vegeta are also Super Saiyan Gods. From there things are in your hands like will Pan be able to sway someone like Zammasu, or perhaps Pan makes an impression on Frieza.

So the way I imagined this version of Pan fighting using her mind as her primary weapon by analyzing her opponents fighting styles, looking for weaknesses, being tactical. If I were to compare I would have to compare her to Shikamaru from Naruto just without the laziness. I just think it would be really cool to have a really strategy based fighter in Dragonball also instead of straight up overpowering her opponent she uses her opponents power against them.

Tell me what you guys think of this idea and if you want to take it up just review or PM me.