Frisk woke up had been a year since the monsters and humans had been together. She hopped out of bed to have breakfast with Toriel and Sans, who had been like her new parents. Toriel and Sans had started dating . Frisk thought about was okay. He has not been together with Toriel for a while. The both of them decided to be just friends. So, Asgore had started dating Muffet. Frisk walked down to the kitchen where she could see Toriel making breakfast while Sans is half-asleep at the table.

"Good morning ,Frisk." says Toriel .

"Oh uh." startled Sans became fully awake. He looked down at Frisk.

"Hey ,Sans." said Frisk.

"Hey Frisk." said Sans. Toriel gave them eggs and bacon

"Ready for another day?" asked Toriel as she watched Frisk eat the bacon and eggs. Frisk look up at Toriel and nodded her head.

A few minutes after breakfast~

Frisk got her backpack on and ran off. She was with Monster Kid and some other friends to school.

(Hey ,guys ,Empv here ! I hope you enjoy this sneak peek to my new fanfic -Undertale:After Story! The full story will be out very soon.. but ,I hope you enjoy this sneak peek, bye!)