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Evan blinked, and the statue had returned to its original position. It didn't appear to have moved at all, but Jessica's equally terrified eyes proved otherwise. After all, how could they both have the same hallucination?

"What happened?" their tour guide questioned, back pedaling and rushing into the room.

"It moved!" Jessica yelped, pointing a shaky finger at the statue.

A man sighed. "It's just two kids playing a trick!"

"Kid these days," his wife muttered. "No respect."

"Agreed," another man mumbled. "I blame the parents."

The tour group returned to the other room, and the irritated tour guide ushered the protesting children into the next room.

"I could've sworn it moved!" Jessica yelled.

"It had to," Evan agreed. "How could we both have the same hallucination?"

The man rolled his eyes, wondering what kind of parents would leave their kids- their mischievous kids- with a tour group. They could've at least left them in the hotel room while they went to their meeting (he'd heard the kids mention that), so that the kids could stay out of trouble and not bother other tourists.

"To the top of the tower!" the man shouted, and the tour group climbed the spiral staircase until they reached the top of the tower.

"These people must've been athletes," Evan panted, lifting his leg with difficulty and placing it on the next step. "I'm getting winded, and we're not even at the top yet."

"I feel bad for the old people," Jessica murmured, gesturing to the exhausted elderly lagging behind.

"We have reached the top!" the guide exclaimed, and the children sighed in relief as they stepped into some kind of cell.

The cell was circular with a weathered gray floor and walls made of uneven stone that scraped Evan's hand when he touched it. A window peered into the world outside, and Jessica peaked over the window sill before pulling back, nauseous from seeing the dizzying height. No wonder the window was open; jumping from this height was suicide, not escape.

"Look at this!" Evan called, and Jessica followed the sound of his voice to see him kneeling in front of the wall of a small corner. There were words engraved into the stone.

"Long… Live… Freedom," Jessica read, squinting at the worn wall and the centuries old carving.

"Back in the fifteen hundreds, a prince and two princesses were kidnapped from their kingdom," the guide informed them. "Their uncle had killed his brother-their father- and took over the kingdom. He imprisoned the three children with an intent to execute them to ensure that they could never take the throne. Can you imagine? Three children- one as young as seven years old- kidnapped from their home and kept in this cold, dark cell, which stank of hopelessness. Can you imagine their fear as they were lead to receive the executioner's axe?" the man's voice rose as the story continued, and he enunciated the final word.

Jessica and Evan exchanged nervous glances, feeling a strange feeling well up in their chests. They couldn't describe it, but the feeling was a sense of uneasiness, an instinct that told them to run and never look back.

"I can imagine," Evan murmured, turning to his sister, as their group exited the room. "I wish I couldn't."

Jessica nodded. "Me, too."

They turned back around, prepared to follow their group, but they froze when they realized that it was silent and the door was shut. Their group had completely disappeared.

"Where'd they go?" Jessica asked, and she prepared to take a step forward and open the door when someone suddenly opened the door and stepped inside.

It was a man with a dark, scruffy beard and a low hanging hat; he was wearing dark clothes, and he had an aura of someone you should be afraid of.

They didn't know him.

"Excuse me, sir. Have you seen our tour group?" Jessica squeaked, frightened by the man's appearance and the dark gaze in his eyes.

The man smiled, darkly. He stared at them as if he recognized them, and the longer Jessica and Evan stared at him, the more he looked familiar to them.

"It is time, children," he whispered.

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