Disclaimer: Not my plotbunny. Please read the author note at the end for credit where credit is due.


Adrien turned, hand dropping away from the door handle. "Pere", he replied.

"Your dress is insufficiently neat". Gabriel raised an eyebrow. "Come here." He held out a hand, eyes fixed on the twisted back and wayward point of Adrien's collar, sticking up against his blond hair.


Gabriel twitched. "I need to fix your collar". He took a step closer.

"No, Pere". Adrien replied. "It's meant to be like this."

"What do you mean? Of course it isn't. This is atrocious styling, and I know it's not in right now even with teenagers. Let me fix it." Another step.

Adrien dodged his hand and reached for the door again. He called back as he slipped through it and out of reach.

"Sorry, Pere. There's a girl at school, and when she sees me, she will fix it."

A/N: Happy Valentine's Day! This plotbunny is lifted straight from a Reader's Digest that I read some 35 years ago, and the magazine was probably ancient already even then :-) It was one of those reader-submitted real-life funnies they put as filler at the bottom of pages. So I have no idea whose story it originally was or who the poor teenage boy was who got his dating strategy outed to a nation by his mum. Whoever it was, the credit belongs entirely to them. I just happened to remember the story this morning, and it seemed perfect for an Adrien who's started to notice that there might be a cute girl in his class.