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Neptune stood exactly where she was, shocked by the word "Lord." As far as she was concerned, she was a girl, not a guy. Was this possible a dream? A dream where she wasn't a CPU but a regular human? Maybe, who knows, but we don't gamble at 'Maybe's' here. Neptune looked around, where no one even gave her a glance.

"Um...Neptune? Maybe we should...?" Nepgear said, but knew that Neptune wasn't listening. Neptune just continued staring up at the screen even after she looked around. Ultimately, she should take Neptune and get out of the streets for now, and try to contact Uni and everyone. The people of this Planeptune refereed to her sister as Lord, but as far as she knew, Neptune wasn't a boy.

So, the only thing that is capable of coming to mind is-

Nepgear walked up to her sister, and tapped her on the shoulder. "Neptune? Do you think we could be-?"

"In a delusional coma by the Histy Lecture that broke through space time? Probably so." Neptune answered, wanting to believe she was dreaming. Nepgear shook her head in denial.

"Neptune...Maybe...We're in a different Dimension." Nepgear said, as Neptune didn't answer for a moment.

"...Nope, My big sister instincts tell me we're in a delusional-"

"Neptune..." Nepgear sighed. Neptune knew that that had to be the correct answer to this situation right now. The "Lord Purple Heart" term, the fact no one in sight rushed to her in affection, all of it!

"...Well...This is the third time this has happened, so I don't really feel shocked about this now..." Neptune groaned as she looked around once more. This looked like her Planeptune, but knew that it was boy hers' Planeptune.

"Anyway Neptune, maybe we should try to contact everyone else." Nepgear suggested. Shoot after, the two found themselves down a alleyway between two buildings. Nepgear held out her NepHUD and tried calling.

It rang a few times...

Until someone picked up. It was the all time favorite Tsundere of the series, Noire, along with her little sister Uni.

"Nepgear?" Noire firstly said, as Neptune jumped in front of the phone's vision.

"Noire! You're not gonna believe this, but-!"

"We're in a different dimension?" Noire said, cutting her off. Neptune was surprised that she said that, since she had no experience of traveling to different dimensions. Well, excluding Heart Dimension incident of course.

"Noire, how did you figure that out?" Nepgear asked, as Noire just rubbed her head and sighed.

"Honestly, it was just a guess. But..." Noire slowly stopped, obviously not actually wanting to believe she was in a different dimension. The very thought was unbelievable, just out of the blue going to a different dimension without any sort of warning. "Well, anyway, where are you two right now? We should probably meet up." Uni then said, as Nepgear nodded in agreement.

"We're in Planeptune right now. Will you two be coming here?" Nepgear asked as she saw Noire nod in confirmation.

"Alright, I think we're in Lastation right now, so we'll go to Planeptune and meet up with you there." Noire said, but before she could say anything else, another caller entered the call.

"Hello?" The familiar voice of Blanc was heard from the HUD. Neptune jumped up on Nepgear's shoulder.

"Blanc?! How ya doin'?!" Neptune asked. At the instant, Blanc suddenly felt regret in calling. The idiotic voice of Planeptune's CPU made her want to hang up right then and there, but the Lowee CPU knew she needed to talk with everyone else.

"Did any of you see that Gamindustri server news?" Blanc firstly asked.

"Yeah, what was that about?" Noire asked, as Nepgear went into thought.

"I don't know...I'm not too sure on what it could be." Nepgear answered, as Blanc cleared her throat.

"Well, I'm in Lowee right now. I have to find Rom and Ram before I can meet up with you, so..." Blanc began as she trailed off, but Uni answered before she did.

"We can go to Lowee to help look for them, if you need help." Uni asked, but Blanc shook her head in denial.

"I'll be fine on my own. Besides, I think you should look for Vert. I tried calling her first, but she didn't pick up." Blanc explained.

"Strange...could something have happened?" Noire asked, but Blanc sighed.

"I dunno, but if you're gonna look for someone, start with her. Anyway, When I find Rom and Ram, I'll go to Planeptune and meet up with you. But until then, I'll keep in touch." Blanc said, as Neptune shot her hand in the air with one of her famous, idiotic smiles.

"Okay dokey! Later Blanc!"

Blanc hung up without saying another word to her, which Neptune went plate eye'd at and felt betrayed. Noire also had enough, but didn't down right hang up just yet.

"Well, we'll head to Planeptune to meet up with you." Noire said. Neptune jumped up higher, pretty much leaning her entire body on Nepgear's shoulder at this point.

"Aw~! I bet you can't wait to see me, huh?!" Neptune asked teasingly. As expected, she saw the cheeks of Lastation's Tsundere CPU blush as she glare angrily at the Planeptune Goddess.

"I-I'm not going to Planeptune to meet up with you specifically or anything!" Noire yelled in embarrassment and anger. Neptune merely gave a taunting, satisfied smirk, and Noire only grew more angry. However, before she could tell, Neptune pressed the hang up button and the call ended.

"Neptune, please get off me...!" Nepgear begged as Neptune hopped off. She gave a apologetic smile as she scratched the back of her head.

"Eheheh! Sorry Nep Jr. I got a bit excited..." Neptune said, as Nepgear rubbed her shoulder.

"Goodness, ow..." Nepgear whined.

"But, anywho~, what should we do now or whatever?" Neptune asked in curiosity. Nepgear looked back at her and then began to think...

"Well...Maybe we should look for Plutia, Peashy, and Uzume. Uzume's radio is broken when she got to the party, Plutia doesn't have one, and Peashy doesn't know how to use one, so she doesn't have one. Maybe they got transported here as well?" Nepgear suggested, as Neptune went plate eye'd.

"Ruh-Roh! P-Ko?! Lost?! That's a bad combo! Plutia is as slow as a sloth, but Uzume is Uzume so I don't think we need to worry about her." Neptune began loudly and concerned, but went to normal speech and unconcerned when she talked about Uzume.

"Yeah, while we wait for Noire and Uni, let's try to look for them." Nepgear said, as the two began walking into the city, intent on looking for their 3 CPUs friends.


In a completely destroyed and ruined living room, which held a great similarity to the Planeptune Basilicom, the lights were shut off. However, the sun beamed through, allowing light to brighten the room. The tables was flipped against the wall, the couch was flipped on it side, with pair of feet peaking out from behind it. The kitchen was a disaster, there was food splattered everywhere in sight, from chips, drinks, pudding, dip, pudding, etc.

A groan was heard from underneath a pile of trash. It slowly rose up, as a teen arose from it.

He has navy blue jeans on, and a black, dirty shirt. He had messy, short black hair and red eyes. He looked to be about 17, with a body on a average level. On his wrist was a silver watch.

"Damn it...why the hell did I listen to that idiots bulllcrap...?" He groaned in irritation and grogginess. He got up and cracked his back, as he exhaled, looking around at the mess. He made a tired and exhausted expression at the mess, and also a bit of shame at the sight.

"I cannot believe I actually did some of this..." He groaned in shame, as another groan was heard from behind the couch.

"Hey...you did most of it..." Another voice groaned as it arose from behind the couch. Arising, it was a boy in his preteens. He had white shorts, white shirt, and a blue watch on his wrist. He had Lilic, messy purple hair and purple eyes. He had no socks or shoes on, as he went barefoot. His body was that of a preteen, but he had a little bit of muscle on his body.

"You were like "Crash!" in here, you were the Party Bandi-!" The preteen was cut sort of a foot in his face, kicking him into the wall.

"I don't wanna hear that from someone who forced me into this damn party!" The black haired teen yelled in anger.


"Now now...you two are so loud..." Another voice groaned as a man arose from under the flipped table.

Thsi one seemed to be a mature young man. He had blonde hair that reached the back of his neck, a white button up, long sleeve shirt, which wasn't buttoned up and was close to falling off his body, and black pants. His body was well fit and very muscular. He stood at a very tall height, seemingly 6'9". He had blue eyes to go with his blonde hair as well.

"I know you two are good friends and all, but come now..." He groaned as he arose.

"Whatever...I had enough of this idiot and his dumbass ideas." The black haired teen sighed as he walked towards the balcony, grabbing onto a small black bag on his way out. The preteen made his way out to the balcony as well, as the black haired teen pulled out white socks from the bag and put them on.

"Boo...you're not ever any fun after parties..."

"The reason I'm not happy after parties, is because you force me into them! I have work to do!" The black haired teen yelled as he put his black shoes back on. He tapped the tips of them on the ground as he walked over to the edge.

"You'll be back though, ya Tsundere!" The preteen sticked his tongue out. The black haired teen inhaled, holding back the urge to yell in anger, as he exhaled.

"I have to finish up the check up on the server on my part. I suggest you two do yours." He said. A bright light enveloped him shortly after saying that...

Now, he wore black mechnical armor on his body, from his feet to his neck, but not too bulky either. His hair was now silver and his eyes turned blue with power symbols embedded into them. A blue light from the middle of the suit of armor was seen as well, a power symbol present within that spot as well.

"I'm leaving." He said, as he took off into the sky, blue wings, which were the shape of three pointed spear heads, spawning around his back.

"Hey, wait! You're choosing the songs for the entrance ceremony right?! Noire?!" The preteen yelled, but received no answer.

"I must depart as well." The man said as he walked up from behind the preteen.

"I do hate to leave you like this Neptune, but I have matters I have to attend to in my nation." He said as he buttoned up his shirt, and put on a black jacket, but didn't button it up.

"Vert?! You're leaving too?!" The preteen known as Neptune yelled in shock. The man known as Vert sighed as he shrugged.

"I haven't any option. A new expansion for the Alsgard Redemption MMORPG is coming out, and I must prepare to conquer it at once. Besides, the party is over and Blanc has already left." Vert explained his reasons. "Plus, the condition of a CPUs Basilicom is in is of no concern of another's." Vert said, as Neptune shot around to be reminded of the giant mess caused by the four.

"..." Neptune remained silent, as a green light spawned around Vert, but Neptune only saw him fly away in the distance before he could even complain.

"Uh...eh...ah..." Neptune only stood where he was, with the sight of the ruined Basilicom now back in his sights.

"...Uh...Maybe I should try to clean up a tiny bit...before Histy and Nep Jr. get back..." Neptune said as he walked back into his Basilicom.

Alright...it's time for me to come clean mortals.

You see, when I first started this story, it was orginally meant as a really crappy joke, but, for some stupid reason, I published it anyway. Why? I dunno.

Now, for awhile, I didn't really feel like writing more, but I somehow found motivation to do so, which 50% of it was boredom.

But enough about me and my shitty reasons.

For some reason, I kept thinking that a Genderbent Noire would have Travis Willingham's voice, like the guy who dubbed Ace in One Piece, and Vic Mignogna for Genderbent Vert. The guy who played Edward Elric from Fullmetal Alchemist.

But that's all I imagined. Anyway, I'm out, see ya later. If ya want this to continue, leave a review, if not, I'll find some guy who wants the story, I don't really care.