AN - Just a series of one shots. Enjoy!

"I don't know about this Hector...", said a frightened Imelda as she clung to the nearly fraying rope that hung a few feet over the lake that was hidden among the outskirts of Santa Cecilia.

The sun was setting and with little to no people there were, Hector decided it was a good idea to go for a swim.

As Imelda stared at the shaggy haired, lanky guy already in the water, bobbing up and down, her heart fluttered at the sight of him.

This was their second date. And being only 18 meant the two of them could stay out as late as they wanted.

Their first date, if you could really call it that, didn't go so well. They planned on going to dinner. Imelda felt foolish when she put on her fanciest dress while Hector sported a normal shirt and jeans. Hector felt equally foolish; here he was looking like a bum when the most beautiful girl in town agreed to go on a date with him. He could have kicked himself.

It didn't help that through their entire date, both were too nervous to speak to each other at first. The awkward tension was broken the moment a mariachi band began to perform, causing a crowd to form and start dancing.

Neither Hector nor Imelda knew what to do until Hector offered his hand.

"You can do it!", encouraged Hector as he gestured at her to jump.

Both decided to leave their clothes on; Imelda has always been told she was beautiful and had a great figure, but she was still insecure about it nonetheless.

Hector on the other hand, knew full well he was incredibly skinny and not as handsome as his friend Ernesto. But always did his best to be charming. He figured this was one of the reasons Imelda took interest in him. Remembering how her younger brother, Oscar, teased the pair and how Imelda confided in him that Hector was really sweet, he did his best to make sure he didn't get cocky over it.

After a few more minutes of hesitation, Imelda ran back, clung as tight as she could to the rope, ran over the edge and jumped on before letting go. She could have sworn she could fly.

Colliding with the cold water felt amazing as it saved her from the heat. Swimming back up to the surface, she quickly tied her soaked hair in a bun so it was out of her face. She smiled as she saw Hector wading over to her.

"See? I told you!", he said, getting closer to her.

"I had to, I couldn't be upstaged by you, you show off", teased Imelda as she splashed him.

Hector smiled, doing it back to her. He remembered the first time he saw her. It was back in the Plaza he and Ernesto were performing in for a few people who showed up. He spotted Imelda watching the show through an open window. She looked just as interested in their music as he was. "Hey! I might be famous one day", he said as he began to float on his back, watching the setting sun.

It would be dark soon.

"I'd be surprised if you wouldn't be", said Imelda, swimming closer to him. "You're really talented."

"Thank you, Imelda."

"Of course, as long as that's not all you care about... being famous", said Imelda uneasily. "You said you write all of your songs? When I hear you perform, I can tell you put your heart and soul into the words you sing. That's more important than anything."

Hector stood up as he stared at her. He smiled. "Exactly", he said. From their entire partnership, Hector kept trying to tell Ernesto that's how it should be. He was just amazed someone else understood.

After an hour or so, the two of them decided it was time to go.

The moonlight was gorgeous but wasn't to be relied on for someone to make their way through the darkness; Hector walked Imelda home.

Their clothes were partly wet still, but that didn't stop them from having the time of their lives.

Making their way to Imelda's front door, they could see no lights were on inside. Imelda was secretly happy. Nobody could ruin what she hoped would happen next.

She stood with her back against the doorframe, arms behind her, hands folded, with Hector in front of her. He wasn't exactly looming over her, he was just that tall. For as nervous as she was, she didn't think he felt the same way as he began to wrack his brain on how to do this correctly.

Hector always became the third wheel whenever Ernesto was alone with a girl. But he didn't want to be like Ernesto; he didn't want to have a new girl every week and leave them broken hearted when he found someone else.

"No", thought Hector as he pushed a strand of Imelda's hair behind her ear and gently laid his hand on her cheek, using his thumb to caress it. The more he stood there, the more he stared at her, the more he touched her, the more he realized that never in his wildest dreams would he even think of hurting her. "So, I'll see you tomorrow right?", he asked.

"I'd like that", whispered Imelda, placing a hand on the front of his shirt, pulling him closer.

Hector was fully aware of how close their faces were. How close their lips were. But there was still something holding him back. He hoped she wouldn't think less of him. "I, I've never... umm..."

Relief flooded him as he saw Imelda shrug. "Neither have I...", she responded, grinning. Her eyes locked with his.

The only way the two of them could describe their kiss was perfect.