Sabha, Libya


Kid and Nikov attempted to squeeze out all position but with no real result. They never imagined how hard to be, as it was unexpected for them.

As they were busy on the run, on the other side, Thomas just found a brothel that full of Sub-Saharans. There was a call for women from Sub-Sahara, many from Mali, Guinea, Chad, Niger, Senegal, Cameroon and Nigeria. For Tom, it was a sex factory.

"Lol …"

The mysterious Guinean girl who fled there, seemed to be something very pseudo. She was just like, smoking drug. There was something unusual there.

The brothel was where Gaddafi used to be. Being very close to Sabha, the brothel was used to be one of Gaddafi's owned – pure economic reason. Tom, Jerry and Butch found what's going on. Jerry sneaked in as it was the best thing he should do.

Tom and Jerry tried to understand. Jerry, for being small, was capable to see this. For Jerry, this was something they should start to discover.

Kid and Nikov got out with nothing.

"I should have imagined it."

Kid and Nikov were able to get what they predicted. It should be emphasized that, Sabha used to be an important commercial trade, and Gaddafi attempted to ban slave trade. However, his effort was very futile because he secretly allowed his aides to run brothel slavery.

They knew it.

And, however, following Gaddafi's death, the whole Libya was even torn apart. Slave trades became official, as for the lack of security in Libya. Torn apart, collapsed by side, the whole Libya they knew was on abysmal of demise.

Taking advantage by using it was the smugglers. Sabha was the turning point as this oasis hosts a large Black population. This must have influenced the corruption within.

This was why Kid was so reluctant.

On the other side, Tom saw everything. Women even showed all bodies, the sexual scenes, everything was so annoying. For a cat, it was extremely shocking moment. Even when Tom liked to have sex.

It would not become that lame already.

But what about Jerry?


"Damn, this is a sex house."

They needed to know …

In somewhere, the mysterious tribe whom had seen Kid, Nikov and the Tom and Jerry gang before, returned back to Sabha. They were aware with their tracks to the city, and so they had made a number of report about them.

The tribe's leader said:

"الحفاظ على تتبع. يجب أن نحميهم بقدر ما نحتاجه. هم مفاتيحنا." (Keep tracking. We should protect them as much as we need. They are our keys.)

And here, they just followed …