"He told me that he loved me and I loved him but I know that can never last. We are too different. Maybe if I was different. Or he was different. No. We can't be together. Not now, not ever. After what he did, I could never.

But I still love him. Even though I'm leaving, I'm certain that I'll come back. Maybe not for a while, maybe not for a long time, but I will return and show him, and everyone else, that I am strong and not the weak child I was before.

I will become prove to everyone that I will destroy them if they ever get in my if that means killing them. I'm not that incident and curious child I was before.

I know the danger and pain of losing those around me, for a love that can never be. His possessiveness is too much, but I will get away and take my revenge for what he did to me, even if I end up losing myself with that.

But then again, he gave me a propess. A reason for living. It's not that I liked those people. They were always means and rude, even if it didn't show. But, he killed her along with the others. He destroyed her. Knowing that she meant the world to me, he still grabs her neck and snapped it, like a branch of a tree… right in front of me. Did he not think of the consequence that would bring, or is he just that… Never mind. I can't forgive that. Not to him, not to anyone.

I will show them all what it's like to mess with me. But first, I have to get stronger. More powerful. Smarter. I have to become better than him, so next time I come here, they'll all know that they messed with the wrong person.

And for all of this to happen, I need to leave. Leave this place that he controls. Leave this place with all the memories. Every Christmas, Valentine's Day, and birthday day memory will be left behind. Every happy, sad, angry, lonely, depressing, exciting, and scary memory of this place will be lost forever to me, and I will never go back to them.

I'm a new person. A new person who doesn't need those emotions. Those amazing emotions. Those emotions that I can never feel again because of him. The memories, the emotions, the "friends", The "family", the when I come back, I will be a new person. Stronger, smarter, and empty. This is what I decided and I will not come back for anything until it's done. Even for him, my Asami Ryuichi,"