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In this universe, everything had fallen apart. Vilgax had gotten the Omnitrix before anyone else could get it. In this universe, Ben never had the Omnitrix…Vilgax did. And….in this universe the humans were seen as the lowest on the totem pole. No one cared for humans at all. If anything, many preferred to rule over them rather than see them as real live beings.

Ben huddled in a scared form. He was terrified because he got separated from his family when evil aliens invaded the planet and he had no one to help him survive. He was on his own, but he lived as best he could.

Ben lived in the ruins of his house. It was still enough to live in, but not a safe place for a young boy. Ben used the little bits of change and money he had to buy food and water, but he knew he was running out of it quickly.

What he needed was not only food, but someone to help him survive. He needed a companion…a….pet. Yes, a pet would be a good addition. He knew he could not make friends easily. Why, no one would want to be friends with a mere human these days. But where would he find a suitable pet? Where could he buy one? Nowadays, you could buy alien pets as companions. It was all the rage in every city. Strange? Yes, it was strange but true. Superior alien species bought lower alien species as pets! He had even seen a few humans buy certain aliens as pets too!

"A pet! That's what I need!" he said, now smiling for the first time in months. He grabbed the money that was left in the house and ran out into the night. He sure didn't know where he was going, but he definitely needed to find a pet shop. An alien pet shop.

A few hours later…

Ben was exhausted. He had scowered the city for hours and found nothing. All of the store owners ignored him or they showed him aliens that definitely wouldn't have made good pets.

"I guess this won't work after all," Ben said sadly, now heading towards his "home." But as he walked, he couldn't help but feel eyes watching him. He turned, but no one was there. He shrugged and kept walking, but he could still feel eyes watching. He then turned quickly to his left and saw green eyes watching him from the window. Only the eyes were visible and they peered into his very soul. A bit unnerved, he glanced at the other window and saw a pair of red eyes watching him too. They narrowed when he got too close to the window and Ben jumped back in fear.

"Can I help you my boy?" a voice asked. Ben turned and saw an elderly man walk out and look at him. He was a human!

"Y-You're human!?"

"Well, last time I checked I was." The man said, now looking at him cautiously. "What can I help you with?"

"I'm looking for an alien pet store. I see that you have some kind of animals in there. Can I take a look?" Ben asked hopefully. The man looked at him up and down and rubbed his stubbly chin.

"I am not sure. You look very young. Too young for the kind of beings I have in here. And no, this is not a mere pet store. The beings I have in here are very intelligent and they are being sold at high prices." The man said.

"W-What?!" Ben asked.

"Yes. They are being sold as alien slaves. Many pay very high prices for the kind of aliens I have in here. I don't think you would be able to afford any of them my boy." The man said honestly. "If you do come in, I have one rule."

"What is that?" Ben asked cautiously.

"Do NOT speak to the ones that you have seen in the front window." The man said sternly.

"W-Why? I couldn't even see their faces! I just saw red and green eyes." Ben said.

"That's because I have made it that way! Both of them are some of the most expensive that I have, but be warned! They are very intelligent. More intelligent than you and I. I am waiting for someone a bit older to buy them. They will make me a fortune," The old man said.

"B-But if you don't want anyone to buy them then why are they still in the front?" Ben said.

"Don't be silly boy! I want someone to buy them, but not a young boy like you! They would destroy a young thing like you. That is why I must sell them to someone experienced. They are good for someone with military experience or someone who is working with alien and human alliances," The old man said, now walking inside.

Ben watched him go inside and turned to walk away. As he glanced at the window again, the green eyes peered at him again, making him cringe.

"I-I don't know what you are or who you are, but you stay away from me!" Ben said in horror. The eyes made a somewhat confused expression, making Ben look even harder.

"Don't do that! It's not like you can understand me!" Ben huffed, but just as he was about to walk away, he saw a finger in the fog-stained window begin to trace something. Ben gasped as he read what the being wrote in the window.

I can.

Ben then took off down the street and around the corner! He had had enough of spooky things for one day! The old man had been watching from the window and then slowly walked to the front of the store.

"Listen! If that young boy does come back, you both better be on your best behavior! He won't be buying either of you because he is not experienced enough," The old man demanded.


"And you…" the old man said, now staring at the green eyed one. "I am surprised. You have not moved ever since you've arrived here."


"Maybe if you are on your best behavior, the right buyer will come along. In the meantime, you have to be patient," the old man said, now walking to the back of the store. But as he walked away, the green eyed being looked out the window once more. Only time could tell what the future would hold.

Later that night, Ben kept tossing and turning in his bed. It was freezing cold and he didn't have that many blankets left. He was starving, but he knew he was getting lower and lower on his money.

"What am I gonna do? I need someone to help me," Ben said, now afraid of always being alone.

He recently had robbers invade the ruined house and he barely escaped unharmed. He needed a companion and a protector. But he didn't know where he would get one.

Especially if those aliens could do more harm than good if he bought them. But as Ben began to drift off to sleep, he had an urge. An urge that was telling him he had to return. Return where? To the exotic alien pet store again.

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