Author's Note: At this point in the game, the player should know the real names of all characters: Glenn and Janus, not Frog and Magus.

'Do you wish to fight me?' inquired a silver-haired figure, clad in the robes of a magician of the dark ages, gloved hands clasping a long pole that ended in a cruel blade which shimmered the same silvery hue as his hair and the amulet at his neck.

His interlocutor was a knight who donned a helmet through which light shone to display the colors of the rainbow. The knight was guarded in a coat of mail as blue as the sea, matching leggings, and boots; at his side hung a sheathed broadsword. Upon the knight's arm was fastened a seal which to the trained eye glittered with magical potential. Something was rather off about this knight. His skin was green and scaly, his face that of an amphibian, and he jumped as much as he walked. Indeed, the very silver-haired magic worker who now addressed the knight had turned him into an anthropomorphic frog.

Glenn did not answer Janus at once. He paused, carefully weighing the options of accepting or refusing the gauntlet thrown. Glenn had several reasons to draw his sword and engage Janus in single combat. Foremost, Glenn had dreamed of slaying this foe for years, to restore the honor lost when his brother was slain. To avenge his brother had long been his objective; the battles fought and adventures had alongside Crono and his allies were side quests in comparison. The scythe-wielding wizard had for years led the mystics as their general, ravaging the land of humans, who were the race of the frog knight before the wizard transformed him. When Glenn and Crono confronted Janus in his castle, the silver-haired spell caster was on the verge of completing a chant to exchange this world for Glenn knew not what. Even after Glenn and his allies were defeated by the might of Lavos, in Glenn's eyes, Janus had mocked Crono for his last-ditch effort to oppose the unbeatable foe. To the fine knight in amphibian form, the magical man who stood before him was not a far cry from pure evil. Nevertheless, the former human of a frog did not jump at the chance to wield his sword to the death of his nemesis.

Glenn drew his strength from his blade engraved with runes, which supplemented by the magic seal he wore, sharply raised the power of his bubble and wave magic, and preeminently enabled him to completely heal himself in the time it took his opponent to launch a single attack. Contrariwise, Lavos drained the powers of Janus, leaving him with a few spells at his command. From their battle in the ancient magician's castle, the amphibian swordsman knew his longtime foe's scythe swings were his least effective form of attack and he lacked the ability to rejuvenate himself in the heat of combat. It was a matter of honor. Were Glenn to slay his enemy thus weakened, Cyrus would not be avenged.

Keeping a scaly hand on hilt of his sword just in case, Glenn therefore replied, 'Slaying thee will restore neither Cyrus nor Crono.'

Janus said nothing while time ticked by, his robes swaying the wind. Finally, he broke the silence. To Glenn astonishment, he answered, 'I'll join you. Find Gaspar, the guru of time.'

Soli Deo Gloria