This is the Royal Harem series. It will be short, but something new. There is only 15 stories of Luffy and Vivi (M rated), 0 for Viola and 1 for Reiju. That one is written by Lionheart021 and it's an awesome story and you should totally read it. I will not include Shirahoshi (writing about her in that way makes me quite uncomfortable) and Rebecca. SHE IS FUCKING SIXTEEN FOR CRYING OUT LOUD. So do not even bother asking about those two. MOVING ALONG. Also.


The night was cold. But it was pleasant. The rain has stopped that morning and the sun has already dried up the land. The breeze was making its way through the silent city. And it played with the long blue hair of the princess. She felt unease. The straw-hats are to depart before dawn. And that would mean HE was leaving. Unaware she strolled closer and closer to his quarters, seeking his company. She found him on a balcony, looking at the bright night sky. He looked deep in thought. After his fight with Crocodile, he became aware of his weaknesses and strengths of other evil fruits. He fought Smoker before and thought it was just a lone example but according to Nami, there was a whole category of elemental devil fruits, from magma to even light itself. He needed a way to defeat them. Suddenly he feels a familiar set of arms wrap around his torso.

''You can't sleep either, huh Vivi? he asked with an understanding voice.
''No, I can't. I can't bear the thought of you leaving. Why can't you stay here, with me? she asked, on the verge of tears.
''You know as good as I do. I am a well-known pirate. My bounty is bound to raise after defeating Crocodile. It would just bring you and your country more problems.''
''Then why don't you let me sail with you?'' she asked, silent streams flowing down her cheeks.
''Because this country needs you, more than I do. The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the one, especially so selfish needs like mine.''
''Your needs aren't selfish. They're human. Some of the few human features that you have, you monster!'' she laughed. That earned her a pinch in the cheek. They laughed together.

''Do you remember our first time?'' he asked with nostalgia in his voice.
''How could I not? It was right after Little Garden.''

FLASHBACK: They just escaped the Sea king and sailed for the whole day. She felt unease and sought the silly captain. As expected, she found him in the kitchen sleeping in a giant mousetrap. He woke up to the sound of her footsteps.
''Hello, Vivi. How you doing?
''I couldn't sleep. You really shouldn't go stealing food, you know. Sanji-san said that if you want to eat you should just wake him up.''
Luffy just laid there and thought for a moment. While doing that Vivi gave quick glances to his well-toned body. He may be a bit lanky, but for Kami's sake, he had ABS! She was attracted to him by since he saved her at Whiskey Peak. They flirted a bit on occasion but he never seemed to take it to the next level. But here he was, trapped and helpless. A devilish smirk appeared on her lips. While Luffy was still in thought he felt something warm and soft grab his member.
''Vivi, what are you...'' he was silenced by a wave of pleasure surging through his body and his member was awakened by gentle strokes, and smirk on Vivi's face grew wider.
''Well, seeing hat you are attracted to me let's proceed.'' She said in the process of removing his pants and her skirt and panties. She positioned his now hard member at her dripping entrance and slowly let him in...

''With you leaving I'll be so alone here,'' she said in a sad voice. Luffy thought for a moment and then took out a large piece of paper.
''This is my vivre card. When I'm sick it will burn smaller and smaller and if you let it float it will show you the direction in which I am. I haven't given it to anyone but you.'' he tore off a large chunk and passed it to her. On a piece, he gave her, his name appeared and she held it near her heart.
''Thank you Luffy. I will chares it forever, and always watched over it. I would like you to remember me by something too.'' She grabbed his hand and led him to her bedroom. It was in a distant wing so no one could hear what was happening.

As soon as they entered her bedchambers she locked the door and led Luffy to a king size bed. She then pressed her lips to his. He immediately embraced her and brushed his tongue against her lips, begging for entrance. She parted her mouth but instead of letting him in her own tongue darted out and attacked Luffy's.

They engaged in a fierce battle Luffy was winning but was suddenly distracted by a hand sneaking its way up his chest, taking some time to cherish his abs. Vivi used that opportunity to push the battle to his mouth, but suddenly found her tongue trapped between his lips. He gently sucked on it and played with it, his own hands sneaking under Vivi's shirt. She let go of his neck and broke the kiss. She lifted her hands in the air and gave him a nod. He slowly lifted her shirt, over her head and that left her in lacy white bra and panties.

He was entranced by her body. He loved watching it and he knew it like the back of his palm. And yet, every time they've been together he felt like he was discovering it all over again. He placed his hands on her firm mounds and gave them a soft squeeze. Vivi couldn't help but moan. Encouraged by that he started playing with them, massaging and squeezing, felling her erected nipples through the fabric. While he was playing with her breasts, Vivi did not waste any time and removed his cardigan and placed his straw hat on the nightstand. She that reached behind her back and unclipped her bra, letting it fall to the ground.

Luffy didn't stare at her. He instead hugged her, pressing their torsos together and gave her a passionate kiss. Vivi was amazed. He knew her so well. He knew she didn't like him staring at her breasts, at least at the beginning. Just being there, pressing her lips against his... it would be enough. For now. But soon her body demanded more.

As if he read her mind Luffy started kissing her along her jawline, then down her neck, her collarbone and finally between her glorious mounds. He took some time to pull back and marvel at her. He then proceeded by giving each of her nipples a small kiss. He then placed his right hand on her left mound and his mouth on the right one. He gently sucked on it and flipped the erected bud with his tongue. She shivered in pleasure, grabbing his hair and arching her back, exposing her tits even more.

After finishing his administration on her breasts Luffy gave her a devilish smile and slipped his hand into her now completely soaked panties.
''Well, well. What do WE have here? A princess, completely wet for a pirate? This is quite scandalous, your highness.'' he said in a teasing tone. Vivi just smirked at him and her hand darted into his pants. She found him hard, stretching his shorts to their limits but before she could liberate him, she found herself on her back, with his head between her legs.

He looked at her, his hands slipping over her thighs, before ripping away the thin fabric of her panties. With a stare asking for permission, he waited for her nod, before giving her lower lips a gentle kiss. Vivi tried moving her hips to create more friction, but he held her down with his superior strength. He smirked at her before teasing her clit with his thumb. His tongue began working on her slit, lapping up all the juices dripping out. she could feel the tension in her stomach and prepared for release he was about to bring her but when she was right on the edge he stopped. Vivi whimpered in desperation and begged him.
''Please Luffy! Don't tease me, just let me cum!''

He smirked at her again. God, did he loved when she begged. He immediately went back down, this time pushing his tongue past her entrance and teasing her silky walls. He loved to tease her with his tongue but he was looking for something. Soon enough he found it. That magical spot. Vivi was in heaven. He knew her so well, even her insides. He teased her G-spot until her walls clenched around him and her fluids gushed out on his face.

He pushed himself back up and kissed her. The kiss was even more stimulating because she could taste herself on his lips. She hoped to return the favor but perhaps later when they're done.
''Luffy. I need you. NOW.'' she told him. He gave her his trademark grin and positioned herself between her legs. He rubbed his steel hard member between against her entrance, before pushing himself balls deep, his tip pressing against her womb

Vivi couldn't believe that after all those times they had sex it still felt as incredible as ever. How he pushed himself deep inside of her, how his tip kissed the entrance to her womb, and the emptiness, when he pulled out, only to repeat it all over again. After the initial wave of pleasure, she started meeting his thrusts with hers and they established a steady rhythm they both loved.

Luffy gradually increased his pace until he was literally pounding her into her bed. Vivi wrapped her legs around his waist and her arms around his neck and pulled him into a sloppy yet passionate kiss. Luffy felt her walls clenching around his member, desperately trying to milk and Vivi whispered in his ear:''Cum in me.''
It was all he needed to bring him over the edge to an incredible climax. He pushed as deep as he could, before painting her insides with his seed. She bit his lower lip trying to silence her scream.

He dropped full weight on her before rolling over to the side. They were both panting like they just ran a marathon. But for Vivi, it wasn't enough.

Luffy was still recovering when he felt her straddle his waist and rubbing his member.
''Now now, Luffy. Will you tell me you're too tired?'' She shouldn't have said that. Suddenly she was lifted into the air and impaled her on his still hard member.

Vivi was instantly brought to an orgasm. The pure pleasure he was giving her was almost too much to handle. Almost. The was bouncing her on top of him, his hands massaging her breasts, twirling and pinching her nipples, swiftly bringing her to a second orgasm. It was at her forth that he showed signs of exhaustion. Vivi used all the tricks she had to tease him, but what really made him climax was when she pushed her mounds up and licked her little buttons. Luffy slammed her down with all of his might and filled her up to the brim with his cum. She couldn't take it anymore and passed out in his arms.

When she woke up the next morning she found his vivre card on her nightstand with 'To my first love' written on it. She sighed. Even when he writes something he is a terrible liar.

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