This is the Royal Harem series. It will be short, but something new. There is only 15 stories of Luffy and Vivi (M rated), 0 for Viola and 1 for Reiju. That one is written by Lionheart021 and it's an awesome story and you should totally read it. I will not include Shirahoshi (writing about her in that way makes me quite uncomfortable) and Rebecca. So do not even bother asking about those two. MOVING ALONG. Also.


The straw hat pirates were in sixty-nine different kinds of shit. The crew was separated again, and without two-thirds of the monster trio, the only big hitter left was Luffy, who was on the verge of death because of eating poisonous fish. Nami, Chopper, and Brook could hold their own in a fight, and they had Pecoms, Pedro, and Carrot. But that was all meaningless while staring up at a giant Snail ship with a castle on top, with what appeared to be not one, but TWO Sanji's siblings.

Both were hovering above them on their flying shoes. They were piercing them with their gaze, which would be a lot more intimidating if not for the curly eyebrows. The siblings (brother and sister) wore combat suits, he was wearing green while she was in pink. The crew watch in awe (and Brook with a nosebleed) as they descended down upon the lawn deck of the Sunny. The male looked at every single one of them with disinterest until he laid eyes upon Nami.
''Cute! A cutie, cutie!'' he screamed with hearts in his eyes while doing the same perverted dance as Sanji. All the strawhats sweatdroped and thought: ''They're definitely related.'' But before he got too close to Nami, the female delivered a ferocious kick to the side of his face.
''I apologize on behalf of my brother. He can be a real jackass sometimes,'' she told them with a sweet smile on her face.

''Please, our captain is sick! Do you have a cure for him on your ship?'' asked Chopper with tears streaming down his eyes. The pinkette looked to be deep in thought, while her brother just snarled.
''Why would we even give you the cure, even if we had it? Unless... your pretty navigator decides to pay for it.'' he smiled and everybody knew what type of payment he had in mind. But before Nami could respond, he was once again kicked by pinkette.
''Yonji, it that how you talk to your ex-future sister-in-law?'' she asked him, keeping the sweet smile on her face. All the straw hats screamed in disbelief.
''EX-FUTURE SISTER-IN-LAW?!'' But that would mean that Nami is... that Nami and Sanji are... WHAT? YOU TWO WERE ENGAGED?!'' Chopper screamed. Nami looked at pinkette in anger.
''ARE engaged. How did you know?''
''Simple. The ring on your finger is that of the Germa kingdom. We all have one, see?'' she told her, pulling a ring out of her pocket, now identified Yonji doing the same. The rings were practically identical.

''Our father sent us after you to get that ring, in exchange for anything you ask for. The value of the ring itself is 10.000.000 berries, but we are prepared to pay 100.000.000 to ease the emotional pain at your loss,'' she explained and ordered her soldiers to fetch the money for the treasure room. Nami really didn't want to give out that ring. It represented the bond she and Sanji had.

His was the shoulder she cried on after breaking up with Luffy, and despite knowing she still loved him, he remained by her side. When they were in Skypia, he risked his own life to save her from Enel. She would occasionally ask him to sleep by her side when she was crying, knowing that Luffy and Robin shared a night together. Once she tried to have sex with Sanji, hoping to get back at Luffy, but he stopped her because he knew she would regret it later. It was so unfair to him, but he stayed by her side, waiting for her to forget. They first kissed on Thriller Bark, right after they defeated Oars. After that, they were officially a couple and Luffy congratulated Sanji, although Nami could see the pain in his eyes. She knew he still loved her, but she needed a man who would be hers and hers alone. Sanji still treated Robin the same, bringing her snacks and coffee, but without pervy comments, and he always made sure to serve Nami first.

When they were ''attacked'' by Kuma on Sabaody, he protected her the best he could, before being blown away. And after they returned after two years he finally proposed. They decided to keep it a secret until they found One Piece, so they could be married by King of the Pirate before all the crazy things happened on Punk Hazard and Dressrosa and, after being separated on Zou, she barely recovered. But Luffy promised her, that no matter what, he would bring him back for her. But now, here he lied, dying.

''I don't want your money. But I'll trade that ring in exchange for the antidote, for our captain,'' she exclaimed, pulling the ring off her hand.
''It seems we have a deal.'' she smiled and reached for the ring.
''Hold on a second. You'll get the ring AFTER our captain is alive and well. If you fail that, I'll just throw it into the ocean.'' Nami told with a threatening smile on her face, that promised no negotiation. The pinkette smirked and ordered the soldiers to put the money back in the treasury and bring the captain to the sick bay on their ship.

''He will need three days to completely recover and your doctor in welcomed to check the antidote himself,'' she told the straw hats while walking beside the stretcher with Luffy on top. Chopper just nodded in agreement and followed them in his human form.

''Wow! You have so many advanced machines and so many different types of antidotes!'' Chopper screamed with stars in his eyes. The pinkette who introduced herself as Reiju was just smiling at his excitement until she was pulled around the corner by Yonji.
''Why did you bring him here. You could just suck all the poison out of him and be done with it. Why all the theatrics?'' he asked, anger clear in his voice.
''I brought him here to see if he would give us any trouble. Based on their direction they're also sailing to Totland and could ruin the whole wedding. If I deem him and harmless, we'll cure him and let him go, but if he's a treat, then I'll inject him with a very slow working poison.'' she told him, before sending him back and returning to sickbay. There Luffy was hooked up on a bunch of machines that were keeping him alive until the antidote started working.

''Everything seems to be in order, I'll come back tomorrow, to check on him,'' said Chopper, before leaving back on Sunny. Reiju looked at the sleeping man before smiling.
''You can open your eyes now, I can tell you're not sleeping,'' she said in a whisper. True to her words Luffy opened his eyes and gave the pinkette a piercing gaze. Seeing she wasn't flinching he relaxed and laid down, while she sat beside him.
''So, how long were you conscious?'' she asked him, impressed at his regenerative abilities.
''About ten minutes after they gave me the antidote. Because of my previous encounters with poisons, I've built up quite the resistance, but the poison of that fish would have taken me at least a week to digest before I could recover.'' Reiju just looked at him, visibly impressed.

''I also heard your conversation with your brother. And I wonder, why did you lie to him.'' That caused Reiju to pale.
''What do you mean. I didn't lie to him.'' she quickly defended herself, but Luffy smile wider.
''I didn't know if you did until now. But I can sense you're lying now. I can hear your heartbeat, and smell your sweat.'' he smiled at her. Reiju decided to drop the mask.
''You're right. I did lie to him. That's because I want you to free Sanji of his family.'' and then she proceeded to explain Sanji's past to Luffy. How he was born different than his brothers, that he was weaker, slower, less durable. How the tortured him, how his father resented him and how she would secretly help to stitch him back after they left him lying on the floor.

While listening, Luffy was deep in thought. But after she told him about how she helped him escape, he looked at her questionably.
''Why didn't you ran with him?''
''Excuse me?
''Why didn't you run with him. You had the chance too, and together you would be stronger. So, why did you stay?'' he asked her. Reiju thought about that day. Why did she stay behind?
''Because, if I left, our father would search everywhere to find me. And if he found me with Sanji, he would kill him. I choose that day, to trade my freedom, for his.'' she explained, with tears in her eyes, remembering that day.
''Then, I won't free Sanji. I will free you both. I'll even fight your father if need be. Because every person deserves their freedom.'' When she heard him speak those words, Reiju couldn't hold back her tears. A complete stranger was willing to risk his life for her brother, and her?

She decided there and then, and latched onto his lips, sucking the poison out of his body, at least what was left of it nonetheless. Luffy, of course, mistaking it for a kiss, started moving, and his tongue begged for entrance. Feeling no harm in it, she let him enter and that started a heated tongue battle. During the battle, Reiju felt a strange heat between her legs. And what was that feeling in her chest?

All the while she was getting to know this new sensation, Luffy started getting to know her body. He moved his kisses alongside her jawline, to her ear, giving her earlobe a little nibble. He then moved down her neck and nibbled some spots here and there, not enough to leave a hickey thou. He slowly started to slide down her RAID suit, before noticing small hooks on wires shooting out of her chest area (guess from where) but instead of electric shock, all he felt was... nothing.
''How..., but when...'' asked Reiju, looking really cute, all confused.
''I ate the Gomu Gomu no Mi. I'm a rubber man,'' said Luffy while stretching his cheek.
''So you knew about those?'' he suddenly asked her with a serious expression. Reiju blushed heavily.
''My father said this suit would protect me from men that would try to harm me. And those tazers were useful in a pinch,'' she admitted, looking to the ground. Luffy just smiled and continued his 'exploring'.

As he slid her suit down to her shoulders he realized she probably didn't wear any bra. He decided that the prize can wait and moved on to her shoes and gauntlets. Surprised to see some more tazers shot out while he was removing her combat gear, in the end, it was all in vain. All Reiju was wearing now was her pink dress. But before Luffy could return to it, she stopped him with her long and beautiful leg.
''I firmly believe that you, mister, are way overdressed for this party,'' she smirked at him. He smirked back and reached for his cardigan when he was again stopped by her foot.
''Oh, no. Those are mine to take.'' She hooked her toe on his vest and pulled him closer to the bed. She then used a swift kick to knock down Luffy's straw hat and it landed on her head, doing a perfect 360 degrees flip.

Luffy was now staring at Reiju, wearing nothing but her scarf and pink dress and on top of her head rested his straw hat. How could he resist? He tackled her onto the bed and gave her a searing kiss. Reiju responded and they engaged in a ruthless tongue battle, during which Reiju slipped off Luffy's cardigan and unbutton his shorts. But when she reached behind his shorts she felt something big. And long. And hard. She felt herself get a little wetter and snapped back to reality when she heard Luffy's moan of pleasure.

''I see that the captain of the Straw Hat pirates packs much more then you'd think,'' she smirked at him, pulling out his 8-inch member. Luffy couldn't let out anything intelligent, so she just proceeded with her stroking. Slowly she sped up, but then Luffy managed to compose himself and decided to stop her.

''Reiju, before we go further I have to tell you something... You know my full name right? I'm one of the very few of the younger generation carrying that name. And because there's so few of us, we were born cursed. To spread the D. around the world we were born with a genetic drive that forces us to fall in love many many times. I've fallen in love with many women, and few share my love and this knowledge. So you have to know, you aren't the first one and you'll probably not going to be the last one. But I will love you the same as I love every other.'' Reiju just stared at him before slowly asking: ''How many?''
''Currently? Three. One rejected me.'' Reiju looked at him curious who could reject someone like him.
''You've met her. She's your brother's fiance.''

Saying she was shocked was an understatement. So not only he was saving her brother for his crew, he was doing it for his past lover as well? But the pain in his voice told her something.
''You still love her, don't you.'' That wasn't a question. That was a statement. He looked at her with guilt.
''I do.''
''Then why are you saving him? Why are you taking such a big risk only for her to be with another man?''
''Because he's who makes her happy. And I didn't. Knowing she'd have to share me didn't bring her happiness. It brought her pain. And I saw that pain for many days every time me and Robin kissed. Every time when we left for my quarters I could feel her gaze on my back. And it burned me with guilt. But one day, that gaze was gone. I turned around and saw her and him, kissing under the moonlight. And I was jealous. But at the same time happy. Happy that she could forget me. Because I knew I'll never forget her.''

Hearing soo much pain in his voice, Reiju made a decision. She's gonna help to smooth out at least a bit of that pain. By loving him as much as possible. He will be her first and her last. The one and only. She laid her hand on his cheek and pulled him closer for a chaste kiss. Before grabbing her dress and tearing it off her, leaving her in nothing but already damp lacey pink panties.

Luffys eyes went wide, before fiercely kissing her and plunging his tongue into her mouth, engaging another heated tongue battle. But this time Luffy had the advantage. He slowly slid his hands from her waist up her torso and suddenly gave her nipples a rough pinch. She moaned into his mouth and he used that distraction to bring the fight to her. But she knew what she was doing. She traped his tongue with her lips and sucked on it, teasing it with her own. He pinched her nipples again and twisted them, and she moaned louder, releasing his tongue and breaking the kiss.

Luffy gently pressed on until he was on top of her, reaching down and tearing off her panties and sliding his finger along her slit. She shivered when be brought his hand back up, with her juices on his finger, before taking it into his mouth.
''So sweet.'' she heard him whisper before he started trailing kisses along her neck, down her collarbone and finally reaching her breast. He started slowly massaging the left mound and using his tongue drawing spirals on her right, closer and closer until finally, he reached her hardened nub and latched onto it.

Reiju moaned at this new feeling. He was sucking on her breasts, and pinching and twisting her nipple. She grabbed the back of his head, arching her back and pushing her breast even closer, something that only made him more determined. His other hand reached down to her entrance and massaged her lips, before pushing one finger inside of her. He gently pumped it in and out of her, before adding the second one, and after a minute or two a third one. Reiju felt a knot forming in her stomach and as he added fingers the more she felt the knot tightening, until after his fingers hit a specific spot and he gave her nipple a rough bit the knot disappeared and she achieved her climax. But before she could scream and wake the whole ship Luffy shut her up with another kiss.

After her orgasm died out, he positioned his mast in front of her dripping entrance and looked at her for confirmation. She gave him a smile and nodded her head. He slowly pierced her silky walls and she felt like she was being split by a hot iron rod. Soon he met her barrier and without hesitation pierced right trough, silencing her cry of pain with his lips. He kept going until he was fully sheathed. They were perfect for each other. None of them knew it yet, but his tip was almost at the entrance to her womb.

They stood still for almost a minute, Luffy's member reshaping her walls to bring him more pleasure. She was soo tight. Tighter than Nami or even Vivi on their first time. Her walls were squeezing him as tight as Hancocks during her climax. When he felt she stopped trembling he slowly pulled out, before pushing back in. As the time passed he built up a steady rhythm, and she started meeting his thrusts, allowing him to go even deeper.

Suddenly he sped up greatly, ramming himself inside of her, his tip touching her womb. She gasped at this new sensation and Luffy used that to plunge his tongue into her mouth, while using his hands to pinch and twist her harden nubs. Being stimulated on four fronts she couldn't hold out for much longer and climaxed again, silenced by Luffy's lips. Her walls tightened around his member trapping him in a vice. He tried pulling out before he came but her tight walls and her legs wrapped around his waist stopped him. She was clinging him so hard that she actually drove him deeper. She was so tight. Luffy couldn't hold on anymore. He came and poured his seed directly into her womb. The warmth of his cum only lengthened her orgasm and Reiju was gladly savoring this new sensation.

After a few minutes, her wally finally became loose enough for Luffy to pull out. Immediately her nectar mixed with his cum flowed out of her, staining the sheets. Looking at his still hard member a lewd smile crept its way on her lips. Her pussy was still oversensitive but as a woman, she had many other ways to please a man.

She motioned Luffy to sit on the edge of the bed before sliding down herself and wrapping her soft, warm mammaries around his already steel hard cock. But even her double D cups couldn't engulf his entire length as quite the portion of it was peeking out. So she took it in her mouth while moving her breasts up and down.

Luffy leaned his head back in pleasure. He never even imagined something like that. Her mounds were so soft and warm. Like her mouth and tongue, she used to tease his head. Suddenly she sucked it up and started bobbing her head up and down his shaft. Luffy felt like he died an went to heaven. So warm and soft. And that tongue. She was a quick learner, reading Luffy's body language and using the info to push him towards his release. After sucking real hard, and even giving his member a small bite, Luffy couldn't hold back. He grabbed her head and rammed his dick deep down her throat. And then he came. Reiju couldn't do anything but swallow the stream of semen that was pouring down her throat, straight to her belly. And after he was done cumming she released him and gave his rod a nice polish to get him back and hard again.

''You're a pretty quick learner aren't you?'' asked panting Luffy, with a small smirk on his lips, wrapping her in a hug.
''Well, based on my childhood, I had to be to please father and to prevent my brothers to pick on me,'' she answered him, a sad smile on her face. But it vanished as soon as Luffy pressed his lips against her in a passionate kiss.
''I love you, Reiju,'' he told her after ending the kiss.
''I love you too. Now let's continue, the night is still young,'' she smirked at him, before escaping his arms and climbing back to bed on her hands and knees. But before she could lay down, she felt a pair of hands on her hips and something hard and hot rubbing against her entrance.

''You really shouldn't be shaking that ass around,'' he whispered in her ear.
''Now I'll have to punish you.'' And with those words he pushed forward without any warning, slamming his head against her womb. Reiju almost screamed from the combination of pain and pleasure. He then slowly pulled back before ramming back in. He pulled out a bit faster. And rammed back in. Soon he was pounding her into the bed and she had a pillow pressed against her face to muffle the screams. She already climaxed twice and was on the verge of a third one when he suddenly let go of her hip with one hand, before bringing it back down on her ass with a loud smack. He felt her walls squeeze him tighter than ever before and it took every bit of self-control he had not to cum. After he got himself calmed, he presumed to plow her into oblivion and giving her an occasional spank. Soon he got another idea. he used his stretching abilities to reach her bouncing tits and roughly grabbed them, using his fingers to pinch and twist her nipple. The result was worth it. Reiju came so hard Luffy couldn't pull out of him for the life. Not that he'd try. He pushed as deep as he could and flooded her womb with his cum.

Feeling the warmth of his seed spread throughout her body initiated a whole new series of orgasms for her, and her velvety walls squeezing down on his member got Luffy all hard again. But as he pulled out he realized that Reiju was way too sensitive as even pulling out caused her discomfort. He was just preparing to suggest that they both go to sleep when he heard her panting.
''My butt... put it in my butt...'' Luffy just looked in disbelief.
''Are you serious? It will hurt,'' he told her with concern in his voice. She once again melted because of how much he cared about her.
''I'm sure. Just... go slow.'' Luffy gave her a caring smile and stroke her cheek with his hand. But she surprised him by taking his fingers in her mouth and sucking on them. Ge grinned at her and rubbed his rod at her rear entrance.

It was painful. Luffy was really a lot to handle. But god, DID IT TURN ME ON! How can pain turn someone on? She didn't know. All she knew was that she couldn't imagine a better feeling than Luffy's dick stretching her ass to its limits. The pain was soo... delicious. And even after the pain went away. There was still the pleasure.
''You ready?'' he asked, hands firmly on her hips. She just nodded. He slowly pulled out and slowly slid back.
''Harder.'' He looked confused. She wasn't sure if he was teasing.
''I said, fuck me harder.'' she almost yelled. Luffy pulled out a little faster, but then slammed back inside. He could see her juices dripping out of her abused cunt and straight onto bed sheets.
''Do I need to draw it to you? I SAID FUCK ME HARDER!'' she actually, yelled this time. And fuck her harder he did. He pounded her so hard, the bed bent under the force. Her anal cavity will never be the same. But her moaning was letting down. Luckily Luffy knew what to do. SMACK!
''Oh, FUCK YES!'' she screamed. Smacking continued intensifying by the seconds until Reiju came so hard, her ass squeezed down on Luffy's dick. With one last mighty push, he drilled himself as deep as possible before releasing his seed into her butt.

Without as much as a single word, they fell onto the bed and fell asleep.

Somewhere, near Totland Sanji had the strangest dreams and woke up with a feeling that he should REALLY kick someone's ass.
''Ah, probably that shitty Marimo talking about me. Jerk.'' he thought, but deep inside something was telling him that the reason was much MUCH worse.

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