Chapter 3 here I come! Again cant reveal anything so soon. Although… Yusei may or may not have/ have had an identity crisis soon.

Yusei POV
Jack determinedly taps with his fist another poster that depicts a turbo-duel. Startling me out of my thoughts. He's standing at the top of another set of stairs opposite Crow's.
"What more do you guys have to prove? You already saved the world. If y'ask me, it's all right for you to rest on your laurels a bit." Trudge asked.
"No way! A true duelist never rests. He's always training and getting better! Isn't that right, Yusei?" Crow asked.
"That's right, Crow. But winning the Grand Prix isn't what I'm training for." I say.

"Not at all" an image of Them flashes through my mind.
I'm still holding the object I removed from the wreck. I squeeze it slightly tighter.

" I'll have to clean up and hope Jack and Crow don't notice how strange the "burns" look.

"True; we may have saved the world, but it was close, too close for comfort. We nearly lost everything that we care for. Crow, I know you and Jack came out of it more sure of your duel skills than ever..."
Jack nods firmly, as does Crow.
"But as for me, I've never been more uncertain." My mind flashes to what could have happened. If I had disappeared They would have been devastated. Remembering how we had met, all the walls that I had broken down. My throat tightened at the thought of Them going back to that just because I wasn't strong enough.

Their smile, vanishing, because of me.

As selfish as it sounded I would rather the dark signers had won.

If nothing else this most recent situation had made me consider my own mortality and ensured that I had to get stronger. No matter what.
Mina primly clears her throat, awkwardly changing the subject and again, pulling me out of my thoughts.
"Speaking of uncertainty..."
"Sector Security has its fair share, these days." Trudge continued.
"Lemme guess—. "Jack said "that's why you're here."
"Have you heard the rumors? About the Ghost?" Trudge asked.
"The Ghost...?" I said. " it couldn't be a real one could it? That definitely wasn't our specialty"
"Yeah, I think so! He's that guy who's supposed to appear at night, challenge you to a duel, an' then force you into a crash, right?" said Crow.
"Yeah." Trudge confirmed.
"As you know, when New Domino City and Satellite were linked up, turbo-duels were legalized. It didn't take long before all types of special courses were being built; but it wasn't until the Grand Prix was announced, and they came out with that new Speed World Two card, that things really went into overdrive. Duelists from all over were battling on side-streets and highways, day and night.

"Of course they were!" Crow snorted. "There's no better way to sharpen your skills for the Grand Prix than with a freewheelin' turbo-duel!"

"I agree..." Mina stated "because there are supposed to be safety measures in place to make sure that no one gets injured."
"Wait, are you saying that Ghost's not a rumor, that he's real and he's found a way to bypass the safety measures?!" Jack askes, alarmed.
"That's correct, Mister Atlas. You're quite astute." Mina says.
"Don't tell 'im that, Chief, it'll go to his head!" says Trudge.
"So what's this gotta do with us?" Crow asks. "I mean it's clear what has to be done! Someone's gotta go out late at night, take 'im on in a turbo-duel and beat 'im!"
"Exactly right!" Trudge says. He and Mina look at me. "So how 'bout it?"
"Uh, so how about what?" I ask

they couldn't really expect us to take care of it.. could they?
vaguely I notice that the back of Crow's new yellow jacket has a stylized blackbird on it.
"Ohh, no! I know where you're goin' with this, Trudge, and you can just forget it!"
Jack and I look more ambivalent, but Crow isn't beyond telling them no to their faces. He had always been direct like that.

"Don't get me wrong- I hate that people're getting hurt; but we've got the Grand Prix to prepare for, and we don't have any time to spare! You guys're Security, you take care of it!"

And with that Crow all but shoves Trudge and Mina out the door. The crowd has dispersed.
"Thanks for droppin' in! Great seein' ya! Bye!"

Crow closes the door again and bolts it.
"Now, let's get back to work, shall we?"
"Uh..." I mumble. Even if I am secretly relieved that Crow had told them no. I had always had a bit of difficulty doing that with people.
Jack sighs and mutters "if we must…" but out loud says "All right..."

I sigh and go over to the area where I had been thrown against the wall. If I was right then this was where the strangest "damage" would be.