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Location: Heavenly Plains

Sitting at a desk is a beautiful woman sighed as she looked over paper on her desk "Why did I allow those devils to borrow that territory if they can't even deal with threats as soon as possible it's beyond m…" CRASH. The door leading to her office slammed open with another young woman in a shrine maiden outfit taking deep breaths.

"Huff Amaterasu-Sama there's an emergency at Kuoh fallen angel leader Kokabiel has been sited fighting the Maous sisters, and are loosening the fight!" At hearing this the women at the desk now known as Amaterasu she had a shocked look only to a look of rage on her face grinding her teeth" WHAT that's it I'm taking back Kuoh after talking to Serafall after this send the patrol."

"But my lady all but Patrick are on leave and he is at home asle.." "I don't care if he's fucking someone bring him here now he has power enough to blast someone of Kokabiels power away." Accepting the goddess wishes the shine maiden bows and disappears in a flash of light.

Location: Kyoto

Here we see a male in bed with his sheets scattered about and pillow over his head in his room was snoring which was disturbed by the flash of light in the center of his room. Throwing the pillow at the flash and tackling the figure to the ground with a shriek coming from it. Cold blue eyes looked into light brown ones in rage the other in pain and fear.

"What are doing in my room in the middle of the night" He asked in a hard tone earning even more fear from her look "Amaterasu-Sama requires your presence immediately there's an emergency that requires the Patrol and you're the only one here." She said as he let her go and help her off the floor and walking about the room picking up scattered cloths. "Fine take me now then so I can sleep I'm so not in the mood for this right now." He growled out. Shaking in fear she took his hand and flashed back to the Heavenly Plains.

Location: Heavenly Plains

Amaterasu was sitting at her desk elbows on it and hands resting on her head thinking of all what is happening in this one night only to have her train of thought interrupted by a flash of light. "Good you're here w.. why don't you have close on." Her voice taking a higher pitch, and a pink blush coming to her pale cheeks seeing Patrick in nothing but his boxers holding a ball of cloths under his arms, and holding a pair of shoes." I don't know maybe because I was sleeping till she came and got me so what's going on that you needed me now?" He asked as he started putting on his cloths.

"At Kuoh where we rented out the land to the devils Kokabiel has been sighted, and since I had no prior notice to any fallen in the county he is trespassing and needs taking care of and you're the only one here as of now and the others are out of country so we need to send you to Kuoh, and deal with him before he kills one of the Maous sisters." She finished informing him as he put on his last article of clothing which was a vest with the symbol on the back saying Youkai Patrol.

A grin came to his face "Hello misplaced aggression ok send me then I could use a punching bag." He said as a golden teleportation circle appeared under him. "Patrick use any means to take care of him he is trespassing dead or alive is up to you good luck." The goddess said as Patrick saluted her with a grin as he was teleported out of the room. Amaterasu still looking at where Patrcik was "May your dead creator have mercy on your soul Kokabiel because Patrick will not."

Location: Kuoh Academy

Here we see a magical force field around a school with people inside it and outside. Outside the barrier is the younger sister of the only female maou Sona Sitri, and her peerage powering up the spell containing to other though the battle looks bleak as the others are barely able to land a hit on him.

She was about to tell them to keep it up the power to be interrupted by a flash of light in the form of a golden teleportation circle with a black spiky hair man to walk out. Looking at the stranger with suspicion as he was wearing a white tee shirt with a black unzipped vest wearing a pair of ripped jeans with a belt and gray sneakers with white rims under them.

As he got closer to the barrier he saw people on the inside fighting and outside who seem to be supporting the magic to power to the barrier. Looking up and addressing them "Hey if you want to go home to night let me in I'm on a mission from the Shintos to get rid of a pigeon that needs its wing clipped." He said as Sona was looking at him and the rest of her peerage looked to see who got close to them without them knowing. "Why should I do that even if you were sent from the Shintos how do we know it's not a drop so you can help Kokabiel." Sona asked as she saw him take a deep breath before speaking "If I was I would of killed you all when you weren't looking and fighting the Leviathan is not on my list of things to do in the future so open up so I can go about my job lady." He said in an annoyed tone earning a few angry looks from the others, and a eye twitch from Sona. "Fine everyone open a hole and let him though." She ordered as an opening appeared to let him walk in.

Inside the barrier Rias, and her peerage and church agents were about out of hope fighting a leader of the fallen angels that wanted to start another war. "Is this all the sister of Lucifer, and the Red Dragon Emperor has to offer I'm disappointed well say your goodbyes the start of a new war is at HAND." Kokabiel yelled the last part as he pulled back his right arm and charged a big light spear then threw it at the group on the ground. Closing her eyes she waited with her peerage for pain to come only for them to hear a large explosion and wind pick up as the light spear was destroyed by a beam of red energy.

Kokabiel seeing this got angry"What, who did that!" He yelled only to dodge multiple small beams of energy coming at him. "Over here you pigeon." A voice got all their attention as they turned to see a young man casually holding up his arm and hand with his fingers making a gun gesture with his right index finger and thumb. "I got orders from on high to clip your wings for trespassing in Shinto territory. So how about you come with me or be shot, up to you." Patrick said as he laid his hand on his hip ready to shoot again if need be.

"The Shintos now that is interesting now I can include another pantheon in this war and finally show that the Fallen are the superior race, come then let your death herald a new war!" Kokabiel said with glee and smiling showing his pointed teeth as Patrick got a grin of his own.

The start of a battle was about to begin.

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