Chapter 2, Believe.

There could a number of reasons for this craziness that's standing before her, but in her mind, Bonnie can only think of it as a joke. The joke's not even close to being funny, to qualify as a joke, but still, she can only think of it as a joke, a very lame joke.

Feeling that way, she looks at the baby being held out to her, and then she turns to Damon. This must be his doing, directly or indirectly, and because of that, she feels even more anger towards him than from before when it was just the two of them. If looks could kill, he might've been dead at least three times over by now. She's that overtaken by her anger, that she roughly pushes her gifted cup of coffee back into his hands.

'Take your frappu-whatever,' she hisses, 'and stay the hell away from me, Damon!'

For all she knows, if he's capable of pretending to care about her, right before sucking her into this disturbing joke, he's too capable of drugging the coffee. Now that she thinks about it, maybe he'd drugged it all along, so that she could be wooed by the drugs in the coffee, to agree with whatever crazily stupid thing he came to ask her. And considering what he'd done with Kai, bringing Kai to her, even when she specifically told him that she never wanted to see him again, she has very good reason to suspect this of him.

He, surprisingly accepts the cup from her, but he just as quickly shifts it to his other hand, so that his nearest hand can grab her arm to prevent, her from walking away.

'Oh no, you don't,' he tells her plainly and quite seriously.

She can't ask what she can't do, because he roughly pulls her with him back into the room that they had been in, before they came out for the disruption. She doesn't even bother to close the door behind her, because she doesn't want to be in a closed space with Damon.

'Very clever, Bonnie!' he immediately starts like he is the victim. 'Whatever this is, you're not leaving me alone with it. You need to explain what's going on.'

He's incredible, and she means that in the most negative way there is. He's seriously going to stand there, have hold of her arm this tightly, look into her eyes with fake wonder, and blame her for this? He's totally incredible!

'Me?' she cries the question out.

'Yes, you miss, 'I just felt incredible magic.'

'Please,' she shoots back, 'if anyone is responsible for this, it's you. I mean,' she tries to pull free from his grasp, but he doesn't budge in letting her go, so she says, 'Let me go.'

Thankfully, he listens to her, letting her arm free. Curiously, for someone that wanted to be let go of, instead of stepping away from him, she steps closer into him as a way of challenge and to have a lot of an up-close view of his sneaky face and eyes.

'You're the one who came here,' she starts to remind him, 'pretending you care enough about me to randomly bring me coffee. What guarantee do I have that you're not responsible for that group of kids, and you need me to clean up your mess?'

Like she thought in the beginning, there could be a number of reasons that those kids out there are here, and although she's chosen to believe it as a tasteless joke, knowing Damon and how he always needs her help, it's more likely that she needs to fix what he can't fix by himself.

It's funny how that always works with Damon, she takes a brief second to wonder, he can get himself into messes by himself just fine, but when it comes to resolving them, he always needs the help of someone or other. And these days, since their stint in the Prison World, she's primarily the person that he comes to for any and every little one of his self-made messes.

Making it seem like a reflex response to her accusation, Damon gives off a long laugh, one which she's come to know as disbelieving.

'Kids, Bonnie?' he pulls a confused face. 'Really? There's no way on Earth, that I would get involved with kids. They're pests, and sticky and most importantly, annoying.'

Okay, she'll except that the thing about him getting involved with kids is true, but still, whatever he did, could've indirectly brought them here to them. Of all the times and places that she children could've appeared, they spontaneously just happened to end up here? That's a bit too convenient, she thinks.

'I don't care,' she tells him straightforwardly. 'Just stay away from me, Damon.'

She will not be a part of this. Like her life is not a struggle as it is. No, she won't continue to stand here and allow the small opportunity to sway her decision, present itself. The way she knows Damon, he can be very persuasive, but more than he can be persuasive, she's still got to teach herself to not soften to him. Her softness towards him, is what's always won over by his persuasiveness. If she didn't have a soft spot for him, she would stay longer to tell him that she won't help him with this at all.

With that thought, she turns her back on him and begins to leave, only, at the door, the kid with the baby in her arms enters before she can leave, carefully closing it behind her.

'Mom?' the kid asks as if to ask what is going on.


She carefully looks at the kid, doing her utmost best to avoid looking the baby in her arms, because… Should she try to get to the bottom of this, at least?

'What are you?' comes out of her mouth before she can stop herself.

Clearly, the kid is human, or so it seems, but still…

'I'm your daughter,' the girl answers her evenly. 'We really are your children, and you're really our parents. Grandma warned me that it would be better for all of us if we stayed in the past with her, but I know that Flora, Ethan and Nice, and even Dean need you.'

That's something, Bonnie thinks, the way she just excluded herself from needing her so-called parents. It easily gives of the picture of someone who is more interested in looking out for her siblings, than worrying about what it could mean for her. For someone so young, that shouldn't be a responsibility that she should carry. Although, in this case, it makes sense for her to be concerned about her siblings like this.

However, as lightly admirable as the girl might be, Bonnie still can't find it within her to want to believe that she's mothered five children. It's just impossible, and with Damon Salvatore, no less.

'I don't have children,' she tells the kid as plainly as she can.

It's that the kid looks so sure of what she's saying, of everything she's saying, which makes it seem like the kid believes that lie as well. Either that, or she's just an awesome actress.

'In the past, you do,' the kid answers, 'and we're them. If you don't believe me, you can do a spell, or even contact Grandma in the past.'

It's only at this point, that Damon joins them at the door, taking his place beside Bonnie, to curiously ask, 'And who exactly is Grandma?'

Bonnie looks at him. That's what he wants to know? In the unlikely event that he has nothing to do with this, that's the question that's burning the most in his mind? She wonders why, because said 'Grandma,' can either only be his mother, Lily, or her mother, Abby.

'Abby,' the girl easily lets out, 'Grandma Abby.'


That really hit her in way that it shouldn't have. She knew the answer would only be one of the two options, however, she didn't expect it to be Abby. Basically, she eyes the child carefully, what this child is saying, is that Abby is or was a part of her life in the past?

That's absurd. So absurd that it's starting make her sweat from the inside.

'Look,' Bonnie breathes out, mostly trying to calm herself, 'I don't know who you are, where you came from, what your purpose is, or who sent you, but I do know that I have class in twenty minutes, so I have to go. Please move.'

Gosh, a small, small part of her longs to see that, to see what the kid said, to actually have it be true, because she wouldn't object to having a relationship with her mother… It's the reason that she's starting to shake…

'Woah, woah, woah,' Damon stops her from making to leave, by placing a hand on her shoulder. 'Bonnie, now let's not be rash. Let's hear the kid out.'

Sharply, she faces him in disbelief. How much more selfish can he get?

'What are you doing, Damon?' she demands to know.

He should just come right out and confess his involvement in this, because she can't take it anymore. She'd rather that he tells her the truth, than try to sweet talk her into helping him deal with this.

'I'm just saying,' he softly argues. 'Let's hear the kid out. I mean, when I think about it, that boy out there kind of reminds of my brother a little bit.'

A little bit, she notes, that's his way of saying that he can't deny the resemblance if he wanted to. It's also his way of asking her to just…

'You always said that Uncle Stefan looked like that as a kid,' the girl says with a smile in her voice, making both of them turn to her. 'Ethan adores you, Dad, and he kept asking about you. They all asked for you guys. They don't understand what it means to die, and I told Flora that it's to go to a different place. She's really naïve and innocent, so she believes me. Please don't make me return with them to the past, especially now that they've seen you.'

For the second time, Bonnie observes, for someone who says that they are thirteen, she sounds quite mature and in control.

'Mia?' Damon softly says her name. 'That's your name, right?'

'Yeah,' the kid smirks. 'Mom chose it. You wanted Pearl, but gave in to Mia anyway.'

Ever so softly, Damon nods as if to say that he can believe that. Bonnie can't quite place her finger on it, but somehow, it seems like Damon just changed towards the girl. If it's a true reaction, it can only be the result of the even plea that the girl made to them.

She, on the other hand, is currently more concerned with the girl's name, that she apparently chose. Mia. That's such a plain name for her to apparently have selected. She couldn't have chosen that name, because if she ever had a child, she'd go for something like Celeste or Constanza; she's always loved those two names.

Pulling Bonnie out of her thoughts, and possibly for her attention, the girl calls, 'Mom?'

'Please stop calling me that!' she uncharacteristically snaps.

Wow, she didn't realise that this had gotten this deep into her, that she got to this point of snapping so suddenly. She instantly regrets doing that, as it had not been her intention, and she immediately wants to take the words back.

There's slight hurt that appears on the girl face, which mostly makes her want to do a spell to rewind to the second before she snapped, but she knows all too well, that she can't take back the words that she said. They've been said and heard, now all that remains, is apologising for their unintended effect.

'Look,' she apologetically breathes, 'I'm sorry, okay? You just randomly showed up and started calling me Mom. How do you just expect me to accept all of this?'

She still doesn't know what this is, whether it's a joke, or real, or a trick. She doesn't anything about that, she only certainly knows that apparently this whole situation has settled into her system in an uncomfortable way, and she doesn't appreciate that.

'But you always believe me,' Mia says to her.

Even if that's true, Bonnie thinks, she said it herself, it's the past self that has children, not her, here in the present.

'Mia,' Damon gently says to her, 'go back outside. I'm going to talk to her for a minute.'

Mia looks hesitant enough. She must be worried of something, of possibly being rejected and being forced to return to the past with her siblings like she doesn't want to.

'Trust me,' Damon assures her, and she seems to believe him, because she leaves, closing the door behind her.

After that, Damon takes Bonnie by surprise, when his hands cup her face between them. She wouldn't have expected it of him, because yes, they have a steady relationship, but this new way that he's touching her, it just seems too different for them, and way out of the context of what their relationship is really all about. The gentleness with which he's holding her face, unnerves her more than the sudden presence of their so-called children did.

'Bonnie, listen,' he starts soothingly. 'I know it's out of the blue and crazy, but they're just kids.'

She only looks at him while she waits for the rest of his point to come out of his mouth.

Seeing that she won't give him a response, he continues with, 'They're probably just an illusion anyway, so please…'

Please what? Accept them? Believe them? She's a college student for the love of something. She's just come from a pretty hectic and horrifying experience, and she's still dealing with the after effects of that. So, if this parent thing is even remotely true, how can she fit kids into the mess that is her life?

'Bonnie,' he tries, 'I swear this has nothing to do with me. I admit that I did come here to butter you up a bit, but I swear on my life that this has nothing to do with me.'

'So what do you want from me, Damon?' she gets out of her mouth. 'What am I supposed to do? Just believe them? Change my life for them? Take them to my house and play Mom to them?'

Putting on a considering expression, Damon shortly supplies her with, 'When you put it like that, it sounds almost as crazy as the idea of me and you having kids by each other. Although,' he adds thoughtfully, 'the 'first generation Salvatore witches with Bennett blood' thing does sound like me.'

She almost smiles, almost, because that is really true. That does sound like something that he would say and brag about.

Just then, after saying that, he frees her face, stepping back too. Like that, she knows that he's giving her room to decide whether or not to trust him. The least she can do for him, if he's being this considerate, is afford him a small bit of that same courtesy and allow room for believing him in her heart. However, she has to make absolutely sure that he's clear of all of this.

'You swear this has nothing to do with you?' she asks, hoping for nothing but the truth from him.

'On Elena's life,' he immediately answers, 'because apparently, you don't believe that I love my own life enough to swear on it.'

That's enough for her, she supposes. If he can swear on Elena's life, then it is true that he has nothing to do with this, that he's just as clueless as she is in all of this.

'So,' she exhales, 'what do we do?'

'Well, you-'

'No way, Damon!' she quickly counters. 'I'm not dealing with this alone. You can't just pep talk and reason me into this, and then withdraw yourself from the equation.'

If that's how this is going to be, then she'll withdraw herself out of the equation too.

He smirks just right, to say that she has little faith in him. 'I was going to say that you, attend your class, while I interrogate them a little bit.'

Oh, she relaxes.

'I think I'll take them to a park,' he explains himself, 'load them with lots of sugar to drug them up, and then get the juice.'

That is so him, she thinks, willing herself not to smile at that. He probably believes that's the best idea in the whole world.

'I would normally think of that as disturbing,' she seems to disagree with him at first, only to continue with, but… I don't think anyone should see you with them, so…'

She can't believe she's about to say this, but-

'I think you should take them to my house, and I'll meet you there when I'm done. Deal?'

'Deal,' he instantly agrees with a dazzling smile.

Chapter 3, Change My Life.