Welcome to chapter 3

In this chapter, we have a time skip and we see how much Deltaclaw has grown.

Also, Deltaclaw will be like a triple changer he'll have a bike mode and pretender mode but due to the Animagus form that he would have had as a human, it will be his fourth form. So he'll be a multi-changer like Exia Prime's symbiod Lunaclaw.

Now a little bit of info.

Triple changer: A bot who has two forms besides bipedal form.

Multi-changer: A bot or symbiod who has the ability to take multiple forms, ranging from four as a minimum to anything in the size range of the bot in question.

For example, Lunaclaw can change between a panther, wolf, a golden eagle and Quad bike since they are within her size range or smaller. But due to Lunaclaw being a symbiod she lacks a bipedal mode.

Also, the soul shard in Harry's head was destroyed when he became a Cybertronian.

Cleared? Now off we go!

I do NOT own Transformers or Harry Potter, just my Oc's and story idea.

Chapter 3: 9 Years Later



Athena sighs as she walked around the Autobot base, it was a calm day. The humans were busy with work or training, a few bots were out on patrol. Her sparkmates were on patrol as well, and if she remembered correctly it was with Dynames.

A lot has changed in the last 9 years, more bots had landed both good and bad. She could still remember when Wheeljack landed how he managed to blow up a cube of energon was beyond her, she was just glad Wheeljack had his own hanger to himself.

Speaking of changes, Athena smiled as she arrived in the Rec room where a young bot stood with Ezio.

Deltaclaw had grown into a fine young mech and true to Exia's words the young mech had grown quickly, Ratchet had also checked the mech over and this 'magic' Delta had was also helping him grow faster to make up for the lack of growth his human body got.

In human age, he would be around 14 or 15 years old, but in bot terms, he was close to being around 25 or something like that.

Delta took note of his Opiluk and turned to her as she walked over, his frame had changed over the years but he was still a small mech. He would come to just above Optimus's hips in height, his helm was Valkyrie style but with his audio's being on top of his helm and were shaped like panther ears due to his animal mode of a black panther.

He had hidden claws in his servos which were black, along with his helm, lower arms, and hips while the rest of him was white with his joints being silver. On his aft was a black panther tail that swished with his emotions, his armor was smooth and held an unknown grace to him. His emerald green optics took in every detail around him, the bike wheels of his Alt-mode rested on his ankles and said Alt-mode was a black Suzuki Hayabusa gsx1300r.

Delta's little winglets twitch as he stood before his Opiluk. (His winglet's look like Prime Arcee's little back winglet's)

"Hey Opiluk, how has your day been so far?" Delta asked his voice was smooth and confident with a faint British accent.

"My day has been fine, been training a few of the humans speaking of training how has your magic been?" Athena asked as the two of them walked over to the sofa to sit down.

"My magic training is almost done, I've just got to pass these exams and I'll be able to use magic freely," Deltaclaw said as he flexed his winglets.

Athena nods as she glanced at the TV which had the news playing when she remembered something which made her smile.

"So, how has my little mech been with Prowl?" Athena asked a teasing smirk on her lips.

Delta felt his cheeks burn as his internal fans came on, a few years ago the second in command Prowl had landed. Delta was in the last stages of his youngling years when he met Prowl, the two worked together and became good friends. When Delta reached his adult frame with a huge crush on the SIC, he got one hell of a shock when Prowl on his creation day asked him out!

Turns out Prowl had developed his own crush on the bot and had asked Athena and the Arcee triplets for permission to court Deltaclaw, so now they had been together for 2 years and getting ready to sparkbond soon.

"We are planning to sparkbond," Delta said making Athena nod.

"I had a feeling you two would be bonding soon," Athena said before looking at the TV.

A beep went off making Delta reach up and activate his comlink which rested on the right side of his helm, he grins when heard the voice of his mechfriend.

"Hey Prowl, what do you need?" Delta asked ignoring his Opiluk's knowing stare and smirk.

": Delta, you have a patrol in an hour come and see me for the route:" Prowl said making Delta nod.

"Will do, Delta out," Delta said before bidding his Opiluk goodbye and went to Prowls office.


Prowl looked up from the datapad he was reading as the door to his office opened, he let a smile show on his face as he saw Deltaclaw walk in.

He smiled in greeting as Delta walked over, he let a small growl escape his lip plating as he stood up and nuzzled his helm with Deltaclaw's making the small mech purr.

"Are you doing well?" Prowl asked while pulling back to sit down.

"I am, you said you have a route patrol to show me?" Deltaclaw asked as he spotted the datapad Prowl held.

"Yes, the route is mainly on the outskirts of the NEST base we've been getting sightings of unknown magicals in the area," Prowl said handing the datapad to his future sparkmate.

Deltaclaw took the datapad and read it over, he gave a low hmmm as he read the descriptions of the unknown magicals.

"Sounds like some magicals being noise, we're they intoxicated at the time?" Delta asked putting the pad down.

"A few of them were but the others seemed to be trying to get into the base, two of them possessed a strange mark on their forearms," Prowl said as Delta moves and sat on Prowls lap.

"Sounds like those Death Eaters the magical president told us about, they won't be much trouble then," Deltaclaw said as he nuzzled into Prowls neck making the police mech wrap his arms around Delta's waist.

"They won't be, speaking of trouble you took the new facts about your birth creators well," Prowl said a small growl in his voice when he said 'birth creators' and for good reason.

It was a shock for Deltaclaw when he was told about his human parents the Potters were in fact alive! Living happily with Deltaclaw's twin Hector, who by reports did not seem as cheerful as he let on. Delta had at first been shocked by the news until he had to help calm his creators down before they could go Potter Hunting as Dynames jokingly called it.

Though, according to a few reports sent in by an America magical who was sent to keep an eye on the Potters had told them that Sirius Black had awoken from his healing coma. He was not happy to learn of Harry's fate and verbal torn into Jame and Lily before leaving them with Remus to cool down, the friendship between Sirius and James was rocky now with Remus taking Sirius's side on the matter.

But Delta did feel sorry for his twin, Hector who was putting up with his parent's attention seeking and being fame hungry. Deltaclaw could feel the faint emptiness in his spark that the twins Sunstreaker and Sideswipe had described as a closed twin bond, they had both been alarmed at how a pair of twins had been separated like he and Hector had been and they gave him their support in the matter.

"They did not raise me and so I hold no emotional attachments to them, my family is here with NEST and the Autobots," Deltaclaw said making Prowl purr.

"It is best you head out on patrol sweetspark, we have a busy night tonight," Prowl said his voice dropping to a whisper to speak into Delta's audios at the last bit.

Delta blushed but nodded as the two shared a quick kiss before getting up and leaving for patrol.



A young teenager around the age of 14 stood in the hallway hidden from view by an invisibility cloak, his black hair cut short and spiky showing a small flame like scar on his forehead. His emerald green eyes held a glare in them, he was of average height and had a swimmer build with toned muscles giving him a lithe build. His school outfit was a little messy due to him sneaky about.

This was Hector Potter, the 'Boy-Who-Lived', a title which he secretly hated and only his closest friends knew his real self and his wish of escaping his fame, hungry parents.

He was currently spying on his parents and headmaster as they talked about the upcoming Tri-Wizard tournament and his missing twin brother, he still remembered being told about having a twin brother.

He had been shocked then happy finally understanding why he always had this feeling of emptiness in his chest, he had a twin! A twin brother! Then he got confused, why was his brother not with him? It was unheard of for twins especially magical twins to not be together, just look at the Weasley twins!

He then learned of what his parents did, how they abandoned his twin to his mother's sister. All because Dumbledore said he needed the attention and protection more than Harry! The bastards! He did not talk to his parents for a week and avoided them at all costs until Remus talked to him.

He later told his friends about what his parents had done, they had been shocked then disgusted with the Potters. Mostly the Weasley twins, they knew how important having a twin was.

Hector growls as he heard Dumbledore suggest putting Harry and his name into the Tournament, he would need to warn his friends about this.

Turning he quietly left the hallway, he had some news to deliver to his friends.



Deltaclaw groans as he slowly awoke from recharge, his frame warm as he snuggled into his sparkmates side. Prowl had his arms wrapped around his waist as he recharged, the police mech was having a rare lie in.

They had become sparkmates a few days ago, it had been a wonderful first experience for Deltaclaw. The teasing from his creators and family had been worth it afterward.

He yawns as he shook his helm, he then smiled at the warmth in his spark. It had helped ease the emptiness in his twin bond, he was about to get up when Prowl gave a low growl as he woke up.

"What are you doing?" Prowl asked as he opened his optics.

Not long after becoming sparkmates the both of them had entered what the humans called 'honeymoon' mode mostly due to newly mated Cybertronians being very clingy, protective, and possessive of each other during this time period.

It was mostly because of the bond settling down between them, Prowl would be protective and posessive of Deltaclaw since the small mech was the more submissive of the two and in turn Delta would be clingy and very...twitchy without Prowl around to 'protect' him. It was instinctual behaviour and it normally lasts for two weeks in human time.

"I was gonna do some stretches," Delta said only to yelp softly as Prowl moved and gently pinned Delta to the berth his doorwings flaring.

"You wouldn't mind if I helped you stretch? Would you?" Prowl said with a smirk as he leaned down and pulled Delta into a kiss making the mech groan.

Oh, he defiantly didn't mind! Besides they had a lot of energy to burn off after all!

Done! Next chapter is hectic.

Delta has no idea of the chaos in store for him or the spark attack everyone is soon to get.

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