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"I've been trained to control the power of snow for a while my sensei has trained me in private and has not told any one about me." Dakota said. Tori was surfing then when she finished she got her stuff and went to her van. Shane was riding on his skateboard and looked at the guys watch and started to run to tori's van. Dustin was riding his bike he look at Kelly watch. "I have to go ill call you later," Dustin said. They were running late as usual Shane walked up to the window and then he said boo you miss me? "Dream on. Where is Dustin? Last as usual." Tori said. "Aww, dude!" Shane exclaimed as Dustin got in the car. "How can you guys be late every single time. I couldn't be late if I actually planned it." Tori said. "Maybe that's because your the reliable one." Shane said. "What does that mean - "the reliable one"? Look, in any group, there are different kinds of people." Shane said. " Yeah think about the power rangers." Dustin said. "Power rangers? you got to be joking." Tori exclaimed. "No, okay there always the mellow reflective dude." Dustin said. "Then theres the risk taker the adrenaline guy that would of course be me." Shane said. "Yeah and you Tori your just the logical one."Dustin said. "You guy have to lay of the comic books seriously power ranger. Whatever!" Tori said.

Arrived at the entrance of the academy...

"This place always creeps me out." Dustin said. "Dustin would you come on." Tori exclaimed. "Im right here!" Dustin said. It sure is quiet here. A little to quiet." Shane said. all of the sudden ninjas came out of nowhere. They tore off there cuvilian clothes to be replaced with thier ninja suits. They all started fighting Tori was fighting in the water and then she lost her balance and fell in the water. Dustin was fighting the ninjas they went underground and he started to fight again then he tried to go underground but he got stuck. Shane was fighting he went up into the air and then he fell. Shane, Tori and Dustin were standing there and then a there was a bird flying over them. "Oh, man!" Shane exclaimed. then the bird turned into sensei. "That's enough for today. Tori, Shane, and Dustin I am very disappointed I will expect a visit from you. So that we may discuss your lack of commitment to your ninja training." Sensei said as he walked off. "Well that wasn't so bad huh. What well it wasn't. Dustin said as they went through the portal. "Tell you what you guys can blame it on me." Dustin said. "Don't worry we will." Tori said. "You have been student at the wind ninja academy for nearly a year and yet you fail to see the importance of punctuality. I would suggest you find a way to change that before you change that before you return tomorrow . Otherwise I will have no choice but to expel you." Sensei said. "Wait you can't!" Shane exclaimed. "You all have great potential it would be a shame to waste it now go. You must have other studies" Sensei said. They left and cam walked over to his dad. "I don't know why you put up with them." Cam said. "Well then Cameron i suppose that's why I'm the sensei and you're the sensei's son." Sensei said. Then he heard rumbling in the distant. "What's wrong dad?" Cam asked.

At storm chargers...

Dustin was working in the back of the store "Kick-flip to 50-50 that's what i got to learn from my video." Dustin said. Then the clocks went off and they ran out of the store. "Dustin you're not going to leave me here to clean up the shop." Kelly said. "Have I ever told you what a cool boss you are? Bye Kelly!" Dustin said. They were driving down the road to go the academy. "Are we on time?" Shane asked. "We're early hey they look like they need help." Tori said. "No way tori we can't." Shane said. "We can't just leave them here. What if something happens to them?" Tori said. "All I know is if we're late something will definitely happen to us and it won't involve fun and fabulous prizes." Shane said. "Two minutes dude!" Dustin said.

At the academy..

"Lothar!" Sensei said as he appeared. "The dark energy is strong in you." Sensei said. "It's had time to grow." Lothar said. "It has been a while." Sensei said. "Armies take time and now is the time for revenge. Zurgane proceed!" Lothor said. "As you wish sir." Zurgane said. Lothar and sensei started to fight and the others went to attack the students with calzaxs. They finished helping those people and started back to the academy. They captured the ninja's and Lothar hit sensei with a beam. They walked in "Something's attacking the school. It's gone." Shane said. "Okay don't know I'm thinking earthquake." Dustin said. "When was the last time you heard of an earthquake sucking buildings and people into the sky." Shane said. "Whos that? It's cam help me get him out we've got you. Cam you okay?" Shane said. "Yeah I'm fine come on guys this way." Cam said. "Cam what is this place." Shane asked. "Just follow me. Don't ask any questions because i can't answer them. " Cam said. "What is this like some big secret?" Shane asked. "Yes Shane it's like some big secret. "There are times when secrets must be revealed cam." Sensei said. "Hey uh that big rat sounds just like sensei." Shane said. "Yeah I know but it doesn't really look like him though huh. I mean except for the cloaks. "My father is not a rat he's a guinea pig." Cam said. "Dude did he just explain why and i like missed it." Dustin said. " He stuck." Dakota said as she walked out into the room. "Who are you?" Tori asked. "you will find out soon." Dakota said. "Yes Shane stuck observe this is lothar once a great ninja he was banished from the earth when his hunger for power turned him to the dark side. When our energy fields collided I was transformed into what you see before you. Now he has returned and has brought an army that will do everything to take our planet for their own unless they are stopped." Sensei said. "Who is going to be dumb enough to try and stop them." Dustin said. "An excellent questions Dustin the morphers cam." Sensei said. "Father you're not serious." Cam said. "We have no choice." Sensei said. "But these guys? I mean them they're well they're." Cam said. "We're what?" Tori said. "Yeah i don't like the way that sounded do you" Shane asked. "Actually dude I'm kind of lost here. Dustin said. "Now cam." Sensei said. "These are your power ranger wind morphers." Cam said. "yes, see I knew it dude i was right power rangers are real." Dustin said. "Dustin child of earth true to your heart you will embody the powers of the yellow wind ranger, Tori fluid and graceful like the water you will become the blue wind ranger, Shane reaching for the stars you will command the powers of the red wind ranger, and Dakota you will command the white wind ranger powers from this point you will be known as the wind power ranger protectors of the earth" Sensei said. "So what exactly does this thing do" Shane asked. "Where's the switch." Tori asked. "Does it have any games or what." Dustin said. "No, it doesen't have games but." Dakota started but was cut of by cam Ladies and gentleman the defenders of the galaxy. " Quicly lothara army is attacking you must intercept them call on your powers by saying "Ninjas storm ranger form. but Dakota stay behind." Sensei said.

After the fight...

" Ha you see I told you guys I told you there were power rangers and you were like no you comic book geek it's an urban legend man." Dustin said. "Heey hey hey that wasn't me that was miss fluid graceful water babe over here." Shane said. "All right that was me." Tori exclaimed. "You did well this time rangers but understand that there will be battles in the future. Lothar will not rest until the earth is completely under his command or until he is destroyed." Sensei said. "The future is in our hands guys we will protect the world no matter what." Dakota said.