(So we are just going to skip his journey into the past just a quick summary)

The rangers were in ninja ops while the Cam was in the past to get the thing that will help them out.

At ninja ops..

"I feel like that one time when I thought it was a good idea to fight Tommy." Dakota said lying down on the table. "Rangers reserve you energy I have engaged cam's teleportation system to bring you to safety for now." Sensei told them. "Where is Cam." Sensei said. "He has embarked upon a journey that could very well determine the fate of the world as we know it." Sensei said. "Also Dakota fighting Tommy not to smart on your part." Zack said. "Shut up Zack I know that now." Dakota said.

"Cam has gone back at time to get help but if he hasn't return before time resumes I fear there will be nothing to prevent Madtropolis from destroying our planet." Sensei said. "Come on Cam we need you." Tori said.

"Sensei what's happening" Tori said. "Time is resuming it true course you will be return to where you were the moment time stopped.

At fight..

"What's that noise." Zack said looking up and around. "Look" Tori said as there was a helicopter flying above them. A green ranger then stepped out and acknowledgment.

"He made it"Sensei said. "Hello power rangers looks like you could use a little help. Green samurai ranger at your service." Cam said. "Hey who are you." Madtropolis exclaimed pointing at him. "I'm the ranger who's going to bring you down. Cam said.


He then shot at the monster. "Two can play at that game." Madtropolis said as he shot at him.

Samurai star mega star!

He then threw a ball at him and it hit him. He then jumped out of the megazord. "Is it me or is there a guy in green gear over there." Dustin said. "Nah dude I see it to." Shane said.

"Yeah you guys never said anything about a green one." Blake said. "Yeah wait to hold out on us." Hunter said. "Hey its news to us to."Zack said. "Maybe were all hallucinating." Dustin said. "You're not hallucinating Dustin." Cam said making Dustin look at Hunter in shock.

"Dude how do you know my name." Dustin said. "Why wouldn't I know your name." Cam said make Tori and Dakota grin at each other. Cam then demorphed making everyone grin at him. "Look we need to get you guys to ninja ops. Come on! Come on!" Cam said pushing them along.

"No I think I'll just wait here for a cab or a bus I'm worked." Dustin said. "Run fool" Lothor said making Dustin look up as he laughed. "Right behind you Cam." Dustin said running to where Cam was. "Oh Rangers" Marah and Kapri bot said walk towards them. Lothor then started to shoot him with.

"What's the mater there nephew don't like family reunions." Lothor said. "Did he say Nephew." Dustin said. "You can't choose your family Lothor and I certainly didn't choose you." Cam said. "Pity there's always a place for someone like you in my evil empire." Lothor said. "You must be joking." Cam exclaimed looking at his uncle.

"We'll see who has the last laugh, samurai ranger." Lothor said as they got ready to attack the rangers then disappeared.

At ninja ops..

The rangers then all ended up falling on the ground of ninja ops when they were transported. The only ones standing were Dakota and Zack. "Do you mind giving us some warning next time you go to do something like that." Hunter exclaimed getting up. "To give well most of a chance to work on our landing." Tori said.

"Your appreciation is noted" Sensei said. "Sorry Sensei it's just if we had our powers we could've took him." Shane said. "Then perhaps it is time you got them back. The sphere holds the power of five rangers. Only a greater power can open it." Sensei Said. "Well how about six rangers." Dustin said putting an arm around Dakota's waist. "I think Dustin is right." Cam said surprise that he had said that. "Thanks" Dustin said laughing. They then all put all of there hands on the sphere and then it started to glow and then they were all knocked back. All of their ranger energy was given back to them.

"Cam just one question." Tori said. "Yeah" cam exclaimed. "What, how did all this happen I mean suddenly you're a ranger." Tori said. "What about the promise your dad made your made your mom." Zack said as cam just ignored their questions. Ring!ring! "Guy let's me take this is my dad." Dakota said walking off

At ship..

"Poor guy it's so sad" Marah said. "Uncle taking this real hard." Kapri said looking at her sister and as they looked at Lothor hunted over in the corner. "Yeah kinda weird. I mean it's not like we ever beat those guys anyway." Marah said. "Maybe we should do something." Kapri said. "Okay uncle we are worried about you." Marah said.

"Yeah we've never seen you so upset." Kapri said as she reach to touch his shoulder. He was then shaking something and said "what are you babbling about." Lothor said

"What's that" Kapri said looking at the thing in his hands confused. "A protein shake my doctor says I need to lose a few pounds." Lothor said drinking out of it the drink. "Alright let's get down to business. Zurgane let "operation alien outreach" begin and this time their will be no escape." He said.

At ninja ops..

"Well guys I have to head off some of my family is here if you need me just call me oh and Zack ,y dad said to come with me it the guys of the family they want to check up on us." Dakota said. "By Day see you later." Dustin said giving her a hug. "Dude let's talk about uncle Lothor man it's crazy bro." Shane exclaimed to Cam.

"Tell me about it nice family tree I have" Cam said. "Cam Lothor is no relation of ours." Sensei said. "Well how can you say that by law once a ninja s banished they cease to exist the one I knew as my brother is a mere memory. "But don't you think I had the right to know." Cam said. "Yeah we all did." Hunter said.

"Perhaps what would it have changed would you have battled him any differently." Sensei said. "Speaking of battling." Tori said looking at the screen. "Who Dude they are all over the place" Shane exclaimed. "Split up rangers go cam you will remain here to monster for additional attacks." Sensei said. "See you out there," Shane said putting a arm on Cams shoulder.

"Green always did look good on you." Tori said walking away making can smile as he went back to the computer. "I see the samurai amulet has finally found its home it is an honor not to be taken lightly my son." Sensei said. "I know she was so beautiful and brave and kind everything you said." Cam said looking at his father. "Do not forget wise for she has chosen well in bringing forth the newest power ranger." Sensei said.

In town...

There's mine" Shane said as he was fighting the monster with the other went all over the town fighting the monsters. "We saved the most menacing for the green ranger." Kapri said.

"I asked for the most menacing alien of them all." Lothor said. "Yeah and that what we got uncle." Marah said. "He's not going to wear that sash is he" Lothor said. "I have a reputation you can count on me sir" the monster said.

"That ones got my name one it" Cam said.

Samurai storm ranger form!

"You can hide forever what are you doing." Cam exclaimed as he was stung. "You've just begun to feel my sting." The monster said.

"The new green guy is having a hard time. That's just a hard color to wear this time of the year." Marah said. "Hold still this won't hurt a bit" the monster said as the Kelzack were holding him down he was stung by the monster. "Did don't your mother ever teach you about biting." Cam said. "Of course she'd be proud." The monster said as Cam got lose for the Kelzack and started to fight them and then the monster flew away.

"Two rangers in one." Dustin said making to of himself. He struck the monster with his sword them went over top of him. "Back to one as they all destroyed the monsters. No way dude I destroyed the dude he came back. "Rangers return back to ninja ops right away we must regroup.

At ninja ops..

"Sorry guys we couldn't be there to help now that I see what had happened I feel bad about not going. We all were looking at Cam he had what looked like big bug bites.

"What happened." Hunter asked looking at him. "I got a little close to that overgrown sucker." Cam said. "Eww" Hunter exclaimed.

"Starvark has grown." Sensei said, "We'll get the zords." Shane said. "Thunder Rangers and Zack can you handle the others." Sensei said. "With pleasure." Hunter said. "What about me." Cam said scratching himself.

"Ah Cam whats that." Tori asked him. "Uh I have no idea." Cam said. "Rangers go I will investigate Cam's condition right." Sensei said. We got into the zord

Storm megazord

"He's crashing our systems" Dakota said. "Try this" Cam told them typing on his computer. "Thanks Cam" Shane exclaimed. They then combine the ram hammer and turtle mace together and hit the monster with it. Hunter and Blake were fighting a monster it arm wrapped around Blake and Hunter hit the arm and it wrap around the monster and then they all struck down the monster.

Lothor than sent the scroll down to grow another monster. "Guy the big mustache is back only this time he is really, really big." Cam said. "It is as I suspected you have been injected with a toxin causing you to exhibit insect like qualities. Sensei said.

"Hunter, Blake, Zack you okay." Cam asked them them replied back with an oh yeah. As the were fighting another monster and they kept on striking it and it was destroyed. "Hunter, Blake, Zack we have two more at the library.

At ninja ops..

"The alien himself must extract the toxins from your body." Sensei said. "Your telling me I have to get him to reverse what he did to me in the first place." Cam said. "That is correct." Sensei said to Cam. "Oh that should be easy. I can't believe that in my first ranger battle I practically get turned into a bug." Cams said.

"It s your green ranger powers that have protected you from a worst fate every new challenge brings setbacks. The strong will learn from them and grow stronger." Sensei said. "Is that your way of saying don't give up." Cam said. "exactly I know this will not be your last mission as a ranger." Sensei said. "Thanks dad." Cam said.

In town...

Hunter, Blake and Zack were going to fight another monster. They then ran and all went to kick the monster they were fight.

"Come show yourself" cam yelled where the monster could hear him. "Over here feeling sick. Your looking a little green." The monster said to him. "I'm only sick of you." Cam said.

Samurai ranger full power

"Only a matter of time till you just like me." The monster said to him. "Not in this lifetime sucker." Cam sad going into super samurai mode and started fighting him. "How do you like that uncle." Cam said. "I don't like that not one bit" lothor said Lothor said and then asked where's his Cam

"Sir we have secured enough energy for to make one more alien growth sir" Zurgane said. "Well do it and make it count." Lothor said. "Yes sir" Zurgane said. As he made the monster grow.

"Energy levels are critical. "Hold on guys I got something sending it now." Cam said messing with his morpher. "He's using our energy against us. The monster then knocked them down then he was knocked down by Cam.

"Hey Tori do you mind if I take your spot I have a new configuration. "Okay" Tori said disconnecting her zord.

Samurai Storm Formation!

They then sent a blast to the monster and he was knock down. The Thunders and Zack blasted their monster and It was defeated.

"Not bad for my first day on the job" Cam said putting his sword back in its place. Meanwhile Lothor was saying how he was going to defeat that nephew of his no matter how long it took.

At ninja ops..

"I linked my samurai saber directly to the ninja ops mainframe so I should be able to continue my strategic duties even in the field." Cam said looking at the others as they stood there looking.

"What are you all smiling about. Wow where did that." Cam said as Shane walked up with a uniform in his hands. "You're apart of the team now you got to have the gear." Shane said. "It takes a powerful man to choose his own destiny congratulations no father could be proud of his son." Sensei said. As they all got into a group. "It probably goes with everything." Dustin said.

"Proud of you Cam but we really have to get going we told our family something happened with one of our friends." Dakota said grabbing Zack arm and pulling him. When they got outside Zack asked her the one question on his mind "when will we tell them." Zack said. "We will tell them when the time is right or we will tell them soon enough.

They got to her house and they saw someone they never thought they would see for a while "Uncle Tommy" Dakota exclaimed.


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