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The afternoon sun shined down on a school campus. Students were walking to their classes or just enjoying the day. The sign at the school's entrance read: Taiyo X Academy for Gifted Youngsters. The academy of mutants had fused together with a Japanese High School and had spent every day since the Convergence trying to repair the combined schools and see which students were from which school and who went missing after the Convergence.

A few months in, the students of both academies started to get along and attend class together. There was some trouble, but for the most part, things were peaceful. Inside one classroom, Beast was giving a Literature lecture on Edgar Allen Poe's famous work 'The Raven.' One of the students was asleep on his desk, he had spiked brown hair, if his eyes were open, they would be black, and has an X shaped scar on his right forehead. He wears a blue long sleeve short jacket under a gray sleeveless mesh shirt with two light blue lines on both sides of the jacket, has blue pants, shins, and red and white rubber sneakers. He wears red fingerless gloves.

"…quoth the raven, 'Nevermore.'" read Beast as he slammed the book shut, thus waking up the sleeping student. The students have a good laugh as the sleeping student scrambles awake. Beast chuckled and said, "It looks like our compatriot Batsu has been trying to recreate 'The Raven' late at night. However, I don't suggest doing so, it is bad for your health," the bell starts to ring. "It appears that our time together has ended for today. Don't forget, we have a quiz next Wednesday over Edgar Allen Poe so be sure to study up on the stories we have been reading as of late. Farewell."

Batsu grabbed his bag and books and left the room. His next class was gym, pretty much the only class he was able to excel at since his school merged with the academy. He made it to the field were gym class was being held. He saw several of his classmates from his original school and the various other schools he knew about before the Convergence. They stood with some of the mutant students Batsu had met over the year were also present. In Batsu's eyes, they were pretty cool and didn't much care if they had abilities beyond human standards, he just cared if they were jerks or not.

"ATTENTION!" yelled the gym instructor. Everyone stood at attention as the teacher walked onto the field. He was a few inches shorter than Batsu, had black hair that styled to look like a flat top with ears and thick sideburns. He wore a white shirt with blue jeans, a whistle hung from his neck. Everyone knew who this guy was, he's Wolverine, a member of the X-Men. "Alright everyone, you know who I am, but I don't want a single one of you calling me Wolverine. In this class, you are to refer to me as Mr. Logan or Coach Logan. Is that understood?"

"Yes, Coach Logan," said the class.

"Ok, now we have that out of the way. For those of you wondering why your usual gym instructor Colossus isn't here, he is out sick. One too many late-night missions and he's got the flu. He'll be better in a few days, but for now, you have to put up with me," said Wolverine. "Now, the first lesson today is learning how to block an opponent's attacks and striking back. Who's first?" Wolverine turns around and the student body, save Batsu, took a step back. Batsu was the only one who was crazy enough to step forward. Wolverine smirked and figured what happened behind him. "Well, well, looks like one brave soul wants to go a few rounds with me. How about it kid?"

"Let's do this," said Batsu as he came onto the field and squared off against Wolverine.

"Always up for a fight," said Batsu.

"Then how good at you at blocking?" said Wolverine as he starts throwing punches at Batsu. Batsu either dodge the punches or put his arms up and blocked the punches.

"Good form. You're lucky I am not using my claws, otherwise, you wouldn't be so willing to block my punches," said Wolverine as he leg sweeps Batsu. Batsu falls to the ground. "Come on, get back up. No time for a nap."

Batsu jumps up from the ground and gets into a defensive position.

"Now then, let's see if you can counterattack me after a block," said Wolverine as he came into attack Batsu. It took a few tries but once Batsu had an opening, he blocked a punch and then punched Wolverine in the gut. Wolverine was knocked a few steps back but laughed it off, "Not bad kid. Not very many people can land a punch on me and live to tell about it. I take it you've done some fighting."

"Yeah. I fought against and with a few other kids from different schools. Kept my skills sharp," said Batsu.

"Wait till you get my age then talk to me about experience in fighting," said Wolverine.

"Is that all you got? Show me what you can do," said Batsu.

"You want my claws? Then let's make this a real training session," said Wolverine as he brought out the claws with the familiar Shink. The charged forward before they were stopped by lightning and wind.

"Now Logan, you know what the Professor has said: No using your claws on any of the students," said a woman with white hair and eyes in a black leotard and leggings with a cape. She is Storm, the goddess of the storms. Next to her is a woman with brown and white hair, and a green and black spandex outfit covering her entire body.

"Well hello ya'll. How's Wolverine been treatin you?" asked Rogue. The students reply with good. "Good. Now what are ya'll doing here?" asked Rogue.

"What does it look like I'm doing? I'm teaching gym for Colossus," answered Wolverine. "The kid wanted me to give everything I had so I thought I would so what he was packing."

"If Mr. Ichimonji wants to train with us then he can come down to the Danger Room. This is not the place for showing off your claws," scolded Storm.

Wolverine put away his claws and smirked, "Sorry kid, maybe next time."

"Hey! I was about to show this old man what I was made of!" yelled Batsu.

"Sorry sugar, but Logan's claws would cut through your bones like a hot knife through butter," said Rogue.

"Fine. I'll spar with him later," said Batsu as he got back in line.

"Anyone want a shot at little old me?" asks Rogue.

"How about me?" asked a girl with medium-length brown hair and brown eyes. She wears a black biker outfit with red kneepads, spikes, black and red gloves, and a green camo tank top.

"And who might you be sugar?" asked Rogue.

"My name is Akira Kazama," said Akira.

"Alright, step onto the field," said Rogue. The two faced each other and waited for the signal to start.

"Begin!" yelled Storm and the two charged each other.

Akira began by trying to kick Rogue's face, but Rogue blocked it. Rogue then grabbed Akira's leg and swung her to the ground. Akira got back up and fired several energy focus clusters at Rogue. The X-Woman dodged the blasts and came in for a punch, but Akira blocked them, she then saw an opening to punch Rogue in the gut.

"Oomph! Not bad, but you gotta be betta to beat me," said Rogue.

"Plan to," said Akira as she unleashed a Cyclone Dance, a spinning kick attack, at Rogue. Akira leaps into the air and aims one of her legs onto Rogue's head but Rogue does a backflip and dodges the Leaping Smash. Akira's leg smashes into the ground leaving a small crater where the boot landed. Rogue rushed in and punched Akira a few times before sending her into the air. Rouge used her Rising Repeating Punch technique and punched Akira a few more times.

Akira landed and got back up. She rushed towards Rouge and unleashed some close rang energy focus clusters. Rogue was pushed back a few feet allowing Akira to get a few punches and kicks in. Akira then does a Heaven's Barrage and launches Rogue into the air. Rouge lands on the ground.

"The match is over!" yelled Storm.

Akira approached Rogue and helped her up. "Wow. You have some fight in you girl. We should take you and Batsu to the Danger Room and see what you really made of," said Rogue.

"Thanks. It's been a while since I had a fight like that. We should do it again sometime," said Akira as the two shook hands.

"Nice work you two. Now, go run 10 laps around the field. The rest of you, pair up and do some sets of sit-ups and pushups. Do good and maybe you'll be lucky enough to take one of us on in a quick sparring match. Now move it bubs," shouted Wolverine as the student did what they were told.

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