This Idea was stemmed off if Lelouch's vow of vengeance to Suzaku was overheard by Nunnally which in turn has her confront him as a child like her can both see more and less compared to those older. It's basically Lelouch choosing the non violent approach in his future and winning by economy, politics, and technology with the goal of leaving his gilded cage. I did this as a bigger foil to his Geass powers. The canon desire of freedom lead him with a power to take away other's freedoms. Why not make a fic where he is actively trying to gain freedom? Freedom from his world, his people, his family. All of it.

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August 10th, 2010 Ascension Throne Britannia was a day much like any other. At least it was for the pair of boys which were rock climbing in the forest behind the Kururugi Shrine. One of the boys had hair much like a bears with brown eyes, while the other that was struggling with physical activity had hair comparable to the feathers of a raven and purple eyes. These two were Suzaku Kururugi and Lelouch Vi Britannia; children of comparable status within their own countries.

During the day, they had both reached a clear pond with an island at the center. It had been a few months since Lelouch had come to stay with the Kururugi house and while at first the two boys had their differences, they had grown for the better. Lelouch had taken effort in understanding Kururugi's home language while the Japanese had done the same.

Today, Nunnally was enjoying herself with Kaguya; Both had their own plans and they did not want the boys to be with them. It suited Suzaku just fine as he stashed some water guns in the pond just for this day. Long ago a man could remember those days, back when boys were boys, when battle and tomfoolery was synonymous with a water balloon or stealing firecrackers to make treehouse defenses. This was when those two boys forgot the world of their parents, and the world at large; When childhood freedom was so much larger than it actually was. This was a day that those two would look back in nostalgia, in want.

Lelouch being a physically weak boy hid behind a rock as a splash of water missed him by a hair. With a grin, he hoisted himself up and fired a long stream, hitting the water gun Suzaku used as a shield. The raven haired child wasn't done and swiftly threw the gun at the other. Lelouch used the distraction when Suzaku batted it away to rush forward, tackling the japanese boy into the pond.

Suzaku shook the water from his hair, laughing in joy. It was one of those few times his friend would take the initiative in a battle. Both boys were soaking wet but Suzaku didn't mind it as he continued to laugh. His joy eventually died out when he realized he was the only one laughing.

"Lelouch?" Asked the boy when he opened his eyes, standing up. Unlike what Lelouch would normally get up and wring out his clothes, the boy just sat in the water, staring out into the sky. A concerned look appeared on the Japanese and his eyes followed the general direction of where the other was looking. "What's wrong?"

The only response was a hurried grip of his arm. Lelouch had dragged him out of the pool and into the forest. The ravened haired friend didn't even pick up the toys that were there. However; Lelouch's only verbal response made the boy imagine a face that shouldn't have belonged on his friend, "We need to get to the shrine. Now."

The one thing Suzaku missed in the sky that his friend Lelouch didn't, was a pair of fighter planes blazing across the sky. Armaments could be seen if looked closely enough.

On the other side of the pond however; The Prime Minister of Japan, Kururugi Genbu gazed upon the wall monitor in front of him. His face pale as if chalk dust had covered the room, blanketing the many faces within the Prime Minister's office. On such a screen, Tactical approximations of three naval fleets belonging to the Britannian military were heading straight for them.

Genbu steeled himself, He was the Prime Minister! He needed to be strong for his people and thus commanded his cabinets, "What's the official word from the Britannians?"

"Nothing sir, the only response was 'We are deliberating on the next meeting about Sakuradite trades.' We only got a secretary to speak."

A man with greying hair and a receding hairline relayed something from the phone he was using, "Prime Minister; Two more fleets were sited from the seas of Indochina!"

"The Air Force already scrambled some fighters to the first fleet."

Genbu sat back in his chair as he looked to the left of him, A military advisor by some name he didn't know uttered, "An Invasion sir."

"What about the EU, or the Chinese?!"

The Japanese Leader had quickly learned both were silent on the matter. The EU especially as they didn't even pick of the call. The Chinese had a blanket response of 'sending their fleet to secure their waters'. It seemed to Genbu that they had been bought out by the Britannians. The man could hazard a guess.


The one mineral the world was drooling to get their hands all over. It was true Japan kept a low export of the ore to all three superpowers. It was their one sole advantage over the other nations and they hoarded it like it was their lifeline. In hindsight, the Britannians were angry last year as they received a third less than their competing nations.

This however; wasn't going to be the end of the Japanese nation. The land of the Samurai would fight to the bitter end. They wished for a battle, an honorable fight was what they were going to get.

"Get me General Katase"

BNS-CVB Swift Might

Within the mess hall of the Britannian Navy's flagship carrier, Swift Might, held the first ever militarized Knightmare pilots. It was 6 hours till the soldiers would set themselves within the mechanized war machines and have the dropships carry them to battle and everyone needed to fill their stomachs with real food before they had to consume MREs.

These pilots all consisted of Britannians which had earn the right to be called a knight of the realm. A noble title not hereditary and such, each man or woman earned a position within the low court, not their families. Knights were the only ones ever permitted to officially use Knightmares as that was what they were made for.

One such knight was Jeremiah Gottwald, Son of Margrave Gottwald of the Floradian Province. He was a blue blood, a natural born noble, and as decorum commanded, he had sat and ate with his other blue blooded brothers and sisters. In front of him was at best he could say a friend. Kewell Soresi, son of Margrave Soresi, holder of York.

The two had been recruited during the same time, and had been bunk mates during basic. While Jeremiah would one day after a year in service join under the entourage of Lady Marianne, Kewell had stayed within the military as best as he could while complying with duties that one of his rank had needed. This left many years of separation between the two; While Jeremiah had in all essence withdrawn himself of the world of high court politics, Kewell had been part of many galas. This had lead to an unspoken tension between the two.

The day when Lady Marianne was killed, Jeremiah had seen the world of politics first hand. He was dragged out by his father from royal custody and watched his family do all they could to wipe his involvement in the incident. His father had ordered him to resign from the military but he refused.

He and Kewell were there, when the day Prince Lelouch renounced his claim to the throne. Kewell himself forcefully held the young Gottwald from rushing straight to the young prince afterwards. The court sneered and laughed behind their fans and sleeves; Kewell had warned him to not bring disgrace upon his family or the prince.

"Do not smear upon the dignity of a true purple."

It was a stain Jeremiah could never wash clean.

Kewell had stiffened when a small group of Honorary Britannians walked by. He scowled and Jeremiah could hear a faint insult, "Barbarians."

"Kewell", chastised the azure haired man, This was unbecoming of a blueblood. Honoraries had earned the right to be Britannians. "These Numbers had given up their-"

"Do not take the high road Jerry." sneered the other man. He wiped his lips with a handkerchief before taking a drink. "They betray their own and wag their tails towards us. Where is their pride?"

He turned his head to study the would be cannon fodder. The man refuted, "Pride doesn't feed their bellies."

"And principle does not matter in the face of adversity?" Kewell responded, quick as a lightning strike. He glared hard at the Honoraries before returning to a face of apathy. Years of court had raised the man with principles that clashed against the soldier from Florida. As he continued, his words no longer were of a young britannian, but as words of a righteous scholar, "In a few years, those Honoraries would be made full Britannian. True Reds. Their Areas were held in high regard as production, productivity, and security became firmly established. These… men, enlisted for joy."

To make his point strike true, Kewell added with a finger point, "Can you not hear their jokes?"

Yes, it was true. Jeremiah stiffened up himself when he realized the words spoken within the mess hall. The Honoraries had spoken so casually of looting as simple destruction of buildings and infrastructure it appalled him. The man paled as words of sexual assault came to his ears. This was the culture of honorary troopers?

In the back of his mind, Jeremiah could see the disturbing logic behind it. Honoraries didn't fall under the umbrella that was Britannian code of ethics. In fact, there had been rumors as to Britannian commanders of Honorary detachments to let blatant violations during wartime as long as it 'supported the war effort'.

"Surely they are not all like that." Jeremiah said weakly. There had to be upstanding military honoraries. A shrug was the only response.

Not long after they had both finished, Other britannian soldiers and knights came for their own meal. Kewell had abruptly stopped the conversation between the two before one Villetta Nu came forward to sit at a table next to them. The oranged haired man quickly gotten up and left, but not before he warned his future partner in the upcoming battle, "Stay away from Vipers, Jerry."

Sounds of aircraft and a warning siren rang across the airwaves in Japan. Lelouch and Suzaku were already at the shrine when Nunnally informed the two of Kaguya leaving hours earlier. Lelouch had to refrain from cursing in front of his sister as he spoke out, "Suzaku, help me gather up as much supplies as we can. Canned food, crackers, bottled water. I'll get bags and blankets."

Unlike before when Suzaku didn't truly understand what was going on, he realized when the town siren blared into his ears. He didn't know what exactly was wrong, but something was wrong, something grave. The young boy nodded as he rushed into the kitchen. Sounds of bags could be heard as cans banged against each other in it.

"Big brother, what's wrong?" Lelouch sighed when he heard the confused voice of his younger sister. The girl was innocent, and angel in all likelihood, much like Euphie. Lelouch grimaced as he realized he didn't have the strength to protect her from this. This wasn't the Emperor and the court, this wasn't the funeral; The words and insults that he drew away landed on him weren't here. But this wasn't words or a command of the Emperor. This wasn't something he could cover up.

The purple eyed boy responded as truthfully as he could, "Nunna, it seems that the empire is going to invade Japan."

"But… We're still here aren't we? Japan hasn't done anything wrong! What will happen to us? To Suzaku?"

A sudden spike of anger grew aflame within the boy's heart before he snuffed it out. He tenderly patted the girl's head, steadying his shaky hand as much as he could. "I don't know Nunna… We're not royals anymore."

"What do we do?" Asked the young girl. She tried her best to make herself as calm as possible. Ever since she lost her sight, Nunnally had to adapt to the world with smell, sound and touch. She knew her brother was feeling something, maybe it was fear or anger but, she knew she needed to be someone both Suzaku and Lelouch needed to get things through. Those two working together, anything was possible.

Unknown to Nunnally, her older brother's eyes narrowed in concentration. He answered while his voice gotten softer, prompting her to think he left the room, "First we're going to pack everything essential; Foods, bottled water, a first aid kit and blankets with maybe extra clothing. Then we're going to leave and find safe haven. Did you get that Suzaku?"

"I understand Lelouch. We could find a way into Tokyo, to a government building and find my father or Toudoh-sensei." Suzaku replied as both children hauled everything they thought they needed that wasn't nailed down. Both exchanged cloth and leather backpacks as they started to discuss and plan out what they should do.

Lelouch folded bed sheets and a few pair of clothes tightly into his bag before putting in types of batteries and a flashlight. He started the planning as both Suzaku and Nunnally listened in. Once and awhile Suzaku would put in his own thoughts, "If a full invasion will happen, Britannia will start with a quick bombing run to take down key areas before sending in ground troops. So we need to be really careful and stick to places where we know people won't be around."

"We can go deeper into the forest, The other side leads to a small town that we can use to rest." Suzaku remarked, if the siren was really going like he thought, then it would be best to stick to the wilderness.

The other boy nodded, he looked over the foodstuffs that were in front of them as he thought out loud, "And we can scavenge for supplies every time we reach a new town. People won't care about money anymore when war is in front of them. Do we have a can opener if we bring all of these?"

"No, I couldn't find it. We might have to stay with bagged foods. The crackers are fine but I don't think we can live off of these salted fish jerky."

Nunnally had quickly found her hand towards where Suzaku was. The two boys looked at her as she spoke out an idea, "Suzaku, can we bring a small pot or something? You and big brother could cook with it."

"We need matches then, Suzaku get a pot; We can make soup or something with that fish." The older brother agreed, it was a good idea if they ran out of water, boiling would help in getting stream water and whenever the night would get cold. Suzaku had similar thoughts as he gotten up to find a suitable pot.

"I know some of the mountain plants that are edible too. I'll go get it"

After a few more minutes when packing was almost complete, the two boys latched the packs on the handles and stage places of Nunnally's wheelchair. The girl herself was holding on to a pair of small bags to the sides of her seats as the chair was larger than her body. Suzaku found a metal can that looked hollow and handed it to his friend. "Lelouch I also found this. Will this help?

"A bin-bino-bi... A spyglass, Thanks Suzaku. I can look out if trouble is around."

Three hours had passed until the three children left the Kururugi shrine. The once home and refuge for the children was no longer safe for them. Explosions and gunfire sounded all around them as they traversed deeper into the Kururugi forest.

"Shinozaki Sayoko, reporting as requested." The voice of a young girl rang out in a room within the Japanese National Diet. She was a young woman of the Shinozaki school of martial arts and despite her age of 18, she was fit for the duties of a shinobi.

In the modern age, shinobi now either stayed isolated from the world at large, or they had taken service within the current lord. This being the Prime Minister and his cabinets. All other, more experienced shinobi had been posted all around the nation and she was to take the head of her family within the next few years.

Sawasaki Atsushi knew this, and as inexperienced as she was, she was also free to do covert actions whenever needed. Japan was now being invaded; Fleets of Britannian ships came from the north, south, and east of the sea, even the Chinese were containing their borders to the west. This war was going to take a miracle to win, and he knew exactly what to do to create said miracle.

"Your orders are to go to the Kururugi shrine and locate the Britannian royals there and bring them to me." It was a well known fact in the Diet that the Britannian emperor had thrown his children on Japan's doorstep. Official statements were a vacation to facilitate trust between the two nations. This was a lie.

No other cabinet member would agree to this but Sawasaki had known this was their only chance. If they could get a hold of the royal siblings, the Britannians would be reluctant in attacking lest the children of their emperor be hurt. He, Sawasaki Atsushi, would known as the man which kept the invaders back.

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