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Even though Frollo's crimes were punishable by death the King couldn't bring himself to pass this judgement upon a man he had considered a very close friend for many years and so as punishment Frollo was imprisoned in the Bastille where he would live out the rest of his days. This brought a little comfort to Sapphira, Esmeralda and Pierre since he could no longer torment their family and Quasimodo was, some what, relieved that he would not lose his adoptive father the same way he had almost lost the love of his life.

Now a year and a half has gone by and life has moved on for everyone, especially for our two happy couples. Not long after Sapphira was pardoned, Esmeralda and Pierre found out they were going to be parents then nine months later they welcomed little Zephyr into the family and they loved him to death. He was the perfect mixture of his parents with dark curly hair, a soft olive complexion and emerald green eyes that had a few specks of brown in them. At times he was a sweet little boy but he also had a mischievous side which his 'Unca Quasi' always encouraged despite the annoyance it caused his mother and father a lot of times. Sapphira became a doting aunt who would shower him was hugs and kisses whenever she could and occasionally bought him presents with a portion of the huge fortunes that was bestowed upon her by the King to compensate what she endured during her imprisonment. It even allowed the three siblings to purchase a house where they live together in comfort. As for Quasimodo and Sapphira, they decided to take their relationship one day at a time since they did not want to rush things like Esmeralda and Pierre did and they couldn't be happier. For a few month they would spend a lot of time in each other's company, they kept their quality time to inside the Cathedral, since Quasimodo was still getting used to people accepting him, and would walked around for hours talking about things that would come to mind or they would be in the Cathedral library since Quasimodo had offered to teach Sapphira how to read and she immediately jumped at the offer. She had made wonderful progress under Quasimodo's guidance and her world seemed to open up more as they read one book after another together. Their routine went on for the next few months but neither one minded since what really mattered to them was that they were together and happy. Then one day Quasimodo took a bit step, he had gone to the residence Sapphira shared with her siblings whilst she took young Zephyr out for a walk around the city and asked them something that would change his life forever, their blessing for him to marry Sapphira. He openly expressed his love for Sapphira to them and also made a promise he would take care and provide for her as long as he lived. It did not take the older couple long to give him their blessing for they knew Quasimodo was an honourable man and they openly welcomed him and Sapphira to live with them after they were married and Quasimodo happily accepted the offer. Later that same day he had taken Sapphira to the Cathedral garden for a late night picnic and after they had finished eating he proposed and Sapphira said yes without any hesitation and the couples shared a loving kiss in the moonlight.

After a few weeks of planning and preparing the day finally came. Since Quasimodo and Sapphira were both from different cultures the ceremony would be a mixture of both out of respect starting with the traditional marriage vows performed by the new Archdeacon of Notre Dame and followed by the short marriage ceremony of the gypsy tribe. Those who were attending the ceremony consisted of Esmeralda, Pierre, Zephyr, Clopin and everyone from the Court of Miracles. When the time came for Sapphira to walk down the aisle everyone turned to see her and she was an absolute vision in a long white gown with a black pattern around the sleeves and down the front of the dress and in her hands she carried a small bouquet of red roses. Meanwhile Quasimodo stood at the front with the Archdeacon and Clopin and as his soon-to-be wife came closer he couldn't wipe the smile from his face because he felt so happy and lucky to have a beautiful woman such as Sapphira to love him for the man he was on the inside. As the ceremony commenced the two lovers looked at each other with loving smiles but still remembered to say their vows when it was time and with a kiss they were now husband and wife. The Cathedral was filled with cheers from all who witnessed this moment of happiness and together they celebrated this union long into the early hours of the next morning.

Their marriage life had started off as the happiest days of their lives and they wouldn't have it any other way. They did however make one excursion to the Bastille since Quasimodo wished to inform Frollo of his marriage but when they saw the old priest he did not acknowledge them and appeared to be a mere shell of the man he once was which brought a moment of sadness to Quasimodo that did not leave him until they had left that awful prison. From that day they never went back and just carried on living their lives as they wanted, together and happy. A few month later Sapphira found out she was pregnant and when she told Quasimodo there was some mixed feelings. On the one hand they were happy they were going to be parents but on the other hand there was the fear that their child would be born deformed just like Quasimodo was. They had brought their fears up with Esmeralda and Pierre and the older couple assured them that no matter what happens they would support them and love the child even if it was born with some type of deformity. Their words of comfort made Quasimodo and Sapphira relax to an extent, soon they began to think of this in a more positive way and were excited for the day they would hold their own little bundle of joy in their arms. That day soon came on a cold night in December, with a midwife and her sister at her side Sapphira safely delivered a baby girl and to both herself and Quasimodo's relief she was born with no type of physical deformity which they thanked God for everyday for the rest of their lives. She was a beautiful little girl with a full head of red hair just like her father's, soft creamy skin and when she opened her eyes for the very first time her parents saw she had beautiful eyes that were the same colour as the ocean. They had named their daughter Marie.

And the two happy couples and their children lived out the rest of their days in eternal bliss.

And this is where I end my story. Now you know what really happened all those years ago and learn a lesson from it all. Even though we are all born different it doesn't mean we deserve to be loved any less because if we look at what a person is really like on the inside you will find that there is inner beauty within us all and that is what really matters the most.

Well there you have it everyone. This is the last chapter of my story :'( I hope you have enjoyed it and thank you to all who have read and supported my story from beginning to now.

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