Patch POV

The sound of crying jolted me from my sleep. Without fully waking up I rushed to Eves room, I was met in the hallway by Scott who looked equally as intense yet dazed at the same time. I walked through and looked over her, milk. " you're just as paranoid as me with noises in the house" I said wearily walking into the kitchen with her in my arms. " yeah well I've had a tough few months" he replied. " But I'm here now and if the only thing that I have to worry about is freaking out every time that that little poop monster has a tantrum then I'll figure it out" I smiled a little. " Gets it from her mum " I said quietly. Scott grinned but before he could reply, Nora walked in " I heard that" she said with a light smile. She yawned and sat on the dinner table with Scott after taking Eva. "How do you work this crap?" I said struggling with the formula milk. Scott said "2 scoops with Luke warm water shaken for 30 seconds". In amazement Nora and me just stared at him. " what? Vee bought it yesterday so I read it" we rolled our eyes in unison. " hey I have a couple of jobs to do Thursday about some nephil political uprising, could use a hand, you would make a decent amount of cash on the side." I could tell he was about to say something sarcastic but the bit his tongue "that would be good" he said. Nora put the baby to sleep and we all went back to bed. Nora stared at me, her head resting on the pillow. She smiled gently and mouthed " I love you" I leaned forward and pulled her in for a long hard kiss.