A/N: Admittedly, this only came to be because I made a crossover fan vid a couple days ago (I'll link everyone below). At a glance, I suppose it doesn't make much sense, crossover-wise, but I wanted to explore Abigail's time before Hannibal with high school characters I love and feel might mesh well. This is a frightening time for Abigail, and I thought Steve would be a great character for her to interact with. He's both kind-hearted and male, which are two things that Abigail has been taught don't coincide. Upon meeting Steve, she begins to question everything her father ever taught/warned her about, thus slowly unraveling her into the young woman she became in S1.

For this particular AU, everything is set in the 80s like on Stranger Things, but Steve is presently in Abigail's hometown of Bloomington, Minnesota. That actually works great since the Hannibal trilogy wasn't depicting present day (it spanned the 80s and 90s, if I recall correctly), so in a way, the setting is a nod to Thomas Harris' original world, as well.

This first chapter begins mostly through Abigail's POV, because I feel that between the two of them, she's the one who needed the most framework laid down first. Steve will be much more prevalent in the next chapter, and we'll get to learn more about his history/home life. I don't foresee this being a terribly long fic, but I do know I want it to end a little after S1 of Hannibal begins. With that said, I hope you won't find it too weird of a mix, and that you'll enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it!

CH 1: The New Guy

When Abigail entered homeroom that morning, she felt as if she were in a trance. Eyes wide and hands shaking, she moved to her desk and heavily had a seat, the tang of bile filling her mouth as she recalled her father's words from the night before.

I kill girls, Abigail. I want to stop – I swear I do – but if I don't keep killing, I'll have to kill you instead. Do you understand what I'm telling you, sweetheart?

No. She didn't understand, and most jarring of all was that this wasn't a dream. The man she'd trusted her entire life – her hero who'd slain imaginary creatures under her bed, kissed her wounds, and cheered for her when she'd needed support – was a monster. He had seemed wholly normal last week… Was he sick? Is that how aberrant behavior started?

Garrett Jacob Hobbs hadn't shown Abigail any actual evidence, but whenever he'd come into her room to confess, he'd had an empty, haunted look to his eyes that she'd never seen before.

Her real father was gone.

"Wow, check out the package on this stud."

Abigail's best friend, Marissa Schurr, grinned as she scooted her desk in closer. There was a bright, mischievous gleam to her eyes as she handed over the magazine.

Abigail balked. Promptly slamming it closed, her head still swam as she struggled to both process her home life and act like a normal, everyday teenage girl. "You…w-why would you bring this to class?" she managed to choke. "There are naked men in here…"

Marissa scoffed. "Duh, it's a Playgirl. Amy from third period traded it for a hair scrunchie. Would you believe that?" Retrieving the magazine with a sly grin, she added, "Besides, I know you haven't seen a naked man before, so I figured I'd do you a solid. The only downside is these men make these guys…" She gestured around the room. "…seem inferior in every possible way. I can guarantee that no one in here is over five inches."

Dropping her head into her hands, Abigail groaned and began to massage her temples. Usually, Marissa's insatiable curiosity about men amused, and sometimes even inspired Abigail, but today, her stomach was churning far too much for her to concentrate.

"Hey, are you okay?"

Lifting her head, Abigail glanced over to see Marissa's eyes shining with worry. "You're super pale… Do you need to see a nurse or something?"

Shaking her head, Abigail released a breath. "No, no, I just…I had a rough morning, that's all. I didn't get much sleep either."

"Gotcha." Marissa, herself, had a volatile home life, so she never questioned anyone else's. "I think I've got just what you need."

Before Abigail could protest, Marissa glanced at the teacher, Mrs. Glassman (who was thankfully too caught up in a romance novel to be bothered), then pulled a silver flask from her backpack.

Abigail's eyes widened. "Rissa, are you crazy? I can't have that… My dad would-"

"He won't find out," Marissa insisted. "Besides, there's only a little bit left. Earlier this morning, I shared most of it with Troy."

Twisting her mouth in apprehension, Abigail glanced at their teacher before snatching the flask. "You are such an enabler."

"The best," Marissa agreed with a wink. "It's my stepdad's, so you know that asshole won't even realize it's gone. He's too piss-drunk to notice much of anything these days."

Tucking the flask into her backpack, Abigail straightened just as a tall, unfamiliar young man entered the classroom.

Mrs. Glassman looked up with a soft, "Oh! There you are, young man. Class, this is our newest addition to the Kennedy Eagles family, Steve Harrington. I trust you'll all give him a proper welcome?"

Marissa grinned wolfishly. "Oh, I'll give him a 'proper welcome,' alright…"

Abigail ignored her. When Steve glanced their way, she promptly ducked her eyes and pretended to be engrossed with her textbook. Her father had always warned her about men – that they were filthy, disgusting creatures who only wanted "one thing," and that they should be avoided at all costs. The result made Abigail feel ashamed any time a boy even looked at her. Had she brought it on herself, she wondered? Was their attraction something she had done? Her father certainly seemed to think so…

"He's cute, right?"

Releasing a breath, Abigail glanced at Marissa with impatience. "Who?"

"The new guy, of course! And from what I can tell, he'll need a guide of sorts to show him around. Might as well be us, right?"

Abigail dared another glance at Steve, then promptly shook her head. "What about Troy?"

"What about him? I only keep Troy around since he does literally anything I ask. He's also a four-incher."

Abigail made a face. "What, so you measure all your boyfriends now?"

"Of course not! I just have an excellent mathematical eye."

"And yet you're failing trig. Fancy that."

"Nobody asked you, Little Miss Top of Her Class."

Abigail laughed, only to clam up once Steve sat down directly in front of her. She knew without looking that Marissa was grinning.

The bell rang, and Abigail gratefully snatched up her belongings.

"Catch you in math?" Marissa asked.

Abigail nodded, avoiding Steve's questioning glance as she bustled down the aisle.

Abigail was not the type to cut class. School enamored her, and she loved to learn and socialize, so it was quite out of character that she'd taken Marissa's flask and headed for the parking lot. Admittedly, she was only cutting gym – the least important of her studies, as far as she was concerned – and as she sat behind the wheel of her old Ford, she exhaled and unscrewed the cap to her flask. Her adrenaline was pumping, and she still felt jittery as she took a generous swallow. The liquid burned and made her cough. Unlike her friends, she was not that experienced with alcohol. She was typically far too afraid to rebel. Now, however, she was angry and hurt and sought an outlet that she knew would upset her father.


Abigail shrieked, nearly dropping her flask as a familiar face popped up by her passenger window. That boy from earlier, Steve Harrington, grinned while giving a cheeky wave.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to scare you," he said. Now pointing to her flask, he added, "Drinking on school property? I may be new and all, but I'm pretty sure that's frowned upon."

Abigail scoffed. "Yeah, well so is stalking."

"I'm not stalking you," he promised. "It's a nice day, so I figured I'd take a look around."


"Well yeah, the outdoors are part of the school too, aren't they? Mrs. Glassman said I could take a personal tour."

"I'm pretty sure she meant inside."

"You mean where you're supposed to be?" When Abigail paled, Steve laughed and assured her, "Relax, I'm not a snitch. Though I may be more inclined to keep quiet if you let me have some of that booze. Whiskey, I'm guessing?"

"It's…something like that," Abigail agreed. Admittedly, she was unsure and just drinking it for the sake of drinking. She chewed her lip. The idea of being alone with a boy for the first time – truly alone – was both frightening and exhilarating, and since she knew it would infuriate her father, she gestured for Steve to join her.

He grinned and slid into the passenger seat. "Thanks. You mind if I smoke?"

Abigail felt her heart warble. She could hide a few drinks from her dad, but smoking? Her clothes would reek for days.

"I'd rather you didn't," she said.

"Fair enough." He accepted the flask with a smile. "I'm Steve, by the way."

"I know who you are."

"Right, of course…the girl from homeroom. But where I'm from, it is usually customary to introduce yourself in return, especially to the guy holding your flask."

Abigail swallowed. "I'm, uh…I'm Abigail. Abigail Hobbs."

"You live close by, Abigail?"

"Yes… I've lived in Bloomington my whole life."

"Lucky. I've been uprooted at least five times," Steve said. "My dad's job requires travel, so we're never in one place for too long. If you could believe it, we just moved here from Hawaii."

Abigail arched a brow. "Really? Wow…you sure got the short end of that stick."

"It's not so bad," Steve assured her. "Cold as hell, but I'll get used to it."

"Well, Minnesota is known for being cold… That, and our accents."

"Which you don't have."

"Which I don't have," she agreed. "In fact, very few of us do in this area. TV shows and movies would have you believe that we tack 'don'tcha know?' onto the end of every sentence."

Steve laughed, taking a slow swallow of whiskey. "Well to be fair, the accent is kind of cute."

"You don't seem to have one…I guess you're from one of the midland states?"

"Delaware," he said. "As soon as I start adapting to one place, we're moving on to another, so accents can't really be formed when that happens."

"Or friendships."

"Yeah." He shrugged, taking another swallow. "No harm in trying though, right?"

Abigail's stomach flipped. If she tried to make friends now – if she tried advancing her popularity – she could very well get another girl killed. She could practically feel her father looming above her.


Shaking her head, Abigail tucked a lock of hair behind her ear. "Sorry, um…I was just thinking how class is almost over, so I should probably get back inside."

Steve blinked. "Sooo, you want to go back to a class you've already missed?"

"No, lunch is going to start soon."

"Okay, I'll join you."

"NO! I-I mean… I'm supposed to eat with a few friends, and I'm not sure how they'd feel about having you there," Abigail lied. "There's always a crisis, and I doubt they'd want you hearing their drama. I can barely stand it myself."

Opening his car door, Steve stepped out into the parking lot as Abigail followed his lead. "Same time tomorrow?"

"I don't think so," she said. "I don't normally cut class, but today it was just…I needed to." Chewing her lip, she added, "I don't normally drink, either."

Steve shrugged, now handing over Marissa's flask. "No need to explain. We've all got issues, Abigail, so I won't judge you for them. I just wish you didn't feel the need to lie to me."

Abigail bristled. "That's an awfully presumptuous thing for a stranger to say."

"I may be a stranger, but I'm not an idiot. Catch you later."

Panicked, Abigail followed after Steve with her eyes. What had she done? What had she said to garner that type of response? If she didn't learn to adapt now, she'd be striking the proverbial nail into her coffin.

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