I was done with work, finally. It was around two in the morning and the bachelorette party was just clearing out. The couple I was serving earlier was actually, well, nothing at all.

That was her party. She was the one getting married. Ginette did mention something about her cousin, Martin, getting married. She called me last night saying that Pete couldn't make the wedding. She didn't want to go all by herself and she certainly didn't want another man on her arm.

At first (and until that night), I said that I wouldn't be able to make it either. But curiosity had gotten the best of me. I left her a voicemail.

"Hey, Gin, it's me. I'll stop by your place at around three. I'm coming after all."

The man, Jimmy (whose name I didn't know yet), was still sitting alone at his table when I was heading out. The only other person there besides the Jimmy and I was the bartender, Louis.

"Kid, the bar closes in ten minutes!" Louis shouted, his thick Quebecois accent made it a bit hard to understand.

"Thanks." Jimmy was waiting for me. He pushed in his chair after a grueling, confusing four hours in the restaurant. He rolled down his shirt sleeves and put his hands in his pockets. "Villian!"

I shifted into waitress mode again, "You want another Bud?"

"No, no! Not that! Did you pick up my bill?"

I shook my head. I didn't. I forgot. One more stupid mistake like that and I was sure I would get canned.

"Jeezum Crow! I forgot!"

Jimmy laughed and handed it to me. "You look pretty tired, and I figured you'd wanna head home. So…" He shoved the receipt in my hand, along with a twenty dollar bill.

"So, what?"

"Give me a call. Maybe we can hang out, for fun."

Did he say that to his date earlier? And to tell you, well, me, the truth, I wish I was his date.

"Yeah," I said sheepishly, "Maybe."

He looked down at his feet and then up at me again, "By the way, you have some lipstick on your teeth."

"Do I?"


I rolled my eyes, "Very funny. And just so you know, there's no special tomorrow night." I put the money in my pocket. "Listen, I gotta head. Goodnight."

He waved as I walked out the door; I could see him through the glass. He mouthed the words, "Goodnight! See you 'round!"

The Aurora was shining brightly as I drove home, which didn't help me focus on the road. My thoughts about the wedding, Jimmy, and Ginette were sliding through my head like my tires were upon the ice.

Jeezum Crow, I need some sleep!