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Another request: pool sex

Tags: Pool Sex, Outdoor Sex (kind of), Fingering, Dirty Talk, Oral Sex/Cunnilingus, Vaginal Sex (and, honestly, more fluff than smut [the author shrugs])

Yi Jeong's new penthouse—the first residence he purchases solely with his own money—spans the top two floors of Song Construction's newest skyscraper. It boasts five bedrooms, six-and-a-half baths, and a grand rooftop terrace on the second floor that includes a glass-encased entertainment room and a heated outdoor pool. Ga Eul's never seen anything like it.

In addition to the housewarming party Ga Eul plans for him, Yi Jeong decides it is of the utmost importance for the two of them to christen every possible space.

In other words, he wants to have sex with her on every possible surface.

She supposes it's flattering that his equivalent of a victory lap is making sure he remembers them being together everywhere he goes in his new home.

However, it's freezing outside the day he wants to do it in the pool. At night. Naked.

"Didn't I say it's a heated pool?" he argues as he pauses them in front of the floor-to-ceiling glass doors of the entertainment room.

Ga Eul, in her oversized sweater, crosses her arms and gives him a look that says, 'Didn't I say I'm cold?'

She thinks a smarter boyfriend might tread lightly; Yi Jeong doesn't. He reads most of her arguments as invitations to flirt.

To be fair, some of them are.

This one, however…

"What about your bed?" she tries. "The room's heated. There's even a heated blanket."

"Nice try. My body's heated too, as you so often point out." Yi Jeong grins.

Ga Eul inwardly groans.

"There's nothing wrong with wanting to do it somewhere cozy."

"There's nothing wrong with wanting to do it in the open air on top of a seventy-five story building either."

"Chaebols," she mutters.

"Come on. This is the last spot. This is the only spot we haven't done, and if we wait, the weather's only going to get colder." Yi Jeong raises his eyebrows pointedly.

Ga Eul averts her eyes.

She doesn't know what to say to that. It's true that the weather's nowhere near as cold as it could be. As it will be in a few weeks. Still, it's not optimum pool weather, in her opinion.

Although, to be fair, she's never been in a heated pool in such weather conditions.

"We can try the fluffy towels you picked out when we're done," Yi Jeong supplies, settling his hands on her waist, then slowly slipping them underneath her sweater. He trails his fingertips up her bare sides until he finds the hem of her bra; he unhooks the bra without asking and traces a line back around to her breasts. His hands slide easily under the loosened bra, and he cups one breast in each hand and squeezes, then lets them settle neatly in his hands. "What can I do to convince you?" he asks.

"Something better than what you're doing," she retorts, but she can't help but give a small smile and a shuddering breath when he brings his hands back down and unzips her jeans.

"Like this?" he asks, dipping his hand into her panties and thumbing her pearl; it swells and throbs under his touch. The rest of his hand cups her sex, warming that area but sending chills down the rest of her body. She's been grinding on his cock and his hand and his face and who-knows-what-other-parts-of-his-body so often lately she feels like she should be used to it, desensitized a bit. Instead her core responds like it hasn't been touched in ages. She wants to take control of his hand and make him rub her harder. Instead, she grips the belt on his dress pants to steady herself. He latches on to her right breast with his free hand. Her nipple's a flower aching to be plucked; he pinches it, and her knees buckle.

She kisses him on the mouth—hard—and he forces her back into the heavy glass doors. She would recommend them just fucking against the doors, but they've done that already.

It's a moot point, anyway. He's already stripping off her jeans. She steps out of them, then steps out of her underwear. Lets him pull her sweater over her head because she does want him to suck her nipples now, which he happily obliges her, curling his tongue around their reddening heads. He sinks two of his fingers into her moist opening and thrusts them in and out until her cunt is soaked and the tongue on her nipple and the thumb on her clit can't move fast enough.

Just as she reaches her peak, however, he pulls back, removing himself completely from her body. She doesn't have a chance to complain before she's lifted up in his arms; suddenly the glass doors are open, and she's out in the cool night air, as naked as the day she was born.

Yi Jeong, of course, is still fully clothed and smirking while he carries her over to the edge of the pool.

She thinks he might just drop her in.

He doesn't.

He gently sets her down on her feet by the edge of the well-lit pool and suggests she get in if she doesn't want to freeze. She glares at him as he strips off his pants, his shirt, his underwear…

She wonders if anyone can see them up there, though they're on top of the tallest building in the immediate vicinity.

Satellites, maybe.

The wind blows, and she shivers.

She's glad when Yi Jeong quickly finishes removing the rest of his clothes because she gets to be stubborn and still give in to him picking her up again and carrying her into the warm water. He rolls his eyes at her poor show of resistance, and she finally gives in completely and smiles, clinging to his neck.

She can't remember the last time someone carried her in a pool in their arms. Probably her dad when she was little. It feels nice just being held. Yi Jeong makes a few effortless circles around the pool, twirling her around while she laughs and squeals when he spins too fast.

"See? It's not that bad," he insists, moving them to the side of the pool. Her back hits the stone wall, and he sets her down again. "It's just a little chilly, but if it wasn't, the water wouldn't feel so nice. Besides...I promise to keep you warm at all times." He grins and slips his hands under her butt; he hoists her up, and she wraps her legs around his waist.

Now that her shoulders are pressed against the cold wall, Ga Eul realizes the warm water and the cool air do provide a nice contrast to each other. Of course, Yi Jeong's natural body heat also helps. And it is quite the experience he's giving her; she doubts she would ever do this with anyone else, regardless of whether she'd met Yi Jeong or not.

She smiles warmly.

"Thank you," she says, brushing a few wet strands of hair out of his eyes.

He responds by kissing her—slowly, deeply—and she holds tightly to his shoulders to keep herself steady as she arches into him to return the kiss, then arches her neck away so he can kiss her throat and the side of her neck. Kissing quickly turns to nipping, then soothing her skin with his tongue. He grinds his hardening cock against her center.

Even though the water washes away any natural lubrication she's probably producing, she's loose enough for him to slide in pretty easily. Must be the endless rounds of sex from the past two weeks. Nevertheless, when he thrusts in, the familiar fullness makes her gasp.

Ga Eul's glad they're doing it at night as she tilts her head back and gazes up at the stars. The noise of the city drifts up faintly from below. Then Yi Jeong thrusts a bit deeper, continually hitting just the right spot, and she's brought back to him. Her hard nipples rub against his chest, and his abs contract with each of his movements. Reaching between them, she fingers her nub until she reaches her peak again, then breaks over it and spasms around his cock. She opens her mouth and lets out a string of involuntary moans as he fucks her through her orgasm and into oblivion, water lapping at her chest with each thrust. A steady slap, slap, slap that matches the rhythm of the base of his cock rubbing the base of her cunt. When she recovers somewhat, she braces herself against the wall and matches his thrusts until she tires, then concentrates on whispering in his ear the way he likes when she realizes he's close.

"That's good, Sunbae. You make me feel so good. Can you be good and cum inside me now? Just cum inside me. Good Sunbae. A little bit faster. That's good. You can cum now. Cum inside me, Sunbae. Please. Please cum for me. I want your...c-cum Sunbae….want you to cum...in-inside me."

When he cums, he grunts into her neck, and his fingernails claw into her hips. She loves the feeling of him emptying himself inside her, but more so the silence that follows it—the way he rests his head on her shoulder, just breathing in and out, the tension drained from his body. If they were in bed, he'd be deadweight, and she would stroke his hair the way he likes. As it is, she wraps her arms tighter around his neck, and he must feel her slipping down a bit because he adjusts her in his arms and brings her higher up on his waist. His cock slips out of her partially but not all the way.

After a moment, she clears her throat. "So," she asks, "was pool sex as good as it is in your fantasies?"

"Heated pool sex," he corrects, forming his words in the crook of her shoulder, his voice raspy in that gut-churning way.

She snorts.

He lifts his head, looks her up and down.

"Better," he says.

He always says that, so Ga Eul isn't sure that he's being entirely truthful. Personally, she still prefers a soft mattress. The water's relaxing, but the fancy rock her back has been pounded against for the past few minutes...not so much.

But she supposes she is pretty badass for having done it in a penthouse pool; not many girls can say that. No one she knows, anyway.

Yi Jeong's staring at her as if waiting for her opinion.

"I'm glad you enjoyed it," she offers. "However, I have to tell you I still prefer the bed."

"Of course you do. You like to hog all the pillows." Yi Jeong tsks at her, and she sticks her tongue out at him.

"You want me to dry you off and deposit you on your beloved bed?" he asks.

"I don't know. Do you have enough towels for the amount of cum that's going to leak out of me?" She smirks.

"Don't make me get hard again. I will make you stay here longer."

"I don't think you have enough cum left for that."

"I always have enough for you."

"How can you sound so sweet and perverted at the same time?"

"I might not be a Casanova anymore, but I can still make love like one."

"Then I want my fluffy towels. I was promised fluffy towels."

She implores him with her eyes following that last statement, and he carefully untangles them and sets her down. She can see the distorted image of his half-hard cock bobbing in the water when he puts his hands on her shoulders and kisses her forehead.

As soon as they get inside, he wraps her in the fluffy towels. He carries her to the master bedroom and unwraps her there, lays her down on the silken sheets of his king-sized bed—propping her head up with more pillows than is necessary—and nudges her legs apart again, this time with his forearm. Then his mouth is hot on her folds, which are still sensitive from where he pulled out minutes before. He thrusts his tongue in where his cock had been, then flattens it against her nub, licking her clean. She threads her fingers in his hair and nudges him closer, traps him with her thighs. She's almost sore from being so sensitive, from being wound up more times than she can count since Yi Jeong moved in. All the same, she wants more. Wants him wanting her this way.

It doesn't take long for her to cum.

Glazed over from her second orgasm of the night, she stares up at the ceiling of his bedroom while she toys with his hair and thinks this is not such a bad view to have either.

"Sunbae," she says when she floats back down to reality, "this has been great, but I don't think I can have sex again for at least a few days. I'm actually really sore now. Like really, really sore." She laughs so he knows she's not complaining. Not really. But she's also serious. She wants to walk properly again.

Yi Jeong doesn't reply. In fact, he's gone quite still, resting his head on her inner thigh. He's staring at her abdomen, but she doesn't know that he's really seeing it.

"Sunbae?" she says, quieter. His eyes are glassy, and she reaches down and strokes his hair once more.

"What are you...are you crying?"

He jerks his head up.

"No," he answers, too abruptly.

"It's okay if you are."

"I'm not." He stands up and mumbles something about brushing his teeth. He disappears into the spacious bathroom adjoining the master bedroom. The room has a soaker tub, two sinks set in a marble counter that stretches wall to wall, and two separate glass-encased showers—for voyeurism at its finest, she guesses. She wonders what Yi Jeong had in mind when he oversaw the design. So far they've only used the tub and one shower, both separately and together.

She probably needs a shower now, but she doesn't feel like moving. Instead, she lays flat on the bed until the air in the room gets too chilly, then slips her entirely naked body under Yi Jeong's turquoise sheets.

"Do you want some wine?" Yi Jeong asks, stepping back into the room, clad in what she assumes are a clean pair of boxers.


A minute later Yi Jeong returns with a glass of her favorite wine and a beer for himself.

Ga Eul takes a pensive sip of the red wine as he arranges himself next to her on the bed, fluffing two pillows behind him. Then she sets the wine on the bedside table, brings the sheets up over her chest, and sinks into the pillows herself. She turns on her side so that she can easily stare at him until he breaks and tells her what he's actually thinking, as he inevitably will given enough time.

"Sunbae, are we drinking now so you can blame it on the alcohol if you say something you'd rather take back?" she inquires delicately.

"What?" Yi Jeong asks, his head leaning against the headboard. His open beer bottle is halfway to his lips. He brings it down to his lap, turns to look at her.

"What's wrong?" she asks more directly.

He twists the bottle in his hands, taps his fingers on the body. Condensation bubbles on the bottle's surfaces and runs down in rivulets.

"You make this place feel like home, you know?" he says quietly. "I like you being here."

Ga Eul traces a nonsensical pattern on the sheets. She props herself up on one arm and asks, "Is that why my presence has been required almost every day since you moved in?"

Yi Jeong smiles.

"Maybe," he answers and takes a swig of the beer.

Ga Eul studies him, trying to read what he's not saying.

After a long pause, she twists around and lays her head down on his lap so that she's looking up at his face.

"Hey," she begins, "if you want me to sleep over, you can just say that. You don't have to entertain me so much. I'm not that adventurous." She sighs, closes her eyes, and makes a big show of relaxing. "I am perfectly fine being pampered on my fluffy pillows."

"Your pillows?" Yi Jeong scoffs, but it sounds more like a laugh. He presses the cold bottom of his beer bottle her forehead, and she jerks up, nearly causing him to spill the drink.

"Yes, my pillows," she replies, scowling.

"You don't need a pillow. You can use my lap," he tells her, skimming his thumb over the curve of her jaw.

She grabs his hand and presses his palm to her cheek. It's warm but slightly damp from the beer.

"True," she says. "You do make a nice body pillow. I would move in with you, you know, but it is my last year of college, and I think my parents would kill me."

"I know. One more year." He holds up a finger.

"One." She holds her finger up and touches it to his like a promise. And it is, in a way. Yi Jeong hasn't officially proposed to her yet, but they've been talking about spending the rest of their life together for well over a year now. And she suspects Yi Jeong has been thinking about it for longer than that, as he has steadily made himself more and more financially independent over the past four years. This very apartment is evidence of that.

"Thank you for staying," he says softly.

"I told you I would stay the night. My parents think I'm with one of my college friends. Again. You know, for the third time this week."

"No, I mean...Everyone left. My brother. Eun Jae. My father went off with his flings, and...my mother went off to the hospital. She couldn't take care of herself, much less her children. But you...stayed...even when I was mean to you. You didn't have to. Sometimes I'm still not sure why you did, but...thank you." There are tears shining in his eyes now, every hint of teasing gone.

It's rare to see him with his emotions bared like this, but Ga Eul likes it. He cradles her face like he never wants to let go of it, and Ga Eul turns her head and kisses the palm of the hand she's been holding.

"I'm never going to leave you, Sunbae." She smiles, then teases, "I can't now. Not after I've helped you desecrate all of your guest bedrooms, in addition to the couch your guests will be sitting on and the pool they will be swimming in. We're each others' accomplices. That means we're bound together for life. It's not as romantic as soulmates, but...it'll do."

She gives him an impish smile, which he returns in full as he leans down to kiss her.