A/N: Since I have the steadfast belief that Ga Eul and Yi Jeong do really bad things in Yi Jeong's car while they are dating, here is an extended version of Chapter 32 of This Time We're Not Pretending. (The smut is in the second half.)

Or, Ga Eul and Yi Jeong do dirty things in a parking garage...again.

Tags: fingering, dry humping, making out in a semi-public place

The club bathroom had been easy enough to find, but now that Ga Eul has made it back to the booth and table she's been occupying with Yi Jeong, Woo Bin, and two of Woo Bin's 'dates' for the evening, there is a wall of females between her and the table, blocking her view of the booth's occupants.

And blocking their view of her, presumably.

Sidling up to the few stragglers at the back, she taps one girl in a backless blue dress on her shoulder and gestures to the booth beyond them, yelling over the pulsing bass of the music, "Um, excuse me! Can I get through here?!" The girl and her friend give Ga Eul a quick once-over, then turn away, shrugging uncaringly.

Ga Eul frowns but tries again at another entry point.

Same result.

And yet another.

Same result again.

Ga Eul arches an eyebrow at the girls' backs. Wow, can't she just imagine the look on Yi Jeong's face when she tells him the overpriced black stilettos and black mini-dress he picked out aren't as impressive as he thinks? She should have worn that diamond necklace he bought her for his brother's wedding. Hands on her hips, she taps her toe and surveys the rest of the crowd—two rows thick in a semi-circle around the table—looking for gaps.

Oh, honestly, should it be this hard to get back to her boyfriend?! Her feet hurt from dancing too much earlier, and she wants to sit down.


Fed up with asking nicely, Ga Eul muscles her way through the girls instead, most of them giving her dirty looks and clamoring protests she can't hear over the music but can probably guess at.

Whatever. Maybe they don't know who she is, but they'll know soon enough.

There are two girls sitting at the end of the booth, beside Yi Jeong but not. There's an open space where she had been sitting right next to him, and her half-drunk daiquiri is still perched on the table next to his beer. She bites her lip to keep from smiling too wide when she realizes he has made the girls leave space for her and they look none too happy about it, though she wonders who they are that they got to sit down at all while everyone else is left to gawk at the two F4 boys from the sidelines.

Well, everyone except her.

"Excuse me," she addresses the girls at the table, one hand remaining on her hip. "That's my seat." She points next to Yi Jeong, and it seems the girls get the message from the way Yi Jeong turns from his conversation with Woo Bin, smiles, and gestures to her. The girls grudgingly slide out of the booth long enough for her to squeeze in, and ordinarily she would just drop back into her seat and continue draining her drink while cozily ensconced next to Yi Jeong, leaning her head on his shoulder when she starts getting sleepy, as inevitably happens to her after too much alcohol. Or very little alcohol, depending on how one looks at it.

Right now, though, she is just tipsy enough to want to do something super passive-aggressive and not care about the consequences. Her head feels almost light as she drops into Yi Jeong's lap without warning or asking him first. He leaves off shouting at Woo Bin over the music and snaps his head to look at her instead.

Crossing her legs as best she can in the tight dress, Ga Eul adjusts herself until she is leaning her left side against Yi Jeong's chest. Yi Jeong slides a hand around her waist but looks at her with surprise and a bit of a question mark etched on his face, probably because she's never sat on his lap in public before.

Well, there's a first time for everything.

She smiles at Yi Jeong gently, like sitting on his lap is the most natural thing in the world for her to be doing, but she doesn't kiss Yi Jeong's cheek or otherwise touch him. She doesn't need to, not when he belongs to her already and that's not why she's sitting there.

Ga Eul angles her elbow against the back of the booth and props her head up on her hand in an attempt to appear at once bored, casual, and threatening—a look perfected by the F4 themselves. She stares openly at the two girls on the other side of her and Yi Jeong, though she doesn't look up at the onlookers she can see backing away from the table out of the corners of her vision.

Thankfully, the music has died down momentarily, so she doesn't have to speak quite so loud when she asks, careful not to add the 'Sunbae,' "So, how do you know Yi Jeong?"

She can tell they're not good friends of his, merely acquaintances of his or Woo Bin's, because firstly she's never been introduced to them and secondly both of them were blatantly trying—and failing—to get Yi Jeong's attention when she arrived. And also because she now remembers where she's seen one of them before—at a ribbon-cutting ceremony at Shinhwa.

"Oh...Shinhwa. We go to university together," one girl informs her, meeting her stare with one of her own. "How did...you two meet?" She gestures between Ga Eul and Yi Jeong, and the girl's putting on a snobby front, but Ga Eul can tell she's making the girl uncomfortable, so she leans into that.

"We're old friends," she says simply, smiling. She glances at the other girl. "Shall I order you something to drink while you sit?" she asks, knowing that Yi Jeong won't care if she buys them drinks and, even if he did, they won't take her up on it.

"Uh, no. That's okay. We'll just be going now." The girl closest to Ga Eul ushers her friend out of the booth; they leave with a parting wave and a glance at Woo Bin, perhaps hoping he'll intervene.

He doesn't.

"Bye. Nice meeting you." Ga Eul waves them off, smiling brightly. The flashing colored lights dance around dizzily in her vision when they depart, and she wonders if she's not somehow already drunk. Maybe she didn't eat enough dinner. Perhaps that would explain why she was a bit rude. She's never rude, but that demure version of herself has flown away from her this evening, and she can't feel any guilt, can't bring herself to care.

Yi Jeong clears his throat then—she doesn't hear it so much as feel it, being pressed against him as she is—and when she twists her face to his she half-expects him to look upset with her for chasing the girls off. Maybe she'd read it wrong and he hadn't let them sit down just to be polite. But his eyes are fixed on her with a mixture of amusement and what could be awe, or possibly desire, and she takes that as a positive sign. Picking up her drink, she curls up against him and sucks it in through her straw. She lifts her gaze to his when she finishes.

"What?" she asks innocently, straw still in her mouth. She lowers her eyes, sucks in more of the icy, sweet liquid, which is faintly sharp with alcohol, and sets the glass back down. Yi Jeong still has his eyes pinned on her face when she turns back around. Her face that is suddenly very, very close to his.

Now it's his turn to smirk, apparently.

"You kicked those girls out. I mean, you really kicked them out."

"Did I?" She plays dumb. "Why would I do that? That doesn't sound like me."

"Are you really going to sit like this the rest of the night?"

"If that's what it takes for people to get the message, then yes," she blusters. A total lie. Right now, she feels strangely uninhibited, and she likes sitting on his lap, but it makes her want to do other things that she most definitely will never do in public. Drunk or otherwise.

Of course, he must know she won't sit there for the rest of the night, but he nonetheless gives her a curious look, then makes a show of ogling her body.

Well, then, you're going to pay for that little show, his eyes seem to say.

Am I, though? She flutters her eyelashes, beaming.

I can think of other things for you to do on my lap. His fingers trace circles on her exposed knee.

Here? Keep dreaming. She delicately lifts his hand away from her leg and threads her small fingers through his long ones, but she can't stop the heat from flushing her face.

"If you two start making out, I'm leaving!" Woo Bin's announcement startles Ga Eul out of her trance, and she blushes, realizing anew where she is. She scrambles off of Yi Jeong's lap and situates herself beside him; she gazes out at the people dancing below them and does not look over at Woo Bin. Yi Jeong laughs and answers him, something about having seen Woo Bin doing worse things.

Ga Eul grabs her drink again and alternately sips it and chews on her straw. Maybe it's time to get sleepy so she feels less awkward about what she just did.

Suddenly, Yi Jeong's hand is on her drink, though, tugging it away from her. He sets it far enough away from her on the table that she can't grab it easily. Before she can get a good look at his expression, he drapes one arm around her shoulders and ducks his head down, pulling her closer to him.

Then he says something wonderful in her ear. Something meant just for her.

Maybe she'll be paying for her boldness after all.

That doesn't sound too bad.

Some minutes later, after they've successfully ditched Woo Bin and his female companions and Yi Jeong's car has been brought around in an excruciatingly slow fashion by the valet, they are on the way to his apartment.

Only they don't make it quite that far.

Yi Jeong parks in the parking garage, and before he can unfasten his seatbelt, Ga Eul tumbles rather ungracefully into the backseat. He follows her soon afterward.

He pulls her into his lap, and she kicks off her heels. Bunching up her dress around her waist, she slips off her panties and throws his suit jacket over her lap on the off-chance they get caught, and Yi Jeong captures her mouth in a punishing kiss, the kind that always leaves her gasping for breath. She grabs the hand that had been teasing the bare skin of her knee earlier and guides it under his jacket. Opening her legs, she presses his fingers into the wet flesh between her thighs, letting him know what she wants without delay.

He gropes around for her clit for a moment, but when he finds it, he pinches it as he grasps her neck roughly and holds her to him, his tongue unrelenting in her mouth. The pinch sends a jolt of desire through her core and she grips his waistcoat, his collar, his tie, tugging and pulling anything she can get her hands on while continuing to kiss him. Her butt grinds against the tell-tale lump forming in his pants, and he grunts, his mouth moving to her neck, sucking and biting, his fingers doing torturous things to her clit. One of his fingers dips down into her opening, slowly clearing a path through her wetness until it can slide all the way in, deeper and deeper until it hits that sweet spot in her cunt.

Then he's thrusting, rubbing the spot over and over again as he works the one finger, then two fingers, in and out of her drenched hole. When his thumb starts a familiar rhythm on her nub to go along with it, she can't help but pull her mouth away from his and let out a whimper into his shoulder. She loses all sense of everything for a few minutes, biting down on his shirt collar and clinging to him while her entire body tingles with anticipation. She closes her eyes, and there's nothing, nothing but his eager fingers massaging her cunt and his thumb bearing down on her clit and his free hand groping her breast.

She whimpers louder and twists her hips to give him better access until the pleasure between her legs is almost too intense. His suit jacket falls to the floorboard, but she doesn't care. The cool air only amplifies her need for release. Her fingertips dig hard into his shoulder blades; he drives his fingers deep into her mound like he owns it; his thumb hits just the right spot on the side of her clit; she sees white; she cums; she cums hard.

When she floats breathlessly, achingly back down to earth, she extracts his fingers from her, wrapping her own fingers around them, but otherwise doesn't move, wanting to be in his arms in her dazed state. She tucks herself into him and holds him, and his arms encircle her while he rests his chin on top of her head, waiting for her to recover. Burying her face in his neck, she smiles; she likes this, feeling like she's home with him.

It's a normal feeling she has with him nowadays, but she especially likes it after an orgasm, when she feels like she's literally drifting on a cloud.

After a minute or so, her cloud descends enough for her to realize just how hard he is underneath her, his cock pressing into her hips, and she wants to take care of him too.

Without a word, she starts placing wet, open-mouthed kisses on his neck and adjusts herself in his lap so that she's straddling him. Her dress has ridden up around her bellybutton now so that she's completely naked from the waist down. And they're still in the parking garage, but it's late, past midnight, and she thinks she'll take her chances on someone actually walking past Yi Jeong's car, tucked away in the corner as it is.

"Crap," Yi Jeong mutters with her teeth nipping at his skin.

"What?" She takes her mouth off his neck for a second.

"My condoms are in the apartment," he answers hoarsely.

"It's okay." She kisses his jaw, working her way up to his ear. "We don't need them."

"What?" From the roughness in his voice, she can tell he's trying hard to concentrate on what she's saying and not on how his clothed cock twitches as she sneakily grabs it and curves her thumb around its head.

"You're always making me dirty," she whispers in his ear. "Tonight you can make yourself dirty."

"What does that—ah-ah..." Yi Jeong gasps, then trails off into a moan as she licks the curve of his ear. She undoes the knot of his tie with a little effort and flings it away. Then she moves onto his shirt, and his shirt buttons can't open fast enough for her liking. Finally, having undone enough buttons to slip her hands onto his chest, Ga Eul seeks out his nipples, those rough, dark peaks on his otherwise smooth skin. She slides her tongue down his exposed throat to his pulse point and sucks there while her fingers greedily work his nipples and her core grinds against the fabric surrounding his length. There's a moment when his length bounces against her clit, and she suddenly feels hungry for another climax; she grinds on him harder then, eager to help both of them get off.

Keeping one of her fingers hard at work teasing his nipple, she threads her other hand through his hair and brings his mouth down to hers. He slides his hands under her butt then and kneads her naked flesh as he bucks up into her.

There's so much friction already between her clit and his pants' material, but she needs more, more, more something. More anything. So she tugs one of his hands up to the dip in her dress where a tiny bit of cleavage is exposed. In no time at all, he rips the front of her dress down enough so he can cup her breast, bare.

He flicks her nipple, and she flicks his.

She rolls her hips faster and feels her pleasure come in tiny bursts like it sometimes does when she's already cum once. When the feeling subsides, she adjusts her angle so that she's not hitting her clit directly while she continues to ride Yi Jeong.

"Fuck!" Yi Jeong hisses, and she knows she's got him, so she sucks on his earlobe and teases his hard little nipple faster and faster. He's thrusting his pelvis up against her center more desperately than she's grinding on him now, and after a few more breathy curses and manic thrusts, he shakes uncontrollably in her arms.

Where his hardness is, a faint wetness seeps through the fabric of his pants. Ga Eul's not too worried about it. She's on birth control, but they're still in college, and the condoms...well...they're an extra precaution.

She lifts herself carefully off of his lap and falls into the other side of the backseat. While he recovers, she shimmies her dress back down over her thighs. She's still without underwear, but...eh...details.

"You made me cum in my pants," Yi Jeong says after a moment, cracking one eye open at her. His hair is as messed up as his boxers must be.

"Did I?" she asks, as innocently as ever. She drapes her legs across the backseat, over his own legs, and crosses them at the ankles. "Why would I do that? That doesn't sound like me."

"Nothing you do sounds like you."

"Hmm...imagine that."

"Oh, believe me, I have imagined it." Yi Jeong rests his head against the headrest and closes his eyes again, like he is imagining things at that very moment. "But I like the real life version better," he mumbles.