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Tags: mild bondage (handcuffs), chair sex, blowjob, lipstick, lots of teasing, vaginal sex, nipple stimulation, references to a striptease and masturbation

"Open your mouth, Sunbae," Ga Eul whispered, dragging her nails across Yi Jeong's lips.

Yi Jeong complied without argument, parting his lips under her fingers. He had no choice, really. As soon as they'd returned from the restaurant where they'd celebrated his birthday, Ga Eul had sat him down in a chair and handcuffed his hands behind his back, leaving him generally defenseless. Then she'd changed into her old school uniform and given him the striptease of his life.

Currently, Ga Eul had stripped off her panties, leaving on only her uniform skirt and her black high heels. She stuffed the lacy pink underwear into his mouth and commanded him to suck on them while she sucked 'something else.'

"Mean," he chided, but the word was muffled by the underwear in his mouth, which of course tasted fucking delicious because she'd just gotten herself off in them. And forced him to watch.

She took a tube of lipstick out of her purse and applied a new coat of lipstick to her lips. Then she blotted her lips on the collar of his white dress shirt.

"I always wanted to do that," she noted, making flirtatious eyes at him, and he might have teased her for that remark had his mouth not been occupied. Always, Ga Eul-yang?

"Now," she said, scooting back on the floor and kneeling. "Spread your legs, Sunbae."

Ordinarily, he didn't take orders from anyone, but he obediently parted his legs for Ga Eul to slide her half-naked body in between.

"That's a good Sunbae," she cooed, releasing his belt buckle and with it the pressure on his cock. It was about damn time. When she unzipped him and took down his pants, he sighed with relief. Earlier he'd been forced to watch her strip slowly, then get herself off while he could touch nothing. Finally, his cock would see some action.

"Sunbae." Ga Eul leaned her forearms on his upper legs. She had left his boxers on, and he was afraid her plan was to torture him for a while yet. Bending her head down, she kissed the base of his clothed cock. "Do I turn you on when I boss you around?" she asked. Another kiss up his length. "The answer's yes, right?" Another kiss. "Is that why you like me?" A kiss on his tip. "Because I put you in your place?" Kiss, kiss, kiss. "I think the fancy chaebol likes for the tacky country girl to tie him up and do whatever she wants."

His cock twitched with each insinuation.

Well, it wasn't a lie. He was liking this. A bit too much, in his opinion.

Still, he let out a half-hearted protest that was, once again, muffled by the panties in his mouth.

"Uh-uh-uh," she clucked and stuffed the panties further in his mouth. "Keep those in." She grinned wickedly. "I want to you remember what I taste like while I'm marking you."


Marking him?

What did that mean?

Like, marking with a branding iron? With her teeth? Were they getting matching tattoos?

Ga Eul stood and settled herself in his lap, straddling him. She unbuttoned his shirt and flung his tie across the room, but she didn't take the shirt all the way off, just loosened it enough so she could access his chest and his shoulders. Then she took her tube of lipstick out again, and he understand what she'd meant by marking.

Giggling, she murmured, "You're my property, Sunbae." She kissed up and down his neck, then started on his shoulders and his chest, leaving dark splotches of lipstick in her wake. By the time she got to his nipples, he could tell he was leaking a lot of precum. His boxers were so damp. She circled his nipples with her tongue until he groaned loudly and thrust his hips up in an attempt to grind against her.

"Please, please," he mumbled, squeezing his eyes shut.

"Why, Sunbae, are you trying to ask for something?" she said, finally leaving his nipples to breathe for a moment. The cool air ghosting over them afterward didn't help much.

Opening his eyes, he looked at her with the most pained expression he could muster. Surely, she'd have a heart and put her mouth or her cunt on his cock already.

Parting her lips, Ga Eul coated another layer of lipstick on; she rubbed her lips together and popped them back out with a smack! Her fingers had wandered down to rub his balls through the material of his boxers, which was too thin and not thick enough at the same time.

"Do you think I should mark these too?" She gave his balls one last squeeze, then dragged her fingernails up his length, and he twitched uncontrollably under her ministrations. "Or what about this?"

Oh god, he'd give anything to feel her naked fingers on his bare cock. If she didn't take his fucking underwear off soon…

Oh god, yes.

Yi Jeong hissed as she snuck her hand under the seam of his boxers and wrapped her hand around his cock, slowly beginning to pump him. Then her lips were on his neck again, and her teeth nipped him as she alternated cupping his balls and smeared precum around the tip of his cock. Then she was pumping again, and he closed his eyes and let his head loll back. She bit his earlobe, and he thrust up into her hand, urging her to keep pleasuring his cock with her fingers. But after several thrusts and one rather loud groan of frustration from him, she pulled her hand away. She took his boxers down without delay and knelt on the floor between his legs again..

The lipstick made another appearance, and as she capped the lid back on its silver tube, she leaned forward, arms braced on his knees, and asked, "Sunbae, do you know what lipstick this is?"

He shook his head, unsure what she meant.

"This"—she shook the tube at him—"is the lipstick you bought me on our fake date. I didn't use it for the longest time because...I wanted to hold onto it." She grinned mischievously and bit her lip. "Should I see if it goes with your cock?"

Yi Jeong nodded dumbly. Honestly, he'd forgotten he'd bought that for her. It had been an unimportant detail lost in the thrill of getting to pretend, just for a day, that she could be his.

He forgot it again as her mouth came down on his cock, tongue rolling over the sensitive head, hot and wet and tender. He sucked in a breath as his cock spasmed. Then she plunged down with her mouth, sucking the rest of him in, and fuck it, even if she wasn't his—wasn't his forever, anyway—he knew he would always be hers. Would always feel the ghost of her small mouth caressing him softly but firmly. Like how she kissed him. Or how she spoke to him when she was upset about something. That was Ga Eul—making him weak with a carefully arched eyebrow or a carefully arched tongue.

Speaking of tongues, she flicked hers over the most sensitive part of his head, and his legs shook. He could feel the texture of her lipstick as it rubbed off on his skin, and when she lifted her head up for breath, he saw its redness smeared down his cock, mingling with the natural purplish redness of his cock's throbbing veins.

She pressed small kisses to his head, looking straight up into his eyes, and he mumbled curses he knew she couldn't understand through the fucking panties still stuffed in his mouth.

Ga Eul released him from her mouth like she was hesitant to do so and stood up slowly, never breaking eye contact. Diving her hand under her skirt, she fingered herself again, but this time he realized she was probably warming up for the main act.

He hoped so.

God, he hoped so.

She leaned in like she might kiss him but instead caught the hem of her own panties in her teeth and pulled them out of his mouth. The lace was soaked through. She spit them out onto the floor.

"Sunbae," she whispered, sitting down on his lap again, her naked center directly on his throbbing cock, her nose and lips brushing his. "Tell me what you want."

"I want to fuck you against that wall over there until you pass out."

Ga Eul laughed, a wicked gleam in her eyes.

"That's good, but I was thinking more specifically about what you want right now."

"That is what I want right now. My fucking cock in your fucking cunt that you've been fucking teasing me with for an hour."

Ga Eul giggled more.

She was enjoying this far too much.

"Be careful what you wish for, Sunbae. Are you sure you can handle me doing that?"

"At this point in the evening, no. I might cum before I get all the way inside. But I guess we'll just have to find out, so hurry up and fuck me."

She mock-glared.

"I told you not to boss me around this evening...But maybe I will if you tell me what you like about my pussy." She lined his cock up at her entrance. "The more compliments you give me, the further I'll take it in." Her grin was criminal. She was having too much fun with this, and he was too far gone to give two fucks.

"Ah, but do you really think just because you have my favorite pussy in the world you can order me around?" he threw back at her.

"I don't think you meant that as a compliment, but I'll take your head in anyway." She guided the head of his cock in, then stopped, expectant.

"Um." Yi Jeong shivered and closed his eyes as his head was surrounded by familiar velvety warmth. Oh god, he'd missed it. Giving in to her little game, he continued, "Mm, you feel really warm...and tight. Agh." She took in a little bit more. "And warm and wet." A little bit more. "And warm and...Oh, fuck, you're burning up. You're so...You have the perfect little pussy." Ga Eul slid down the rest of the way onto his aching member. He'd never been so happy to be inside a girl's pussy. Not even the first time he'd had sex did he recall being this frustrated.

"Ga Eul-yang, please fucking move," he pleaded as soon as she'd taken him to the hilt. "Don't you think I've suffered enough already?"

"Aww." She ruffled his hair and stroked his cheek. "Is my baby getting worn out?"

"Ga Eul-yang...please." He turned on his most sincere gaze, and her own facial expression transformed from mildly teasing to deeply affectionate.

"Don't worry." She pecked him on the lips. "I'm going to take care of you. You're my Sunbae. The lipstick says so." She'd been dripping arousal when she slid down on him, but when she started rolling her hips, that first warm squeeze of her sex alone almost sent him into an orgasm. Bracing herself on his shoulders, she began moving up and down on his cock, and he thrust up to meet her as well as he could. Her tangled hair swept across her pale breasts, forming a wall around the two of them so that he couldn't see anything but her eyes imploring his, her parted lips. It wasn't super deep penetration, but it didn't matter. He came after two, maybe three, minutes, honestly surprised he'd lasted that long. When it was over, she wrapped her legs around the back of the chair, keeping his softening cock nestled snugly inside her.

"So...Did you like it?" she asked after she'd given him a moment to compose himself.

Gone was the confident dominatrix. Replaced by the Ga Eul he knew and loved in everyday life. He liked both sides of her, but this was the cute, innocent side he'd first fallen in love with.

"That was the most amazing thing I've ever seen in my life," he answered truthfully.

"Really?" Her countenance brightened to a giddy degree.

He smiled warmly.

"Really. Now, can you please take these handcuffs off? My wrists are chafed from me half-consciously trying to lunge at you all night."

He said that, but, actually, he just wanted to cuddle his bossy girlfriend.

Yeah, he was well and truly whipped.

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