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Grantaire POV

The sun shines brightly. The heat pricks his fragile skin. Blonde curls swaying in the breeze of the wind. His eyes; the perfect blue orbs that will make you entranced and oh, the way he walks. He looks like a real model. I can't help myself from holding his hand. Ugh, it frustrates me! He looked at me and I wanna die until I said that words to him.

"You may be mistaken as one of those models you can see in Calvin Klein if someone doesn't know you," I told him as we walked across the school grounds. Fuck you Grantaire! He reminded his self. It made me feel that we were in a morning stroll as if we were on a date as a couple. But I reminded myself that I am on my way to my next art class, Mr. Wilkinson not a typical date.

"Oh really, R?" He answered flatly. What the fuck? It's a compliment and hell if I were his boyfriend, but it won't happen, I'll shower him with love. Even Courf would like the compliment.

"Whoa, Apollo doesn't like that compliment? If you are Courf, you would even kiss me," Grantaire teased him slightly hoping he would get his point.

"R, listen. First, Courf is excluded in this narrative and second, he wouldn't dare to kiss one of us. Even me! Don't get me wrong but you know that I don't romance people," His tone reminds me of his speech one time at one of our protests last week about the illegal clearing of the informal settlers' houses.

"Hey, it's a compliment! But Courf wouldn't mind if he kisses one of us, even you Apollo," Grantaire pouted and heck, why did I like this marble man?

I'm proud of my Apollo. He never failed me to make me smile even though he never saw me as his faithful, ever faithful boyfrie- friend. Grantaire stood from the pavements and daydreamed and he didn't notice that Enjolras retorted.

"Earth to R? Are you in there? Enjolras is looking for his friend," Enjolras snaps his fine fingers in front of Grantaire. Oh, my sweet Enjolras, can't you see I am lovestruck the way your raspy- no, your fiery voice stung my heart and pierced it into many pieces.

"Enj, I think I'm late for class," Grantaire suggested even though he wasn't.

He strode away to his next class and left Enjolras behind without further ado. Grantaire knew he all along that he can't love someone even him. But surely, he'll find something that'll make his Apollo happy and it wasn't him.

"R, will you pass that cold beer!" Courf asked Grantaire.

"Why would I? Mr. Julien Courfeyrac? I thought you have exams for your class tomorrow?" Grantaire smirked and eventually tossed the other beer to Courf.

Lounged in their spacious apartment, they lay their backs on their big sofa. Enjolras insisted that they should be living in a bigger apartment near the university and share monthly rents.

A typical night for the Les Amis de l'ABC or the Les Amis, that's the way they call their selves. The Les Amis was led by Enjolras to provide help for the poor and to voice their ideas that there should be equality among all people.

However, Les Amis was just a group of university-school boys that are given the privilege to study in a prestigious school.

The Les Amis was composed of intelligent young boys: James Combeferre and Marcus Joly were both medical students aspiring to be doctors. Jehan "Jean" Prouvaire and Raoul Grantaire decided that their courses would be connected to Arts. Jehan loves writing poetry as much as he loves painting flowers and landscapes. However, Grantaire only loves painting so he was an art major.

Julien Courfeyrac, Michél Bossuet, Alexandré Gabriel Enjolras, Marius Pontmercy were law students. Courf wants to be a Criminal Defense Lawyer as well as Bossuet while Marius wants to be a Family Law Lawyer.

Meanwhile, Enjolras wants to serve the public sector and he wanted to help those who can't afford a lawyer so he decided that someday he can be a Public Defense lawyer.

Ariél Feuilly and Felix Bahorel already finished college and they were the ones who act like their fathers. Bahorel managed Café Musain along the university together with Musichetta, Joly and Bossuet's girlfriend. He also owned a fan making shop where Feuilly works as a shop manager. Even though they didn't get their respective jobs as a Computer Engineer and an Architect, however, they are satisfied with what they were.

"Hey, R? Have you seen Enj? I haven't seen him earlier since the two of you always walked to your classes," Courf asked Grantaire.

"Well, if I am not mistaken, he was reviewing for his pol-sci class. We shouldn't bother Apollo for a while. He might write a speech for bothering him," Grantaire grinned as he drank his last cold beer and even Courf laughed.

"I guess so. But, you know he's the one that should be having fun these days. It's so stressful and I can't even focus because I-…," he stopped and shook his head and bid his goodbye to Grantaire. "Good night, R. See you around," he went to his room and shut his door gently.

"Okay, what was that for? Sometimes I don't understand these guys," Grantaire stood there dumbfounded and he was the only one left in their living room.

Apollo wasn't here. He was busy reviewing in his room for his political science class. Grantaire shook his head when he thought about it.

Grantaire left the living room and made his way to the kitchen. He opened the fridge and grabbed the cold beer. He didn't notice that Jehan was there. Jehan knew Grantaire's unrequited love for their chief, however, something bothered Jehan about Grantaire. He admired this drunken cynic.

"Good evening R," Jehan greeted him. Grantaire was shocked and didn't notice that he was there.

"Woah, shit, you almost gave me a heart attack, Jehan. I didn't even notice you sitting there. Hey, what's that?" Grantaire walk towards Jehan and Jehan immediately closed his journal of poetry, his beloved possession. He didn't want Grantaire to see what he was writing.

"Well, I'm sorry if I bothered you. Just tell me if there's something that I can help. Call me, Captain Capital R! So long fellow citizen!" Grantaire rushed out of the kitchen and made his way to meddle the other Les Amis in their respective rooms. Jehan knew that he will disturb Joly and Bossuet because they don't have classes the next day.

"Why did I even like this drunk?" Jehan smiled and he proceeded writing his poetry.