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No one would have thought, especially Eponine, that she will join the Amis. She really didn't mind being with boys, actually, but in her heart, she wanted to help those in need and join the protests.

It was a tough way to finish college so does the heavy school works, still, she found help from her newly found friends, the Amis. She hangs out with them but if she also took this as a chance with Marius since Jehan will help her also, she is willing to help Jehan for his pining to R as well.

On a Friday night, the Musain is busy as students started to swarm the whole cafè just to refreshen up after the tiring whole week. One of those is the whole group of the Amis.

While the whole company of the Amis made their way to the backroom, the young woman is so determined to know more of the so-called Marble Man. "It was merely curiousity, nothing much, for god's sake, Ep," she thought to herself. While the other men busied themselves to whatever they're talking about, Eponine made her way beside to Jehan who just laughed on drunk Bossuet as he tripped in front of the Musichetta, stopping the petite woman to help the now-dazed Bossuet. Jehan only shook his head and Eponine sat beside him.

"Jehan, what is Enjolras really like?" Eponine whispered to the man, making his right eyebrows arched to the brunette's question. "Jehan, it was merely curiosity, okay. There's nothing much." she said defensively, repeating her thought earlier.

"I didn't say anything, Ep." the young man grinned suggestively to her friend which made Eponine jokingly slapped his arms as he only laughed to her reaction. "Ep, why didn't you tell me that you are crushing on the Marble Man. You should be giving me a heads up, you know," he teased more and it almost made Eponine storm out but Jehan reached her arm, making her sit beside him once again. The young woman huffed as she crossed her arms and didn't look on Jehan's direction.

"Okay, I'm sorry, but, you know, you should experience what we have experienced with Enjolras." Jehan stated, leaving Eponine more confused. She has many questions and in that case, it left her one thing: crack the marble man.

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