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In the year 2138 AD there was a term: DMMO-RPG.

That word was an acronym for "Dive Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game".

These games were played by connecting a dedicated console to the brain via a neuronal nano-interface — an intracerebral nanocomputer network, created from the fusion of cyber- and nanotechnology.

These were games that allowed one to enter a virtual world and experience it as though it were real life.

And among the myriad DMMO-RPGs that thronged the market, one of them stood head and shoulders above the others:


This game had been painstakingly developed and released twelve years ago, in 2126.

Compared to other DMMO-RPGs of the time, YGGDRASIL's selling point was "player freedom".

It had over two thousand basic and advanced job classes.

Every class had a maximum of fifteen levels, and so in order to reach the overall level cap of one hundred, one would need to take at least seven different classes. However, players could take as many classes as they wanted as long as they met each class's prerequisites. A player could even take a hundred classes at level one each, although that was very inefficient. As such, in this system, it was virtually impossible to make identical characters unless one was deliberately trying to do so.

In addition, one could use various creator tools (sold separately) to fully customize one's armor, weaponry, flavor text, appearance, and other cosmetic settings.

A vast playing field awaited its players. There were nine worlds in total: Asgard, Alfheim, Vanaheim, Nidavellir, Midgard, Jotunheim, Niflheim, Helheim, and Muspelheim.

It boasted a massive world, numerous classes, and freely customizable appearances.

These features ignited the creative spirits around the world, but was most popular in it Japanese players, and sparked what would later be known as a stylistic revolution. So popular was it that whenever the word "DMMO-RPG" was mentioned in Japan, listeners would immediately think of YGGDRASIL.

Of all the guilds that arose over the years, one stood head and shoulders above the rest. Ainz Ooal Gown rose above all others becoming legend to the other players in Yggdrasil as the mightiest of guilds, unconquerable better to throw yourself off the top of the world tree than go up against that group, was the general consensuses. And truly they lived up to there legend.

But as with most story's, there's more to it than most people knew. There was one other guild that was just as dangerous.

Where people would talk about Ainz Ooal Gown on all the boards and taverns across the realms share information and try and think of ways to gain an edge on them and knock them off the top spot. No one would talk about this guild. Few knew of them, no one knew how many members they had or where their base was. Many went looking for it none came close to finding it. They called themselves the League of Shadows. They didn't look for fame as others did, where Aniz Ooal Gown was a hammer smashing all who faced them. The League was a stiletto in the dark. Walls couldn't seem to keep them out. They circumvented The toughest base defenses, destroying they're targets or stealing guilds most prized treasures seemingly at will. And leaving only a single black rose has proof that they were ever there. They were thieves\spy's\assassins of the highest order. And for a price that would beggar most kings, they could be brought. Taking no sides in the endless guild wars, they grew wealthy and powerful serving all sides. Owing loyalty to none.

But as with all good things, they must come to an end...

Chapter 1

25 minutes till server shutdown.

Tyr lord of shadows leaned back on his great throne carved from a single huge piece of soul glass, watching the light play across the faceted surface with the occasional trapped soul rising up to the surface to beat helplessly at the surface before being dragged back down to some unknowable depths, by some nameless terror. And sighed. His god tier Ninja amour seemed to be leaking living shadows as he looked around the great hall gently tapping his taloned gauntlet on his armrest. And surveyed about the great hall and all the trophy's that lined the walls. Thinking about all the great times he and his friends, had, had over the years. Wrecked amours and weapons from all of the guilds greatest enemies lined the walls. In pride of place, a great holy rune war hammer (Gav-Ree-Ayl) floated gently in it's own column of light. Next to the throne.

As he looked over at it he had to smile as his mind drifted back in time to his greatest achievement. The assassination of the head of the most powerful guild of Templar knights in all the nine worlds. Four years earlier they had launched a massive campaign, gathering all the other powerful human-centered guilds and joining together with the aim of purging all non-humans from the nine realms. Led by the holy knight Hugues De Payens. Well known around the chat rooms as being a serious ass hat. he was also known for being something of a charismatic genius when it came to leading troops and getting people to follow him in spite of his shortcomings. The league learned of his plans months beforehand but kept it to themselves. While they planned on how to use this information for there own gain.

When the Templars launched their crusade. Everyone was caught completely off guard, and the Crusade ran rampant over the nine worlds for weeks. Pking everyone in their path. What no one knew was that the league had several spies in the Crusade, so they knew where and when they were going to hit and how hard.

At first, they raided any interesting guild bases first just before the crusade showed up helped themselves to the best bits of treasure. And getting out before anyone was the wiser. Thus the blame fell to the crusade on all the lost treasure. They then started to sell the movements and plans of both sides to anyone with the cash.

Aniz Ooal Gown really stepped up there helping out all the non-humanoid races forming a leadership and giving everyone a place they could rally to. The war raged for months moving back and forth across the worlds. The destruction was on an unimaginable scale in the game. The devs loved it.

Eventuality Momonga himself had contacted him with a contract to destroy the leadership of the crusade.

Momonga was one of the few people outside of The Leauge who knew anything about it. Tyr and he had formed an unlikely friendship with him back in the early days of the game which had carried on down through the years, helping each other out from time with either stealth or brawn whatever was needed to get the job done.

Unable to say no to that type of challenge. It took the whole The Leauge of Shadows to pull it off, but they managed to feed the Templar leadership false information about a meeting where several world class items were being gathered together and we're going to be used to destroy the Templars main base. So they had brought an army of several thousand players to stop them. What they found was an army waiting in ambush for them. The battle had raged for the better part of a day, with neither side able to gain a clear advantage.

Then The league had stepped out from the shadows into the light for the first time. With him riding a never before seen titanic seven-headed dragon (TIAMAT wife to Níðhöggr Mother of dragons.) Well, let's just say they quickly put to rest any thoughts that a guild of spies were weak. They'd rolled over the battlefield felling players left and right. In the chaos, he'd found himself face to face with Hugues De Payens, leader of the crusade. as the war raged all around them, he'd challenged him to single combat winner takes all. Smiling to himself as he looked over to the floating war hammer. That had been a fight for the ages as they had both used all there considerable, resources and skill to drive the other into oblivion. That fight more than any other cemented, the guilds legend. And a hatred between the so called holy Hugues De Payens and himself. Hugues had lost everything in that fight.

Winner takes all. Was a very rare form of PvP that both party's had to agree to. It meant that instead of the loser losing 5 levels from there character and several items from there inventory. The loser would lose not only all of there gear but everything in their inventory and all of there money, and be reduced to a level one character. As you can imagine not many people would be crazy enough to take that type of risk in one battle. the shame from his defeat led is own guild to vote him out, and him being hunted across the nine realms by every non-human player. It wouldn't be wrong to say he was the most hated player in the game. He'd sworn revenge even if he had to burn the nine realms to the ground to do it. The guild had kept track of him for several months afterward, but he kept getting Pked so he could never get his level high enough to be considered a threat. And then the guild members had started to drift away as they had lost interest in the game. Once you've scaled the heights where else is there to go. They had never been a large guild, to begin with so Tyr had lost track of him. He did wonder what happened to him, whether he had stuck at the game or quit like so many others. He was a lot of unpleasant things, to say the least, but he was a challenge and worthy foe, one that few others had offered to his guild over the years.

A gentle grunt, broke him out of his reverie, turning from the hammer and looking behind his throne he saw Tiamat shift two of her heads slightly in her sleep mode causing a small waterfall of gold to shift on her massive treasure horde, which took up more than half the halls great space. Smiling to himself, at his faithful guardian she was his greatest creation, taking over 3 years and more wealth than even he liked to think about to build her. But she was well worth it. Seven heads each able to use a different elemental attack, she was a terrifying force of nature. giving her a huge backstory, hiding here after Níðhöggr had gone mad and started attacking the world tree in his hunger. then becoming trapped here once she found this place to hide. He'd made her a warm mothering sort who looked after the whole base and kept the other NPC's in line and out of trouble. in spite of her huge OP levels, she was a gentle sort preferring to talk, to sort out problems rather than fighting. Even though he'd only really ever got to use her that one time. She'd more than proven her worth. He'd put her to sleep not wanting her to be awake at the end.

Waving his hand Janus brought up the game clock, only 20 minutes till the server shut down. He'd hoped a few other members might have shown up to his invite. but it looked like everyone else had truly moved on. he'd been the only person here in months.

Janus Let his mind wander about how his base. It was unique as far as he knew, and the key to The Leagues great success over the years. It was a floating castle. this in of it's self wasn't so special. There were several that could be found around the game. With 10 levels it was a powerful base which the guild members had spent considerable time and money increasing in size and power over the years. But what made it truly unique though were three things, the first was that the base was apart from the nine realms. Which made spying very easy for several of the information based players and NPC's while here they could observe any unprotected areas on any of the worlds that were in view from the tower that was the tenth floor. The second was that there was only one original access point and it was so well hidden apart from him no one had ever found it. The third was, and most players would say sodding Devs. Was an OP ability that came with control of the base, that was the gate system. Normally there were several portals on each world that could take you to other various worlds. but there were all well know and mapped out by everyone. so everyone knew where everyone was going depending on the portals they were using. But the Nexus was Unique in that it had it's own gates system that bypassed the normal means of getting around the game.

In the guild lore, the story went that the castle was the first thing created by Ymir the first Jotunn from the void before creation. Making it unique in that that it was beyond space and time. The gate system was created by Ymir to travel the cosmos and see how the worlds he had created were doing. The gates were a secret way of moving about the nine realms. Which allowed Tyr and his guild to appear almost anywhere. So there was no need to use any of the frequented portals from world to world and allowed them to bypass everyone's notice and able to move about the worlds unseen by anyone.

Gliding down the great steps from his throne and across the hall he slowly walked out onto a large balcony that seemed to be suspended above a vast void. And looked up. Worlds hung suspended above his head, Alfheim, Svartalfheim, Jotunheim, Muspellheim, Niflheim. Slowly drifting by, stretching away into seeming infinity, he knew if he waited long enough that'd he'd be able to see all nine worlds drift past. The unique sight never got old, he'd miss it when it was gone. With only a few minutes left he thought about logging out. He had a long day tomorrow. But figured a few more minutes wouldn't hurt and he wanted to impress this moment into his memory for all time.

And from such simple choices, are the fates of worlds decided.


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