"It does not do to leave a dragon out of your calculations, especially if you live near him."

Chapter 4

Nyx looked around the gym at the damage that his master had caused. And was truly honoured to have been able to see his power. People rarely got to see him fight (well not more than, once at least.) Since he normally was in charge of strategy and planning missions for the others in the guild. But looking around at the damage he had caused in the last few minutes he could see it would be a terrible mistake to underestimate his physical prowess he was far from just a thinker.

Tyr took a last look around the room, and the damage he had caused. It had been like he was remembering something he had just forgotten while he was fighting. The more he did it the simpler it became. The moves and reflexes were all there along with his skills and fighting ability's, just like he had in the game. But this seemed to be real, whatever it was. And Tyr knew there was a world of difference between a game and the real world no matter how realistic it seemed. He would have to train hard in the coming days... But at least he now knew that he could defend himself from whatever came next. Nodding to himself he, turned and bowed to Nyx.

"Thank you, Grandmaster, that was most refreshing. I will see you soon at the meeting."

Nyx bowed back.

"It was my pleasure, my lord. I will see you again soon."

Nodding. With increasing confidence, Tyr used his guild ring to teleport himself away.

Nyx took one last look around the room before summoning a maid to clean up the mess. Yes a serious mistake to underestimate his Lord's power, he thought to himself as he hobbled out of the room to get ready for the meeting. This would be quite something. This would be the first full gathering of all the floor guardians ever. It would be interesting to meet them all for the first time.

In spite of the dire situation Nexus now found it's self in he was confident that the first lord was up to the task of keeping them all safe.

Appearing at the entrance to the 10th floor Tyr looked up at the huge crystal dome that arched overhead covering the whole circular level. The crystal gave a perfectly clear view of the heavens. The view was breathtaking as the dome magnified the starlight making even stars normally to faint to see with the naked eye, clearly visible. The whole dome was a breathtaking array of colours as stars and galaxies could be seen across most of the heavens with there eternal light. Walking into what was the smallest level of Nexus he looked down from the balcony seeing a large staircase that hugged the wall of the tower that went down a dozen stories, with large landings evenly space about where people of all different sizes and race worked at a feverish pace. The landings were spaced out evenly around the sides of the tower with a huge telescope reaching from the ground floor up to just below the dome. The telescope was being slowly moved to a new position. Over towards the far side of the dome, the new world they seemed to have been moved to was clearly visible. As the telescope slowly shifted towards it.

"Hello my lord."

A deep bass voice that made his bones rumble, called out from above his head, as slowly a giant elder beholder slowly drifted down into view. Pretending to observe the telescope for another moment as he gathered himself to talk to the giant floating head. At almost 15 feet across with a deep red coloured skin, with nine different eye stalks spaced around the top of its head waving about in a hypnotic fashion while it's tenth main large eye in the centre of it's face was a blind milky white.

"Hello, Hundred Eyes (Argus) thank you for hosting this meeting. The others should be arriving shortly. Can you lead the way to the conference room."

"Of course my lord follow me."

The giant head like figure slowly rotated on its axis and began to drift back out into the open area. Taking a deep breath he looked at one of his rings and activated it. Slowly rising into the air behind the beholder. Careful not to look down at the several story drop below his feet and thinking this was a lot more fun when he did this with wings. The beholder floated up to the top level next to the top of the telescope. A large light blue table large enough to seat eleven dominated the area. The whole area rested on a clear floating platform that slowly floated about the top of the dome, slowly changing the view of the stars. Gently touching down on the platform cause a gentle ripple of colours to spread out from his each of his footsteps as he walked across the platform to the seating area.

Several guardians were already there milling about the seating area talking quietly amongst themselves, Argus floated slowly in front of him as he walked towards them. Noticing his approach they all turned and bowed. As he walked around the table toward his seat.

"First Lord."

They all intoned together. Nodding he carried on walking towards the head of the table. Running his hand along the crystal smooth surface of the table he saw that even the interfaces in front of each chair seemed to have become real as he could see several screens of data flowing on them as he walked past each seat. Taking his seat at the head of the table, all the guardians were still standing about not sure what to do. Waving at the seats he motioned for them to find a sit. Looking a little nervous they all moved to a seat.

He noticed with a wry amusement that each of the guardians had taken the seat that matched where creator normally sat. Looking about the table he noted who had already arrived. Tyr looked up at Argus and asked.

"How long do we have left until the meeting is due to start?"

Argus rotated so his large central eye was pointed towards him.

"The last of the guardians should be here in the next few minutes."

Nodding he looked down at the control panel set into the desk in front of him, the system asked for his magical signature. He reached out and touched the screen. Several holographic displays rose up around his seat, showing several of the base's systems. Cool holographic display just like there were supposed to be, in the game. More confirmation that whatever was going on, everything was the way they had built it in the game. He couldn't stop a small smile from his face at this thought. Taking note of all of the information at his fingertips now Tyr started scrolling through a few screens of information. After a few minutes of this, he could see that he'd have to spend several hours on this to go through everything but could see that he could activate any of the bases traps or defensive systems from here. Also could see all the day to day costs of running the base and the locations of all the NPC's and POP's.

Everyone else at the table sat in an uncomfortable silence waiting for the first lord to speak. Tyr looked through the displays when he realised that no one had spoken for in the last few minutes. With a wave of his hand, he cleared away the displays for later.

Looking around the table at the four guardians who were already here;

Usal first floor guardian sat at the far end of the table pretty much taking up the whole end of the table by himself.

As a Crystal Golem, pushing 8ft height he was made of a milky crystal, which made him highly resistant to physical damage. He was definitely the strongest of the guardians.

Next seat down sat Q a small green goblin in a white lab coat with large tufts of white hair growing out of his ears, the only one seated at the table who was more interested in his tablet in front of him, than what was happening about him. If he remembered correctly he was highly focused on his work always looking to make improvements, and not a care when his experiments, inevitably blew up in his face.

Sitting next to him Sadna Taleelayuk an incredibly beautiful woman sat with sea-green hair, that constantly seemed as if it was moving underwater in a slow hypnotic fashion. Smiling seductively when she noticed him looking at her. Trying not to stare at her clothing or lack thereof as she arched her back a little giving him a clear view down the front of her dress. Guardian of the 3 and 4th Abyssal floor she was a powerful siren and seductress.

And above the table too large for a seat floated Argus guardian of the 10th floor in charge of information gathering for all the guild. A powerful Seer who gave up his magic destroying his main eye in a special ritual in return for increasing his seer based ability's.

A ripple at the far end of the platform and the rest of the guardians appeared, Cerberus a large three-headed hell-hound. His claws clicked quietly as he came and lay next to his chair while the rest took their seats. Persephone a stunning phoenix in her human form wearing white druidic robes and twin scythes, hooked to her belt. And ahead of fire instead of hair, waving in a gentle breeze, guardian of Elysian the 7th floor. Tiamat gilded across the room in her beautiful red gown with almost unconscious elegance and came and took the seat to his left while Nyx somehow managed to just appear in the seat to his right. Janus guardian of the gate system quietly took his seat, taking the time to have a good look at all the others seated around the table. And Savitar god of speed, his form had always creeped him out, when DropBomb had drawn up the plans for him. But he was incredibly powerful. And one of the few NPC's that had been made to be evil (lawful evil) rather than with a neutral aliment like most of the NPC's. His whole body was made up of jet black crows flying in an impossible dance to give him a humanoid form with glowing silver eyes. Savitar was the last to take his seat at the table with a gentle wind ruffling everyone's clothing as he sat down.

All of the guardians were looking about in silence at the other guardians taking there first good look at there fellow guardians for the first time.

Raising from his seat and placing his hands on the table turning slowly to take in everyone with his gaze.

Making sure to catch everyone's eye of them with a level look. He had been wondering how to play this first meeting since it, would set the tone for all future interactions with them. He had a rough plan in mind for what needed to get done. And was looking forward to seeing what this new world had to offer. The most important thing at the moment, he thought to himself was to show that he was in charge and that he knew what he was doing.

He'd had a hand in helping create most of the Guardians and allot of the other NPCs dotted about, some he knew better than others though. One of the first things on his list was to go through all of there back story's and spend some time with all of them to get a better feel for them as they are now that they had all become flesh and blood beings, he was sure that they would all have there own quirks now. After talking with Nyx and Tiamat he had realised that they all seemed to be acting the way there back story's and lore dictated. He could see some problems with this that he might have to deal with later because their backgrounds had always been a bit of extra fun extra in the game and not something that most of them took to seriously no matter how much they wrote into there charters lore. Who knows what the others might have put in there for fun. Though he was glad that they all saw him as a leader\ruler and not some sort of god-like he knew Momongas lot had programmed all there NPCs to see them as. He couldn't imagine the headache that would cause if they saw him like that all the time. That was tomorrows problem though. Now to see if what he had deduced about everyone so far was true or not.

"Thank you all for coming, this is probably the first time most of you have met face to face, we will get to that. But first to summarise why you're all here. A few hours ago some unknown force seems to have moved Nexus to an unknown location. Possibly to a new universe. That is still unclear at the moment. There were looks of shock and dismay at this news as they all looked about the table at each other.

If you look up you can see, that the nine worlds seem to have disappeared and there is only one world anywhere near us at the moment."

Everyone's gaze followed his pointed finger up to the dome and the now clearly visible planet. Sadna motioned. Tyr Nodded for her to speak.

"My lord this is distressing. We all know that you said Yggdrasil was coming to an end were you the one to do this?"

Tyr shook his head. Though he made a mental note that she remembered something he had said to her before coming here.

"No whatever this is, is beyond me, I'm in the dark about this as much of any of you I'm afraid. Also, I seem to be the only other Lord here at the moment. They might be on the planet somewhere. Or they might not... this will be one of our top priority's once we make landfall. "

This reply about the missing Lords brought more worried looks than the fact that they had all been possibly moved to another universe. Knocking on the table with his knuckles, everyone's attention focused back on him.

"I know this is worrying to all of us. But I give you my word that if our comrades are here somewhere on this new world we will move heaven and earth to get bring them home."

Slamming his fist down on the table. Nods and smiles all around the table were his replies to his impassioned declaration.

"I will have tasks for all of you in the coming days, and I know I can count on all of you to give 110%.

Argus and Cerberus have spent the last few hours scouting and trying to get some basic answers for us. Cerberus what have your liches found?"

Cerberus bowed his heads in acknowledgement. Then his voice echoed in all of there minds (With a posh British accent.)

"Thank you, my lord, as you asked I sent out my liches out in a 100km circumference around the base. Until now they report no contacts with anything of note. I also sent several down to the moon's surface that we now seem to be orbiting, while they've not had time to do an exhaustive survey yet, it seems to be totally dead no life or unlife anywhere. We should have the whole surface of the moon surveyed in a within a few days."

Tyr nodded while leaning back in his chair and steepled his fingers as he thought for a moment. Hardly surprising news about the moon. Just one look out the window and he could see it was dead. Several possible ideas for the moon spun through his mind, top of the list securing a fall back position in case of an emergency.

Nodding. He looked at Cerberus.

"Very good Cerberus, keep up the survey of the surface if any of your teams find anything inform me immediately, also get a team to take a waygate down to the surface of the moon and enough of a team to defend it heaverly if necessary. Once that's completed inform me and we can go from there. Also, we are in possible enemy space I'd like you to work with Tiamat and come up with a new defensive line for the base up to 200km in every direction. You have until the end of the day to come up with and implement this new defensive line. I'll expect a full report to look over once it's up and running. In the meantime send out as many liches and wraiths as can be spared keep them on patrol around the base. Does anyone have any thoughts or ideas to add?"

All the guardians silently looked about the table, before shaking their heads.

"Very well."

Looking up at Argus he asked

"What have you been able to find out?"

Argus cleared his throat before answering.

"Thank you, my lord. As you asked we have been working with Janus to look upon this new world that we have arrived at. The first thing we found was that the gate system has stopped working."

With that comment, Tyr felt the bottom of his stomach fall out at this news. That was one of the bases most powerful ability's. Without that, they could be in serious trouble. The rest of the guardians wore worried looks as they tried to talk over each other. Janus stood up and looking down the table. Tyr rapped on the table bringing everyone's attention back to Janus.

"First lord I believe the gate system being out of service to only be a temporary thing. As we speak the great Heart Stone reaches out to this new world I believe within a few days a week at most we should have our full transport capability's back to full power."

Breathing an internal sigh of relief at that. Making sure to keep his voice steady he replied.

"Thank you, Janus, that is good to hear, anything you need to help speed up the process with the heart stone contact me or Tiamat and we'll see to it."

Janus nodded and sat back down.

"Argus have you managed to find out anything about the world that we currently find ourselves orbiting?"

" At this distance, I can't get any great detail about this new world we find ourselves orbiting. But I have managed to find out a few basics about our new position. This world seems to have several continents of various sizes though I point out there are only four oceans. I have noted several races that were all familiar with, spread about. Human, dragon, goblins, and trolls and so on. I'm sure there are more once I have a bit more time. Humans and Orks seem to have the highest population density making them the easiest to locate. though at this distance I can only give a general reading of these areas nothing more. These seem to be the areas of greatest density of each race."

In the middle of the table, a coloured Globe sprang up with several high lighted areas spread across several large areas. Tyr leaned forward in his chair to get a better view of the map. Humans seemed to have the smallest area but the highest population density, while dragons seemed the most spread out, though the lightest colour showed that their population was quite small.

"As we get closer or if I use more powerful spells I can learn more."

Tyr shook his head.

"No, we have no idea who's down there. Our biggest advantage at the moment is the fact that no one knows we're here. Better to keep it that way for as long as possible I think. Not to mention we have no idea how powerful the inhabitants of this world are."

"Yes my lord."

Argus rumbled. Tyr turned to Tiamat.

"How long will it take to move Nexus from our current position and, make planetfall?"

Tiamat leaned forward in her chair and tapped several buttons on the screen before her.

"About a week my lord, we could make it there quicker but I'd be worried about causing damage the Nexus."

The image of Nexus coming apart in the depths of space leaving them all stranded with only a slow painful death to look forward to sprang to mind. Shaking his head he leaned back in his chair.

"There doesn't seem to be any reason to rush, and it gives us all time to prepare. I want each of you to spend some time in the Dojo practising your ability's and magic and make sure that all of your areas are functioning properly, and haven't suffered any damage from coming here. Also, make sure all the NPC's made it and are alright. Tiamat I want a complete diagnostic run on the base's systems to make sure that there all up and running properly. Once all of your checks are completed I'd like each of you to come to me and report on your the state of your floor."

There were nods up and down the table. Usal reached over and gave a gentle tap on Q's head when he saw that he wasn't paying attention causing him to sit bolt upright, the white tufts of hair coming out of his ears seemed to stand on end from his shock. Smiling Tyr Looked up to Argus.

"I need you to find a quite out of the way place where we can land and hide Nexus. Talk with Tiamat, you have five days. Any ideas any of you may have pass them along in your daily reports to Tiamat. Now one more thing."

Reaching into his pocket dimension he began pulling out guild rings. Once he had enough for each of them of the guardians he focused for a second and several small dragons appeared in front of each of the rings. He mentally nudged each of his creations to pick up a ring each in their tiny claws. They took flight and flew to each of the guardians, dropping their cargo into there outstretched hands. Each of the guardians had a look of shock and great joy plastered on there faces as they received there own ring. He had to smile at the looks on all of the guardian's faces.

" I wish for each of you to become familiar with all of Nexus not just your own floors, so once things calm down a bit and you have some free time have a good look around and get to know each other. There is only one rule in regards to these rings. That is they are not to be taken off base for any reason. Is that clear."

Nods and agreement rippled up and down the table.

Each of you has my deepest trust we have fought some of the greatest threats in Yggdrasil and triumphed over them all I have no doubt that we will triumph over this too"

Reaching forward and placing his right-hand flat on the table, everyone else stood reaching forward and did the same, as he called out the guilds mantra.

"In God we trust. Everyone else we monitor."

Smiling he looked around the table.

"Good I will see each of you soon I'm sure."

Tyr gave one last nod to the table and then disappeared.

The NPC's all looked around the table at each other not quite sure what to say...

Tiamat stood up and walked to the head of the table catching everyone's eye. Leaning forward on the table catching everyone's eye like she had seen her lord do.

" You heard our First Lord, we all have a lot of work to do over the next few days."

Tyr appeared in front of his private room. The wooden doors set with a beautiful depiction of the world tree carved into the door in silver and showing all nine worlds resting on its leaves. Looking about the hall he smiled.

"Adam, Jason are you there?"

There was a ripple on either side of the door, as Adam Jensen and Jason Bourne cancelled there greater invisibility rings. Stepping forward and bowed in front of Tyr.

"First Lord."

They intoned together. Marvelling again for a moment that a couple of his favourite old-time fictional characters had taken on a life of there own. These two being part of a personal indulgence of having his own personal body guards\Strike-force. Both were dressed in ¾ length great coats and light leather armour. Both with short swords and Adams sunglasses glowed as they scanned the corridor for possible threats. Jasons Jet black metal wings which he had wrapped around his body looking like a coat reflected the light of his feathers as he scanned the corridor for possible threats to his creator.

Remembering he'd lost interest in the project at less than halfway through building them since so many of the guild members had stopped coming in leaving them stuck at about somewhere between level 20-40, he'd have to check later. He noticed that list of things to look into later was getting awfully long. What they lacked in raw power though they more than made up for in teamwork and versatility. That was the most important point when he had started building them.

"Gentlemen. Has everything been quiet here while I've been gone"

They both nodded stoically.

"Come inside I need to talk to you all."

They both silently moved to take up station a step behind him. Approaching his door, a set of twenty glyphs carved into the side of the door glowed a soft blue as he approached. Pressing eight of the glyphs in order the doors silently opened, allowing him to walk inside. He was dreading this side trip here. But he needed to pick up a lot of his gear that he'd unequipped and left in his room on the last day.

Pausing on the threshold not quite sure what to expect here.

He knew how he had set up his room, but by now he knew that he might end up regretting that indulgence. The room was huge far larger than it should be since he had customised it and spent his own money to bring it up to his own standards of what a master spy's bachelor pad should look like. A large single story beautiful wooden house that looked out onto a private beach. He could hear some seagulls calling outside and the smell of the ocean was carried in on a gentle breeze that gently wafted in through a couple open windows.

three beautiful women were spread about the main room, reading or cleaning weapons or just generally relaxing. Trying not to think about what they were all wearing or lack thereof, he walked into the room. One of the women looked up noticing him entering the room. Shock and joy quickly crossed her face as she leapt out of the chair she had been sitting in, dropping the book she had been reading.


She called as she sped across the room, the other women looked up at her cry and got up and started running towards him. Thinking that under any normal circumstances having three gorgeous women wearing next to nothing running towards him with smiles on there faces, should be a dream come true. Right now all he felt was uncomfortable and a bit embarrassed at his fantasy that was currently flying towards him wearing what counted only as a few pieces of strategically placed cloth on these three world-class beauty's. He had based them on his favourite old time spy women from fiction. They had been programmed to be part of his personal guard/ Courtesans for the first lord of Nexus. Money Penny threw herself into his arms almost purring, as she hugged and kissed him, the others were only a step behind

Sarah Walker, Natasha Romanoff, they all crowded around him smiling and asking questions about where he had been, and how glad they were to see him. Smiling down at them, he Waved them off a little and led them all outside to a large dining table set up on a patio overlooking the beach. Never having seen a real beach before outside of a movie or book he couldn't help but admiring the beaches beautiful, the crystal blue waters that seemed to cry out for him to jump in and go for a swim.

Shaking of the indulgence for later he sat down and explained the situation again to everyone.

The same looks of shock and dismay were repeated over again by them, but it was easier this time. As he explained the plan that he had all the Guardians following and how busy they would be over the next couple of days. They quickly dispersed as he assigned them tasks. They all walked into his walk-in armoury\personal workshop where he kept all his best/favourite outfits and weapons neatly ordered and laid out ready to use, alongside several small workstations littered with several disassembled devices and weapons.

Everyone went to there own area and geared up. The women made him blush as they unselfconsciously stripped off their outfits and dressed in their skin-tight black one-piece scale mail armour with several straps for swords and guns and assorted gadgets. While the guys did the same on the other side with there more futuristic style armour from the fall of Valkyrie patch. He noted that Adams cybernetic body parts looked like they could use some work, and Jason had several large bruises on his body. Remembering that though they were as brothers they had a fierce competitive streak going about who was better, at pretty much anything. It looked like they had tried to kill each other while sparing. Well, at least he hoped it was sparing. Tyr looked at them both had they slipped into there armours.

Taking a healing potion from the shelf he threw it at Jason's back, without turning about Jason caught the thrown potion.

"go easy on each other huh. And Adam make sure you go and see Q get him to give you a check up on Cybernetics."

He said to both of them. A collective grunt from them both was all the response he expected from them.

Tyr Walked to the back of the room where a large heavily reinforced door made out of black prismatic metal. This led to his very best gear. Quickly working through all of the security countermeasures the huge door slowly opened up, displaying his several sets of god tier weapons and armour. Reaching out to a black floating ball, the liquid flowed over his clothing consuming the simple garment he was wearing before reforming into a dark grey [Shinobi Shozoku] outfit. Moving about the vault Tyr carried on equipping all of his best and most powerful gear he could feel his power increase by orders of magnitude as he donned each new piece, and refilled up his inventory back up to its full capacity. Smiling to himself he couldn't help but smile as Sarah and Natasha both teased Money Penny about something. This is going to be interesting, he thought to himself as he fitted his last bracer into place with a quiet click.