conducted by Adam Cook, supervision on-site by PRT-1685, supervision through cameras by PRT-MS1.

Persons interviewed: Taylor Anne [REDACTED] - T Annette Rose [REDACTED] - A Danny [REDACTED] - D

Place and date of interview: [REDACTED], [REDACTED], 2002.

Time: Commenced 19:04 – Concluded 19:55

Interviewee: Adam Cook -AC

Recording devices: AUD01-LD-1, AUD01-LD-2

19:04 – AC: This interview will be audio recorded for the duration of the interview, to maintain integrity and clear any possible confusion in the future. I am Adam Cook, Vice-Head of the PRT Psychiatric Department. If you three would introduce yourselves?

19:04 – D: I'm Danny [REDACTED].

19:04 – A: I'm called Annette. This is our daughter, Taylor.

19:04 – T: Hello.

19:05 – AC: Hello. Now, how this will go will be simple. We'll talk one-on-one, each member of the family taking a turn. Now, I know this might be uncomfortable, so try relax and don't overthink your answers. There's nothing to fear.

How has your day been, anyway?

19:05 – D: Fairly well. Of course this whole interrogation has put a negative spin on the past week.

19:05 – AC: That's understandable.

19:05 – D: How about we get rid of the pleasantries. Just ask your damn questions.

19:05 – AC: If you wish so. I could start with Taylor, if that would be okay?

19:07 – AC: Don't worry, Taylor. I'm not here to hurt anyone – on the contrary. I just want to help.

19:07 – T: We don't need help. There's nothing wrong with me or mom or dad.

19:07 – AC: I believe you, Taylor. And that's what the higher-ups want to believe too, so let's prove that, hm?

Maybe you'd like some sweets?

19:08 – T: Why do you have candy with you? You're a police officer.

19:08 – AC: I'm not police, Taylor. I'm a bit too scrawny for that. And why do I carry them with me? Honestly – it's because I love this flavor. Don't let my wife know, though. She'd throw them out in a heartbeat, being a health nut.

19:08 – T: That's funny.

19:08 – AC: I agree. But please, do take one. Do you eat much candy at home, Taylor?

19:08 – T: Not really.

19:08 – AC: Why not?

19:08 – T: Mom always gives me peas and tomatoes and stuff like that. She says it's healthy, and dad doesn't really go against her in that. We do eat ice cream often, though. I love chocolate.

19:08 – AC: I do too. Could you tell me when you eat, Taylor?

19:09 – T: Why do you want to know?

19:09 – AC: I have a daughter, you see, and she always wants to eat at very odd times. I think that if I could tell her about the normal eating routine for others, she'd not get up at midnight to raid the fridge.

19:09 – T: Well, okay. I eat breakfast when I wake up. Usually porridge, or when it's a special day dad will make bacon and pancakes.

I eat lunch at school. It tastes almost always horrible. When I come home I often eat snacks.

And mom or dad makes the dinner. If dad makes it, it's good. Mom has really weird tastes, so I don't like her food that much. Oh, and I have an evening snack. It's often bananas or yoghurt or something like that.

19:10 – AC: I love that kind of food. Have you heard of the new cookbook that has all the recipes the Triumvirate likes?

19:10 – T: Yes. My friend has one.

19:10 – AC: It does have some exotic recipes in there. Maybe you could look for some and show them to your mom.

Now, tell me about your friend, would you?

19:10 – T: I'm not so sure I should, really.

19:10 – AC: Why shouldn't you? Is she shy?

19:10 – T: No! Emma's super social and smart. It's just – she's my only friend. I don't want to tattle, or anything.

19:10 – AC: Okay. I don't want to push. But you're quite outgoing yourself, Taylor. I really can't see you without having friends.

19:10 – T: I have Emma. The others are stupid.

19:10 – AC: Why are they stupid?

19:11 – T: I don't – I don't want to talk about that.

19:11 – AC: Maybe I can help you understand, Taylor. Let me help. Is it because of your powers?

19:12 – T: I don't have superpowers.

19:12 – AC: Please, Taylor. I can't help your family if you shut me out.

Would it be easier if I take the recorder off?

19:12 – T: Yes. Yes, it- it would.

[AUD01-LD-2 turned off. AUD01-LD-1 remains active.]

19:12 – AC: There we go. Now, you do have some - abilities, do you not?

19:12 – T: Yeah. Yeah, I – I guess. You – you aren't going to tell anybody, right? I'm not supposed to tell anybody. It could be dangerous for others to know.

19:12 – AC: The PRT protects. It doesn't endanger. I won't tell a soul, Taylor, I promise. And I'm sorry, but I have to ask some more questions – just to make sure any villains won't come after you.

19:12 – T: Villains? I haven't done anything. Why would bad guys come after me?

19:12 – AC: Because that's what they do, Taylor. They take any chance they get to wreak havoc, and unfortunately for both of us, they wouldn't blink an eye to try to take advantage of your situation.

19:13 – T: That's – that's awful.

19:13 – AC: Indeed it is. And thus, some questions and some answers.

Could you tell me if your parents know of your powers?

19:13 – T: Uh, yeah.

19:13 – AC: Since when?

19:13 – T: When I was a baby, I guess.

19:13 – AC: You've been parahuman since you were a baby?

19:13 – T: Yeah? I was born this way. Aren't the heroes too?

19:13 – AC: Well, I- no. Do you know what a trigger- actually, let me ask you a different question. Have you ever been in great pain, emotional or physical?

19:14 – T: I broke my little finger once. Why are you like that?

19:14 – AC: Like what?

19:14 – T: Like that. Like I'm lying. Like you don't believe me. You think that I don't have the force, don't you? I don't want to talk to you anymore. I wasn't supposed to tell you anyway, so I guess it's good you don't believe me.

19:14 – AC: Taylor, I do believe you. What's this force you're talking about?

19:14 – T: Go ask someone else. I want my mommy.

[PART 01 concludes.]

PRT-ENE TRANSCRIPT OF INTERVIEW 0071-0018, PART 02 and 03 are available for viewing here.
File on parahuman TAYLOR [REDACTED], codename EMOTION, is available here.

Interviewer's conclusion on physical health: -Passable
mental health: -Passable

Additional notes: "The child does not show symptoms of abuse in any form. She is remarkably well-adjusted for a parahuman – better than most adult heroes, in fact. It seems likely for her to be a second, or even a third generation parahuman, with her having possibly triggered extremely early. Both parents were tight-lipped in that regard.

Invitations for the Wards-program were given to and rejected by her parents. The girl in question seemed amiable to the suggestion, so recruitment could be possible in the future. If not to the Wards, then when she's old enough, to the Protectorate.

I suggest for surveillance to remain only a week or two. It is highly doubtful that anything would happen, and discovery of the surveillance would antagonize the already-annoyed family even more. With one certain and two possible parahumans this truly could be an opportunity, but it also could turn into a disaster."