Hey everyone, so this is my first fic posted from this account and it is something I've never done before. I came up with this idea whilst riding the train and thought it was be an appropriate yet enjoyable way to display the inequalities that (predominantly years ago) slightly exist today, but in a more dramatic way since we're talking of a different realm. If you hadn't noticed, I have taken the title from the Civil War poster as I thought it suited my storyline too well if I'm honest, but unfortunately none of the other Avengers will be appearing in this fic due to it being pre-Thor therefore hundreds of years before they were born. This is an AU so it definitely won't follow the regular storyline of Thor and won't lead up to the first movie, it will end approximately when they're in their late teens.

In this first chapter Thor and Loki are approximately 9 & 11, around the ages they were at the beginning of the first Thor movie. It will take place over the years and they won't be this age throughout the entire story because as I said previously, it will end when they're in their late teens. Please don't fret at the short length of this chapter, I've already written the next chapter and promise it is a whole deal longer and the only excuse I have is this is the prologue. Without further ado, I welcome you to this story.

Approximate ages: Thor - 11, Loki - 9

Recommended song: Time is running out - Muse

Disclaimer - I don't own Thor and all rights belong to Marvel


The two figures rotated in a circle as they stalked one another, eyeing their movements and preying on each other's weakness. One was filled with strength, power, the ability to slice their sword through the musky air and strike their opponent without a moment of realisation.

But the other matched their skill, using not only their technique but swift movements to dance around their enemy and assault before they had a moment to spare. They were on equal footing, both familiar with the territory they battled on.

They remained in limbo for several minutes, narrowing their eyes at one another as the pressure raised until molecules of sweat glittered on their foreheads and attracted their delicate hair strands to bond with it, sticking to its surface.

Inhaling a deep breath, they struck at an intense rapidity and attempted to slice their sword into their opponent. However, their opponent quickly dropped to the floor and swerved beneath the weapon, catching their nemesis off guard and bracing for impact as they tumbled to the floor and covered themselves in scrapes and scratches and contusions.

"I guess I'm victorious this time brother" the older boy grinned with a twinkle of pride in his eye. Before he had the chance to even contemplate stepping off of his sibling, the latter quickly pushed him to the ground and intertwined his legs with his opponent, ensuring he could not regain his composure as he himself has done moments before.

"Ah, you believe the battle is over when one hits the ground. You could not underestimate me further" his brother replied as he stood and offered the blond haired boy his hand, reaching it out with a sly grin upon his face. Taking the offer and brushing off his pride, he took the hand and stood, clapping a hand upon the younger prince's back.

"You have both succeeded and failed in your battle" a forgotten voice spoke up, regaining the attention of the two young boys before him "Prince Thor, you instantly let your guard down when you assumed you won the battle and Prince Loki, you attacked your opponent before balancing your weight"

The two children gave one another a nervous glance as they listened to their teacher, his disapproving glare skimming over the paper in his hand, his near black eye scouting over the tip of his nose. They knew the outcome of the situation, it was becoming a regular routine. He'd report their progress to their father, said father would give a lecture at the dinner table and they'd be given an extra session earlier in the morning.

They had yet to understand Odin had good intentions, that he only wanted what was best for the most cherished children of Asgard. After all, how would a weak prince appear to the public? It would be an embarrassment, an atrocity. They were to lead their realm in years to come.

Orchestrating a miniature hum to himself, their teacher placed his paper within his pocket and instructed the princes to leave the arena, shooting a disapproving glare towards the two. He never openly expressed his dislike towards the Princes, he would not dare for fear from the king, however he could not deny that Odin overindulged the youths, giving permission for the Palace servants to grant them their every last wish.

"That session was painful to start with, I don't want a repeat of it" the raven haired boy murmured as he slouched beside his sibling, eyeing the carefully sliced stones that rested beneath their feet as they headed for the Palace.

"Don't fret brother" the elder responded, slinging an arm around his sibling's clammy nape. He cared not for their dripping condition, he believed they were the signs of a true warrior awaiting his claim.

Strolling out of the stone filled arena, the brothers were escorted into the palace by two guards as they kneeled before their monarchy. One in front, one behind, they strode in silence as the young boys argued harmlessly, chattering with one another. Their miniature boots slapped the floor in fury as they ventured through the halls, ideas of where to go imploding within their small minds. The elder's golden hair ruffled through the wind that entered beyond the pillars, only tickling the younger's jet black locks. They were so different yet so alike. Their blue eyes matched and aspects of their personality were identical, yet they were complete opposites. It was no question that the Crown Prince was more alike to the King than the Queen, whilst the second Prince was the opposite. Whilst Thor craved adrenaline and battle, Loki slithered out of situations through the power of wisdom and words.

If verbal battles were turned physical, Loki's victims would be buried half in the ground with the hilts of a thousand arrows pledged in their skin. That was not to say he was incapable of fighting physical battles, he was still advanced for his age due to the training he received, however no judgement favoured that he excelled in physical battle rather than verbal.

It was his silver tongue which led him on his adventure that day.

I apologise for the ridiculously long authors note at the beginning but if you haven't read it already, I suggest you do, it had some important information for the story in.

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