I'm sorry for the wait, and I apologise further because this chapter is more of a filler chapter, just to explore character development and fill in the gaps. I promise there will be more adventure in the next and I also apologise for a little OOC. I've preferred to write this story with a closer relationship between Thor and Loki because as seen from the movie, there was only a glimpse into their childhood where it appeared competitive but loving.

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His neck felt constrained as his tunic was buttoned up to its highest point, claustrophobia settling within his stomach. He and Thor were both dressed in Thor's chambers, servants placing their clothes upon the royalty and awaiting their next instructions. He could briefly hear Thor complaining but paid little attention to it for he felt the same annoyance. He did not need even more insight into how terrible their outfits were.

Discomfort shadowed him as many hands fitted around his limbs, tugging and altering, despite their gentle attempts.

At first he questioned why they needed to look professional for their own father, however when the Queen made mention of the presence of nobles, he felt the exasperation. Nobles he'd come into contact with in previous occurrences were often elitist, looking down on those of social inferiority. He too had been raised to succumb to their beliefs for he was a prince and should "obtain such an attitude" according to his tutors, however his mother and father assured him that though less fortunate, they were not to be looked down on.

That was particularly his mother's view, his father remained neutral on the matter.

"There you are my Prince" the servant proclaimed as he stepped back and allowed the child to approach the mirror. He and Thor stood side by side, Thor about an inch taller than his junior, and looked into their reflections. They were disconcerted with their outfits as they lacked concern of how nobles viewed them, but they admired their growth. They had a long journey into adulthood, still several hundred years, but their youthful minds perceived them to be growing at an immense rate, as strong young warriors.

Their tunics matched, Loki donning a blue one whilst Thor maroon. Their hair was both neatly combed back, a taste which Thor specifically disliked, and settled above their napes.

Smirking at one another, both of the Princes turned and exited Thor's chambers, the servants holding the doors open for the two boys and placing a fist on their hearts. They strode out of the room and down the hall towards the stairs, beginning their journey of walking several floors to reach their destination. Once out of sight, they placed their hands upon their scalps and ruffled, giggling at their act of defiance as their messy locks returned to their natural state. Thor's was a bit longer than Loki's most of his strands the same length as they settled around his head and were brushed back by the breeze. On the other hand, Loki's was mostly short and only had longer strands towards the top.

"Who do you think will be here tonight?" The elder asked, stroking his hand along the rough surface on the wall.

"I don't know. I pray to the norns it won't be Lord Kaffreyson" Loki retorted, a laugh bursting from the brothers at the sound of the name

The last time they had came into contact with their father's well respected acquaintance, they deemed it hilarious to switch his mead for vinegar. He did not find the joke amusing and the two princes failed to hide their amusement when they burst into hysterics. They were laughing no longer when the man regurgitated and their father forced them to attend an hour lecture on their expected behaviour, along with cleaning the throne room.

After several descending floors, they reached the correct level and began to walk to one of the many dining rooms side by side. The doors were already open, allowing the light to peer into the corridor, shining upon the princes. Around 20 men and women, including their parents, occupied the comfort of the room and a number of heads turned at their entrance. Their parents smiled and the arrival of their children whilst the nobles gave slight bows to their monarchy.

The King sat at the head of the table whilst the Queen was positioned parallel at the ending of the table, her two sons sat with her. Odin himself was seated with the highest ranking nobles in the kingdom, and due to being a political event he entrusted his wife with her meddlesome offspring.

As they both feared, Lord Kaffreyson was indeed seated in their engagement, approximately halfway at the table. He sniffed on his beverage before giving a disgusted look towards the Princes, catching the eye of the elder. Thor quickly averted his gaze and leaned across the table towards the younger.

"I guess the norns haven't heard our prayers" he sniggered, observing as Loki craned his neck to his right and looked down the table. His eyes slightly widened at the sight but he said nothing, only mimicking his brother's laugh.

Frigga stared disapprovingly at both due to the awareness of the previous incident. One look from their mother shunned them both into silence.

The dinner went by slower than usual, the Allfather granting a speech and the rest consisting of guests talking politics. Thor was clueless of what they spoke of and although Loki had a vague idea, he could not focus his attention on it. He could only think of his adventure that day; aiding Iradeyja, releasing his negative sentiment and dancing for the remainder. He thought of how the freedom he craved was finally granted.

Despite his hatred of ballroom dancing, he was excited to see her again, excited to visit the girl and go on more adventures. Frigga could sense the feeling within her son but did not voice it, only Thor acknowledged how joyful Loki was acting, despite having to participate in an event so tedious.

"You've been awfully merry today brother" Thor states, chomping on a piece of meat. Loki allowed an eye roll to encompass his sight but he did not falter his smile.

"I'm always merry" he sarcastically replied, his smirk still prominent upon his face. Thor's smirk only grew at the statement and they continued to eat their meals, their mother chuckling at their small talk.

Long after, the dinner finally finished and the two boys all but raced to their chambers. Thor contemplated staying in Loki's for a while but the effects of the morning's training session and his duel with Fandral only served to exhaust him. Although he valued the company of his only sibling, he was pleased that his brother would retire early for the night. He required for a peaceful evening in the secluded area of his own chambers.

Once he entered, he allowed the servants to undress him and hand him his night garments, confirming that their prince was ready for a tranquil evening. They soon retired from their posts and left the second child of Odin be. For several minutes he sauntered throughout the first floor of his chambers, a living room of sorts filled with several pieces of furniture including couches, chairs, an organ, tables and more artefacts. He contemplated sitting in his comfort zone and practising his magic or even reading but none would satisfy his mental state. He paced his personal three floors, the third his study and the second the room where he slept but he traced back to square one of the bottom floor.

Sighing due to his restlessness, he opened the grand doors to his balcony. It was colossal, a substantial semi circle shape placed firmly on the outside of the Palace, large enough to do a full lap in ten seconds. He could feel his senses trigger at the chilly air but paid little attention to it, despite his shivers that spasmed throughout his body. The princeling settled on sitting at the edge of his balcony, wrapping his hand around the golden railing which prevented his demise.

He gazed over the kingdom his brother would one day rule, seeing the bright lights illuminate his view. The stupendous buildings were in his main line of sight, but he could see they became smaller as the distance grew. Became less exorbitant, less breathtaking. He was aware it was in one of these many structures that his new friend resided in.

He sighed at the thought for his privileges outweighed hers, staring into the distance in hope of a feeling of positive sentiment.

Unbeknownst to the prince, a pair of hazel eyes stared back

Again, I apologise for how boring this chapter is and the short length. Loki will remain a child for a little longer but will start developing into his teenage years soon, where I have clarified previously the story will end. This still has many chapters to come as I have a range of ideas in my mind but don't worry, the story will become more dramatic and fun soon.