Hello everyone, I am back. This is going to be my first Tomb Raider story, serves as a sequel to the Rise of the Tomb Raider game. Enjoy.

Disclaimer- I do not own Tomb Raider. All credits go to the rightful owners. I own the OCs and the plot. Contains spoilers to the first two games, the tie-in comics and the novel 'The Ten Thousand Immortals'.

Lara Croft: The returning character who seeks a mythical object that can grant everlasting life

Ben Wheldon: A British treasure hunter who saved Lara and begins to fall for her

Jankovic: A ruthless, but the patient commander of Trinity who may have an idea as to what happened to Lord Croft

Nadia: An old friend of Lara with an upbeat personality who will prove herself

Zima: The right-hand man of Jankovic

Kovak: The ruthless left-hand man of Jankovic who holds a grudge against Ben and returning character (initially appeared as an unnamed Trinity soldier in Rise of the Tomb Raider)

Slavik: Kovak's best friend and returning character (initially appeared as an unnamed Trinity soldier in Rise of the Tomb Raider)

Extended summary

It's been some time since her last adventure, and Lady Lara Croft is slowly turning into the one thing that she fears, a killer. However, after meeting a young man, who she is attracted to, she finds hope. Then, her old enemies return. This time, Lara and Ben Wheldon must travel from England to France, to Turkey to search and to beat Trinity to the crown that promises infinite life, the Crown of Immortality.

A thorough knowledge of the Bible is worth more than a college education.

Theodore Roosevelt

Life is strange. One day, you wake up, live your everyday life and then in an instant, it would change forever. That is how I felt when I was on that island. I have never really believed in all those myths, but as of my Yamatai and Kitezh adventure, there's no reason for me to be skeptical at all about any myths.

Lara Croft

London, England

Lara sat at the counter at a bar. Drinking her troubles away. She had just returned from the Yucatan Peninsula and now she needed a drink to wash away the memories of what happened to her. She couldn't describe what happened to her in the Yucatan.

It seemed like there was not a lot of alcohol to block out the images in her mind. But that did not stop her. She must've asked for her fourth cup of Gin, but that did not stop her from consuming the alcohol. Once she finished her fourth cup, she asked the bartender for another one.

The young blond haired man took Lara's cup, turned his back to her, and instead of filling it with Gin, he filled it with water, believe she has had too much alcohol for the evening. He slips her the cup of water and she drinks it instantly. She was so drunk, she did not even realize she was drinking water instead of Gin. She asked for three more and each time, he filled it up with water.

"Another round," Lara said in a slurred voice to the bartender.

"Excuse me miss, don't you think you've had enough?" He asks with concern. "Gin contains 70% of alcohol. You are going to drink yourself to death ma'am." He knew he was slipping her water, he just wanted to see if she would drink herself to death.

"Another round." Lara insisted. The bartender sneers, maybe she knew that it was water instead of Gin.

He secretly gives her, an alcohol cure. He slipped it into her drink of water. He smiles, when he turns his back, he flashes his smile to her before putting the shot glass in front of her.

When Lara took a long gulp, she felt something lumpy in her throat as she swallowed. "What the hell was that?"

"A cure to alcoholism." The bartender casually said. "Do you have a driver?"

Lara passed out, landing face first on the counter before she could even answer. The bartender smiles. Reaching for under the counter, he pulls out a walkie-talkie. He didn't need to worry about other people. They either come to a bar to party, get high, or to drink alcohol.

"Tango 1-3 (T13) to Tango 1-1 (T11), do you copy over?" The bartender said into the radio.

"Tango 1-3, this is Tango 1-1, I copy, loud and clear." A voice says. "Is Lima (L) target secure?"

"Roger that, Lima target has passed out on the counter at Nineteen hundred hours (7-00 PM), over." The bartender answers. "I gave her a cure to her alcoholism."

"Copy that, Tango 1-3, I need you to bring Lima target to Checkpoint Niner (9). Coordinates follow, Yankee-Victor-Romeo-Tree-Too-Ait-Fife (YVR-285), over."

"Roger that Tango 1-1, carrying Lima target right now, Tango 1-2 is going to help me out over." The bartender puts a hand on Lara's hair. "ETA Fower-Fife minutes (45)." He puts the walkie-talkie away, releases his grip on her hand, jumps over the counter and calls out for someone dancing in the crowd. It was Tango 1-2. "Help me get Lima target out of here."

1-2 and 1-3 grabbed Lara put her arms across their shoulders so they both could equally carry her out.

But someone in the crowd had noticed a bartender and a dancing man carrying an attractive woman out of the bar. He had no idea who these people were, but his hunch was telling them that they were kidnapping the woman.

1-2 and 1-3 carried her through the alley between the bar and a coffee shop.

"Tango 1-3, what is it exactly that you gave her?" 1-2 asked out of curiosity.

1-3 reluctantly answered, but he answered with a sadistic grin on his face. "I gave her a dose of a non-depolarizing neuromuscular blocker called 'Rapacuronium bromide.' It can paralyze people instantly. I slipped a tequila worm in her water and the tequila worm had a shot of that neuromuscular blocking drug."

1-2 could barely comprehend what his ally said. "Yeah, sounds most probable."

"I didn't get that Ph.D. in doctor school by doing nothing," 1-3 said proudly. "Those nine years at UCL were totally worth it."

"Put her down." A voice said. The voice sounded booming, it stopped the two in their tracks. They slowly turned around with caution. They already had a contingency plan if someone caught them carrying a knocked out woman. The man they were facing was handsome, had a full set of long, curly brown hair and had amber colored eyes. He stood at six-foot-two and looked to weight at least two hundred pounds. He looked massive compared to 1-2 and 1-3.

"Listen, my friend, this lady is drunk, and we are giving her a ride home?" 1-3 explained.

"Then why are you taking an alleyway? Don't you park your cars in the parking lot?" The man asked in a thick British accent.

1-2 was getting very annoyed, but 1-3 managed to keep a very straight face to the point where it looked like he was wearing an expressionless mask. "We parked in this alley," 1-3 told.

"Then where's the car, you know this alley says 'No Entry.'" The man told.

1-2 and 1-3's eyes widened. They could not lie this time. They knew, at the drop of a hat, they were busted. Their facial expressions broke apart, giving the man enough evidence that the two were kidnappers.

Before any of them could react, the man charged at them and kicked in 1-3 in the chest. He sent him flying across the ground. 1-2 looked at his fallen comrade before turning to the man. 1-2 dropped Lara into a pile of trash bags before he decided to fight off the man himself. "Come on you wanker."

1-2 throws a punch at the man, who easily deflects it. The man punches 1-2 in the chest hard before kicking him in the testicles. He screams in pain before falling to the ground. The man smiles. "Don't you know it takes two to tango?"

1-3 had recovered and kicked the man in the knee. The man barely budged. He just kicked 1-3 in the temple, knocking him back to the ground. He groans in pain.

1-2, still in pain, grabs the lid of a garbage can and swings it at the man, aiming for his head. He ducks just in time before uppercutting 1-2 in the jaw. He fell flat on his back and hit his head hard on the ground.

1-3, using what strength he still had within him, charged at the man while in a crouching position. He hits the man in the gut with his head, but the man did not go down. He just flipped 1-3 over his shoulder and finished him off with a powerful stomp to his chest. 1-3 folds and coughs, out of breath. This time, both 1-2 and 1-3 were down on the ground and in extreme pain.

"I hurt." 1-3 groans while clutching his chest hard, he had a very difficult time trying to breathe again. A lung might have collapsed. He was finished for either way.

1-2 had a concussion, however. The back of his head was in a lot of pain, but he still had some fight left in him.

The man turns to Lara. He walks up to her and crouches down. Her left eye was being obscured by her long and thick brown hair. He begins to stroke her hair. She looked so vulnerable and he could tell that she was really drunk because every time she breathed, even through her nose, he smelt a foul smell of alcohol.

Then, the man felt something large and blunt smash against the back of his head. The man falls to the ground, clutching the back of his head. A somewhat recovered 1-2 had struck the man with the garbage can lid. The man was hurt but recovered. He kicked 1-2 in the groin, causing him to fold forward before he received a kick to the nose, sending him staggering backward.

1-2 did not go down, but when he saw his injured comrade, 1-3, he knelt down to help him up, he figured that even a big man like his opponent would need time to recover due to the fact that he was in the back of the head with the lid of a garbage can.

1-2 put 1-3's arm over his shoulder and lifted him upwards. 1-3 was breathing rapidly. "I think I have a collapsed lung," 1-3 said in a hoarse voice.

1-2 looked back to where his opponent should be lying and instead found him standing no more than several inches in front of him. The man punches 1-3 in the cheek, knocking him off his feet before he punches 1-2 in the stomach and finishing him with a hammerfist to the jaw. Knocking him flat on his back and unconscious. 1-3 was still conscious, but barely. His face was covered in all kinds of cuts and bruises. He was in no condition to be fighting. The man just let him lie there, all curled up like a cat and clutching his chest.

The man looks back at the still drugged Lara. He moves to her. He will feel guilty, but he looted her black leather jacket. Not for money, but to find out where she lived. Her address. Finding her wallet in the back pocket, he finds out that her name is Lara Croft, born on February 14, 1992, and her address was 142, Abbington Road, Guildford in Surrey, England (I got this information from the Tomb Raider wiki). Now he had a destination.

He places the wallet in the back of his pants and picked up the drugged Lara and put her over her shoulder. He carries her out of the alley and into his car.

"Don't worry Lara, I will get you home. I won't let Trinity take you." The man promised as he sets Lara in the back of his car, sitting her up and buckling her up. He takes the driver's seat and starts the car. He was contemplating on whether or not he should call the police on Trinity. I'll worry about that later.

A critically injured 1-3, upon seeing the man drive off and discovering that his ally was unconscious, reaches for his radio and calls in Tango 1-1.

"Tango 1-1." He says, waiting for a response, but there is none. "Tango 1-1, are you there?" He feels her heart increase faster it felt like it was going to explode. "Mission failed, Lima-Charlie escaped with Unidentified Male." He says into his radio. "Come in, I need a hospital, I have a collapsed lung! Tango 1-1!"

"Tango 1-3, we hear you." Tango 1-1 finally answered. "I am rather disappointed in you that you somehow failed to get Lima target to the rendezvous. I am sending you a medic immediately." Tango 1-1's voice was barely hidden. "Not only am I upset, but Trinity is also upset. HE will not like this. You have failed us."

And just like that, Tango 1-3 passed out from the pain. Before he passed out, he managed to say, "Next time, I will make it easier for Trinity!"

I just want to let you guys know, this takes place in between the second and third game.