Chapter 1: Night's embrace.

'I am Me'. I thought.

This is the only thought which I know to be true at the moment, in fact it is the first coherent thought.

'But who and what is me?' I ask myself... This is a conundrum .If I don't know what I am then how do I know I am me?

The V̨͠oi҉d̨͘ I find myself in has been messing with my sense of self, or is it just the insanity and the remnants of human personality finally going mad from the soul crushing loneliness? I don't know and I'm too scared to find out.

„Vlad! This is my name I remember now!"(Vlad)

Huh? Something changed... the V̨͠oi҉d̨͘ is different... it feels like someone is watching. How I know this I do not know, but considering I still exist then perhaps they're not hostile? Perhaps they can help me or at least keep me from falling further into madness. Yes my plan is perfect, I'll try and talk to them and perhaps they can help me. 'BRILLIANT!'

„Oh, interesting a human soul in my domain. This is a first." A feminine voice could be heard from all around me.

Oh she's even familiar with humans. 'Perfect!'

„Perfect? Why is that little soul?" She asked.

'You can read my mind?' I thought to myself. 'This is slightly scary.'

„Yes, after all you're in my domain and you're broadcasting your thoughts quite a lot so it's hard not to." The woman said, her voice full of snark.

„Oh I'm sorry about that... It's just I've been in this V̨͠oi҉d̨͘ for quite some time , my mem-mory is mushy and it's so lonely and-and..."(Vlad) I'm stuttering. 'Why am I stuttering?'

„Relax young one I understand that what you're going trough had been quite traumatic. Dying tends to do that to mortals" The alleged Not-mortal said.

And this confirms it... 'I'm dead aren't I?'

„Yep. And you need to learn how not to broadcast your thoughts around."

„Oops sorry. I don't know how to do that. My name is Vlad by the way." I sheepishly said.

I don't know how I do , but even if I can't see her, I know that she is smirking.

„My name is Night, Goddess of Shadows, Moon and Passion, A pleasure to make your acquaintance Vlad the Wandering Soul" The goddess introduced herself in a friendly tone.

„Nice to meet you too and I'm sorry to impose but could you tell me where are we and why I can't see you?" (Vlad)

„Oh we're in my domain , at it's edges to be more precise, as for the second question? Hmm… You're simply not trying to see me, You're trying to use your eyes to look around but you have no eyes, so you cannot use them to see. You must use your mind to perceive your surroundings." She explained.

What she said made sense but for me who had only used his eyes to see and not some other psionic abilities or anything of the sort, her explanation might as well have been in another language.

"And how do I do that?"I asked, honestly confused.

From my point of view this is a good question but it seems that for her it isn't , if the deadpan tone she is using is any indication.

"The same way you're speaking and listening to what I say."

"Oh ok let me try… I have no idea what I'm doing" I said and focused trying to perceive my surroundings.

' Ok let's try to do this… oh I can see a pale light. Huh?'

"Your hair is pretty"Were my first words I spoke upon seeing her.

I don't know why the hair is the first thing that came to my mind but it is pretty, the rest of her is even more so and just calling it gorgeous does not do it justice. Pale smooth skin with a tiny hint of purple which if I wasn't paying attention I would have said it was just a trick of the light, silver eyes, a gorgeous dark purple hair , a body to die for(and I doubt people hadn't before) and risque clothing which seems to have parts made of some sort of silk and other that look like solid darkness covering her chest and some accessories which adorn her body… Yep she looks like a goddess alright.

"Thank you, and was there any doubt I was a goddess?"(Night)

'Damn it I really need to start learning how to filter my thoughts' I think I embarrassed myself enough for now.

"You're getting better at it, I only caught half of that"

"Yeey. Progress!" I joyously said, all my previous thoughts forgotten as I could sense some of her darkness growing thicker.

I paid it little thought.

*giggles* 'She has a pretty laugh'

"Yes you are making progress however I wonder what am I gonna do with you now?"

"So what are my options? Never been a religious person before. Sure I thought that gods might be real but I never saw any evidence of it being true...Well until now, unless I'm just hallucinating and you're some form of hallucination my mind has called up in order to prevent me from going deeper into insanity." I started to ramble only for her to giggle.

*giggle* She giggled again… the sound is nice. She should do it more often. Her smile is beautiful too..

"First time I got called an hallucination, This is truly an interesting day. Who would've thought?"

"I wouldn't know I'm just a wandering" I said and I could see her want to laugh but she abstained herself

*clap* She clapped and changed the subject back to what will happen to me. I was strangely calm about this.

"Right Vlad! Your options are as follows." She speaks and has my rapt attention, after all this is important.

"First I send you back into the void" She said.

'No please no.' I thought.

"Second I send you to my sister, she deals with human souls and shouldn't be too hard to convince her to take you in and get you reborn as one of her followers. Albeit that would mean you and me will be enemies as her followers and mine are at war currently." She continued, her tone getting a slight edge and the darkness moving around in strange ways.

'Tempting but no.' I thought, after all I don't want to be her enemy . She's been nice to me so far and I want to repay that.

"Third is that you get reborn as one of the races which has sworn allegiance to my cause… You will retain your memories and personality or at least most of it if you're lucky." She presented my final choice.

'Hmm.. Well it's not like the choice isn't obvious.' I thought, I don't know idf she read that thought too but her face showed no change.

"So which one will it be?" She finally asked after a few seconds

"I'll go with the third one " I replied, and like that my fate was sealed.

"Very well, Let us meet again young one"( She embraces me and…

*kiss* "Ah" I moaned in pleasure from the kiss. I didn't think I had a body or lips anymore to feel those things but she proved me wrong.

"You are now mine little one" As she said that I felt myself getting sleepier .

My last thought was "Oh" Eloquent I know but I was still barely coherent from the kiss.

This is how my old life ended and my new life started… Didn't know it would start with me getting religious before even being born, but life works in mysterious way and while she is sometimes helpful, one must never forget that she is a bitch that feeds on your pain and suffering… Sometimes that's the only thought that keeps me going at night. That and the goddess.