Chapter 3: Lessons of the world

It's a beautiful day outside, The birds are chirping, the clouds are out in full strength and it might rain, all in all a decent day in the small town of Carice.

''Now kids, can somebody tell me which are the 6 great races? Vivian?" The voice of our teacher interrupted my thoughts.

The voice came from one of the priestesses which were also our teachers. This particular one didn't look that different from most, Grey skin with an almost invisible purple tint, green eyes, red eyes and a 'robe' so erotic it would have been less shameful to not wear anything.

Huh the priestess must have caught me thinking about the weather.

"The 6 great races are the Nordein, Caelum, Vail, Elves, Humanity and the Orcs from the oldest to the youngest. Even if the Veil and Elves are just as old as we share a common ancestor in the Dumianas" I responded.

In the corner of my eye I could see my sister doing the exact thing I was doing before the priestess interrupted me, and that was not paying attention unless asked a question.

"Correct!" She responded.

Her face scrunches up in a look that seems to convey both pride and frustration, a look which both me and my sister are very much used to… after all, her lessons ,while useful, are nothing our mother hadn't already taught us before coming here .Sometimes it's really good to have a mother that takes your education into her own hands.


"Very well now can somebody tell us who was the Vail progenitor? Milirra? " (priestess) And I zoned out again *sigh* With my mother's training, combined with my knowledge as a reincarnated person(and weren't some of those a shock) most subjects except mana control didn't even require my attention to pass.

Right some context is needed. Our mother was very protective of us during our accelerated growth period, well accelerated compared to that of humans in my old world, as this is normal(to various degrees )for all races. So not unlike many Vail parents she kept us in home until our accelerated growth period was over(5 years) so that we won't harm ourselves while outside and somehow cripple ourselves if our wounds didn't heal back properly, as during this stage we have some pretty frail bones even with proper nutrition during this period. For an example let's take me, I am 9(almost 10) years old but if I were to compare myself with a human from my old world I would look like a 18 years old. Anyway my mental ramblings aside, that time was spent with us learning all what mother and father had to teach us, from mathematics to history and even a bit of magic theory granted to her from her assassin class.

"Right we're done with history for today and don't forget tomorrow we'll get to unlock your Class and see what you're destined to be " She said and signaled us we can go.

Yes it seems this world is similar to a MMORPG from my old life called Shaiya, and wasn't that a surprise, but there are differences, major ones because except for the basics most things are different to one degree or another. These little things make me think this is just a coincidence, which helps my psyche a lot more to thing that this is not simply a game.

The first major difference I found is the power structure of this world, which has a large number of smaller races and greater races some which I didn't really expect to be there, like the Orcs and Caelum which were NPC only factions in the game, which now appear to have their own smaller kingdoms.

The other major difference is the disparity between our numbers. The Union of Fury has 120 million in population of which only 3 million(if our lessons are to be believed) are Vail and 60 million are Nordein and the rest are minor vassal races which are mostly kobolds (30 million) with a few other races also present and even small populations of humans and orcs. This is due to Vail and elven low birth rates( mother was considered an anomaly with 3 children) which usually means a child, perhaps 2 per couple, compared to Nordein , human or orcs birth rates of 10-12 children on average.

However it seems the class system has remained mostly the same, each species has access to 3 combat related classes and( this is new but not unexpected) several crafting classes.

"We have mana control now Vivian what are you waiting for?" My sister said as I was waiting her near the door.

She is very excited it seems, which is to be expected as magic is fun and mana control is really having a nice teacher lets us use magic under supervision certainly helps.

"You, airhead, I promised mister Sortalasar to watch after you after you blew yourself up!"I reminded her.

What other reason would I wait for her at the door… Oh this reminds me, our education has until now been done at the local temple to the goddess in a standardized course but it seems that like in the Middle ages it falls to the priests and priestesses to teach the younger generation… probably because only they really have the time and inclination to do it, but hey who am I to judge free education?

"Hey ,not my fault I was excited ,mana control is my favorite class."She jovially responded, her smile looking like one of those cliched animes in my old life.

"It's also the only one we actually need to put some effort."*sigh*

"Speak for yourself, I don't know how you have it so easy with math, yes it's not hard but not even I can do all those things mom keeps on giving us inside my head."

My old world high-school education is good for something after all, who would have thought?

"You just need to exercise a lot and it will be easy" I told her.

'I just have more than a decade over you in terms of math exercising so I know what I'm talking about.' I thought in the safety of my mind.

"Yes you're right." She pouts 'adorable' ,I just wish she could keep this face forever, no wonder mom likes to pinch her cheeks when she's like that.

I nodded at that and continued our short road to our destination. We did so alone, as while Vail were friendly, kind and open to their immediate family, lovers and close circle of friends this does not apply to most others even if they are of the same species and our status as oddities( twins are considered an anomaly in our society) didn't really open up a lot of opportunities. Well no harm done , after all if they can't see how awesome my sister and I are then they don't deserve us.

As we approached the designated area for or class, in a small clean space outside the temple we could see, and most importantly HEAR our teacher.

"Come children don't be tardy, today is a GREAT day to study mana and blow stuff up and tomorrow will be even better as we finally unlock your Classes." A male voice jovially greeted us.

"Yes teacher." We responded in a practiced chorus.

Our teacher is really passionate about his chosen subject but unless you've been near him, you would not believe just how loud he can get when in good spirits, because honestly he looks like a librarian without glasses. He is of middle height for a vail man, a rather average face and build, but his eyes, his green eyes had a glint that was only visible when he was talking about magic.

He also never shouted at us and was always encouraging us to do better. Perhaps that's the reason for which even if we started using magic barely a year ago so many of us can do simple magics by now. Not that anyone would complain , as they all love the professor .

"Very well, today we will do something easy. We will try to use a mana bolt on one of the targets which are being brought right now."He started instructing us in his no nonsense yet still friendly tone..

As he was saying that some kobolds in armor were bringing the targets, which looks like mannequins made of rock with some armor on… Oh they look pretty heavy but it seems the kobolds are used to it it by now. They place them like 50 meters or so from a line from which we will fire some bolts I think. Well unless they'll teach us a new spell I doubt we'll do anything else with them..

"Right ,thank you Ros'aar. You and your men can take a break on the grass during the class, We'll need you after the class to carry these back inside" He addressed the kobolds.

"Yes sir" The one that looked like the leader of the pack said in a respectful tone which almost sounded like a angry growl for those not used to kobold language. I then stopped paying attention to him and his underlings.

"Good now are all of you ready? Alana, Burtis and Corrontis you will stay under my direct supervision and try some of the non-offensive exercises as we don't want a repeat of 'Bald Sunday"

My sister and the 2 boys called had the decency to blush, after all the reason most of the class either has a buzz cut or a bob cut in the case of some girls is because they decided to experiment with magic and somehow burned their and most of the class's hair including their own. I barely managed to escape that by hiding behind the teacher, after all I wouldn't like my beautiful white hair to be damaged, even if it's barely shoulder length. I like it and take care of it like mom taught me.

"Yes teacher" The troublesome trio said.

They looked down and we could all see they were even more embarrassed, but I could see my sister was not deterred in fact I think she took it as a challenge. My sister's goal is be a healer while mine is to be a mage so her enthusiasm is to be expected considering this is the most important class to us in order to achieve our dreams… What dreams? Well I want to reach level 70(highest level possible outside of special circumstances) and sis wants to be the best healer ever… Simple dreams but they'll do for now.

It appears that there are 3 targets for 9 of us and I'm last again…. Not unexpected. As me and the other 8 students fired mana bolts, the most simple attack magic ever, under the supervision of The Assistant, a stern and sexy Vail woman with red eyes, red hair and a gorgeous body which not even now has told us her name and we suspect not even even teacher Sortalasar knows even if he hides it well.

Well, it appears that things are moving as they normally do, everyone just shoots mana bolts at the target and are graded based on their accuracy until they run out of mana and then get to meditating.

Oh it looks like the 2 girls in front of me already got tired after 5 bolts each, and they barely scratched the mannequin.

Well it's my turn again. Let's do this.

'Mana bolt'




And I did it again, the stone target cracked , and crumbled and my bolt even hit one of the decorative pillars behind it and cracked it slightly.

"Oops. Overdid it again" I sheepishly said.

I could even hear sighs, slight laughing and facepalms in my surroundings… The facepalms most likely come from the Kobolods who now have to clean the mess up… Well it's not the first time I did it so they came prepared.

"Impressive Vivian but you know that Sortalasar asked you to also control your power not just blast it all at full power from your reserves, I'll have to give you an 7." A female voice said, her tone cold.

Well she's a bitch, but she's right Sortalasar did see that my raw power is better than the rest of my class and even better than some people which had gotten proper Classes as a mage, which gives bonuses to magic attacks. After all, control and energy conservation is important on the battlefield. Even so I deserved an 8 at the very least.*sigh* Not like I can do anything about it as arguing is bound to give me even a smaller grade.

"Yes ma'am" I said trying not to grit my teeth.

She may have some valid criticism, but this does not mean she isn't a bitch which likes to take her displeasure at me because sis liked to play pranks on her and now she is out of her reach to torment.

"You need proper control, after all it's not like you want to get tired after only casting 3 attacks while you're surround by a dozen attackers." She said, her tone as cold as before.

She's a bitch about it but she's right so I try to take her advice to heart.

Oh it looks that Sortalasar is done with my sister and the other 2 troublemakers and is coming here.

"Vivian destroyed the target again?"He asked, as if he already knew the answer.

' Hey why is that the first thing you ask?' I wanted to say but held my tongue, this is not uncommon unfortunately.

"And managed to hit one of the pillars behind it and cracked it too"

"Well she does have the right idea , after all there's no kill like Overkill"

Thank you teacher, I knew there is a reason you were my favorite one.

"Yes however the purpose of the exercise for her was to crack the target slightly in several hits to test the speed of her casting, and her control over mana and while her casting speed and power are above the average, her control is barely adequate"

'Ha above average? My attacks are stronger than some mages from the higher years and I'm just as fast as they are… damn her she really has it out for me.' I indginantly thought, while trying , and failing to not puff up my cheecks.

"Now you're exaggerating, and I think she deserved an 8 and not a 7 for this demonstration, after all it was impressive. For age and from the looks of it she still has mana left." My favorite teacher ever said.

' Yeey.'

"Very well" She said and made some modification on the paper she was holding. She was not looking happy… That kind of body and face are wasted on her.

'Take that bitch'

Oh it seems he's coming here.

"Alright kids are you all done now? The 3 troublemakers have already started meditating so what are you waiting for? Let's get to it" He said that with a dazzling smile on his face… Why am I more attracted to the bitch and not him? Stupid past-life memories and hormones made me attracted to women and barely feeling anything for men.

'Oh well meditation is easy and I can't wait to finally get my mage class tomorrow.' Were my thoughts as I started the least exciting part of the day.