September 9th

Dear Diary,

I asked my mom and she said she can take me to the library this afternoon. Until then, and beyond, I've planned out a little schedule for myself:

"9:00 am-Wake up." Already did that, otherwise I wouldn't be writing in here. Can you write in diaries when you dream?

"9:15 am-Get dressed."

"9:20 am-Take medication."

"9:25 am-Eat breakfast."

"10:00 am-Work on budget balancing exercises." Mom's having me do these each weekend so I can become independent when I'm of age. (But of age what?).

"11:00 am-Write in diary." That's what I'm doing right now. Seems to me time has caught up with us.

"12:00 pm-Eat lunch."

"1:00 pm-Mom takes me to the library."

"1:15 pm-Mom drops me off at the library."

"1:30 pm-Read a bit about Tennessee Williams."

"2:00 pm-Read through 'The Glass Menagerie.'"

"3:00 pm-Read through it again, but focus on Laura more."

"4:00 pm-Take notes on her character."

"4:30 pm-Sit in the children's section and read a fun book." Don't judge. They've got comfy chairs and a chair swing!

"5:30 pm-Mom picks me up from library."

"5:45 pm-Mom said we could get take out for dinner tonight." Hamburgers, FTW! (That means For The Win.)

"6:30 pm-Come back home."

"6:35 pm-Eat dinner."

"7:15 pm-Work on homework."

"9:00 pm-Group chat with Elmo, Big Bird, and Abby! :D"

"10:00 pm-Check Tumblr."

"10:30 pm-Get ready for bed."

"11 pm-Be in bed."

Not a bad schedule, huh? Of course I usually eat dinner at 6:00 pm, so it took a bit of stress relief to mentally shift around the schedule. But even with my mindset, I do have to be able to adapt to some things.

I'm getting a bit hungry. Maybe I'll have an early lunch.

4:30 pm

Dear Diary,

I can't believe how cruel life can be sometimes! I tried to find a copy of 'The Glass Menagerie,' but it wasn't where the online catalog said it would be. I almost had a meltdown in front of everyone, but then the librarian came up to me and told me that it had been misplaced by just a few titles.

Then when I sat down to read it, a group of boys grabbed my ear defenders off of my head and started throwing them around and calling me names like "stupid," "loony," one of them even used the dreaded "r-word." I ran up to the librarian and told her what they were doing. She told them off and kicked them out for the rest of the day and I got my ear defenders back.

Reading the play calmed me down a bit. From what I've read, it's about a family growing up during the Great Depression. The only things I know about the Great Depression are what I learned in 7th grade history class. I know that the stock market crashed and money became almost worthless, but that's about it.

But it's about this man named Tom and his family, consisting of his mom Amanda and his sister Laura (That's who I'm playing!). Laura's extremely shy, but also seems to have an anxiety disorder. Now that I think about it, she may also have autism, like me! I know a lot about autism and I see quite a few of the symptoms in her.

Anyway the mom wants Laura to get married so then this man named Jim comes to the house and...well, I don't want to spoil it for you, but the ending was really unexpected.

I think I'm gonna read a bit now.

With Love,

From Julia.