Chapter 1: The Skirmish

As the battle raged on, the Ministry of Magic's atrium was full of the sound of spellfire. The Order of the Phoenix and the Death Eaters were stalemating each other. The fight had been intense and fierce from the moment it began. Over on the Order's left flank, Bellatrix Lestrange and Sirius Black were furiously engaged in wand-to-wand combat.

"Expelliarmus!" shrieked Bellatrix, aiming her wand directly at Sirius, who expertly dodged the spell. Sirius retaliated by casting a tickling charm on Bellatrix. She dropped to the floor laughing hysterically, and began aiming her wand wildly screaming unintelligible spells. In a moment of sheer luck, she cast a heat charm which hit Sirius square in the knee. They both crawled to the rear of their respective sides.

It was then that the unmistakable voice of Ron Weasley yelled, "Alright, Order, let's sing to brotherhood!" In their strongest voices and in perfect unison, they sang better than the finest chorus in the land. The Death Eaters stopped their attack and stared quite puzzled, yet somewhat admiringly. As they began to regain their focus, they heard the pained cries of their leader. They turned and saw Voldemort hunched over, covering his ears and facing away from the sound. They urged him to ignore the singing and carry on the fight, but in complete agony, he ordered a full and immediate retreat. As the Death Eaters stormed out of the Ministry, Lucius Malfoy noticed Bellatrix laughing uncontrollably and stopped to undo the tickling charm afflicting her. They then ran to catch up with their comrades.

Watching this unfold, the Order of the Phoenix began cheering, raising their arms in the air and hugging each other. They then went and tended to their wounded, including Sirius. Once it became obvious that the battle was truly over, most of the Order headed back home, leaving only Harry, Ron and Sirius in the atrium.